Best Deep Fryer 2021 Reviews (Top 10 Picks) + Buying Guide

The choice of best deep fryers 2021 involves a series of factors to take into account, which have been obtained through the impressions of other users, who conclude that the main requirements that these appliances must meet are: a good level of capacity, that the power is sufficient to process food quickly, is easy to clean, supports the processing of various types of food and is as easy to handle as possible.

best deep fryer 2021

Given these conditions, in our search we found that the Russell Hobbs Purifry model It is one of what best corresponds to this description, with a power of 660 watts, also having a separating basket where several types of food can be cooked at the same time and with the option of being placed in the dishwasher to maintain hygiene.

If you want to see another option that also has high demand and performance, then check out the Philips AirFryer model  , which increases the power to 1400 watts, with a traditional design and a very safe cold body during use.

List Of Top  – Best Deep Fryer 2021 Reviews

 You always have to do your research before buying to avoid getting products that are not of the expected quality. That is why we want to make this task easier for you by offering you a guide with the best deep fryers 2021.

 1. Russell Hobbs 20810-56 Purifry Oil Free Fryer

best deep fryer 2021


Oil-free fryers have become really popular household appliances because they allow you to enjoy crispy crusts and flavors typical of frying without having to use large amounts of oil. This is largely beneficial because excessive fat can cause general health problems.

However, taking care of your health is just one of the benefits you will get if you decide to buy the Purifry oil-free fryer from Russell Hobbs. This model allows you to prepare a large amount of food thanks to the fact that it has the necessary elements to personalize the temperature and the interior state.

It has a thermostat that you can adjust to a maximum of 200 degrees and it will be ideal for chickens, meats, potatoes and more. Also, its maximum timer of 60 minutes will help you to forget about the kitchen when you use this fryer since it has an automatic disconnection.

  • The Purifry  deep fryer 2021 from Russell Hobbs offers you a wide variety of options so you can customize the preparation of your food and make all kinds of dishes of your choice.
  • Taking into account the level of evaluations and the reviews published by its buyers, it was not possible to verify that this model presents any considerable disadvantage, so it is considered an excellent purchase.


Whether it’s because you’ve started a diet or you just want to eat a little healthier, buying a deep fryer like the Purifry can offer you the ability to virtually eliminate monounsaturated fats from your meals.

2. Philips HD9220 / 20 Oil Free Air Fryer with Air Rapid Technology

best deep fryer 2021


Eating healthy has become a necessary habit nowadays, but to achieve it you need the best products in your kitchen. The best deep fryer 2021 on the market may be the Philips HD9220 / 20 , as it is a pot with a series of elements perfect for cooking healthy food: adjustable temperature control so that you can regulate the time and quality of cooking (without burn nothing), a timer that tells you when cooking is ready and incorporates an automatic shut-off mechanism to avoid both increased energy consumption and food burning.

Another reason that makes it a good option is the incorporation of an integrated air filter to avoid letting cooking odors escape to your environment, keeping it fresh and clean. In addition, you have the possibility of washing it in the dishwasher, so you will not waste much time or effort cleaning it.

  • Design: One of the things that makes the Philips HD9220 / 20 deep fryer 2021 one of our first choices is the fact that this equipment has a fairly discrete and modern design.
  • Technology: As expected, the technology applied by oil-free fryers is always an advantage because they allow us to obtain foods that seem fried without the need to apply fat thanks to Rapid Air technology.
  • Timer:  This equipment also has a special timer that will allow you to determine for how long you want to fry the food so that it reaches the proper consistency and also, it will notify you with a signal when it is ready, in this way you will not have to be too vigilant.
  • Filters: One of the biggest discomforts of frying food is the residual smell of burned oil, but thanks to the special filter of the Philips HD9220 / 20 oil-free fryer you can avoid leaving bad smells in the kitchen and therefore have a cleaner home.
  • Washable: It is also worth mentioning that the parts used to fry the food in this equipment are completely suitable for the dishwasher, so you should not spend time and effort keeping them clean.  

