Best Beard Trimmers 2021 Reviews – By Grooming Experts

The bearded men are back to stay. Or maybe they never really left? Be that as it may, if you are in the “mustache” club you will be happy to know that beard trimmers not only have not gone out of style, but have significantly improved their functionality to keep your beard perfect and shaped as it should be.

Best Beard Trimmers 2021

This is what we achieve with products such as the Philips BT5200 / 16 trimmer , which, thanks to its lightness and its battery-powered system, you can take it wherever you want and handle it at will to achieve a good cut.

That is why it is the favorite of users. We also highlight the Braun MGK5280 trimmer, an alternative with multiple interchangeable accessories for the care of your beard and that you can use outside the home in total comfort, thanks to the rechargeable lithium-ion battery that gives you up to 100 minutes of autonomy.

List Of Top 7 Best Beard Trimmers 2021

A well-groomed beard reflects the personality of the person who wears it, but sometimes it is so difficult to maintain it that many give up on having the beard they want. The best thing is to have the best beard trimmer 2021, this device will greatly facilitate the work without neglecting the final finish.

 1. Philips BT5200 / 16 Barber with metal blades 2021


Regarding the function that is given to beard trimmers 2021, we have the choice of the different lengths with which the cut can be made, thus being able to have a totally dense beard, but at the same time structured. This is possible with this machine, as well as, it will be possible to achieve a hair-free skin that resembles the lush complexion of a baby, leaving then the decision on the part of the taste of each user.

In the case of this product, the manufacturer took on the task of incorporating into the structure of the device 17 different positions in terms of lengths, the same with a precision of 0.2 millimeters, varying their range on a scale that ranges from 0.4 to 10 millimeters. In addition, it has a locking system, which once selected the length will not change until the user decides to configure it again.

  • The remarkable versatility of the equipment stands out, since it can be used with or without cable. This thanks to its built-in battery, thus being practical to carry and use in any space.
  • Users comment that when they are cutting either the hair of children or the beard in the case of adults, the hair accumulates totally in the blades. This successively tends to be uncomfortable when using it.

 Verdict:  This is an absolute lightweight, portable beard trimmer. Its titanium coated blades offer precision in each cut. In addition, its use and even its maintenance are extremely intuitive.

2. Braun MGK5280 9-in-1 Beard Trimmer Machine 2021 


  • The Braun MGK5280 trimmer could be one of the most practical alternatives on the list, since it offers a series of accessories that allow it to be used on the face, armpits, legs, chest, groin, nose and ears without problems.
  • It is listed as a 9-in-1, thanks to a total of 8 interchangeable combs and a Gillette brand razor. With these accessories, you can use the trimmer all over your body, practically.
  • Regarding its handling, the equipment has dimensions of 22.5 x 6.1 x 25.2 centimeters with a weight of 390 grams. This size makes it comfortable to wear, as well as being light and suitable for all types of beards.
  • Reviewing its capacity, you will be pleased to know that it has a built-in battery capable of offering more than 100 minutes of autonomy, so you can take the trimmer with you on a trip without worrying about having an outlet nearby.
  • Next, we invite you to promptly evaluate each of the positive and negative aspects that you will encounter when choosing this Braun trimmer:
  • Use: With this trimmer, you can trim both facial and body hair, which considerably increases its practicality, as well as helping to take care of your complete image.
  • Length: You will have a total of 13 different lengths to finish your beard, providing more options for a particular style.
  • Autonomy: It has a large capacity battery and rechargeable qualities, so you don’t run out of power in the middle of grooming.
  • Accessories: The team works with interchangeable combs, which are included with the purchase and you can use them on other parts of the body.
  • Charging connection: One detail to consider is that, while you are charging the battery, the trimmer cannot be turned on for safety reasons, so you should always try to have it charged.

3. Philips OneBlade QP2520 / 65 Beard Trimmer with 3 combs 2021


  • Philips OneBlade QP2520 / 65 is a beard trimmer designed to be portable, as it has a very useful case in which you can easily accommodate both the equipment and its accessories.
  • It has a size of 8.3 x 10.7 x 20.3 centimeters, with an ergonomic handle for a firm and secure grip that, in addition, has non-slip edges for a firm hold. It works with a double-sided disposable blade, which will be able to trim when you move it up or down, as well as a waterproof case to use the trimmer even while in the shower.
  • In addition to this, the purchase includes 3 combs designed to help you cut hair with different lengths, providing 1, 3 and 5 millimeters according to your preference, in case you do not want to have a close shave. In addition, its rechargeable battery capable of granting an autonomy of up to 45 minutes for use outside the home stands out.
  • Taking care of your beard requires special tools, so now you can evaluate in depth the pros and cons of the equipment offered by the well-known brand Philips:
  • Combs: With the presence of the interchangeable combs, you can easily trim your beard to the right height and without going overboard, obtaining a uniform result all over the face.
  • Use: The qualities of its casing allow you to use it both wet and dry, as you prefer.
  • Autonomy: The battery has a long autonomy with which you will have your trimmer ready to use while away from home without problems.
  • Sheath: The travel case is practical to have both the equipment and its accessories in one place and take them with you wherever you want.
  • Disposable blades: Don’t overlook that the trimmer blades are disposable, so they will lose their edge at some point and will need to be replaced.

