Top 7 Best Ceiling Fans 2021 Reviews

For those places where the heat is not intense or it is simply enough to move the air in the room to cool it, a best ceiling fans 2021 is a more than interesting option. A quality product not only refreshes the environment but also dresses the place where it is placed and can even incorporate accessories such as lights or lamps to complete a different image and give a special touch to any room.

Best Ceiling Fans 2021

This is exactly what happens with the Faro Barcelona Lantau fan , which offers a mix of metal and wood, very elegant and effective. It offers three different levels of operation and an adjusted power consumption, which has led it to be considered the best ceiling fan of the moment by users.

Another model of interest is the fanWestinghouse Industrial 7250140 . In this case, the design is purely metallic, industrial style, with blades in two planes that cover an area of ​​up to 40 square meters in size with pleasant and stable ventilation.

List Of The Top 7 – Best Ceiling Fans 2021 Reviews

 If you have had to clean the pool, remove the moss from the walls or floors of the garden or wash the driveway of the garage, surely you have already thought about purchasing a high-pressure machine to facilitate these tasks. Check the advantages of these models and choose the most suitable for your needs and pocket.

 1. Faro Barcelona 33370 Lantau Ceiling fan without light

Best Ceiling Fans 2021


The first thing users wonder when considering a ceiling fan is if it has light and the truth is that this model does not have this function, so when installed in any room, an external light source will also be necessary. to keep the place illuminated. However, it is a good option to rest without any light bulb disturbing or interrupting sleep.

On the other hand, it should be noted that even when it is designed to be used in rooms with dimensions starting at 17.6 square meters, there are those who recommend it for use in larger rooms due to its great power and strength. The truth is that it has great power and the best of all is that it works silently.

  • It is made with high quality materials such as wood and steel, being a product with a long useful life and that, in addition, it is elegant and gives style to the home.
  • Its main disadvantage is the instructions it includes, since although its installation is simple, they are not very useful.


A powerful, elegant and quality fan both in its design and in its operation. It is designed for large rooms and to enjoy the summer or hot times.

2. Westinghouse Industrial Ceiling Fan, 4 Speed ​​Levels

Best Ceiling Fans 2021


Our next candidate for the best ceiling fan 2021 is a fan classified as industrial, manufactured by the Westinghouse brand that has three steel blades that achieve a diameter of 142 centimeters, so it is recommended for rooms between 30-35 square meters.

Like the previous one, it works in two modes: summer and winter. During the summer it cools the environment by circulating the air, and in the winter, by reversing the direction of rotation it redistributes the air making the heat distribution better.

This ceiling fan is recommended both for rooms of a certain dimension and for those with a very high ceiling. Its engine is very quiet so running it will not be a distraction for you. A wall switch is included to control all four fan speed levels.

  • Installation: The first thing to mention about this fan is that its installation is very simple, since it is enough just to follow the instructions, although according to the users, even without these, the installation is very fast.
  • Weight: Even with measures of 142 x 142 x 44 cm, it is worth mentioning that it only weighs 7 kilograms, being very light and making it even easier to install.
  • Speeds: The best of all when it comes to the Westinghouse 7250140 ceiling fan is the fact that it includes 4 different speeds to use according to your preferences and the time of year in which you use it.
  • Noise: Another point in favor is that it is very quiet, so it carries out its activity perfectly without making too much noise, being the ideal combination to use it without disturbing it.
  • Light bulb: The only factor against it is that it does not have a built-in light, being only a fan, in addition to not including a remote control.

3. Westinghouse Flora Royale Ceiling Fan E27, 60 W

Best Ceiling Fans 2021



This fan is 30 inches in diameter, has six reversible blades and a light. It has a very elegant appearance thanks to its chrome finish and its silver and white blades.

It will stand out in the decoration of the room where you place it thanks to its design that resembles a flower.

Although it comes with a chain to activate it and change between speeds it can also be adapted to use with a remote control or with a switch on the wall that are sold separately.

Like the other Westinghouse models, it includes both winter and summer features. In summer, thanks to its three speeds, you can circulate the air, cooling the environment, and in winter, what it does is distribute the heat more efficiently. It is very quiet and is recommended for rooms of no more than 12 square meters.

