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Electric bikes are yet another step in the small revolutions that are changing the way we move. These bikes help you ride comfortably when the terrain gets rough, without having to get to work drenched in sweat.

To achieve these benefits, it is necessary that you have a quality bicycle, with enough autonomy for your daily trips and that has all the comforts you need while riding. 

best electric bikes 2021

The NCM Milano best electric bike 2021is a versatile bicycle, which has an attractive design in white or black so that you can choose one according to your style and preferences, it also has a USB port and its charging time is only 4 hours, so you only have to leave it charging overnight and use it during the day.

Another interesting option is the modelWindgoo B3-Black best electric bike 2021 , which has an unconventional design and offers safety, as it has LED lights at the front and rear.

List Of The Top 7 – Best Electric Bikes 2021 Reviews

The electric bicycle is an ideal tool with which to improve your urban mobility, also preventing you from arriving at work or any appointment as if you were coming to climb the Tourmalet. That is why you surely want to know which is the best electric bike 2021 based on your preferences. Since we do not know you we cannot give you a direct answer, but we can show you some of the best electric bikes 2021, selected as always in the style of good and cheap.

1. NCM Milano Electric Trekking Bike 250W

Best Electric Bikes 2021


A single charge of its battery allows you to travel a distance from 40 to 120 km in ECO mode. To achieve this, it has a powerful motor that can maintain a constant speed of 25 km / h for long periods of time. In addition, it has a reliable rear-wheel drive unit rated at 250 W, which provides a high level of resistance and can provide assistance via the pedal.

On the other hand, it is necessary to consider that the battery charging time is 4 hours, so it is advisable to connect it at night and use it during the day. As for its brakes, it incorporates a mechanical operating system with Tektro disc, 160 mm rotors and inhibitor, capable of providing safety while driving at any speed.

  • It incorporates an efficient 48 V battery that gives you a range of 40 to 120 km with the assistance of the pedals. For this reason, it allows you to make short trips, either to go to work, to classes, to the store, among others.
  • The instructions may not be specific enough for the handlebar and pedal mounting system, which can make installation difficult.


It offers comfort, versatility and an attractive design that will make you stand out from the rest. In addition, it has front and rear lights for safer driving at night.

2. Windgoo Folding Electric Bicycle 350W Motor 

Best Electric Bikes 2021


This is the best electric bike 2021 that can be folded to save space during storage. In addition, it weighs 14 kg, which provides good stability but at the same time is easy to transport. It is important to take into account that it is indicated for both adolescents and adults and is appropriate for daily use, whether to go to the office, to classes, for a walk or shopping.

It incorporates a 36 V lithium battery with an amperage of 6.0, which allows it to reach speeds of 20 to 25 km / h. It also has a range between 15 and 25 km, as long as the driver has a weight equal to or less than 120 kg.

It offers front and rear LED lights to illuminate the way, providing greater safety at night. Its rubber wheels measure 12 inches and have non-slip properties, which guarantees a good grip both on the pavement and on other types of terrain.

If you are looking for a quality best electric bike 2021 that allows you to stand out during the tour and that at the same time offers you versatility, then it is recommended that you take into consideration some of the positive and negative characteristics of this model before deciding:

  • Design: It offers an attractive design made up of simple and elegant lines that allow you to travel in style and comfort. In addition, it incorporates front and rear LED lights for greater safety.
  • Motor: It offers good performance, thanks to its brushless electric motor that has a power of 350 W, suitable for traveling a distance of 15 to 18 km.
  • Speed: It can go at a speed of 20-25 km / h, allowing you to travel quickly to work or school.
  • Drums: The battery could last less than expected depending on the speed at which you travel, however, the manufacturer indicates a range of 2 to 3 hours.

3. Biwbik Electric Bicycle Mod

Best Electric Bikes 2021


Although it does not respond to the conventional pure road design, the Sunray 200 best electric bike 2021 offers us an advanced ride design with which to make all kinds of trips easily. For this, the model has three pedaling assistance modes depending on what you need.

