Best Air Purifiers 2021 Reviews – Expert Opinions

An air purifier’s main function is to remove harmful substances from the air such as smoke, dust, urban pollution residues, odor-bearing particles, allergens, viruses and bacteria. Among the allergens we can point out pollen, mites, mold, particles that pets give off, etc.

Best Air Purifiers 2021

When dust, pollen, and other pollutants float through the air, the job of breathing can become difficult. Especially for those people affected by allergies and other respiratory problems, who need clean air to avoid suffering more from their ailments.

For these people, air purifiers become a perfect ally, as long as they are products capable of guaranteeing the clean air they need.

As a sample, we have the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S purifier , which has the ability to purify the air in a 37 m2 room in 10 minutes, it has an OLED screen that shows the state of the air, humidity levels and temperature, in addition, offers an application to control the equipment from anywhere.

Closely follows the model Bionaire BAP1700-I-065 , which generates clean air in spaces up to 74 square meters, being highly recommended for allergy sufferers due to its high level of dust and pollen retention.

List of Top 6 best air purifiers 2021. 

 1. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S EU version

Best Air Purifiers 2021


To increase its efficiency and maintain an optimal level of operation, this air purifier 2021 offers a laser sensor capable of analyzing Particle Matter (PM). For this reason, it provides enough precision to detect small dirt down to 0.3 μm, then immediately displays Air Quality (AQI).

Its OLED screen has the function of automatically adjusting the brightness it produces according to the lighting in its environment, as some smart devices do, in this way, it prevents your sleep from being disturbed by annoying lights and favors energy saving.

On the other hand, you can control the Mi Air Purifier 2S using the practical Mi Home application for smart mobile phones, so you can control the temperature, humidity, air quality, intensity and set its timer remotely. The application even notifies in case the filter needs to be replaced.

  • It incorporates a multifunctional OLED screen, which despite having a compact size, can indicate the mode of use, PM levels, carry out an eventual analysis of the state of air purity, as well as show its temperature and humidity.
  • It may not be effective enough to completely remove the hairs of some dogs, as it is indicated to remove the smallest particles from the air.


It is a compact but powerful model, suitable for cleaning the air in just 10 minutes in rooms up to 37 m2. In addition, its CADR is 310m³ / h for more fresh air.

2. Bionaire BAP1700 BAP1700-I, 70 W, 3 Speeds


  • Reviewing the opinions expressed by users and analyzing the benefits that these devices can offer we would like to recommend some options, among them could be the best air purifier 2021 .
  • This Bionaire model is a candidate to be the best air purifier 2021 because with it you can be sure of purifying the air almost 100%.
  • It is especially recommended for allergy sufferers, but clean air benefits everyone’s health.
  • With it you can clean the air of dust, pollen, as well as animal flaking, mold, etc. You will clearly notice how symptoms such as watery eyes, mucus and sneezing decrease substantially.
  • The purification scope is up to 74 square meters at a time, so depending on the size of your house you can do all the purification at the same time or by zones.
  • Filter: This model has a built-in HEPA filter, which will guarantee cleaner and more purified air in the place where you place this purifier, since it traps even the smallest particles of dust, pollen and even mold. For this, and much more, it is the best air purifier 2021 for 100 dollars, or a little more, since it is worth every dollar invested.
  • Power: It includes a power of 60 watts, being the most powerful among the equipment on this list. The higher the power, the more suction and air purification.
  • Ionizer: This is a special function, which releases ions to ensure the collection of tiny particles, giving the environment a clean and purified air.
  • Timer: It has a timer of up to 6 hours, so you can leave it running as long as you want within that period. It will turn off automatically after that time.
  • Scope: It is designed to purify the air in a room of up to 74 square meters, so its range is very high and you can use it as you like.
  • Noise: Users report that it is a bit noisy, however they claim that it is not a big problem and that it can be solved by moving it away a bit or turning it off before going to sleep.