4. Philips QG3320 / 15 Beard trimmer 2021


  • If you’re on a budget and wondering which is the best cheap beard trimmer, be sure to consider this Philips 3000 Series grooming set.
  • It has several characteristics that will be attractive to you:
  • It is used to trim both the beard and hair details such as sideburns or neck. It has 18 trimming positions so you can choose the one that best suits the style you want or the length of the hair.
  • Once charged for 10 hours you can use it wirelessly for 35 minutes. It is fully washable and will not irritate your skin as its blades sharpen against each other when trimming and that edge achieves a clean cut.
  • It can also be used to trim sideburns, chin, neck area as well as unwanted nose hairs with its rotary clip trimmer.
  • Waterproof: A symbolic point that they take into consideration when purchasing a beard trimmer is whether it is waterproof and, in this case, it should be noted that this Philips equipment is, since it is designed in this way to facilitate the process of cleaning, so you just have to remove the head and insert it under the water tap, and that’s it!
  • Independent: It is capable of working independently, without having to be connected for up to 40 minutes and, equally, being connected so, depending on the circumstances, you can either apply one or the other.
  • Cut levels: This model has 18 lengths, through its comb that ranges from 1 to 18mm, with 1mm between one length and another. Being able to adapt the machine to your different styles.
  • Loading time: The only drawback for the Philips Series 3000 QG3320 / 15 is that its charging time is approximately 10 hours, for only 40 minutes. Being a scandalous amount for users. However, most carry their equipment at night and avoid the problem.

5. Braun CruZer 5 Beard Beard Trimmer 2021


  • You can give your beard the style and shape you want, use it with or without cables, its double battery system guarantees you more power for a clean trim.
  • With the beard accessory you can choose between six different lengths ranging from 1 to 11 mm. It is also important that you know that you can trim both dry or wet hair.
  • It is very easy to clean as it is fully washable thanks to the sealing of this trimmer.
  • You can use it without a head to give the last touch to the style you are looking for your beard.
  • It will take only 1 hour to charge it, with this charge it can work autonomously for up to 40 minutes. If you travel frequently, you should know that it is very compact and you can use it in countries with different network voltages (100-240V).
  • Cut levels: It has up to 6 lengths distributed between 1 to 11 mm, with an interval of 2 mm between one length and another. Likewise, it has the click & lock system, thanks to which you can choose the desired option and lock it to avoid accidents of any kind related to the length in question.
  • Independent: An important factor when questioning which beard trimmer to buy is whether the model is self-contained or needs a nearby power source. The best thing about this model is that it is totally independent, since it is rechargeable and is capable of working up to 40 minutes with a simple one hour charge.
  • Waterproof: If you’re interested in waterproof gear, the Braun CruZer 5 Beard is it! You just have to put the head under water and wash it quickly, it will not lose its edge and you will get better hygiene.
  • Lengths: Since it only has 6 lengths, with which users are satisfied. It should be noted that they miss a comb with more lengths, since the 2mm interval between one measure and another is very wide.
  • Power: Users assure that the equipment works very well but they allege that the engine loses strength at certain times.

6. Taurus Hipnos Power Barber with four heads 2021


  • Hypnos Power is what we know as a profiler. Once charged, it can work autonomously for up to 40 minutes. It is a very economical product that will allow you to give the desired finish to your beard, sideburns and nape, while allowing you to remove unwanted hair from the ears and nose.
  • So many functions through four easily interchangeable heads.
  • You can use it both with cable and without cable. It takes between 8 and 10 hours to be fully charged but it does not have a light that tells us if it is already charged, so you must check it.
  • Its design has been thought to facilitate the grip by the user so that it is not uncomfortable when using it, turning it and moving it while it is in operation. Due to the material of the handle, it will hardly slide.
  • Independent: Like all previous models, this equipment is independent and works both with a rechargeable battery and with a cable directly from the network. As for its autonomy, say that it has up to 40 minutes, so you will have the opportunity to make a great cut under total freedom in those minutes.
  • Blades: It is designed with PRO-BLADE blades made entirely of stainless steel. In addition, it should be noted that they are self-sharpening and fully washable, just by removing the head and placing it under the tap you will get a comb like new.
  • Accessories: The best thing about this model is that it includes four interchangeable heads so you can not only trim your beard, but also the veils on the nose, ears, sideburns, and the nape of the neck.
  • Materials: Users claim that the materials of the heads look a bit flimsy and of poor quality, however, they assure that they work perfectly and that this does not cause any problems when it comes to use.
  • Loading time: Another drawback for the model is that it takes between 8 and 10 hours to fully charge. In addition, it does not have any warning signal with which you can know that it is charged, which is why it is necessary to set an alarm or calculate the charging time.