3. Sogo SS-10450 Healthy Hot Air Fryer, 1500 W

Best Deep Fryer 2021


An deep fryer 2021 with one of the best performances on the market and an affordable price is Sogo’s SS-10450 . It has a capacity of 2.5 liters so that you can cook more ingredients at the same time, it also incorporates an anti-overheating mechanism that will prevent your food from burning along with another pre-configured temperature control mechanism so that you can cook with security any recipe for up to 30 minutes, without fear of overcooking, from 80º to 200º centigrade.

In the event that you are not very given to cooking and want to learn more, it also includes a recipe book so that you can put into practice new healthy cooking recipes that will surely be very welcome in your home.

  • Capacity: One of the positive aspects of the Sogo SS-10450 deep Fryer 2021 is that it has a 2.5-liter capacity container, so you can fry a considerable amount of food in one go.
  • Recipe book: If you have no idea how you can get the most out of your deep fryer 2021, you will be pleased to know that the Sogo SS – 10450 includes a special recipe book so you can prepare the most delicious dishes.
  • Mango: Another of the positive aspects of this deep fryer 2021 model is that it has an ergonomic handle specially designed to avoid overheating while the equipment is in use, so you can handle the container very safely.
  • Protection: In case you use the equipment for too long at high temperatures, it includes a safety system that will prevent the fryer from overheating to avoid accidents.
  • Lace: One of the disadvantages mentioned by users is that it is a bit uncomfortable to fit the food container into the appliance, however, they highlight the performance of the fryer.

4.Aicok 3.5 L Hot Air Fryer

best deep fryer 2021


This fryer competes in the market with a high level of power that reaches 1400 W, being a considerable level of performance. Likewise, we must mention its processing capacity, estimated at 3.5 liters, which in turn results in an important level of food that can be introduced inside, with an approximate preparation for 4 or 5 people.

On the other hand, you can adapt the cooking depending on the amount and type of food, because it allows a regulation from 80 to 200 degrees Celsius. The same happens with time, as it has a thermostat that goes from 0 to 30 minutes, offering several options adapted to your needs.

The design is in black, with a non-stick basket with a good level of resistance, which can even be placed in the dishwasher. It has a carrying handle that lifts up to 90 degrees and its handling is very easy to understand.

  • Capacity: The equipment has a high capacity to process food, as it can hold 3.5 liters inside, which will be enough to prepare rations for 4 or 5 people.
  • Power: Its power level is very efficient, because it has 1400 W.
  • Thermostat: In order to achieve adequate results, it allows you to choose the temperature level at which you want your food to be prepared.
  • Timer: It has a timer that goes from 0 to 30 minutes, so that you can set the cooking time of your food with greater precision.
  • Basket: Users have expressed that after a certain time the main basket begins to lose its non-stick coating, which is a problem because food sticks to the surface.

5. Cecofry Compact Oil-Free Diet Fryer, 1000 W, 5 liters

Best Deep Fryer 2021


Another of the best cheap deep fryers 2021  on the market is the Diet Cecofry, because it not only offers quality in its characteristics, but also a price below other high-level competitors.

It incorporates an oven function, increasing its cooking capacities to cakes, lasagna and other types of cooking that require baking, coupled with the large 5-liter capacity in its ceramic container, ideal for ovens.

It has the ability to program the temperature and cooking time, allowing you to carry out other activities with complete safety. In case you are new to the world of cooking, include a recipe book with more than 50 recipes to help you cook in a healthier way.

If you find yourself on a tighter budget, we have one of the best options among the cheapest deep fryers 2021 from Cecofry:

  • Materials: One of the positive aspects of the Cecofry deep fryer 2021  is that it is made with a very good selection of materials, among which are ceramic and stainless steel, so you will get a strong and durable product.
  • Thermostat: It also has a special thermostat that will allow you to select the temperature level at which you want your fryer to work according to the type of food you are cooking.
  • Capacity: having one of the largest capacity containers with 5 liters, this fryer will allow you to prepare large portions of food in one go, thus saving you time and effort.
  • Design: However, it has a somewhat different design than the aforementioned models that you should take into account to combine it with your other appliances.
  • Tray: it also does not have a tray with separation to prepare several types of food at the same time.