The model has a 250-watt brushless motor and a 10-amp battery, with which to reach 25 kilometers per hour and be able to roll about 40 – 70 kilometers.

A comfortable product that includes a nice leather seat, six different speeds and a front suspension system to give you more comfort. You decide how much help you need at any given time.

This is the best electric bike 2021 for 600 dollars. Take a look at its features to find out if it’s the one you should buy.

  • Wheels: The wheels of this electric bicycle model are 26 inches and, in addition, it has front suspension for greater comfort.
  • Changes: Its changes are the Shimano brand and it has 6 speeds.
  • Lighthouse: It also has a headlight with LED light for better vision at night.
  • Powerful: Its battery is lithium 36V and 10 Ah. Its motor is 250W and is a Brushless brand. It can travel between 40 and 70 kilometers.
  • Pedaling: It has an assisted pedaling system that has been approved by the CE and, in addition, it has 3 modes of pedaling assistance for optimal use.
  • Service: A user has reported that they have no technical service and the assembly has to be done by oneself.


4. Kudout Electric Mountain Bike 800W Battery 48V

Best Electric Bikes 2021


It is a bicycle with a classic design but with a high-tech operation, which incorporates a 48 V 15 Ah lithium battery, to make trips over a distance from 50 to 100 km with the assistance of the pedal and with maximum electric power.

Also, it offers three modes of operation; with a rotary accelerator, power assisted and only with the pedal, so you can get a long trip if you use the different modes correctly. As if that were not enough, it incorporates double-walled tires made of an aluminum alloy structure, which guarantees its durability and favors a fast driving.

On the other hand, the bicycle needs between 6 and 8 hours of charging to obtain optimal performance from its battery, in the same way, you must take into account that it includes appropriate plugs for both the United Kingdom and the European Union, so it does not require additional adapters to use.

This is the best electric bike 2021 that can give you good performance, both in demanding and low intensity activities, for this reason, it is worth knowing its pros and cons before selecting a model:

  • Performance: With only 6 or 8 hours of charge it can offer you long trips of 50 to 100 km of distance, so you can use it to go to work, to classes, for a walk or simply to save time when moving from one place to another.
  • Motor: Its motor is capable of producing 800 W of power, making it an appropriate bicycle to use in mountain activities and endurance sports.
  • Settings: It offers 3 modes of operation to adapt it to your needs, either as a rotary throttle, power assisted or just with the use of the pedals.
  • Design: It has a basic design, similar to that of traditional bicycles, which can put it at a disadvantage compared to other more attractive models on the list.

5. Lankeleisi 750PLUS 48V14.5AH 1000W Motor Electric Bicycle

Best Electric Bikes 2021


It is a powerful electric bike 2021 that incorporates a 1000 W motor, capable of traveling distances of 45 to 55 km with the use of the motor. However, it can also reach 75 to 95 km if you use it in pedal-assisted mode.

Regarding their tires and structure, these have waterproof capabilities, so they protect the operation of the engine in situations of rain or humid climates. On the other hand, it has a 3.5-inch screen to configure its settings and choose between 3 operating modes.

It has a rigid and resistant structure, capable of supporting a weight of up to 150 kg, in addition, it is indicated for people who measure from 165 to 200 cm, whether they are women or men of adult age. In addition, you can get it in different colors to adapt it to your tastes and style.

If you want a model that you can use on the beach, pavement, mountains or other types of surfaces, then you must carefully analyze the pros and cons of this electric bicycle:

  • Transmission: Its Shimano M390 transmission system allows you to choose between 27 speed levels, this way you can go as fast as necessary.
  • Motor: Its motor offers a power of 1000 W and is powered by a 48 V battery with 14.5 Ah, in this way, you can use it on hills, mountains and demanding terrain.
  • Performance: If you use it completely in electric mode, it gives you a performance between 45 and 55 km. Also, in pedal assist mode it can deliver 75 to 95 km of distance.
  • Cables: The electrical cables that connect the bicycle system are located on the outside of its frame, which could diminish its attractiveness. However, they have waterproof protection to prevent malfunction.