Buying Guide – best beard trimmers 2021 on the market

 If you are one of those who like to have a well-groomed beard, you will find this guide very useful to buy the best beard trimmer. We have prepared it thinking about helping you make the comparison of beard trimmers 2021, to find the one that best suits your needs and budget.



The operation of the best beard trimmers 2021 is very similar to that of a razor, with the difference that you can choose the length you want for your beard.

We are sure that, although you want to buy a cheap beard trimmer, you also want it to be efficient. This means that it is easy to use and that you can also use it to remove other facial hair such as excess on the sideburns or on the nape of the neck.

The power of the device is determined by two factors: the motor and the blades. As for the motor that makes the trimmer work, we can find three types: the oscillating, the rotary and the magnetic. Rotary motors are usually the most powerful, but they also usually make the devices bulkier and heavier. On the other hand we have the magnetic ones that are faster but have less power and, finally, the oscillating ones that have enough power, but are usually slower.

The blades are usually made of steel or titanium; the latter are usually in the higher priced models, there are even some models with ceramic blades that are not highly recommended because they tend to break more easily than metal ones.

A highly valued feature if you are looking for a device that allows you to create a neat look is the laser guide that some trimmers include. This will allow you to trim more precisely, following the style of beard that you have decided.

All trimmers allow you to do it to different lengths, to have a full beard if you wish or just a “three day stubble” look if that is what you want.

Another feature may be that it has a hair aspirator; This will allow you to give a better finish to your profile, without leaving the sink or shower full of beard hairs.

The ease of cleaning accessories and the trimmer is vital; the most complete ones come with the housing sealed in such a way that, to clean them, there is no need to disassemble anything, you simply put it under the tap and wash it.


When we talk about accessories, the main accessories are the guide combs that are placed in the trimmer to indicate to the device the length of the beard that is desired. Depending on the model, more or less combs may be included.

It is very important that it includes a trimmer blade to be able to cut in those areas that are more difficult to access, since it greatly facilitates the work of finishing the grooming of your beard well. They can also include other accessories such as tweezers, scissors, a brush for cleaning the appliance, as well as a travel bag that can be very useful.


Regarding its design, two important decisions must be made. For one thing, deciding whether you want a cordless or a corded beard trimmer.

Look for a cordless trimmer that is battery operated; These are very useful especially if you have to use them while traveling or take advantage of some free time at work or when leaving the gym to use them. If you decide on one of these, find out how long the battery lasts without having to recharge it again and it is also very important to know how long it takes to charge it.

Then we have the corded trimmers. These tend to be more durable, but the really important thing is that you choose one that is suitable for the use you will give it; some are usually more suitable for fine hair and others for thicker hair.

In fact, some of the wireless trimmers can be used connected as well. This makes them more versatile because if you run out of battery before finishing grooming your beard or you haven’t remembered to charge it, just plug it in to use it.

Another important aspect is its ergonomics. It must be well designed; It is useless if it has a lot of accessories if it weighs a lot or is not very practical to handle.

How to use a beard trimmer

Nowadays, the beard has become fashionable, and for this, beard trimmers 2021 have not only become fashionable, but have also appeared perfected, so that men maintain and show off a perfect and profiled beard, as it should be. That is why, below, we offer you some tips that will allow you to use your beard trimmer to obtain a high quality cut.

 Get familiar with your beard trimmer

Although using a beard trimmer seems simple, it is always important to read the instruction manual very carefully, as it will allow you to make good use of it, so that your beard looks perfect and profiled, to your liking.

 How i start

It is important that, before you start using your beard trimmer, you wash your beard, dry it and comb it to detangle the hairs and prevent the trimmer from getting stuck. Also, slide the trimmer in the same direction as the hairs slowly grow to get a precise cut. In difficult areas such as the ears or on the edge of the pear, use an accessory such as scissors and in this way you can show off your beard very well aligned.

 They are multifunctional

Beard trimmers 2021 can be used at home as well as on a professional level because they present multiple functions, since, apart from trimming, fixing, outlining and shaving, they can also be used for haircuts, as well as eliminating all the hair that comes out. our entire body, such as the chest, shoulders and other more delicate areas.