3. Tendomi Portable Air Purifier with HEPA for Home


  • It is a purifier that has a HEPA filter capable of capturing 99.97% of pollutants such as dust, pollen and smoke, to offer clean and fresh air. In addition, thanks to the windless purification technology, it transforms and controls the air flow into smaller particles, providing a feeling of softness.
  • It offers 60 m3 of CADR ratio per hour, with an effective range of between 8 and 10 m2. It also has an intelligent application to control its functions from the mobile phone, which allows you to adjust the speed, select the oscillation mode, program schedules, set the timer, choose a light mode, among other options.
  • It has 4 adjustable speeds, low, medium, high and turbo, as well as 2 types of oscillations. In addition, it has a compact and lightweight design that allows it to be transported easily, thanks to its dimensions of 16.2 x 16.2 x 40.7 cm and its 2.2 kg of weight.
  • Programmable: It has a timer from 1 to 12 hours to program hours of use, purification needs, as well as automatic on and off, which will allow you to save energy.
  • Scope: It has a CADR ratio of 60 m3 per hour, capable of guaranteeing the removal of dust, smoke and pollen to offer cleaner and fresher air, thus preventing and alleviating respiratory diseases.
  • Design: It has an attractive design and a compact size, making it convenient to transport, thanks to its dimensions of 16.2 x 16.2 x 40.7 cm and its weight of only 2.2 kg, which will allow you to change it of room easily.
  • Accessories: It does not include a remote control, which probably makes it less practical when using it in large rooms.

4. Levoit Home Air Purifier with HEPA Filter


  • This air purifier 2021 has a renewed motor that provides greater efficiency and has 3 purification speeds; low, medium and high, which will allow you to adapt it according to your needs and the place where you are. In addition, it has an advanced 3-stage filtration system, with preliminary filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter.
  • In this sense, it is suitable for purifying living rooms, rooms or offices from 12 to 20 m2, eliminating dust particles, pollen, mites, pet dander and even odors of tobacco and food. It has a touch control panel with on / off switch, night light, filter change indicator and speeds.
  • This equipment has dimensions of 21.6 x 21.6 x 36.8 cm and weighs only 3 kg, so you can transport it comfortably. On the other hand, it offers 2 levels of light to create a pleasant environment and generates a noise of 25 dB.
  • If you want to start using an air purifier because you have a baby, you may be interested in our articles on baby teethers or on teddy bears .
  • Filter: It has the advanced 3-stage filtration system that eliminates bacteria, pet dander, mites, fungi, pollen and also reduces odors.
  • Motor: It incorporates an efficient 3-speed purification motor, low, medium and high, so you can adjust it to your needs.
  • Scope: It offers the possibility of purifying the air in rooms with dimensions of 12 to 20 m2, making it suitable for bedrooms and offices.
  • Dimensions: Its dimensions are probably larger than expected for an equipment of this type, so it is possible that it will attract attention in the room.
  • Noise: Even at the lowest speed, it generates a certain level of noise that could become annoying for some people when resting.

5. Rowenta PU4020 Intense Pure Air Air Purifier


  • Rowenta is a well-known brand in the field of electronic equipment, mainly for domestic use, such as hair straighteners, vacuum cleaners and, on this occasion, air purifiers 2021.
  • Rowenta’s PU4020 equipment is a purifier designed to work in environments of a maximum of 60 m², so you can install it at home or in the office. It has a size of 30 x 28 x 54 centimeters with a weight of 5.7 kilograms, being easy to handle in case you need to change it at any time.
  • On the other hand, to purify the air the equipment has 4 levels of filtration that will be responsible for trapping all the harmful particles. Specifically, the system consists of a pre-filter for dust and hair, an activated carbon filter for residual odors, a high-efficiency filter for general cleaning and the last one is a Nano Captur capable of destroying formaldehyde from the air.
  • Design: The Rowenta air purifier has a modern, attractive and comfortable to operate design with indicator lights and LCD displays.
  • Capacity: It has the capacity to work in environments of a maximum of 60 m², being useful both at home and in the office.
  • Sensors: It has a series of sensors to detect the level of contamination of the space that will detect particles and gas.
  • Functions: Among the functions of this purifier you can find a practical timer for delayed activation, night mode, adjustable ambient light and indicators to replace the filters.
  • Spare parts: Before purchasing this air purifier 2021, you should know that the spare parts for the filter system are a bit expensive for the taste of some users.