If you are looking for options among the cheapest ceiling fans 2021, then the Westinghouse 7878840 could be the ideal option for you. However, we suggest you take a look at its pros and cons, below, before making a decision:

  • Installation: This equipment has a great advantage and it is the fact that it is an easy-to-assemble fan, thanks to which you simply have to read the instructions and that’s it.
  • Light bulb: In the same way, like several of the previously described models, this fan is not only a fan, but it provides light by having the capacity to place a light bulb, so in addition to obtaining freshness, you will also get a lamp.
  • Noise: Users comment that sleeping with this model is a pleasure, because it is not very noisy.
  • I send: It should be mentioned that it does not have a remote control, so if you are looking for a model with this ease, this is not the equipment for you.
  • Use: On the other hand, it should be mentioned that this fan is not recommended for large rooms due to its power of 60 watts. It is rather for use in small spaces.

4. Westinghouse 7815540 Wave Form Ceiling Fan

Best Ceiling Fans 2021



Another candidate for the best value for money fan position is this product manufactured by the prestigious Westinghouse brand.

Any room you place it in will look elegant with this wave-shaped, single-light, three-blade fan (132 centimeters in diameter), as it has a design that flatters any home.

With its titanium-colored plastic blades, it exudes modernity. The opal frosted glass covered light uses an 80W R7s bulb that is included with the lamp. It has the great facility that you can use it with a remote control so that you do not have to move from your site to activate or deactivate it, as well as to change the intensity of operation.

It has two modes of operation: for winter and for summer. In summer, this fan will serve to cool the area and in winter it will help to distribute the heat in an optimal way. This fan is recommended for a 25-30 square meter room.

  • Installation: One point in favor of this equipment is that its installation is quite simple, you just need to read the instructions and follow them to the letter; The biggest problem in this case may be the installation of the receiver, which must be fitted in a small space, the rest is very easy.
  • Remote control: On the other hand, it has the ability to be controlled remotely by an infrared remote that has a good range capacity and also the batteries are included, so you should not make an extra expense.
  • Speeds: This fan can be used for both summer and winter by reversing the direction of the blades, it also has a halogen bulb included, being not only a fan, but also a lamp.
  • Season: The model has a low noise level, so it won’t bother you even when you sleep.
  • Silent: The most acclaimed by users in regards to this equipment is that the engine is not noisy, and thanks to this it is not a nuisance at bedtime.
  • Timer: The only point against that you will find in this model is that its remote control does not have a programmer.

5. Westinghouse 7867340 Turbo II Ceiling Fan, 76 cm

Best Ceiling Fans 2021



This model of Westinghouse ceiling fans is also included in our list of the best cheap ceiling fans 2021.

It has a very novel design, as it comes with two sets of blades, one that is white on one side and wood imitation on the other, the other set is in pastel colors. This allows you to combine the blades according to your taste or the color of your walls.

The manufacturer is so sure of the quality of its products that it offers a 10-year warranty on the motor, which stands out for being very quiet, which you will surely appreciate when you use it during summer nights.

It works in winter mode and summer mode. It is a fan of reduced dimensions (76 centimeters in diameter) so it is recommended for rooms of no more than 12 square meters.

  • Weight: One of the best points in favor of this model is that it is very light, since it weighs only 7 kilograms, just like the previous model. For more information, comment that it measures 76 centimeters in diameter.
  • Light bulb: It is not just a fan, because it also works as a lamp by including a bulb, which can be replaced by a halogen one if you want.
  • Noise: Another positive factor about this equipment is that it is very quiet, being ideal for all types of rooms and for daily use without being a nuisance. In addition, it is adaptable, as it can be used flush with the ceiling or suspended with a vertical bar in conjunction with its two sets of blades.
  • Installation: The biggest point against this model is that it can be a bit complicated to install, since even with the instructions it includes, users have had a hard time assembling it.
  • I send: We also mention that it does not include a remote control.

6.Faro Barcelona 33370 Lantau Ceiling fan without light

Best Ceiling Fans 2021


If you need an appliance that cools during good weather, but that you can also use during winter to improve the performance of your heating system, this model can be an excellent option, as it is considered by many users as the best ceiling fan in the actuality.

The Lantau Lighting Lighthouse is a machine powerful enough to cool a room of 17 m2 and even larger. It has 3 speeds so you can adjust it according to the need of the moment and it also works in a reverse way to use it during the cold season.