 They can work dry and / or wet

One of the great advantages that beard trimmers 2021 provide us is that they can work both dry and wet, due to their high quality manufacturing materials, resistant to water. But, it is best to let the beard dry for a better movement of the blades, preventing matted hair from getting tangled in them.

 Works for both whiskers and sideburns

The versatility offered by beard trimmers 2021 is important, as is the case with the precision heads that you can use to outline and define the mustaches and sideburns, complementing the cut of the beard.

Choose your look

Beard trimmers 2021 are designed with devices that will allow you to obtain different positions in terms of lengths, ranging from 0.5 to 20 millimeters and that are scaled according to the machine; So, if you want to wear a totally bushy beard look, but at the same time, well structured, use a scale that offers you greater length and if, on the contrary, you want to show off hairless skin, choose the position that gives you the shorter length.   

Keep the battery charged

If you are trimming your beard and your battery dies in the middle of the cut, then you will run into serious problems. To avoid this inconvenience, make sure that the battery of the beard trimmer is always charged or at the very least, buy a beard trimmer that can use battery, such as a plugged in power cord.


For people who like to have a flawless appearance of their face at all times, it is essential to have a beard trimmer that provides security and precision in each stroke. For this to be possible, it is necessary that the blades incorporated into the equipment meet certain parameters, in order to achieve an excellent cut without damaging the skin.

This is how the Philips BT5200 / 16 beard trimmers 2021 are positioned in the market, since it offers buyers, through its dual-edge blade design, a much faster and fluid cut, this thanks to the all-metal construction from the same. In addition, its cutting system is designed so that the blades gradually rub each other when making each pass, guaranteeing the conservation of the edge and therefore the lengthening of its good performance.


This Philips model of beard trimmers 2021 has a dimension-weight ratio of 6 x 15 x 24.5 centimeters and 399 grams respectively, which makes it light and easy to grip when using it. Among the most outstanding characteristics we have its resistance to water, which allows the barber to be exposed to the tap without causing a loss in the quality of its performance. In addition, it has an integrated guide comb, whose function is based on lifting the hair towards the blades, guaranteeing the exact desired cut.

On the other hand, its dual power supply distinguishes it, since it can be used with or without cable, providing up to 60 minutes of work once charged. It is also compatible with all voltage levels, making it an extremely versatile device.

The most popular brands

With current fashions, the beard is back in fashion and with it the tools to care for it, such as the beard trimmer. And it is that to have an even and perfect beard it is not enough with a simple disposable razor or anything similar, but it is necessary to have a beard trimmer that allows you to capture the style you want on your face while taking care of your skin.

Whether you are a follower of bearded fashion or if you are a veteran, we present the first level manufacturers when it comes to beard trimmers 2021, among which you can find the perfect companion for your image.

From LED lighting to the world of image and sound. And from medical devices to alarm clocks. A range of products so wide and complete that it is not too surprising that it also includes hygiene and personal care products such as beard trimmers 2021 and razors. These products are organized in the Multigroom line and have advances such as charging bases and batteries that maintain the force until the end to avoid snagging.

They also offer heads for different levels of beard and trim, being able to take full control of your image. All this seasoned with the high level of demand of this Dutch company that has been committed for more than 125 years to offering first-class products of the highest quality. Something that has been achieved with a clear commitment to research and development as evidenced by the fact of having been a pioneer in products such as Smart TVs or the first computers. So if you want quality with Philips you are not going to go wrong.

The Wahl firm has its origin in the invention of a small vibrating electronic motor, which was initially used as a massager but was applied to a cutting system in 1921 to create the company’s first mechanical hair clipper. Something that would be the germ to a wide catalog of professional products dedicated to hairdressing and personal care.

Something to which the fact of manufacturing all its elements in-house contributed and that in the 50s led it to extend its operations beyond its reference United States by opening a factory in Canada and expanding its operations to Europe and the rest of the world. . All this progress led in the 80s to create a line of products aimed mainly at beard care, following the professional principles that governed the rest of its products.

It would be a few years later when Wahl products would make the leap into the world of ordinary users, who especially appreciate both the quality of their products and the finish that it allows to perform on the beard.

The first years of Braun’s existence, since its creation in 1921, are mainly related to the creation of radios and transmitters, among other products. The quality of them made him have to leave during World War II, marking the company in a notable way during the following years. Partly due to lack of resources and partly due to the destruction suffered, the company underwent a major transformation, moving its operations to the field of personal care products.

The first product in this line is their first electric razor created in 1950 and which would set the standard for modern shavers. Since then, Braun products, including beard trimmers 2021 and razors as well as hair clippers, among others.

Braun’s extensive experience in the sector, which has led it to introduce numerous innovations such as movable knives or even wet-run cutters. With so much progress, it is not surprising that these products are highly appreciated by consumers who obtain excellent results with little effort.

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