Top 7 Best Bottle Warmer 2021 Reviews

Feeding the baby is one of the aspects that requires the most care during the first months of the child’s life, so choosing a best bottle warmer 2021 is a wise decision but one that must also be done carefully, taking into account characteristics such as the time it takes to complete the heating, the resistance of the manufacturing materials, if the heating process is very complex, if it has protection systems against accidentally spilling the liquid, etc.

Best Bottle Warmer 2021

Given these characteristics, we reviewed customer opinions, expert recommendations and demand rates and found that the Philips Avent SCF256 / 00It best bottle warmer 2021 is the most favorable option with its 500 ml capacity to heat in a bain-marie and its average time of two and a half minutes. However, we have to say that another important option is found in the Chicco Step Up model , which also has positive opinions and good performance.

List Of Top 7 – Best Bottle Warmer 2021

When they are hungry, babies cry to express it, and it is in these moments that having the best bottle warmer 2021 can be the great solution. Here is a list of the best bottle warmers 2021 .

1. Philips Avent SCF256 / 00 Thermo non-electric best bottle warmer 2021

best bottle warmer 2021


The arrival of the baby at home means many changes and one of them is the acquisition of a large number of products and appliances specialized in feeding the little one. Since babies are practically bottle-fed during their first months, it is important that you can have them ready without having to try too hard.

Bottle warmers are household appliances with simple but highly appreciated and practical functions. The Philips Avent SCF 256/00 model stands out for offering you a bottle at the temperature you want in a short time and without having too much paraphernalia. This model uses the use of heat from hot water to warm the contents of the bottle. It consists of a special thermos to keep the water hot and a resistant polypropylene glass, the latter is used to place the bottle and then fill it with water so that the heat can flow between both materials and heat the food quickly and easily. of your baby.


  • The main advantage that this option offers you between best bottle warmers 2021 is that it does not require electricity, so you will not have to worry about cables, plugs or lack of space. Also, being portable.
  • However, the heating system of this model requires hot water so there is a risk of burns if care is not taken while using it.

Verdict:  If you are looking for a best bottle warmer 2021 that is easy to transport and very simple to use, the Philips Avent SCF 256/00 model may become the best option for you thanks to its design and heating system.

2. Chicco Step Up Digital best bottle warmer 2021

best bottle warmer 2021


  • With this esteemed candidate as the best bottle warmers 2021 , no more waking up at midnight to your baby crying and having to find your way to the kitchen half asleep. You can program this device so that it is ready at the moment you require the hot bottle.
  • It has a design that is not only easy on the eye, it is very useful to use and offers heating in a few minutes.
  • You can choose between 12 pre-defined warming programs depending on the size of the bottle or jars and the temperature at which it is originally (cold, room temperature or freezer).
  • Its LED panel indicates the time remaining to warm up, also emits an audible signal when the process is finished. Suitable for all Chicco physiological and Step Up bottles. It does not have a car adapter.

3. Babymoov A002028 Best Bottle warmer 2021

best bottle warmer 2021


  • With this best bottle warmer 2021 you have the possibility of giving your baby food at the right temperature, regardless of whether you are at home or on your way to another place, so you will meet your mealtime without any delay.
  • One of the benefits of this Babymoov model is that it connects to the car’s cigarette lighter, so it is quite practical, especially on those days when time is not on our side. In this case, it takes about three and a half minutes to heat a 240 ml bottle at home and about ten minutes in the car.
  • Practical: It adapts to the routine of today’s parents, since it allows heating the bottle at home or in the car; This makes it an incredibly practical solution for babies to always eat on time even when they are away from home.
  • Adaptability: Its universal adaptation ring and the basket in charge of isolating the heating plate allow it to be used in almost any type of bottle, even silicone ones.
  • Insurance: It has two visual warning systems about the heating status: one through a red light to indicate that it is in process, and another with a green light, to indicate that the cycle has finished, at which time the audible alarm is also activated .
  • Weather: At home you can heat bottles of up to 240 ml in just three and a half minutes, while in the car this time can be as long as ten minutes.

