Best Bathroom Scale 2021 Reviews – Top Picks By Experts

To keep your weight in check, there’s nothing like a good bathroom scale – it’s comfortable, easy to use, and cheap. But for that control to be adequate, it is necessary that the chosen model has the sufficient weighing capacity and the quality to offer reliable and reliable results.

Best Bathroom Scale 2021

If you are looking for a quality model with a traditional cut, you can turn to the Active Era BS-01 scale . This device has a weighing capacity of up to 180 kilos, in addition to offering you a beautiful design in transparent and high-resistance glass. If you prefer a well-known brand product, you can opt for Rowenta BS1060 Premiss.

This scale has a weighing capacity of 150 kilos and a margin of error of about 100 grams. It incorporates a large screen, with numbers 23 millimeters high, to clearly see the result of this weighing.

The 7 Best Bathroom Scales 2021 Reviews

 Maintaining the ideal weight is synonymous with being healthy and that is why people always seek to acquire a safe and reliable scale. We have selected for you 5 of the most recommended models in order to make a smart investment when looking for and buying the best bathroom scale 2021.

1. Active Era Ultrathin Digital Bathroom Scale with High Precision Sensors and Tempered Glass

Best Bathroom Scale 2021


  • Since not everything is the image, there are also other aspects of this scale that deserve to be mentioned. One of them is the high weighing capacity of the product, being capable of reaching 180 kilos of maximum weight on its surface. In addition, this weighing has an approximate precision of about 100 grams, so the results obtained are very reliable.
  • To achieve this high precision in weighing, the product has four high precision sensors, located in the areas of the legs. It is enough that the scale is correctly leveled for the weighings to be optimal. 
  • All this in a product powered by two simple AA batteries, included with the scale, and which includes an automatic on and off function. A very interesting solution for these batteries to last you even longer.
  • The product has a considerable quality, which can be seen in details such as its high-resistance transparent glass or the precision with which the sensors placed on the legs perform measurements.
  • This scale only measures your weight, falling short for those users who may require more functions.


An interesting product for those who are looking for the best traditional scale and want to add a touch of elegance to their bathroom.

2. Rowenta BS1060 Premiss Digital Scale with LCD Display

Best Bathroom Scale 2021


  • If you prefer a scale from a well-known brand, then the Rowenta BS1060 Premiss model will probably interest you. This product has a long history in the market and accumulates good evaluations by users, who highlight its comfort and high sensitivity. So much so that the margin of error of the weighings is only 100 grams, despite having the capacity to support up to 150 kilos. 
  • Another advantage of this model is its screen, which has numbers 23 millimeters high, with which it will be even easier for you to see the weight comfortably. 
  • It is finished with details such as the usual pressure on and off system, which saves energy and activates the product when we put the foot on it, or a wide range of finishes, so that you can choose the one that best fits the decoration of your bathroom.
  • Capacity: The product is capable of measuring up to 150 kilos in weight, with an estimated precision of about 100 grams.
  • Display: The screen has numbers 23 millimeters high, so it is much easier to see everything clearly when weighing yourself.
  • Resistance: Its extra-flat structure has a 28-centimeter side tempered glass in a square format, which does not break or deteriorate.
  • Finishes: The scale has a complete range of finishes, in colors and designs, to make it easy for you to find the one you like the most.
  • Advanced parameters: The product is only capable of measuring weight in the traditional way, although if you need an impedance model it is also available.

3. Salter Bamboo Digital bathroom scale 2021 150 kg wood design

Best Bathroom Scale 2021


  • A good alternative to purchase digital bathroom scales may be the Salter Bamboo, thanks to its ecological and relaxed style, to complement your bathroom.
  • This model is made of wood, specifically bamboo and maintains the natural polished finishes, being attractive to the eye and even discreet if you know where to locate it.
  • It is 12 “x 12” x 1.5 inches in size, offering enough space for you to easily put both feet on top, and is raised 4 feet at the bottom. In addition, it is capable of supporting a load that reaches 150 kilograms, making it resistant and reliable. The screen, for its part, measures 7.4 x 2.9 centimeters, is LCD type and backlit, which will allow you to read it easily no matter whether it is day or night.
  • Design: This alternative stands out for having a bamboo wood finish, offering a different and quite pleasant aesthetic to combine within the bathroom.
  • Capacity: Its ability to support considerable weight, will allow it to be used by children, youth and adults, as it is resistant enough.
  • Screen: It has an easy-to-read, high-contrast LCD screen, where you can clearly see the numbers that will tell you your current weight.
  • Battery: It works with a CR2032 battery that, in this case, is included with the purchase of the scale, so you don’t have to spend extra money.
  • Simple: Keep in mind that it is a simple scale, so it does not offer extra functions beyond displaying the weight.