Buying Guide the best deep fryer 2021 on the market

 When foods are fried they must be cooked for a considerable amount of time, this causes them to absorb more fat, which is harmful to health, since its consumption in excess generates cardiovascular problems or diabetes, among others. However, despite these dire consequences, eating nuggets, chicken, or chips is still very tempting; even so, there is a way to eat these foods without so many risks. In the following guide to buying the best deep fryer 2021 you will find more information about it.


Best Deep Fryer 2021Functioning

It is likely that if someone talks to you about frying without oil at the beginning you have many doubts, perhaps the first question you ask yourself is about how it works, followed by several questions regarding the taste and texture that the food acquires.

Before making your comparison of  deep fryers 2021 without oil it is important that you clarify these questions, as this will allow you to determine if they are actually the right equipment for you and your family.

Several experts assure that these devices carry out the cooking process by combining the baking process with the action of the grill, for this, hot air circulates inside it at a high speed level.

This whole cooking process contributes to making the food you prepare brown on the outside and crisp on the inside, being very similar to those foods that are fried, but with the advantage of being low in fat and therefore healthier.

When you start using them, stop consuming excess fats or flours and acquire a healthier lifestyle, you will begin to notice changes in your life, ranging from losing weight and improving your appearance, to having more energy to do your daily activities.


Thanks to the popularity of the first oil-free fryer models, more and more comprehensive options have been developed. Some of them have accessories that allow you to use your equipment in different ways as well as to prepare even complete meals in one go.

This is the case with Russell Hobbs’ Purifry oil-free fryer model. This option has a specially designed interior so that you can prepare several types of food at the same time, this way you can have everything ready much faster.

To do this safely and cleanly, this fryer includes a practical separation grid to prevent mixing of flavors and sauces. In addition to this, the instruction manual is completely in Spanish and includes a recipe book so you can taste various dishes.


Although oil-free fryers do not use this element, they do use high temperature heat and some even steam. This causes that the remnants of the cooking can be a bit annoying to clean, therefore, it is very important that you take this feature into account to save yourself headaches in the future.

With their customers’ needs in mind, the Russell Hobbs team developed their Purifry oil-free fryer with hygiene in mind. To achieve this, they adapted the design of the internal drawer so that it could be easily removed and washed under running water and also made it dishwasher safe. Thanks to this, you will not have to worry too much about the hygiene of your fryer since you can keep it clean and new without many complications.


Each model of fryer is designed to cook a certain amount of food, which will depend on the capacity of the equipment.

If you want to know which is the best deep fryer  2021 for you, you should consider the number of people who live in your house and the amount of food that you usually prepare. If it is low, it may be best to choose a model that has a capacity of two liters.

On the other hand, if your family is large or they usually prepare meals for several people, it may be best to look for a team that has a greater capacity, perhaps a 5-liter one is more suited to your needs.

Another concern of users is the price of these products, many wonder how much a fryer costs and think that the ones with the largest capacity are the most expensive, but, when evaluating their value, they observe that the two things are not related, being possible to find a good and inexpensive one that fits large families.


To cook food, these equipment work at different temperature levels, which usually vary, but, in general, they are kept between 80 and 200 degrees centigrade.

Each type of food requires it to be cooked at a different heat level, because depending on this, its texture and flavor will vary; For this reason, some manufacturers incorporate a thermostat into the equipment that allows it to be regulated. Also, some models include a timer, through which you can set the cooking time for each recipe you want to prepare.

Depending on the design of the fryer, it will automatically turn off when the indicated period has ended, which guarantees that your food will not burn and also helps to save energy, since it will not stay on for longer than necessary.

Best Deep Fryer 2021


Another aspect that you cannot forget when doing your search is design. There are teams that have baskets or trays, which will help you prepare several meals at the same time, thus speeding up your tasks.

Also, there are devices that are versatile and, by design, are suitable for preparing other recipes that must be baked.