6.Philips AC4072 / 11 Air Purifier with HEPA Filter


  • Eliminating the risk of allergies or relapse into respiratory diseases can be achieved with the help of this device, designed precisely to meet this objective. Its simple but powerful structure allows it to eliminate different agents present in the air that could damage your body when entering it through the respiratory tract.
  • As an air purifier it is equipped with a HEPA filter , which captures a series of bacteria and viruses, in order to protect your health. The Philips appliance has a power of 47 W, so that its performance is quite adequate without demanding high energy consumption, something that is also very important when using the domestic electricity service.
  • Power: It has 47 W of power, in such a way that it manages to function properly without consuming excessive energy.
  • Filter: Take advantage of HEPA filter technology, which are specialized filters for allergy sufferers who cannot be in contact with certain types of bacteria, viruses or particles, because they are harmful to their health.
  • Coal: It has a layer of carbon that helps it perform better air purification, so it combines two purification mechanisms to offer better results.
  • Light: Because it weighs 7 kg, it can be moved from one place to another, so that you can use it in any space where you are, in addition to that when placing it at home, it will not be a complicated task due to its easy mobility.
  • Protection: It offers a level of protection against respiratory diseases, caused by different agents, microorganisms and elements present in the air.

 Buying Guide To Buy – Best Air purifier 2021

The indoor air in your home or office could be polluted and cause health problems. An air purifier is an effective alternative to filtering out dust, smoke, pollen, mold and other pollutants and making the air healthier. The objective of this buying guide is to introduce you to the essential characteristics of an air purifier 2021, to help you choose the most suitable one for your needs and thus obtain a maximum profit when buying it.

 Purifier type

There is a wide variety of air purifiers 2021 and various classifications. Depending on the technology they use, air purifiers can be:

By activated carbon: These purifiers are especially effective in eliminating gaseous pollutants such as smoke and odors. They are widely used commercially, although since they are not very effective on allergens and microorganisms, they are typically used in conjunction with filter technology, especially HEPA.

By ionization: These types of purifiers remove particles from the air using electrical energy, transform the atoms in the air and convert them into oxygen and ozone. Some manufacturers claim that ozone cleans and deodorizes the air, however, there is much controversy about the possible unfavorable effects on health. These types of purifiers have been withdrawn from many countries, as exposure to ozone greater than 0.05 ppm can decrease lung function.

By ultraviolet radiation (UV) : These purifiers use ultraviolet light to soften various particles in the air. This technology is used in many types of air purifiers 2021 to remove harmful pollutants such as bacteria and viruses.

By filtration: These types of purifiers physically trap pollutant particles from the air when it is directed with the help of a fan, through its filter and are usually part of the air conditioning and / or heating system. This technology is the most widely used at a commercial and domestic level .

 Filter types

There are several types of filters:

Normal or non-HEPA:  They only serve to trap large particles, reduce allergens from dust and common dirt, so they are very inefficient. These filters also do not work in removing odors.

HEPA (for its acronym in English High Efficiency Particle Arresting): As its name indicates, they are high efficiency filters (up to 99%) when it comes to removing air particles, because they allow capturing very small pollutants (greater than 0.2 microns) that are in the air.

These filters are the most appropriate and recommended in most cases and the most used by air purifier manufacturers, particularly because of the relationship that exists in terms of quality versus price. Proper maintenance indicates washing or vacuuming them every 3 months in the case of permanent filters or changing them at least once a year in the case of replaceable filters.

MERV:  They are a type of filters denser than HEPA, capable of filtering even smaller particles but, due to their very fine sieve, they also need much more power to filter the air.


Performance and other features

  • There is other data that will help you to better choose your air purifier 2021, for example, the air change per hour or ACH, which defines the percentage of volume of air renewed per hour, that is, how often the air purifier cleans all the air in a room, which is especially useful in the case of people with asthma or allergies, who frequently need a higher quality of air or the emission of air free of particles or CADR which evaluates how well their I work the team. The higher the CADR, the faster the equipment is to purify the air.
  • Remember, it is essential to be informed before making any purchase. For this reason, it is necessary to know the different types of air purifiers 2021, as well as the types of filters that they use to choose the most suitable for your particular case. If you need more information about this or other products, we invite you to review the descriptions that we have gladly made for you.
  • Other aspects to take into account are: noise level, electricity consumption and visual adjustment to the decoration. The noise level is important especially if you want to use it in the baby’s room, where you have the bathtub changer and its crib, so that it does not affect sleep.

How to use an air purifier

 As their name implies, air purifiers 2021 are modern products whose general function is to purify the air in different environments such as: homes, offices, classrooms, shops and even cars. They are products designed to sanitize the environment and generate comfort, which work based on the programmed dispersion of ozone ions, renewing the air and disinfecting the environment from microbes, bacteria and micro-particles of dust, smoke and other pollutants such as monoxide. carbon.