Buying Guide best electric bike 2021 on the market

Electric bicycles have become a hybrid between the electric motorcycle and the conventional bicycle. A product with which you can maintain the ecology of your urban mobility, without having to worry about getting to work or where it is totally sweaty. To make the most of this mobility, you should follow the advice in our guide to buying the best electric bike 2021 on the market. Because it is true that today these products are a good investment that you must keep under control.

Best Electric Bikes 2021

Bicycle main model

As in the conventional bicycle market, we also have different types of bicycles in the electric market. Specifically, we can find mountain bikes, city bikes, similar to road bikes or even folding bikes, with which you can move comfortably and pleasantly.

Among these models, the most common are those for a walk and the folding ones. Touring bikes are nothing more than traditional bikes to which a motor is added to give them more movement. In the case of folding ones, these have the advantage of being able to take them with you on the bus, in the car or even store them at home or at work, without taking up too much space.

In the case of mountain models, the process is similar. A traditional mountain frame is fitted with an electric motor to be able to ride comfortably and with the same sensations and balances of a traditional product. The same happens with the road models, which, although they do not have the pure design of these models, they do look quite similar, adequately improving your mobility and your sensations.

Vehicle motorization

The most important point of any electric bike comparison is the motorization of the vehicle. This motor is the one that allows us to assist pedaling, offering better sensations and reducing the effort that we must make when moving. Let’s not forget to have a good battery either, since this element is key to having a good and economical electric bicycle.

When it comes to talking about the engine, we will start by looking at the technical parameters. Voltage is one of them. The higher the voltage and the wattage of the motor, the more efficient and faster the movement you can make with the bike. By the way, do not forget to check the different levels of pedaling assistance, regardless of how much the product costs, since this element is essential to be able to ride at the right speed.

This brings us to the application of these technical parameters. The fundamental elements here are speed and autonomy. The speed of bicycles, which serves as a reference, is usually around 25 kilometers per hour maximum. As for autonomy, it must be adapted to what you need.

The normal thing is to have models from 40 or 50 kilometers to almost 100 kilometers of autonomy. Adapt this autonomy as you need, since, the more autonomy, the more precise battery capacity and, therefore, the higher purchase cost you will have.

Best Electric Bikes 2021


Additional elements and accessories

To finish off a good electric bike, it is necessary to review the rest of the parts or elements that it includes and that can give you greater comfort. That is why it is necessary to see the additional elements, which will give you greater security of movement, as well as the accessories, which improve mobility and allow you, for example, to carry your things.

Among the most recommended additional elements we highlight the cushioning. This cushioning absorbs the effects of bumps on the bike, so if you catch a bump on the road, it allows you to absorb the effect. The same goes for disc brakes, compared to conventional shoe brakes. Brakes with which you can stop more safely in case you have problems.

As for plugins, there are two main groups that we should not forget. One has to do with enlightenment. Thanks to modern LED technology, it is possible to have LED headlights that allow us to illuminate our route and make us more visible in traffic. Another interesting piece is the trays to place our things, so that you can carry your backpack, suitcase or anything else without affecting your safety.

How to use an electric bike

Going for a walk or going to work on a bicycle involves effort and physical exhaustion. But today, thanks to technological advancement, this cycling has ceased to be mandatory, since we can count on electric bicycles that make our routes simple, pleasant and without physical wear and tear no matter how long and difficult the distance may be. These are the reasons why we will offer you a series of recommendations below that will allow you to make good use of your electric bicycle.

Best Electric Bikes 2021


If you want an easy, comfortable and fast route, you must have a high-voltage electric bicycle, since the higher the voltage of the motor, the greater the pedaling power will be to carry out your routes in the shortest possible time and without any effort.


It is important that when you use an electric bicycle you realize that all the parts that make it up are in perfect condition and well adjusted; This way you will be able to avoid accidents and make your trips from one place to another in a comfortable and safe way.

