Top 7 Best Android TV Box 2021 Reviews

If you have an old TV without a Smart TV or if this system has outgrown you, in the best android tv box 2021 you can find just what you need. On the one hand, you can go online to navigate and move easily and you can also access all kinds of online streaming content with good image quality, as long as you choose powerful products adapted to current functions. 

Best Android Tv Box 2021

Among the recommended best android tv boxes 2021 models we find the Nvidia Shield TV , a powerful and compact equipment with 4K resolution capacity, good connectivity, an HDMI port and two USB ports to connect the devices you want, from memory devices to other accessories, working with the Android 7.0 operating system. Another good model could be the Xiaomi M19E. This equipment can transmit in Ultra HD resolution and has compatibility to work with Google’s Chromecast assistance system.

Overall 3 Best Android TV Boxes 2021

   Nvidia Shield
    Xiaomi MI
   Bqeel RK3318
  • High quality image

  • Nvidia Shield model

  • 4K video technology

  • Ultra HD

  • Remote control

  • 3840 x 2160p output

  • 4 GB of RAM

  • Quad Core 64 bit

  • 4K and 3D

Top 7 – Best Android TV Boxes 2021 Opinions 

If you are fond of your old TV or do not want to spend on the latest model on the market, we will discover how to transform your TV into a Smart TV, with simple and cheap adjustments. For that, you just need to choose some of the best android tv boxes 2021 , which to save you work we have selected for you, so that you just have to connect it and start enjoying it.

1. Nvidia Shield TV Android TV gaming

Best Android TV Box 2021


Adapting conventional TV to a Smart TV and with high definition quality of the image is now possible with the Nvidia Shield, a Smart TV Box that stands out precisely for its fast and fluid ability to reproduce video in 4K HDR quality. Movies, even on Kodi and FHD, programs and games can be viewed with a high level of detail, since thanks to 4K video technology the image gains up to two times more in the quality of the color spectrum.

In the same way, due to its high dynamic range (HDR), the image stands out in color, detail and brightness, providing a feeling of greater visual depth for the user to enjoy.

  • If what you are looking for is a quick access window to the virtual world and all the streaming content options, the Nvidia Shield model is indicated, since it works with the Android operating system, allowing easy and fluid access to all types of multimedia content, with high video and audio quality.
  • Details such as the absence of a power button and the USB ports close together are the main criticisms of this device.


The best android tv box 2021 Nvidia Shield stands out for its fast and smooth video playback capacity in 4K HDR resolution. Allows access to Nvidia GeForce Now generation games located in the cloud and on the PC. As a novelty, it includes a remote voice control.

2. Xiaomi MI TV BOX S Streaming player

Best Android TV Box 2021


The Xiaomi M19E model is a best android tv box 2021 with which you can enjoy content in Ultra HD or 4K, one of the latest home playback technologies. With this image quality you will get an output resolution of 3840 x 2160p, allowing you to better appreciate colors, details and contrasts.

The equipment has dimensions of 9.5 x 9.5 x 1.7 centimeters and its weight is only 141 grams, so you can easily accommodate it near your TV without taking up space or getting in the way. In addition, this will facilitate its connection with the HDMI cable to be able to link to the TV.

It works with the Android 8.1 operating system, through which you can access the store to download all kinds of entertainment applications and even some games. With this freedom, you can enjoy your television even more and all that online content has to offer.

Xiaomi has products that are getting closer and closer to becoming, probably, the best android tv box 2021 brand today. Find out here the pros and cons of your M19E model :

  • Design: One of the advantages of this equipment is that it has a compact size so that you can locate it without taking up too much space, and it is also discreet as it is matte black.
  • System: The operating system with which it works is version 8.1 of Android so you can download entertainment applications as you wish.
  • Functions: It also has a port to connect an external storage unit and play content that you already have archived on your computer.
  • I send: And you will not have to get up from the sofa or bed to operate your Smart TV Box, since the purchase includes a simple and intuitive remote control.
  • Old TV: It is said that the performance of this device with older televisions is not good, since it appears slow and with variations in colors.