Another advantage of these devices is that, as they do not require oil, they do not splash grease everywhere. But, it is also necessary to clean them to avoid the accumulation of food particles inside and there are models that facilitate this process, since residues are easily removed.

It is necessary that they are made of quality materials that guarantee their durability for several years, and that their size and color are appropriate for the style of decoration or the appliances you have in your kitchen. 

How to use an oil-free deep fryer

Today, oil-free fryers become one of the appliances that should not be missing in our kitchens due to the great benefits they offer us. That is why below we offer you some resources that will allow you to properly use an oil-free fryer to obtain healthy and rich food and, therefore, a better quality of life.  

Know your fryer without oil  

In order for you to obtain the best results, when it comes to giving a crisp touch to your fries it is necessary that you familiarize yourself with your fryer without oil, going through a learning period and thus achieve a healthy and quality life. It is very important that you review the user manual before starting to use it.  

What are its benefits  

One of the main benefits that deep fryers 2021 provide you when used is that they are mostly dietary, and allow food to be processed with healthy aspects. In addition, these are crisp and golden, as if they had been fried in oil.   

Adjust the temperature  

Good deep fryers 2021 have a minimum power of 80 ºC and reach a maximum power of approximately 200 ºC, which you can adjust according to the food you are preparing or according to your criteria through the temperature regulator with which the fryers are provided .  

 Use it according to its size  

It is important that the capacity of your fryer without oil meets the needs of your family; We can find them with capacities of up to 2.5 liters, enough to fry large quantities of food at once. On the other hand, for those families with few members, it is enough to have one of 800 grams, which may be enough to cover your needs.  


Oil-free fryers tend to have modern designs with compact structures, which allow you to place them in any diameter of the kitchen without causing any problems. In addition, the attractive models are pleasing to the eye and offer a touch of style and distinction in your kitchen.  

Security system  

A team that handles high temperatures always requires that we respect safety precautions to avoid accidents, something that you must also take into account is not to abuse its use and avoid keeping it on for longer than they can bear.

For this reason, it is extremely important that oil-free fryers incorporate an automatic shut-off mechanism to prevent overheating. Another security system that these products present is that they have an ergonomic handle that facilitates their use.  

Resistant materials  

The materials with which oil-free fryers are built have high technology, since they are chosen through quality controls, among which we can mention ceramic and stainless steel to name a few of them. This is why deep fryers 2021 are usually strong and durable appliances.  


Oil-free fryers are no longer a headache when it comes to cleaning, due to their size and the practicality of loosening their parts when they are not in use; These tend to fit perfectly in dishwashers, so you don’t need to spend time and effort keeping them clean.

 The most popular Deep Fryer brands

 In order for you to acquire a good quality deep fryer 2021, with an adequate performance to your expectations, it is recommended that you choose one belonging to a recognized brand, and as there are many alternatives on the market, we review for you three of the best, as they have been noted users, Tefal , Philips and Cecotec. 

 It is one of the most important deep fryer 2021 brands on the market, since it adjusts to your needs and those of your family. If your family group is 4 people or more, you may consider purchasing one of the models it has, since the brand cares about offering products for large families. Hence, you can find models with a high capacity level, ideal for processing foods such as spiced chicken, meat, fish, among others.

The brand was established in 1956, and all of its products have the quality of being non-stick, which means that the food does not stick to the utensil, and therefore its cleaning is usually quite simple.

Tefal fryers apart from helping to save on the family diet, are beneficial for the body, since several of its models do not require any type of oil for cooking food, because its advanced and modern technology allows it to function without said substance. All of the brand’s products have a user-friendly mechanism, and facilitate the fact that users can perform several tasks at the same time.

It is an existing brand since 1891, when it was founded in the Netherlands, and began as a manufacturer of lamps and bulbs, that is, as a company in the electrical sector. So that was where it oriented the main branch of its offer and today it is an important brand of household appliances in different countries of the world.

As for oil-free fryers, you should know that the brand recently presented its most updated model of deep fryer 2021, which actually also works as a kind of oven, so it will be used to process various types of food. As can be seen, it is a brand that seeks to offer better solutions in different areas of daily life.