Always carry it with you

When you want to take your electric bicycle with you anywhere even when you are not using it, you have a folding electric bicycle, since being light and taking up little space you can easily and comfortably move it on the bus, in the car or in any other means of transport where you want to take it.


In today’s world comfort is almost mandatory; everything is designed so that people’s daily lives are less and less complicated; That is why an electric bicycle is the easiest way to get around.

These best electric bikes 2021 are very comfortable and practical to use; they are a cheap and fast means of transport, which allows you to escape traffic and queues. With them you can do your tours in the open air, but without having to make any kind of physical effort. So you will be rested, fresh, wanting to do the usual routes and more with your electric bike.

Best Electric Bikes 2021

Wear appropriate clothing

Clothes and footwear must be in accordance with the type of activity we carry out; This is part of the respect and consideration that we have towards our body and at the same time it is a sample of integral intelligence.  

Even when you don’t need to exert yourself, it is recommended to wear suitable clothing and footwear for cycling. This does not mean that you have to forget about looking good; On the contrary, you can find the right look, which reflects your personality, but allows you to function comfortably and safely while riding the electric bike.

Protect yourself

Don’t leave your safety to luck; Your safety is your responsibility, therefore you must wear all the necessary protection when you ride your electric bike. Helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, all this is part of your clothing when riding a bike; Not only motorcycles represent a danger, but also bicycles, since we are never exempt from a fall or a collision, so better to be safe.

The most popular best electric bikes 2021 brands

Every day there are more ways to get around and electric bicycles are one of the options that more and more users use, because they are cheap and easy to use. That is why we have prepared this article in order to show you the best brands that offer these products.

Moma Bikes is a Spanish company founded on July 12, 2002 in the city of Barcelona, ​​which is responsible for manufacturing and distributing all types of bicycles and other products from one to three wheels for the entertainment of users and at the level of racing competition .

The company has a fairly wide range of products, since it includes classic, mountain, electric, folding, children’s, freestyle, scooters, tricycles, and skateboards, among others.

Moma Bikes bicycles are equipped with top quality components and accessories such as Shimano, Zenda, Zoom, among others. In addition, Moma Bikes bicycles are manufactured in compliance with strict European quality standards, so you can buy these products with the full confidence that this brand offers you.

Moma Bikes products offer buyers the possibility of acquiring a quality product at an affordable price, placing this brand as one of the best to acquire electric bicycles and other types and models.

Teamyy is an Asian registered trademark originating in China, which encompasses several market lines to manufacture and market a wide variety of consumer products.

The brand works based on six major product categories, which are divided into: cycling, automotive, clothing, home and garden, beauty and DIY and tools.

Within the cycling category, we can find several models of electric bicycles, with the purpose of offering the user comfort and quality at a low price, this type of product being one of the most accessible in this category represented in this brand.

This brand corresponds to an excellent option for those users who are looking for economy and a product quality that is acceptable to most users and buyers.  

Teamyy electric bicycles are a brand preferred by users, because you can find them within the top sales of the most recognized surveys and lists that you can find on the web, proving to be one of the best brands that offer best electric bikes 2021 at the world level.

IC Electric Vehicles Electrics SL is a company founded in 1999 in Barcelona, ​​Spain that is responsible for the manufacture and marketing of a wide range of electric bicycles, folding bicycles, scooters and accessories for both adults and children.

IC Electric products are equipped with the highest quality accessories and components, as most electric bicycles have accessories and components from brands that use Zoom, V-Brakes, among others, as well as aluminum frames for excellent durability and resistance for years.

IC Electric has remained among the companies that offer electric bicycles that are the most liked by the Spanish and European public, since they are quality products that are sold at an excellent price.

Only in Spain you can find 47 points of sale for the distribution of these products in any part of the country. You can also find them in specialized online stores, on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon.

Therefore, IC Electric ranks among the best brands that offer quality electric bicycles, serving the needs of customers first.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What are the advantages of using an electric bicycle compared to a motorcycle?

