Top 7 Best Electric Shaver 2021 Reviews

Whether it’s keeping a clean beard or trying new styles, electric razors have become a must for men and many want one. Among the number of best electric shaver 2021 options, two models stand out for their functionality and design.

Best Electric Shaver 2021

The first is the Braun Series 9 9395cc , an innovative German-tech shaver that works with sonic vibrations for extra gentleness on sensitive skin. Also noteworthy is the Philips 6000 Series S6640 / 44 model , a versatile prototype that can be used dry or wet and is equipped with an anti-friction coating to avoid mistreatment of the skin.

List Of The Top 7 – Best Electric Shaver 2021 Reviews

Constant trips to the barbershop can be a strenuous investment, because hair grows regularly and one way to keep it under control is to have an electric razor at home, which will help you follow the professional pattern. Although there are many brands and models available, below we summarize the characteristics of the products that are positioned among users’ favorites. 

1. Braun Series 9 9395cc Latest Generation Men’s Electric Shaver

Best Electric Shaver 2021


Braun is a brand that has become a world reference in equipment designed for close professional-style shaving at home and a sample of this is the Series 9 9395 cc model, one of its most recent innovations, which has a technological and last generation. It has been developed by a team of professionals who sought to achieve a flawless and beneficial shave, even for sensitive skin. 

This is because this best electric shaver 2021 works efficiently through sonic vibrations, which allow the blades to glide over the facial skin smoothly and without causing irritation. 

Also, this model is equipped with 5 pieces for cutting hair, which provide greater efficiency in a single pass. It is capable of adapting to the contours of the faces and different densities of beards. In fact, its professional finish is due to the 40,000 cutting actions that it is capable of providing.

  • This model is innovative, because it works thanks to 10,000 sonic vibrations that generate 40,000 cutting actions, to remove each of the beard hairs, even if they are short, which benefits a professional finish.
  • The equipment can be a bit noisy for some people, but it is a variable perception factor that does not really limit performance.


This model is positioned as one of the most prominent in its category, for being practical, admitting various forms of use, with an adaptable and flexible head in 10 directions, for a professional style rush.

2. Philips 6000 Series S6640 / 44 Men’s Electric Shaver 

Best Electric Shaver 2021


Selecting the best electric shaver 2021 on the market is not an easy task because there are many models, but this one from Philips meets the quality and performance standards, which enhance and diversify its use, so it is favorable.

This equipment has a slim and elegant design that is available in black and has rubber areas to facilitate its grip and ensure a regular glide on the face. 

In addition, this best electric shaver 2021 has high precision blades with anti-friction coating, for greater smoothness in the past. It is also equipped with multiflex heads that can move in 5 directions in order to be more efficient for the contours of the face. 

It can be used for dry or wet shaves because it is waterproof and, for greater control, it has an LED display that makes its handling intuitive. Also, this model has an autonomy of 60 minutes with one hour of charging.

This alternative has been recognized by many users as the best electric shaver 2021 of the moment. To find out if it is suitable for your requirements, we invite you to take a look at the positive and negative aspects.

  • Design: It has an elegant and slim design with a long handle that favors grip, with anti-slip areas.
  • Autonomy: This model has a powerful battery that charges in just one hour and can provide autonomy for an estimated 60 minutes of use.
  • Portability: The device can be used wirelessly, making it wireless and practical for travel, plus it includes a carrying bag.
  • Versatility: The model is versatile, for dry or wet shaves, with gel or foam, as well as several modes for the rotation speed.
  • Shoe trimmer: In this model a built-in shoe trimmer is missing in its structure.

3. Panasonic ES-LV65-S803 Premium Wet & Dry Electric Shaver 

Best Electric Shaver 2021


This Panasonic model appears frequently in the lists of the best electric shavers 2021, because it has an adequate performance, since it is cordless and versatile, which diversifies its use. 

Due to its properties, this Asian-made equipment is suitable for men and can be used for dry or wet shaving, with the same efficiency and effectiveness to remove and reduce beard hair, even if they are small or thick, because it is equipped with a motor that generates 14,000 oscillations per minute, as well as a sensor that adjusts the power to the thickness of each beard. 

In addition, it has a multiflex head that adapts to the face due to the flexibility of its movements to the sides, up and down, which favors precision. It also has a sharp 30º cutting angle and its blades have been polished and nickel free to avoid irritation.

Some manufacturers are reputable, but Panasonic could be considered the best electric shaver 2021 brand on the market and learning more about this model can help you understand why. 