Philips’ proposal is really broader than you think, because in addition to its wide range of lighting equipment, it offers sound products, household appliances, and even a special line of baby bottles, so you will surely have some product of this brand at home, and if not, then you can review  its extensive catalog to find what you need.

Since 1995, Cecotec entered the market for products and appliances to carry out household tasks, especially in the kitchen. However, its products also include a rest line, a fitness line, appliances for cleaning the home, etc.

Cecotec’s oil-free fryers are mostly dietary, and allow a wide variety of foods to be processed, allowing them to have a healthy appearance, and also remain crisp and golden, as if they had been made in a conventional deep fryer.

More than a brand, Cecotec has been concerned about going beyond offering a product, and on occasions, it not only offers its customers the artifact as such, but also gives recipe books and other accessories, so that the user can get more out of each utensil. On the other hand, the products are designed to cook in a short time without producing bad odors or smoke, so that they will help keep your kitchen clean, and also will not splash oil so it will be easier to maintain hygiene.

The offer of this brand also includes kitchen robots, pans, knives, ceramic buckets, various models of vacuum cleaners, electric clotheslines, pillows, chairs and rest chairs, among others.

 Frequently asked questions

 Q1: What foods can be fried in a deep fryer without oil?

These modern fryers allow you to fry with virtually no oil. With only one tablespoon it will be enough to obtain fried and crunchy food, as if it were a conventional deep fryer; with the difference, that food does not absorb fat, as it happens with other products. For this reason, they do not add calories to the diet and are able to keep the flavor of each recipe unchanged.

Among the dishes that can be prepared in these practical appliances we have french fries, dumplings, fish, skewers, nuggets, eggs, chicken drumsticks and wings, rice with squid, etc. In addition, you can not only fry, you can also grill and roast a wide variety of recipes.

 Q2: How to fry fish in a deep fryer without oil?

What seemed impossible before is now very simple. With oil-free fryers you can prepare exquisite fish and forget about the fumes, smells and splashes that dirty the kitchen, the worktop, the utensils and even the floor. Not only will you be saving on oil, but you will also have healthier meals, thanks to the combined action of a grill with that of a miniature oven. In addition, in its control panel, you can find the instructions to cook each type of food.

In the case of fish, proceed to cut the food into four equal pieces and season it with lemon juice, pepper and salt; you should let it rest for 5 minutes. In a deep plate, add the spices you use frequently to add flavor to the dish and add a beaten egg. You should submerge the fish pieces one by one and if you prefer a crunchy touch, you can add well-ground tortilla chips.

Once the food is prepared, put it in the basket and set the timer for 12 minutes. You can also add some potato strips together with the fish, so that both foods can be fried at the same time. When this time has elapsed, you will get a golden, crunchy and delicious dish.

 Q3: Who Invented The Oilless Fryer?

The Philips brand was the first manufacturer to design and present during the IFA Consumer festival, held in Berlin, a new product for the kitchen: the Airfryer oil-free fryer, a flagship utensil that allows cooking with much less fat. From that moment on, other prestigious brands have also commercialized their models and given the great acceptance in the market, it is a product that continues to innovate and exceed expectations.

 Q4: How to clean a Philips oil-free fryer?

Since it is a product that has a lid and that keeps the food enclosed, there is no risk of splashing with oil; which favors the cleanliness of the kitchen. However, in order to extend the life of this appliance you should clean it regularly.

To get started, first unplug the appliance from the power outlet and let it cool down to clean. Find a towel and moisten it with water, then rub the entire outer shell, cleaning off any food residue on it.

The internal parts, due to their non-stick coating, are very easy to clean; however, if they have food on them, it is best to soak them before cleaning. It is advisable to avoid the use of metal utensils, as they could cause scratches or marks; instead, you should use a non-abrasive sponge.

Both the tray, the basket and the pan, you should clean them with dish soap and warm water. The other removable components are dishwasher safe, you should only use liquid degreasing detergent. Once the fryer is cleaned, it is advisable to dry each of its parts well before using it again.

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