3. Latest 9.0 TV Box Bqeel Android TV Box RK3318

Best Android TV Box 2021


This is a powerful high-tech best android tv box 2021, compatible with most of the most used formats, such as H.264, MPEG-4, flv, VOC, WMV, MKV, 3GP, among others. It also offers options to connect USB memory sticks, mobile phones and external drives, in this way you can watch multimedia channels and play video games.

On the other hand, it has 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory, which allows you to download multiple applications, watch streaming content and perform various functions simultaneously. Similarly, its processor is Quad Core 64 bit Cortex-A53, which provides optimal performance.

Also, it is capable of playing in Full HD, 4K and 3D, since the encoding can be through the H.265 format, indicated to make the data transmission 50% lighter in high quality content. As for the internet connection, it works with Dual WiFi 2.4G and 5G for more versatility, but it also supports Ethernet and LAN 10.

In case you need a device to improve the benefits and features of your TV, then we invite you to review in detail the pros and cons of this TV Box model:

  • Processor: It offers a Quad Core 64 bit Cortex-A53 processor and has a 4GB RAM memory, in this way, applications and content playback work faster.
  • Compatibility: It is capable of playing video in high definition, 4K and 3D. Also, it is compatible with many of the most popular formats, such as FLV, MPEG-4, H.264, WMV, among others.
  • Connection: It can be connected to a 2.4G or 5G WiFi network, as well as Ethernet and LAN 10, providing versatility and ease of use.
  • Compatibility: This best android tv box 2021 is not compatible with some older TV models because they do not include Color Space technology, therefore the screen may change to pink or green.

4. HaiFen Android TV Box, T95 S1

Best Android TV Box 2021


HaiFen offers you striking and practical equipment. It is the Hf-IT-S1 best android tv box 2021 model, a set that includes the Smart TV Box, a remote control and even a keyboard to facilitate its handling.

The team has dimensions of 14.5 x 9.7 x 2 centimeters and a weight of 481 grams. It has a small LCD screen on the front face that will show the time when it is in sleep state, as well as if it is connected to the home wireless network.

Its keyboard is wireless and is full QWERTY, with directional and numeric keys along with special characters so you can type whatever you need.

It is equipped with the Android 7.1 operating system and a Quad Core Cortex-A53 processor to avoid delays in the content playback, even if the maximum resolution of 4K or 3D is applied.

If among so many alternatives it becomes a bit complicated to decide which best android tv box 2021 to buy , we advise you to take a look at this HaiFen model, since it has striking characteristics:

  • Design: This model has a compact size and its weight is manageable so that you can place it without problems near your television.
  • Processor: It works with a quad-core processor and 2.4 GHz connectivity to offer a stable link and lag-free playback.
  • Accessories: With the purchase you will also get a remote control and a wireless keyboard for you to navigate comfortably.
  • Repose: One of the buyers indicated that the equipment goes into sleep mode after 30 minutes of inactivity even if some content is being played.
  • Blocking: It was also commented that the control locks automatically and, to unlock it, you have to press the “Home” button every so often.

5. Aoxun X96MINI Smart TV Box

Best Android TV Box 2021


To operate properly, this equipment has an Amlogic S905W type processor that, together with the Android 7.1 OS system, manages to access functions and applications quickly and smoothly. In the same way, we must mention its memory characteristics, with 16 GB of ROM and 2 GB of RAM, with the possibility of expanding up to 64 GB.

Regarding the handling options, we find that it incorporates a keyboard and a remote control, which together facilitates various tasks of handling or configuring the equipment or other devices that are linked to the box. To do this, it has its respective WiFi connection, which further favors pairing. Of course, it has USB and HDMI ports respectively.

Regarding decoding, the device can read 4K files, one of the most optimized formats currently in terms of image quality. In addition, it has H.265 technology, which improves the appearance of many videos.

With the pros and cons of this model, which we summarize below, we hope you reach a conclusion about which equipment you are going to acquire. Read their specifications systematically below.

  • Pairing: With this model you can carry out the pairing of various devices through its HDMI, USB and WiFi ports.
  • Technology: It has H.265 technology, which improves the quality of the images, being also able to reproduce content in 4K format without problems.
  • Controller and keyboard: The remote control and the wireless keyboard included in the product make it very easy to control and configure at any time.
  • System and processor: The combination between its system and processor provides a remarkable degree of speed to the operation of this equipment, since it has Android 7.1, together with the Amlogic S905W.
  • Control: This model has a remote control that has been basic for some of the users, although this is a variable perception.