Electric bicycles have become a mobility option in some countries, because they are an economical means of transport, since they do not require fuel or insurance. Also, these bicycles provide health benefits, reducing cardiovascular diseases, as well as sedentary lifestyle.

In addition, with many of them you can travel several kilometers without having to recharge them often.  

On the other hand, motorcycles have been a more common means of transport, they allow you to move from one place to another faster than an electric bicycle. In addition, motorcycles can be parked in different places as they do not take up much space and their maintenance is cheap.

However, motorcycles do use fuel and some environmental protectors may not be very comfortable with this feature. Of course, this does not mean that they are not a good purchase option, since the final choice is made by you, depending on the requirements of the moment or the place where you live.

Q2: What are the differences between an electric bike and a normal bike?

Normal bicycles require more physical effort when pedaling, especially when climbing mountains. In addition to this, it should be noted that they have a light weight, that is, in most cases they are easy to lift to carry in the back of a 4 × 4 vehicle. They do not even require batteries, so they do not consume electricity, being more ecological.

On the other hand, electric bicycles provide a certain rest to your body, since you will not have to work too hard pedaling, thanks to the fact that they have a motor. The latter works with a battery, which can be recharged when its power runs out.

These types of bicycles weigh a bit more, but this does not diminish their functionality and comfort of use, so many people buy them to commute to work without having to waste fuel or tires on their cars.   

Q3: Do electric bikes contribute to the environment?

Thanks to the fact that they do not require fuel, they contribute to the environment because they do not emit CO2, allowing cities to be free from atmospheric pollution. Thanks to this characteristic, they help reduce respiratory diseases and infections.

Also, electric bicycles are quieter than cars, therefore reducing the noise pollution that occurs in most cities around the world.

Q4: How should I clean an electric bike?

Cleaning the bicycle should be done carefully and use both soaps and specialized products for this type of vehicle. The use of water is essential, but it must be done in such a way that it does not fall on the engine or the bushings.

The most important thing is to avoid corrosion, so for the metal parts of the bicycle you must use special liquids. In addition, it is recommended to clean the electric bicycle periodically, to reduce the accumulation of dirt.

On the other hand, we cannot fail to mention the battery, it is not washed, it must be removed to maintain the bicycle without causing unforeseen short circuits. Likewise, we recommend that for no reason you use a steam device or high pressure equipment to clean it, as this could damage the bicycle.

In addition to this, by using lubricant for the drive chain, you prevent it from entering the brake disc, so that the latter fail. Finally, after washing it, check that the battery is correctly installed.

Q5: Do electric bikes need to be charged? What to do to make the battery last longer?

Electric bicycles require a battery, which is recharged by connecting the charger to the battery box and then to the electrical outlet. Next, we will give you some recommendations to make the battery last longer.

The most important thing is that you do not let it discharge completely, that is, do not allow it to drop more than 30% charge. Also, you should unplug it when it reaches 100% to prolong the life of the battery. Another aspect that you should consider is using the original charger, since others could damage it, as well as subtract cycles.

Finally, you should not expose them to high temperatures, so when parking the bicycle, try not to be in a place where it receives direct sunlight. Also, if you are going to stop using it for a long time, leave it charged at 60%, this also prolongs the life of the battery.

Q6: What is better, an electric bike or an electric scooter?

The electric bikes have a saddle that will provide comfort, then you can go sit on it while driving. They also have a range of 40 to 45 kilometers, which will allow longer trips. In addition, they can be obtained at different prices, since there are many brands and models on the Internet. In the latter they are similar to electric scooters, although some of the latter are much more expensive.

Electric scooters do not require parking and you can take them to your work office, since they fold and are easy to store anywhere. However, it does not bring a saddle for you to sit on, so you will have to ride standing up. Of course, this is not a disadvantage for many users, so it could be a good purchase option if you are looking for a vehicle much smaller than an electric bike.

In summary, both products could be suitable, since that will depend a lot on your requirements and preferences.

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