In addition to good operation, one of the characteristics that users stand out is its appearance, since it has a simple and classic design at the same time, with matte-finish wooden blades that combine very well with any decoration.

The Faro Ilumination Lantau ceiling fan is manufactured with high quality materials to guarantee its durability. Below we mention his points for and against.

  • Adjustable:This is very important in this type of device, especially in areas where the weather varies a lot and we do not always need great power. It has 3 speeds (90, 140 and 180 revolutions per minute respectively). The reverse function will be the perfect ally for your heating system during the winter.
  • Silent:Another of the most relevant characteristics when it comes to acquiring a ceiling fan is if it is silent, since many tend to be noisy, but in this case, users report that its motor is not.
  • Materials: It is made of stainless steel and dark walnut wood, which not only makes it very durable but also gives it a combination of modern and rural that adapts to any environment.
  • Control: It has a remote control that facilitates its use. You no longer have to get up from the couch to change the fan setting when the temperature rises in the middle of the day.

 Buying Guide – Best Ceiling Fans 2021 on the market

 Decided to buy a ceiling fan but not sure what features to look for? Don’t worry, now you have this guide to buying the best ceiling fan 2021.

With it you will be able to make the comparison of ceiling fans 2021 more easily to choose the one that best suits your budget and needs.

Best Ceiling Fans 2021


The design of a ceiling fan can be a very subjective choice. At the end of the day, it is a piece that in addition to having a utility, is also part of the decoration of your home.

Even if it has all the technical characteristics you are looking for, if you don’t like the fan, you will end up hating it, so look for the style that best suits your tastes and the decoration of your home. There are classic, modern, vintage, industrial styles and you can even find special designs for children’s rooms, etc.

Although there are as many models as there are tastes on the market, there are several aspects that you should not stop analyzing when choosing the ceiling fan:

Exterior or interior: There are ceiling fans 2021 for exterior and interior. Although in appearance they may be the same, the exteriors are prepared to face inclement weather.

Room size: This implies the size in square meters and the height of the ceiling. A very small room will require a fan with the smallest blades and a room with a very low ceiling will require a low hanging fan. Similarly, the larger the room, the more powerful the large fan  you choose should have.

Finish: Check the finish of your fan very well; some are really elegant like chrome or polished silver or bronze.

With or without lights:  There are ceiling fans 2021 with or without lights. The fact that they have the lights is a factor in their favor; Not only will you save money by not having to buy a lamp, but neither will both devices compete with each other to be located in the best place in the living room or dining room.

It is clear that design is one of the factors that most impacts how much a ceiling fan costs.


You can buy a cheap ceiling fan that also has a series of functionalities that make it more useful. We are sure that you will be willing to pay a little more to enjoy features such as:

Adjustable speed: most ceiling fans 2021 can run at different speeds, in fact they can allow 3 or more different speeds.

Direction of rotation: the best ceiling fans operate in the normal direction in summer and in the reverse direction so that they can be used in winter to eliminate pockets of cold air in the room. This is a feature that few people are aware of, and that many fans don’t offer.

Remote control: especially useful when you are comfortably sitting or lying down and want to turn the fan on or off or change its speed.

Power:  When you go to buy a ceiling fan, calculate how large the room in which you are going to place it or if you are going to place it outside, since each fan model has a power that limits the size of the room to the one that has been designed.

Blade material: Blades are usually made of wood, plastic, or metal. The wooden ones, although they are easier to combine with the decoration, have a problem if they are located in places where there is heat or humidity such as the kitchen, the bathroom or outdoors. In such conditions, the wood could sag or be damaged. On the other hand, plastic blades are more durable, but in classic decoration environments they can be out of tune. Finally, the metal blades are the easiest to clean and the most durable due to their great resistance.

Noise: Look for a quiet fan, especially when you use it at a certain speed.

Best Ceiling Fans 2021


You have surely heard of energy efficiency when you buy a washing machine or a refrigerator, the same happens when you buy a ceiling fan; You should look for one that saves you money on your electricity bills.

Look for a fan that has an output of 60W or less, this not including lights, so that the total output of the fan does not skyrocket. Also take into account the voltage of the lights that you must use and, to the best of your ability, buy low-consumption bulbs.