Buying Guid – Best Android TV Box 2021 on the market

Although modern televisions with Internet access, better known as Smart TVs, are already common among us, the truth is that those who have old televisions can also have all their functions through the so-called Smart Box. If you want to modernize your TV having all the training capacity of the network, we present our guide to buying the best android tv box 2021 on the market and surely at a cheaper price than you think.

Best Android TV Box 2021

Processing capacity and operation

The Smart Boxes to provide Internet to your television are similar equipment to a computer, so their processing capacity is determined by the configuration and characteristics of the product. Therefore, we must analyze which processor is included, which in many cases are similar to those used in other portable equipment such as mobile phones or tablets.

Do not forget to check the number of processor cores, since the more it includes, the faster the processing. On the other hand, it is also convenient to see how much RAM memory the computer has, being advisable to choose those that offer at least 1 gigabyte of memory, to ensure smooth operation.

Dimensions and connectivity

Although we talk about “box” or boxes, the truth is that any comparison of Smart TV Box is distributed mainly between equipment with real box dimensions and equipment in USB format. The former have larger dimensions, although not much more than a tight-sized old mobile.

The advantage of these larger products is that they have several USB connectors with which to connect wireless dongles for the keyboard or mouse or memory sticks to play video and much more. As for the smaller models, similar to a traditional pendrive, the advantage is that they hardly take up space on your dresser or furniture where you have the TV, but usually the connectivity options are somewhat tighter, so that what you earn in space you lose in connection options.

In any case, check that the connectivity of the equipment adjusts to what you need and at least allows you to be able to connect a memory device and a keyboard or mouse without cable in order to facilitate use.

Best Android TV Box 2021


As important as the machine is what moves through that machine. It is true that the ability to install or have a certain operating system or similar on the Smart TV Box depends in part on the available processing capacity. The most common is that these devices have versions of Android from 4.0, although the most modern models have versions 5.0, more modern and current.

Usually the software does not make a difference on how much the chosen product costs, so economically there will be no problem. Do not forget to see what additional applications it includes, such as native tools for YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. However, Android-based systems have the ability to access the Play Store so that you can use almost any application. In any case, check this software before finalizing your purchase.

How to use a Smart TV box

Smart TV Boxes have become a complement for those who do not have a Smart TV or for those who need more elements and operating capacity than their television offers. In both cases, these Smart TV Box expand the range of available programs and everything we can do with them. All with a simple operating system, as we will see below.  

Best Android TV Box 2021

First connections

The first thing we have to do with our Smart TV Box, once we take it out of the box, is to start connecting the equipment. A short process, since we will not need more than two or three cables, depending on the chosen configuration.

One of these cables is that of the power outlet, which we must connect in its place and plug into the network. The same goes for the Ethernet cable, in case we don’t want to use the WiFi connectivity option. The last important cable is the HDMI cable, with which to connect the product to our television. Take advantage of this phase to also connect other elements such as hard drives or Bluetooth keyboards, if you plan to use them.

Initial setup

Once connected and turned on, the Smart TV Box enters its initial configuration mode. A short process where you select the language of the product interface, the time zone or the WiFi network to which we want it to connect, if we do not use a wired connection.

This process varies depending on the different models, although they are usually well explained, so there are no problems to handle them correctly. Some also include the Android system update, and it is advisable to carry out this update manually if it is not included in this process.

Best Android TV Box 2021

Knowing the product

Once installed and configured, it is time to start discovering which applications our Smart TV Box includes. The normal thing is that the equipment includes basic elements such as a browser, a video and audio player and the basic applications of the Android system such as Google Play or YouTube, among others.

Other models may include more features, although you can always remove what you don’t want. In any case, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with these applications in case they could be useful or to know what you should download to improve your experience.

Expand your options

The advantage of the Smart TV Box is that, being based on Android, you can find all kinds of applications. This makes it easier to find an application to read your email, watch videos, access streaming platforms, play games … practically for everything. You just have to access the Play Store and follow the instructions to have what you need.

You can also use the product’s playback functions, connecting any USB memory, hard drive or media you want to it. You can even access your local network to view the content stored on your PC. The options are almost endless.