4. Etekcity Digital Bathroom Scale 2021

Best Bathroom Scale 2021


Bathroom scales have always been a classic product in our home, highly recommended whether we are on a diet or if we simply want to keep our weight under control … and take some occasional dislike when we go over with food.

In any case, modern scales have put aside traditional needle systems that were governed neither by precision nor by the accuracy of measurements.

In this regard, today’s models, such as the Etekcity EB9380H scale, have evolved remarkably both in terms of the materials with which they are manufactured and in the new systems that help to measure your weight accurately. This specific model has a measuring capacity ranging from 5 to 180 kilos in weight, so it is suitable for use by all types of users.

The product is made of high quality and resistant glass that allows it to replace conventional metal models and helps to give your bathroom an elegant gloss black touch.

In order to carry out the measurement, this scale has four sensors, one on each support, to be able to make an accurate measurement of your weight.

  • Weighing capacity: This product can weigh from 5 to 180 kilos in weight, being suitable for all types of users.
  • Wide base: The base has a square surface of 30 centimeters on the side, so that you can get on in a simple and stable way.
  • Glass base: The glossy black glass base offers a very elegant image to your bathroom, as well as being highly resistant.
  • Screen: The large LCD screen allows easy viewing of weighing results.
  • Battery consumption: According to users, the product has a capacity of about eight hours of use before changing the batteries, something scarce for use.
  • Precision: Although it is logical that there are small variations between heavy and heavy.

5. Tanita UM-076 Bathroom scale 2021

Best Bathroom Scale 2021


This Tanita UM-076 model is a good example of the best quality-price bathroom scale 2021 because, in addition to weight, it also provides various and important data that are indicators of your health, such as the percentage of water and total body fat, the number of kilos of muscle mass, as well as the Basal Metabolic Index, based on weight, age, sex and height, with which you will be able to know the amount of daily kilocalories necessary to keep your body in healthy operation.

It also has the advantage of storing and recording four memories so it is designed for the use of all members of the family. It features advanced dual frequency technology that provides an additional level of precision. It has an elegant design that fits perfectly in any modern bathroom and is easy to use.

Now, even though it is not one of the cheapest bathroom scales 2021, we also invite you to review the following pros and cons of the Tanita UM-076, so that you know its specifications in depth:

  • Maximum weight: To start, it is necessary to mention that this model is capable of supporting up to 150 kilograms, also working with “Innerscan” technology, which when feeling your weight, automatically activates the scale, thus being able to show you your weight.
  • Functions: In addition, it has a memory capable of remembering the weighing of up to 4 people, even having an option for “guests”, in case someone outside your home wishes to use the scale.
  • Screen: On the other hand, it is not only capable of letting you know your current weight, but it also informs you of your body fat, your body water and even your muscle mass so that you know the state of your body in more detail.
  • Users: According to the manufacturer of this scale, the product is not designed for use by pregnant women, professional athletes or bodybuilders, so it is suggested to take this factor into account when purchasing the equipment.
  • Precision: Users claim that the accuracy of this model is not very good and that, in fact, even when they are weighed multiple times in a short period of time, the equipment always provides different weight.

6. Aeg PW 5571 Body Analysis Bath Scale

Best Bathroom Scale 2021


Electronic bathroom scale 2021 made of glass and steel, with multifunctional LCD screen and elegant design. It allows you to measure the weight, the proportion of water and body fat, the muscle mass and the weight of the bone as useful indicators when maintaining or losing weight.

It has a measurement range between 5 and 150 kg (maximum capacity) with an accuracy of 100 grams. It works with a touch sensor and has a non-slip surface which guarantees stability and safety when weighing yourself.

For your convenience it also has a memory for 10 different users and the records can be expressed in three different units: Kilos, pounds and stones. Measuring 15 “x 12”, it is extremely lightweight and easy to clean.

It works with 2 AAA batteries (included) and has an automatic shutdown to increase their life.