4. Topcom KF-4301 Best Bottle Warmer 2021

best bottle warmer 2021


  • In our search to find the quality-price based best bottle warmer 2021, we found this option, in addition to serving to warm your baby’s bottle, it has accessories that allow you to squeeze citrus juices.
  • It lasts about 20 minutes by heating the 200 ml bottle and allows you to choose between three temperatures according to your preference or need, 40º, 70º and 100º, this will allow you, for example, if you know that you are going out and your baby has the drink in half an hour Well, you heat it to the maximum temperature and by the time you are going to give it it will be perfect.
  • It is very easy to operate but a bit slow compared to other bottle warmers 2021. It has a very important function, you can sterilize the bottle before heating the milk .
  • It has a thermostat with a warning light, but it does not have an audible signal or automatic shutdown.
  • Thermostat: A point in favor of this model is that it has an integrated thermostat, thanks to which you can keep the equipment on all night at a certain temperature so that it keeps the bottle at the same temperature and is ready when you need it.
  • Multifunction: The Topcom KF-4301 is considered a 3-in-1 kit since it is not only a bottle warmer, but it also has the characteristic of being able to squeeze fruit in it thanks to an included accessory. In addition, it has a water meter and, as if that were not enough, it contains a glass to place the squeezed juice.
  • Diameter: Similarly, users have made it known that the diameter of the bottle is large, so it is possible to use this bottle warmer with any type and brand of bottles.
  • Alarm: It is worth mentioning that it does not have any type of alarm, even when it includes a power indicator light, so it is necessary to be aware during its use until the desired temperature is found.
  • Slow: Users have also made it known that the biggest drawback for this equipment is that it takes a long time to warm the bottle and therefore it is necessary to do it in advance.

5. Reer 3310 Simply Hot Bottle Warmer 2021

best bottle warmer 2021


  • This product is the cheap best bottle warmer 2021 in our selection. It will serve you both to warm wide-necked and narrow-necked bottles as well as food jars as long as their width does not exceed 70 millimeters.
  • The bottle takes 6 to 8 minutes to warm as it uses a slow heating process to conserve the nutrients in the milk by not overheating. A baby food can take between 8 and 10 minutes.
  • Its main safety measure is the thermostat that keeps the water at the optimum temperature, in addition to being so compact and easy to use, it is a recommended device for everyone who has to prepare bottles at any time of the day.
  • Uniform: Users have hinted that this equipment will heat your bottles evenly, so there will be no need to repeat the cycle or waste time covering the area for further warming.
  • Integrated thermostat: Like the previous model, the Reer 3310 Simply Hot has an integrated thermostat thanks to which you can keep the bottle warm, for as long as you want and thus have it ready for when you need it.
  • Dimensions: It is a very compact bottle warmer, since it measures just 17.4 x 13.2 x 13.2cm, and thanks to this you can take it wherever you like or keep it anywhere in your kitchen.
  • Diameter: It is worth mentioning that the diameter for baby bottles is not very wide, so the warning should be made that it is not useful for bottles with a capacity of 300 ml. Precautions are recommended.
  • Temperature: In the same way, it is not possible to know exactly the temperature to which the bottle will be heating, since it is a unique temperature depending on what you are going to heat, whether a bottle or a porridge.

6. Philips Avent SCF355 / 00 Quick bottle warmer 2021

best bottle warmer 2021


  • This Philips warmer gently reheats without overheating, preserving the nutrients and vitamins in the milk.
  • In addition, it makes safe heating in that the milk circulates while it is heated to avoid burns. It has a built-in sensor that controls the temperature.
  • This device has a progress indicator that shows the heating process. It also has a keep warm function that keeps the milk warm for 20 minutes after the end of the heating process signal is issued. After this time, the heater will turn off automatically.
  • Milk can be heated to different temperatures according to preference. In fact, you can enjoy your baby while the warmer gradually defrosts the milk safely and evenly. It is safer than the microwave, more convenient than defrosting under running water and faster than doing it in the refrigerator.
  • Defrost: One of the points in favor of this equipment is that it has the function of defrosting breast milk and / or baby food. You simply have to place the bottle, make the necessary adjustments and voila, in a few minutes you will get the bottle you want.
  • Uniform: It should also be mentioned that this model heats evenly, that is, there will not be one place hotter than the other and there will be no need to repeat the heating cycle.
  • Quick: As if that were not enough, it is capable of heating a bottle with a capacity of 125ml in just 4 minutes, which in general terms makes it a very fast, simple and useful equipment for those who are under the arduous task of being parents.
  • Alarm: A point in favor of this model is that it does not have an alarm, therefore it will not notify you the exact moment when the bottle has the temperature you are looking for, and therefore you must be aware of it.
  • Off: On the other hand, it does not have the option of automatic shutdown, that is, it has to be shut down manually and it is necessary to have the equipment under surveillance so as not to burn the bottle, and prevent possible accidents.