If you found this guide interesting, we recommend our comparison of home security alarms .

How to use a ceiling fan

 Ceiling fans are one of the most popular equipment in homes, as they generally have all the features like energy efficiency tools in the home. They have a very pragmatic appeal for those who want to reduce the amounts of their electricity bills.

Ceiling fans are a great way to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, if you know how to use them properly. Although there is a lot of confusion on the subject, it is not that difficult as long as you remember two simple rules.

Best Ceiling Fans 2021

During the summer

During the summer run the ceiling fans counterclockwise at medium or high speeds only when the room is occupied. Ceiling fans make you feel cooler in the summer by creating an artificial breeze that evaporates moisture from your skin.

When a ceiling fan spins counterclockwise, the tilt of the blades pushes air downward, causing a noticeable breeze. The faster the fan spins, the cooler you will feel. This cooling effect doesn’t change the air temperature, it just makes you feel cooler. That is why you should turn off the fan when the room is empty, otherwise the heat from the motor will increase the temperature in the room.

 In the winter

During winter, make the blades of the ceiling fan rotate clockwise. In winter, ceiling fans can produce the opposite effect than they do in summer, since the blades are able to gently circulate the hot air that is trapped near the ceiling. As the heat increases, the temperature near the ceiling is higher than at the floor level; This is particularly true in homes with high ceilings.

By adjusting the ceiling fan blades clockwise and at a low intensity, the hot air near the ceiling is pushed up and out, causing it to circulate downward near the perimeter of the room. Any heat generated by the fan motor is a bonus in the winter, so you can keep it running whether you’re in the room or not.

To get the most out of your ceiling fan, try these tips:

 Choose the right size

If you buy a very small fan for a large room, it will not be able to move enough air, either to cool or heat the room, it depends on what you are looking to achieve.

 Choose optimal locations

Generally, ceiling fans should be located in the center of each room to achieve a more uniform flow of air throughout the home.

 Keep fans close to the floor

Most ceiling fans should be installed so that the blades are no more than 10 feet above the ground. If your home has high ceilings, use an extension (pole) to lower the fans.

Best Ceiling Fans 2021

Select the correct setting

In summer, ceiling fans should be set to rotate counter-clockwise, while in winter, they should rotate clockwise.

 Remember to turn them off

Fans cool by moving the air through your skin, they do not lower the temperature of the air in the room, so they have no effect when the room is unoccupied. To save energy, turn off the fan when you leave the room for more than a few minutes.

 The most popular Best Ceiling Fans 2021 brands

 Although air conditioning continues to gain a following, for those who have health problems or simply do not want to risk large electricity bills, the ceiling fan is still a good alternative. It offers interesting results at a reduced cost and we find very attractive models, with light and remote control, that give a different touch to your room. Let’s get to know some manufacturers in this category and what they have to offer us.

Best Ceiling Fans brands 2021

Although it is not particularly well known as a brand in Spain, Westinghouse is one of the companies that dominate the world electricity market, both in terms of the facilities and industrial sector and in many other products and appliances. The company was founded in 1886 and since then a good part of the advances in the sector are due to its research.

Among other products they have manufactured nuclear reactors, engines for fighter jets, typical American appliances and the ceiling fans that we have seen in many traditional American films. Despite the fact that the company was shedding practically all its production lines starting in the 90s, its appliances and fans are still being manufactured by the company, which also maintains its links with other sectors.

Within its range of ceiling fans 2021 we find products made of first-rate wood, metal and plastic that adapt to any room and size, having options for both a simple children’s room and a large room.

Best Ceiling Fans brands 2021

This Orbegozo group is a business group that has a long career in the market and despite being considerably affected by the problems of Asian competition in the 80s and 90s, it maintains its position thanks to the quality of its products.

It is true that compared to other companies, it has fared better in these bad times, preserving the ownership and integrity of the company compared to others that have ended up closed or sold. One of the keys to this situation has been its ability to maintain a diverse catalog, where we find all kinds of products for the home such as ovens, stoves, scales or the ceiling fans to which we refer.

But the quality of its products has also been relevant, with careful materials and high-quality finishes. Without forgetting that all this is offered at prices somewhat higher than those of its Asian competitors, but really competitive considering the origin of its manufacture.