So, if you are still not sure about which bathroom scale 2021 to buy , we invite you to review the pros and cons that we list below on the AEG PW 5571 FA , to decide based on its specifications whether or not it adapts to your needs:

  • Maximum weight: Having a minimum weight of 5 kilograms, the maximum is up to 150 kilograms. In addition, what makes this scale more attractive is that it is possible to configure the measurement and choose between kilograms, pounds and stones (St), depending on your preferences.
  • Functions: Like the previous model, it is able to let you know your body fat, the proportion of body water, your muscle mass and even the weight of your bones. In addition, it includes memory for 10 users, so that a record of the progress made during a food control can be followed.
  • Dimensions: It has measures of 30 x 39 x 2 centimeters and a weight of only 898 grams, making it not only a very thin scale, but also quite light that you can transport wherever you need. In addition, it is made of steel and glass, even with non-slip feet to avoid accidents when using the equipment.
  • Measurement: Although the product is able to inform you of your weight very precisely, users have commented that the rest of the measurements they make are incorrect, so it is not recommended if they plan to use them.
  • Buttons: Even though the equipment includes touch buttons, according to the testimonies of netizens, these keys most of the time do not work, so caution is suggested when purchasing the equipment.

7. Beurer BG17 Diagnostic digital bathroom scale 2021

Best Bathroom Scale 2021


  • Electronic diagnostic scale designed in safety glass with stainless steel finishes. With an extra-large LCD screen to easily view numbers.
  • It determines the values ​​of body weight, fat and water, as well as the percentage of muscle and bone mass, calculations that are essential to help you achieve the right weight and stay healthy at all times. This Bathroom Scale 2021, ranked among the best cheap digital scales, features automatic shutdown to save battery life.
  • It can store in memory the personal data of up to 10 different users, such as height, age, sex and degree of activity (regulated in 5 levels of physical effort, from zero to very high), data that is essential to diagnose body indices with greater accuracy. . It also has a maximum load capacity of 150 kg and a precision range of 100 grams.
  • Maximum weight: This scale has a maximum weight of 150 kilograms, so if you have a higher weight, this is not the best option.
  • Functions: On the other hand, as in the equipment already described, this product is capable of indicating both body fat and water, and can also show bone and muscle mass through its LCD screen that measures 4 centimeters, so the size of the figures is just and necessary so that you do not have to strain your eyes.
  • Dimensions: It has dimensions of 1 x 30 x 30 centimeters, making it one of the most delicate scales with an elegant design for any bathroom, since its base is silver, while its platform is made of glass.
  • Protection: Due to the fact that its edges do not have any type of protection, when it hits some type of surface it could break the equipment, especially the glass with which it is designed.
  • Materials: According to users, the materials used to manufacture this scale are not the most successful or of the best quality, since the glass that acts as a platform can break very easily, while its metal base rusts very quickly. .

 Buying Guide – best bathroom scale 2021 on the market

 A bathroom scale is a good option for those times when you are struggling to lower, increase or maintain your body weight as recommended by your doctor. In addition, it is good to have this device in one of the places that we access every day, for example, in the bathroom. For this reason, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best bathroom scale 2021 and thus know daily or at any time of the day what our weight is.

Best Bathroom Scale 2021

Scale design

The first thing that strikes the attention of the Active Era BS-01 bathroom scale 2021 is its design. We are talking about a product that has a tempered, high-resistance glass base with a transparent design, compared to other products that include black glass bases and others that are all darker.

This base has a thickness of 6 millimeters and a quality design, with which to avoid any risk when weighing ourselves. It also has a surface of 30 centimeters on a side, in the traditional square base format that practically all scales on the market have.

So you will not have problems because you lack space to get on the product during weighing. The same ones that you avoid thanks to the non-slip treatment of that glass surface.

Data visualization

To make it easier to view the results of each weighing, this product incorporates a well-sized LCD screen with a location that simplifies the process. In addition, this display is backlit in a bright blue hue, making it easier to see those results even when there is not much light in the environment.

On the other hand, the scale also has three different measurements to offer you those weights. Just press the corresponding button and the weight display changes between kilos or pounds or “stones”. 

Finally, this screen also shows the low battery warning, which tells us when it is time to put new batteries in the product.

Best Bathroom Scale 2021


When making a comparison of bathroom scales 2021, the first thing we must look at is the type of scale we want to have, since these can be classified into two large groups, analog or digital.

On the one hand, we have the analog ones, which do not need batteries and usually give a fairly accurate measurement, however, they must be well calibrated so that they really show the correct weight. These tend to be more durable but do not provide as much information as digital ones.

On the other hand, there are digital ones, which are much easier to read in most cases, as their measurement is reflected on screens with large and legible numbers. In addition, many of today’s digital bathroom scales 2021 have memory systems that can record progress in daily measurement, which is very useful when you are on special diets to gain or lose weight.

Finally, digital scales require batteries for their operation, but they are more accurate in the results they reflect, since they have more specialized sensors to measure body weight and, in some cases, can measure the level of body fat.