7.Philips Avent SCF256 / 00 Thermo non-electric bottle warmer 2021

best bottle warmer 2021


  • When we have a baby it is normal to carry a good amount of things to cover their needs. Among these elements is the bottle warmer, which allows us to have a hot bottle when we need it.
  • The advantage of the Philips Avent SCF256 / 00 bottle warmer is that compared to other products, this model does not need cables or plugs so that you can warm bottles anywhere.
  • Its system based on hot water avoids having to go chasing plugs or having to depend on batteries, batteries or even the car’s cigarette lighter to heat.
  • The system is simple, since it is enough to open the warming tank, place the ready-made bottle and pour hot water.
  • Independent: Compared to other models that require batteries, batteries or a plug to work, the design of this bottle warmer is completely autonomous, so you can take it wherever you want without problems.
  • Dimmable: Although it takes two and a half minutes to achieve the optimal temperature, you can opt for shorter times depending on the level of heat you want to give the content.
  • Various uses: Due to the capacity of the thermos you can have enough water to be able to use it repeatedly without having to recharge.
  • Autonomy: The water is kept in a properly closed thermos and can be used for six hours after filling.
  • Risk of burns: Although with proper use the risk is practically nil, whenever there is hot water in between we must take extreme precautions to avoid accidents.
  • Weight: Compared to other systems, it requires carrying a little more weight, since you need to carry the thermos with water to be able to use it.

Buying Guide – Best Bottle Warmer 2021 on the market

Offering our little one a hot meal no matter where we are is essential. A task in which having a good bottle warmer makes the task easier. In the market there are models of all kinds to choose the most suitable. This choice will be easier thanks to the advice in our guide to buy the best bottle warmer 2021 depending on the use you are going to give it and the specific needs you need to cover.

best bottle warmer 2021

Type of bottle warmer

Within these products, if we see any comparison of bottle warmers 2021 we can distinguish two different models, depending on the food that the product has. Specifically, we have the autonomous models, which we can use anywhere, as well as the plugged-in models that require an external electrical connection.

Starting with the autonomous models, these products generally work with a metallic hot water tank, which we must charge before leaving the house and which transmits heat efficiently to achieve a suitable temperature. These models have the advantage that you do not have to look for plugs, although you must be extremely careful with hot water. All this without forgetting that as the day passes the water will lose temperature.

As for the electric models, these have the advantage of being safe, although we need to have a plug on hand to connect it. The good thing is that at least we don’t have to look for a conventional plug, but we can also plug it into the car’s cigarette lighter. They are lighter than autonomous products and also help to heat up to the temperature that suits you the most easily.

Heating capacity

Although we have already raised it before, the heating options of these products vary depending on the model used. In this case, the electric models make it more effective both to reach the temperature that interests us the most, as well as the time we spend for it, compared to the slower work of the water models, since the heat transmission is not so efficient.

Starting with the latter, the truth is that the heating time required to achieve a good temperature can reach 15 or 20 minutes, so it is advisable to plan the heating process to avoid unnecessary waiting. All this without forgetting that it is convenient to know or assess the level of the water temperature to see the necessary time for heating.

All these problems disappear with electric models. In the case of portable models, the time is reduced to approximately 5 to 10 minutes, while in domestic models it is generally less than 5 minutes to achieve the desired temperature. A temperature that in the most advanced models we can even establish previously with the thermostat or the control system that these products incorporate. The more functions the more difference there is in how much the product costs, but in many cases it is worth it.

best bottle warmer 2021

Safety of use

Finally, we cannot forget about security. We are talking about products that work with heat, and therefore must be safe, both for us and for the little ones. In the latter case, in addition to keeping the product out of reach, we must always test the temperature of the bottle before feeding it to avoid problems, as we should do with any bottle.