Placement in closed rooms

Once unpacked, place the air purifier, preferably, on a surface of a certain height, such as a standard table that offers stability (the legs must be perfectly wedged for this purpose). The air purifier can also be placed at floor level. In both cases, the effectiveness of this product is optimized by placing it in the center of the environment to be purified.

 Using the air purifier

After connecting it to the power supply, proceed to turn on the air purifier. It will start up right away, so you’ll hear the internal fan hum. Simultaneously, the function indicator light will turn on.

 Recommended power levels

It is recommended to put the purifier to work at a high level during the first hour and, later, dose the level of ions, according to the height and extension requirements of the room where the product operates.

 Maximum performance

This range of products has been designed and manufactured to function, at maximum performance, for a period of use of 4,500 hours (or 6 months on average). After this time, it is convenient to review (and evaluate the need for replacement) the internal ionization tube, a key part of the air purifier.

In order to preserve its optimal performance, avoid using this product in excessively humid or dusty environments that severely compromise its effectiveness. In both cases, such enclosures must be previously cleaned.

Using the air purifier in bathrooms, refrigerators, closets and cupboards

In general, these air purifiers 2021, smaller and comfortable for their specific uses, operate on batteries. Its primary mission is to eliminate the presence and accumulation of unwanted odors, such as the preeminence of certain foods or humidity.

Take the product out of the package and place the batteries in it, place the air purifier in a high place that optimizes the action of ozone, press the power switch and decide the operating mode.

 Using the air purifier in vehicles

Connect the product, with the corresponding cable, to the cigarette lighter, start the air purifier and let it work with the vehicle closed for a period of no less than 2 hours. You can park the vehicle and, without any inconvenience, leave the product running from one day to the next, thus maximizing its purifying action.

As a precaution, if you turn on the purifier while inside, allow external ventilation access.


Its clean air supply rate, also called CADR, is 310m³ / h, allowing it to effectively clean rooms that are approximately 37 m2 in size. In addition, it can fully purify around 10 minutes after activation, making it powerful and effective for use at home, office or commercial store.

It is a silent operating model, meticulously designed to reduce the impact of noise through its different operating modes. Consequently, in its sleep mode the sound it produces is almost imperceptible. This is also due to the fact that it incorporates a Nidec motor from Japan, capable of consuming only 4.8 W in its normal operating mode, which means that it consumes less than a fluorescent light bulb.


Its avant-garde design provides effectiveness and practicality, since it is formed by a classic tower structure that maintains compact and light dimensions. In this sense, its measurements are 24 x 24 x 52 cm and its weight including the filter is only 4.5 kg, so you can move it more easily.

It integrates a 3-layer 360 ° cylindrical filter and each one is specifically designed to fulfill a function. The outer layer is indicated to remove visible particles from the air, such as hair and dust. In the middle, it has a second layer with Japan’s H11 grade filtration technology, which allows it to absorb harmful bacteria in the air. The inner layer may be the most effective as it is made from activated charcoal and is suitable for removing harmful substances and irritating odors.

 The most popular brands

 Maintaining clean and healthy air is important for everyone, but even more so for those who have problems such as asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases. If you do not know what an air purifier is for and you have any of these problems, this article will interest you, because we are going to discover a product with which you will always have clean air, free of smoke, odors and dust. Product that we discover knowing some of its main manufacturers and what they have to offer you.

The Bionaire company was founded in 1977, when the first boom in air purifying devices took place. A boom that the company was able to take advantage of by placing itself in the first position of its market thanks to its range of products, which helped it to make the leap to the US market just six years later. Its flagship product, the home or domestic air purifier would be improved a few years later with the ionization system, which reduces impurities in the air and frees it of static electricity and bad odors.

All this innovation reinforced the image of the company, which would later open its market to other products such as fans, air conditioners and humidifiers, thus completing a complete range of products aimed at controlling the air and the environment of our home.

During all this time, the brand has opted for innovation and technical advancement as the key to maintaining its position in the market, so its air purifiers have all the technology we need to keep the air clean and fresh at all times.

Its equipment is also recognized for its low consumption and low maintenance, which is limited to proper cleaning and replacement of filters on the established dates.

This large American corporation is not well known in Spain, except for professionals in the heating sector where it is known for manufacturing all kinds of products and accessories. The entry into the market of its air purification products is giving a new look to the company within the domestic sector of the country.  