The most popular Best Android TV Box 2021 brands

External Smart TVs have become almost magical boxes with which to turn any conventional television into a television that looks directly at the large networks and has digital content in a simple way. This is what the products of the big brands that we present below offer you.

Best Android TV Box brands 2021

To speak of Nvidia is to speak of one of the main manufacturers of computer equipment in the market. A brand founded in 1993 and that since then has offered all kinds of solutions for different platforms. Its main historical market has been the manufacture of image-related products for all types of equipment, being one of the leading companies in the graphics card market.

A segment in which it began to compete in 1995 and with a technology that it opened in 2013 to other manufacturers, who currently use various elements of their cards and patents for their own designs. In parallel to this change, the company has also opened its operations to other segments such as Gaming, professional visualization, data center management or automotive solutions.

Precisely in its gaming segment we find its Smart TV Box, which is an interesting surprise for those looking for a well-known brand product in a market that is not always covered by these manufacturers.

Best Android TV Box brands 2021

The Victsing company was founded in 2012, dedicating itself from its beginnings to offering high quality products, although in particular market segments, from ambient humidifiers to accessories for automobiles or the image and sound equipment in which the referrals Smart TV. This company bases its products on a mixture of innovation and practicality, which in cases such as Smart TVs, the products offer an adequate performance that is really easy to handle even for those users who are not used to this technology.

Proof of the excellent performance of this brand is demonstrated in that in just a couple of years the company has already made a name for itself in this competitive market, reaching sales of no less than 75 million dollars. Products that the brand sells directly through traditional channels and online, as well as with distributors who offer their products directly to end consumers, so that everyone can easily enjoy the quality and efficiency of their products.

Best Android TV Box brands 2021

 The Shenzhen Zhongjin Trading Co., Ltd company, owner of Leelbox and all its inventions, is another of these Chinese companies that has managed to become a benchmark in the sector of both Smart TV boxes and other similar products.

This brand has professionalism as its motto, so it is not surprising that the products it offers are governed by a solid and quality construction, together with excellent exterior designs that even dress any room with elegance. This company is mainly focused on the manufacture of Smart Box for television and its accessory elements such as keyboards, for example, so that you have everything you need to be able to access these contents.  

Thanks to the brand’s designs, these products allow you to access everything you need, with state-of-the-art technology at an affordable price. These products can be found mainly through the Internet, where they have received a reception according to what they offer, having a good reputation and interesting positive comments from users.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is a Smart TV Box?

A Smart TV Box is an external device that we can connect to our television and that helps us access a wide range of advanced functions. Among these functions we have those of a multimedia player, with which to watch our favorite movies from any memory device.

This device also offers us the possibility of using apps and accessing all kinds of streaming digital content from almost any source. And since most of these products work with the Android operating system, you can also use almost any program you need from the Play Store, be it games or applications.

Q2: How does a Smart TV Box work?

The operation of a Smart TV Box is very simple once installed. This product has a remote control with which we can choose between the different product options, although more and more models include a wireless keyboard with touchpad area with which this use is even easier.

As for its interface, it usually varies from product to product. In general, the Smart TV Box includes navigation applications, video playback, access to the Play Store and other basic applications, so that you can start using it from the moment you connect it for the first time.

Q3: How to install a Smart TV Box?

The installation process of a Smart TV Box consists of two phases. The first phase is to proceed with the physical connection of the device. In this phase it is necessary to plug the product into the power with the included adapter, connect it to the TV through the HDMI connection and also connect the rest of the devices you may need, such as the sensor for the wireless mouse or keyboard, the Ethernet network connection or audio output, among others.

Once this process has been completed, it is time to install the computer software. This process is based on an assistant that will guide you through the different steps of the process. A process in which we will configure the language, time zone or WiFi connectivity if we are going to use it. A simple process that will not take you long to complete.

Q4: How to update a Smart TV Box?

The process of updating a Smart TV Box is as simple as the one we would do on any mobile or tablet. Since almost all equipment of this type works with Android systems, as soon as updates to the operating system appear, we will see an option in which we can download these new files and update them properly. Once the files are downloaded, the Smart TV itself starts the process, the duration of which will depend on the importance and size of the update. And once finished, the device will return to its usual screen.