In the case of autonomous bottle warmers , the main risk is the hot water they contain inside and which is used for the heating process. In these models we must check that they are really watertight and take considerable precaution when using the product, to avoid spills that could be dangerous. Apart from this, it is also necessary to empty them when we are not using them to prevent the water from deteriorating.

As for the electrical ones, the presence of a thermostat or elements that prevent the product from overheating is essential. This prevents the product from overheating and may cause a fire or damage to both the product and the place where they are connected. This protection must also be present in the electrical connectivity, to prevent overloads or short circuits in case the liquid leaks out of the bottle. Therefore, you should discard those models that do not fulfill these functions, even though they may have a cheap price.


One of the elements in which the change is most felt with the arrival of the little one at home is time and is that with so many things to do, you can fall short without realizing it. Due to this, it is important that you have products specialized in automating activities so that you can be free for other tasks.

Therefore, bottle warmers are such popular and well-known products. Philips Avent’s model, it’s SCF 256/00, is a special best bottle warmer 2021. As mentioned before, this one does not require electricity or cables, but don’t be fooled. Its speed at heating bottles is quite surprising. It only takes 2.5 minutes in the hot water to offer you a warm, ready-to-eat bottle. In addition, you can regulate the temperature of the food yourself by controlling the degree of heating from time to time.

How to use a bottle warmer

When using frozen breast milk or warming the formula, using a bottle warmer can help speed up the process and result in a slow, even heat – perfect for reaching the warm temperature that many babies love. But before connecting the bottle warmer, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions to certify that you are using the warmer safely and effectively.

best bottle warmer 2021

Fill the bottle

Assemble and fill the bottle with frozen or chilled breast milk, or formula made with purified water. Place the assembled bottle in the bottle warmer while the warmer is unplugged and empty.

Fill the bottle warmer with water

Fill the heater with water – the heater will have the appropriate fill lines for the size of the bottle you are using. Never go past the proper fill lines or let water spill out of the heater.

Plug in the heater

You may also need to set a temperature level. Bottle warmers do not heat to high temperatures as a safety measure, but they may have two or three different heat levels to choose from, depending on your baby’s preferences.

Let the bottle warm up

Some bottle warmers will turn off immediately after warming up, while others may specify in the manufacturer’s instructions how long the bottle needs to be left in the warmer to reach certain temperatures. Which temperature your baby prefers may require a bit of trial and error – as the Children’s Physicians Network points out, some babies prefer colder milk, while others prefer it warmer.

Check the temperature of the milk

Remove the bottle from the bottle warmer and check the temperature of the milk by pouring a few drops on the inside of your wrist. If the milk and the bottle are too hot, let them cool for a few minutes until the temperature is more comfortable so that your baby can drink the milk calmly.

best bottle warmer 2021


Never heat a bottle in the microwave, this can result in uneven heating and hot pockets of liquid. If you don’t have a bottle warmer, for similar and safe results, you can warm a full bottle of milk in a deep bowl of warm water.

Cleaning the bottle warmer

To clean the heater, make sure it is turned off and completely cool. Clean the machine inside and out with a damp cloth, do not use an abrasive cleaner.

The use of distilled water avoids the accumulation of lime. However, at least once a month you should descale the bottle warmer using 2 ounces (60 ml) of white vinegar mixed with 4 ounces (120 ml) of cold distilled water. Let the mixture sit well in the machine until the lime dissolves. Empty this mixture of water and vinegar and rinse the bottle warmer with plenty of water, which will be ready to use when you need it.

The most popular brands of Best Bottle Warmer 2021

Having hot food for your little one is important to any parent. And this despite the fact that bottle warmers often have certain drawbacks due to their size, their power (with battery or batteries) or simply their operation. So that you can choose between the best known brands on the market, we selected three of them, known for their quality.

best bottle warmer brands 2021


In the 50 years that have passed since Chicco was founded in Italy, its range of products has expanded considerably, making it one of the leading brands in the sector. A position that has been maintained throughout this time thanks to a firm commitment to technology that has allowed the company to have all kinds of products, from baby carriages to all kinds of products for infant feeding. A complete portfolio of products that also has the approval of the majority of consumer opinions, both online and offline.