In the United States and the rest of the world, the company is a large corporation that distributes all kinds of products. Its catalog included Pentax cameras, home products, aerospace products and many other industrial products and services. In fact, the level of the company is such that it was about to be bought by General Electric in a large operation that was eventually banned by the European competition authorities.

Returning to the purifiers, they are products that have a compact and portable design that allows them to be easily placed anywhere and maintain a tight control over the air quality of the room. If we add an elegant industrial-style design to this, we will also give a special touch to any room.

Nothing is more important to people than their health. This is the motto that Medisana has been carrying as its banner for 30 years, since its foundation, and which implies a commitment to quality that leads to the improvement of the health of its clients.

That is why a good part of its products are considered medical devices, obtained after strict quality controls and a professional manufacturing process.

The company has three main product lines: the aesthetic line, with products for beauty and personal care; the health control line with tensiometers, thermometers or scales; and the home therapy line where we find the air purifiers.

These products are manufactured with an elegant design and a resistant filter manufactured by 3M that guarantees the cleanliness of the environment we breathe. Perhaps a special model is missing, for example for a car, but at least at home we can enjoy the quality of their products.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is better between an air purifier and a dehumidifier?

The choice of one product or another depends on the functions the device offers you, your particular needs and your budget. However, we will give you an orientation regarding the operation of each one, so that your decision is the most successful. A purifier cleans the air through filters that capture toxic fumes and harmful particles; Depending on the quality of the filter, it can even trap bacteria and allergens.

A dehumidifier for its part is recommended for homes with a high level of humidity, since it is a device that extracts the water vapor present in the air and returns it to the totally dry environment. In the market there are some models of dehumidifiers that combine the functions of a purifier, in order to provide greater efficiency.

 Q2: What should I do to clean my air purifier?

It is essential to give proper maintenance to the filters present in the purifiers, since the optimal performance of the device depends on it. Depending on its use and the level of dirt present in the air, you should first pay attention to the pre-filters (some carbon and others foam) and keep them clean in order to perform their function properly; This prevents particles from reaching the main filter as much as possible.

To carry out a correct cleaning and without any risk, the first thing is to disconnect the appliance. Then carefully wash the plates with soap and water, rinse well and make sure they are dry for operation. You can also help yourself with a vacuum cleaner with a small nozzle, so that you can remove all the dirt present in all the corners. This process should be done periodically and if there are smokers in the home, it is best to clean the purifier once a week.

 Q3: What is a plant air purifier?

It is a new idea that has recently hit the market. Its creators are French designer Mathieu Lehanneur and Harvard University biomedical engineer David Edwards. Its ecological creation is based on the use of a natural plant that helps the circulation of stale air, thanks to the ability of plants to absorb pollutants and release pure oxygen.

All this with the help of technology, since this project includes a capsule where the plant is located and a fan in the upper part, which works by introducing the air present in the room and then is filtered by the plant through its photosynthesis process. When the air has been purified, the fan blows it back into the room. The most recommended plants for this ecological purification method are the red-edged aloe vera and also spider plants.

 Q4: Which technology provides better environmental treatment, an air purifier or an ozonator?

We cannot compare these two devices, since they are totally different and far from preferring one or the other, their efficiency allows their operation to complement each other in order to provide us with a healthy environment, free of allergens, fumes, mold and other elements. harmful to health.

For this reason, in some cases the purifier will be more efficient, while the ozonator will be more effective in other situations, depending on the particular needs of the family and the power of the equipment.

On the one hand, the ozonator cleans the air while it deodorizes in depth, eliminating annoying odors and organic compounds such as viruses, bacteria, mites, etc. The air purifier on the other hand, offers a comprehensive disinfection of the environment, since it uses different filters and ultraviolet rays, and also includes ozone. It is capable of not only cleaning the air, but it also retains dirt inside.

 Q5: Does an air purifier help improve allergies?

These technology-endowed devices are a great ally in providing a clean and healthy environment for the whole family, especially allergy sufferers. For this, they offer a comprehensive cleaning of the air you breathe, being able to eliminate not only fumes, unpleasant odors and particles from the atmosphere, but also have the ability to capture pet dander, mites and any other type of allergens.

Thanks to an air purifier you can significantly improve your quality of life, with cleaner air that is free of harmful agents. You just have to put it to work in any room, according to your needs.

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