If you are wondering how much a bathroom scale 2021 costs, we mention that one of the characteristics that most influence its price and quality is the material from which its surface is made and the size of it.

Let us remember that the surface of the scale is the place where we are going to place ourselves to be able to weigh ourselves and it is also where, in general, the indicators that give us the weight measurements and other data provided by this type of device are found, so Therefore, it must be resistant, in addition to providing stability when we are standing on it.

Also, having a scale with a stable contact surface will ensure that the measurement is reliable, since if you move while standing on the scale, the sensors will have a harder time establishing an accurate reading.

As if that were not enough, you should be aware of the type of material with which the surface of the scale is made, as this will tell if it is easy to clean and will even determine its strength and durability.

For example, a glass surface is very easy to clean, but it can be fragile, especially if the bathroom where we will place it is heavily used; On the other hand, a scale with a plastic surface can be a little less attractive but easy to clean, better resisting situations of excessive use.

Additional features

While the main function of a bathroom scale is to inform us of weight, this does not mean that it cannot offer more information. Therefore, we can find scales with additional functions such as indicating our body fat, for which they have special sensors on their surface that, when making contact with our skin, are capable of making this measurement and reflecting it on its screen.

On the other hand, there are scales with memory, which, in addition to indicating our current weight, are capable of storing previous results and, in this way, providing very important information that allows us to compare the progress of those who are on a certain diet.

The design is also a very attractive extra in a bathroom scale, mainly considering that currently the bathroom is one of the places in the house to which the most attention is paid in terms of decoration. Consequently, some offer shapes, materials and colors that make them go from being a weight control tool to another accessory in bathroom decoration.

Finally, if what you are looking for is a good and inexpensive bathroom scale 2021 , you can opt for the simplest models, especially if the only data you really want to pay attention to is your weight.

How to use a bathroom scale?

 Bathroom scales allow you to keep track of body weight, being in an accessible place in the home. They are available to the entire family group to easily access to weigh themselves when they consider it convenient. To help you make better use of it, here are some things to help you use it efficiently.  


Scale types  

Currently there are many types, models, styles, designs of bathroom scales 2021, with different weight capacities, with memory to keep track of weight. Make sure you know which one is yours; its use, its location and whether you can use it properly will depend on it.  

 Multiple functions  

Today there are very modern scales that do more than just weigh. These can measure the level of body fat, the muscle mass index, the bone mass, they can even measure the percentage of water that the body has. If this is yours, make sure you read the manual well so that you get the most out of it and don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of all the features it offers.  

 Scale features  

If your scale allows you to store the records, do not forget to save them to control not only your weight, but the different data that you can obtain with it. In this way, you can get to know your body better and stay healthier.  

 What to do if you think there is an error in your weight reading  

On some occasions it happens that we believe that the reading of the weight that the scale throws is wrong; do not think that your scale is damaged, this usually happens. You just have to get off and get back on your scale as usual; You will see that this time the weight is correct.  

 Locate your scale in an accessible place  

To easily monitor or record your weight, place your scale in an accessible location; Otherwise, days will go by without you weighing yourself, since you don’t see your scale or you don’t have the time to look for it to weigh yourself. Therefore, place it in a visible place in your bathroom, where it does not get in the way, but allows you to access it easily.  

 If you are going to have the scale in view, choose a good design  

It may happen that if the scale is not very beautiful, you usually hide it, so that it does not affect your space or, simply, so that it does not clash with your decoration or style. If you are going to have it in a visible place, which as we already mentioned is the ideal, then choose a good design, so that you can always have it available to control your weight.  

What if it runs on batteries  

If the bathroom scale works with batteries, attention must be paid to its expiration time or duration, otherwise you run the risk of losing the functionality of the scale, sometimes for quite a long time.  

 Be careful when stepping on the scale  

When getting on the scale, some recommendations should be taken into account to avoid accidents. First of all, you should avoid getting on the scale with wet feet, as you could slip and injure yourself. If there are elderly or disabled people who use the scale, you should place it in a place where people have a support or bar to hold onto when they get on the scale and when they get off it.

The most popular brands

With the aim of lightening the work when choosing a new bathroom scale, we have analyzed the characteristics of some of the best products, comparing them with the opinions of users on the Internet. Now we are going to present a selection of the most popular brands Recommended, among which are Tefal, Beurer and Tanita.

It all started when in 1954, the engineer Marc Grégoire managed to fix the Teflon to an aluminum disc, so that this brand is a pioneer in non-stick surfaces. The name “Tefal” is an acronym formed by the words Teflon and Aluminum.