Among its keys we find products with high quality, although this is also reflected in the price. As a curiosity, in its catalog we even find double bottle warmers, for the busiest mothers, as well as other products of special comfort and quality. Chico’s commitment is not only raised with the quality of its products but also with its social activity. As an example, we can talk about its program dedicated to the adoption of children with special needs and that is financed with Chicco di Felicitta products.

best bottle warmer brands 2021


Jané is one of the classics of the Spanish market , where since its founding in 1932 it has been present with all kinds of products. Its initial market was focused on strollers and baby carriages, although it progressively expanded with new products and ranges, among which we find the referred bottle warmers.

In parallel, Jane also expanded its markets to be present in many countries as a reference brand. As with Chicco, Jané also has a notable commitment to the little ones, being the first brand to create a laboratory for the development and analysis of accidents on baby seats, having a notable commitment to carrying out awareness activities on the need to reduce child accidents.

To this end, it has also incorporated lines of domestic security products to reduce home risks, being its line of greatest activity in recent years.

best bottle warmer brands 2021


In the 50s, Tigex was a company dedicated to the distribution of various medical products that, with the arrival of the baby boom produced in the sixties after the end of the war, decided to transform its catalog to the world of children’s products. Products ranging from pacifiers and bottle warmers to baby monitors and other accessories to improve the safety of the little ones. Although perhaps the most interesting thing about Tigex is not so much its catalog, which it is, but it’s different approach from other brands.

An approach that changes the categories, the product packages or the way of presenting the instructions, to offer a different and close design for the parents. An approach that is part of its philosophy, where the usual commitment to total quality and full safety for children also incorporates ease of use and confidence in its products.

Products that are not only designed to be practical but are also designed with what it means to share moments between parents and babies. The company completes its history and its approach with a commitment to technology that leads it to create numerous advanced technology products, always thinking about the physiology and comfort of the smallest of the house.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean bottle warmers?

Being able to clean the bottle warmer is an easy task to carry out. If this is electrical, make sure to disconnect it from the electrical network first. Next, remove the basket available inside and wipe it with a damp tissue and then comfortably insert it back into its respective place. It should be noted that to clean this product you should never use abrasive agents.

Q2: How to use a Chicco bottle warmer?

When putting the bottle warmer into operation, the first thing you should do is plug it into the nearest outlet. Then, you will have to support it on a completely flat surface to later pour the corresponding amount of water inside. Thus, you can now turn on the bottle warmer by pressing the On / Off button and then insert the bottle. Finally, you just have to decide the temperature at which you want to heat the bottle using the control panel available on the bottle warmer and that’s it. In a few minutes you will be able to feed your baby.

Q3: Bottle warmer or microwave?

The choice between a bottle warmer or the microwave is very complex according to the comments of many users available on the internet. However, you should take into account the fact that the microwave tends to prolong the decomposition of milk when it comes to breast milk thanks to the waves it produces. Also, this appliance does not tend to properly heat all areas of the bottle, making it a bit dangerous. This being the case, a bottle warmer seems much more convenient.

Q4: Do you have warm bottles or a kettle?

This choice is definitely based on the preferences of each person, because just as there are those who prefer to use a kettle, there are also those who think that a bottle warmer is much more efficient and convenient to use. In this way, it is important to note that both products are of high quality and very practical, however, the bottle warmer is seen as the specialized appliance to heat the baby’s bottle.

Feeding the baby is one of the aspects that requires the most care during the first months of the child’s life, so choosing a bottle warmer is a wise decision but one that must also be done carefully, taking into account characteristics such as the time it takes to complete the heating, the resistance of the manufacturing materials, if the heating process is very complex, if it has protection systems against accidentally spilling the liquid, etc.

Given these characteristics, we reviewed customer opinions, expert recommendations and demand rates and found that the Philips Avent SCF256 / 00It is the most favorable option with its 500 ml capacity to heat in a bain-marie and its average time of two and a half minutes. However, we have to say that another important option is found in the Chicco Step Up model , which also has positive opinions and good performance.

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