Best Ceiling Fans brands 2021

 The Faro company was founded in Barcelona in 1945, bringing “its light” to consumers in Spain as well as in the more than 90 countries where it currently sells its products. Although the company has historically focused on the lighting market, it also has various ceiling fans, with and without light, also including a curious model with highly successful transparent blades.

Faro products, as we said, are focused on lighting, being recognized for a high quality of manufacture and for a design that adapts to any room. Its products can range from the latest, most demanding and avant-garde designs to the more traditional styles with vintage touches.

A design that also extends to its ceiling fans, so that we find traditional models in wood with others in plastic and aluminum with an industrial design, with which to give that special touch to any room. All this with the guarantee of a historic company in the sector and highly recognized by consumers for giving a touch of elegance to any room.

Frequently asked questions

 Q1:  Why is my ceiling fan spinning slowly?

The ceiling fan works by means of a motor that is responsible for turning the blades. When this motor gets dirty where it is well lubricated, the fan may not turn as fast as it should.

To solve this, it is recommended to carefully remove any dust and dirt that the fan shaft may have, as well as proceed to greasing it with a suitable oil or lubricant so that the shaft rotates smoothly. All these operations must be carried out with the fan disconnected from the electrical current to avoid accidents.

 Q2:  Why is my fan spinning upside down?

The electric motor that makes the fan work has a series of polarities that must be respected during assembly, since in case of not doing so it is possible that the fan will rotate backwards. A cable crossing can literally be enough to reverse the direction of rotation.

If the installation is correct, it is possible that the fan has a reverse operating system, which serves to improve the operation of the heating during the winter, so we must check if this mode has been accidentally activated.

 Q3:  Why doesn’t my ceiling fan turn off?

In normal conditions, the usual thing is that the ceiling fan turns off when we use the switch established for this purpose. If the fan continues to rotate after using it, it is because there is probably a fault in this switch or connector.

In this case, it is advisable to cut off the electrical current to the fan and proceed to check the different connections, since sometimes a cable or one of the elements that cause the fan to turn off can come loose. It is also possible that the cord, if you use this system, does not make the corresponding contact to proceed to the shutdown of the equipment. This causes continuous operation to be maintained as the ignition knob or cable becomes inoperative.

 Q4:  Why is the ceiling fan making noise?

Among the most common reasons for noise when using a ceiling fan is the presence of dirt in the area of ​​the axis of rotation. This dirt must be removed carefully and the area should also be properly lubricated to avoid noise related to the rotation of the fan.

However, the problem can also be due to a faulty ceiling fixing or that it has become loose during use, causing oscillations in its operation. Some vibrations that are perceived sometimes visually and others by the noises that are produced when the fan is turned on. To solve the problem, simply adjust the fixings and tighten them properly so that the fan is fixed on the ceiling correctly.

 Q5:  How to install a ceiling fan?

When installing a ceiling fan, it is convenient to start by looking at the product instructions, since they are the ones that give us the most specific reference to the process. In any case, the assembly process usually begins with the opening of the holes in the ceiling that must be drilled according to the measurements of the fastening elements included. Do not forget to check that the roof properly supports the product to avoid accidents.

Parallel to the opening of the holes, it is advisable to proceed with the corresponding electrical installation, which is usually done by means of splice cards, which is usually the most common system. Once both elements are connected, it is time to place the main arm of the equipment as well as the rest of the pieces that make up the fan. Do not forget to fix everything well to avoid inconveniences or inappropriate vibrations. As a final step, check the correct function of the whole assembly, as well as the switches of the equipment before leaving everything ready for operation.

 Q6:  How to balance ceiling fans?

A poorly balanced fan can be a source of vibrations, noise, and other annoyances. Therefore, it is advisable to verify that the product is properly balanced during use. To achieve this, we can carry out different processes. Among them, we have the proper cleaning of the blades, since sometimes the concentrated dust can unbalance the product.

Another necessary process for balancing is to verify the proper installation and tightening of the different elements of the fan. A slightly loose screw can eventually destabilize the entire equipment. The same is true for a blade that is not properly aligned or oriented. This alignment can be checked visually or with a ruler. Finally, and in case the problem is serious, we can always resort to the counterweights that, placed on the blades in the correct way, help to correct these more serious imbalances.


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