Since 1968 Tefal has belonged to the important multinational group SEB. Currently the Tefal brand has a wide range of products to offer, among which are toasters, steamers, irons, grills, deep fryers, kitchen and dessert robots, sandwich makers, yogurt makers, among other utensils, pots, pans and saucepans. Tefal also produces irons and ironing centers, as well as bathroom scales and kitchen scales.

Among the bathroom scales 2021 we can find some with a minimalist design, other colorful ones designed by Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, and some very modern with a body fat meter. Tefal scales have a very good score on the Internet, thanks to the large number of positive comments that their users have left.

Although some of us may not believe it, this German company had very modest beginnings. In 1919, Käthe and Eugen Beurer had the idea of ​​making heating pads to heat the bed, substitute tools for the traditional hot water bottles that everyone used during the winter.

Beurer was dedicated in its beginnings mainly to the theme of making people’s lives warmer during winter, in fact, during World War II, this company manufactured special coats for pilots. Then it began to produce household appliances and is currently one of the most recognized companies in the health and wellness branches.

Its products include some for medical use and others for common use. Of course, it is still recognized for its blankets, heated beds and electric pillows, but it also manufactures hundreds of devices for family care, including humidifiers, dehumidifiers, scales, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, inhalers, thermometers, devices for massages, among many other products.

Since 2002, their scales have been evolving, providing more and more options, such as the glass scale with voice, which is able to announce weight data through a voice in 5 available languages, ideal for people who have problems with view.

This Japanese company is one of the world leaders in the electronic balance market, well known for precision, unique design and durability. It was founded 70 years ago, of which it has been working on the improvement of scales for 55 years.

Currently, Tanita bathroom scales are distinguished from others thanks to their multiple functions and they serve for a more complete body analysis, which can include in addition to weight, the amount of body fat, body water, bone mass, metabolism baseline, metabolic age, and muscle mass.

These data are very necessary in today’s world because more and more people are entering the fitness world and these scales are fundamental tools to accompany the process of a healthier life.

It has its own research center where the relationship of people’s weight with the appearance of diseases is studied. But this information does not stop there, but is published in renowned magazines and newspapers in various parts of the world, being part of campaigns to fight obesity. Without a doubt, Tanita is one of the companies with the most experience in the area since it is exclusively dedicated to the design and manufacture of scales.

Frequently asked questions

 Q1: I need to know how to calibrate my digital bathroom scale

Given the reliability that digital scales offer, they do not need to be calibrated frequently. However, this task can be done from time to time to optimize the performance of this device. Some advanced models have an integrated calibration system, if this is the case you just have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.

If you want to do the calibration manually, look for an object that has an exact weight of 100 grams; the vast majority of scales have this margin as the minimum weight allowed. You place this object on your scale without touching it for about 5 seconds. and you see if there is a possible deviation. After you press the button indicated for calibration, the display will show CAL or FIN; proceed to turn off the scale and leave it like this for half a minute. Turn it on again and it is ready and calibrated.

 Q2: How does a bathroom scale work?

The scales have a balanced platform on a base, in such a way that when the person climbs and presses with their weight, a pressure is produced that exerts contact with a system of four interconnected levers. These levers form a spring-loaded assembly under the plate; in this way, depending on the weight exerted, the main spring is extended. As this spring extends, it moves another spring attached to a cable that connects to the dial and this in turn, moves the needle that indicates the corresponding number according to the weight of the person. It should be remembered that all scales come with all their parts carefully calibrated from the factory in order to offer optimum performance.

 Q3: How do I reset a bathroom scale?

In the bathroom scale market, you can find models that allow you to reset the device to zero whenever you want. This allows you to clear the memory of any recorded weight or data you have stored and start over. Look for the user manual, depending on the model, and follow the instructions to reset correctly, since although it is a simple process that only consists of pressing a button, try not to make mistakes.

 Q4: What measurements does a bathroom scale offer?

Depending on whether it is a simple or sophisticated model, you can count on a great variety of features. All scales fulfill the main function of providing an exact weight to the person, regardless of whether it is a man, woman or child. However, there are models equipped with state-of-the-art technology that offer precise measurements of other parameters, such as body mass index, percentage of fat, water and muscle that each person accumulates, as well as the memory function to save a history user.

 Q5: Which of these bathroom scales is better, digital or analog?

Choosing one product or another will definitely depend on your budget, since digital scales are more expensive than analog scales. However, they are easier to use, they measure several parameters at the same time, and the results are quickly displayed on your screen. Analog scales on the other hand, offer you an affordable cost, their meter is a needle that indicates the indicative number to the weight of the people; In addition, they do not need batteries to function and their maintenance is easier.

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