  • Blades: It is a precise model because it is equipped with 5 blades that are polished and sharpened at 30º that reduce redness.
  • Head: It has a motor with 14,000 oscillations per minute and a multiflex head that favors movements and adapts to the contours of the face.
  • Battery: It has a favorable battery for better performance, with autonomy of 45 minutes of use for 1 hour of charging.
  • Versatility: The model can be used wet or dry, because it is water resistant and can be washed, in addition to its simple use with an intelligent sensor.
  • Chin: With this model, it may be necessary to make several passes in the chin area for best results.

4. Sweetlf Electric razor for men 

Best Electric Shaver 2021


If you have wondered what is the best electric shaver 2021 on the market, we could suggest this model from the manufacturer Sweetlf as one of the proposals, because it is practical, easy to use and waterproof, which guarantees its cleanliness and versatility for dry or dry use. damp. 

This model has a favorable design, thanks to its 2600 revolutions per minute motor and its automatic adjustment for the contour of the entire face and neck. In addition, it has a practical and modern design that is available in blue with silver, as well as with a long handle that makes it easy to grip. 

It is also equipped with a precision cutter to define details and has an LED indicator that shows the battery status. Similarly, this proposal is equipped with a lithium ion battery that charges in one hour and provides autonomy for 120 minutes. 

If, among the number of options, you are confused and do not know which best electric shaver 2021 to buy, you can review the positive and negative aspects that we have identified in this model. 

  • Protection: This product has been endowed with IPX7 protection, so that it can be submerged in water without its mechanics being damaged.
  • Versatility: It is a convenient shaver to use both wet and dry, according to the needs of each user.
  • Battery: The model has a lithium-ion battery that charges in 60 minutes and provides an estimated autonomy of 120 minutes of use.
  • Functioning: The equipment has an efficient operation that automatically adjusts to the contour of the face, and includes an LED battery indicator.
  • Weight: The weight of this model can be a bit high, which could make it difficult to use and tire after a time holding.

5. Braun MobileShave M-90 Portable Electric Shaver

Best Electric Shaver 2021


Within the catalog of options presented by the Braun brand, there is this model that is positioned as the best value for money electric shaver, because it is one of the cheapest best electric shaver 2021 on the market, without reducing efficiency to its mechanism and operation. 

This equipment has several cutting elements for synchronized shaving, so it is fast in a single pass and bases its power on ultrasonic vibrations, which favors gliding on the skin without abuse. In addition, this German-made model is waterproof and can last for about 7 years, with a 2-year warranty. 

Its design has been optimized for travel, so it uses disposable or rechargeable batteries for its operation. Also, the model is equipped with an integrated cleaning brush and has a narrow head, so that it facilitates access to different areas of the face, and has a sliding hair trimmer.

Although this is the best electric shaver 2021 for 30 dollars, being among the cheapest, its operation is high-end. However, it would be recommended that you can review its pros and cons to learn more about the model.

  • Design: It has a compact and portable design that has been optimized for travel, making it small and handy.
  • Elements: This best electric shaver 2021 is equipped with a cleaning brush and has a sliding hair trimmer that favors its use on some areas of the face and on long hair.
  • Head: The equipment has a narrow head with a single blade that helps to trim the beard with precision.
  • Cleaning: Its structure can be washed simply with water and remove hairs, for better performance and greater hygiene.
  • Building: Its plastic head is delicate, so care must be taken to avoid falls.

Buying Guide – Best Electric Shaver 2021 on the market

To keep the beard defined, clean and well-groomed, it would be necessary to go to the barbershop on a regular basis. However, one way to achieve this from the comfort of home is to have an efficient razor. But, before making a random choice, we invite you to read the following guide to buying the best electric shaver 2021 on the market.

Best Electric Shaver 2021

Technology and power

If you are interested in one of these equipment but, before formalizing the purchase, you want to have an estimate of how much an electric shaver costs, then it is recommended that you can make a quick analysis of its technology, power and precision to remove hair from the face . 

These devices work thanks to a motor that can have different powers and oscillations. Some have 40,000 shearing actions, for 100,000 sonic vibrations, while others have 70,000 oscillations per minute. 

Likewise, there are teams that offer an estimated 2,600 revolutions per minute, whose final result in the cut is adequate. This intensity in the rotation of the blades can be adjustable. However, some proposals are equipped with smart sensors that adapt to the thickness of the hair to promote better results. 

Head and blades 

Depending on the type and brand of shaver selected, the head is more or less flexible and the number of blades or their distribution varies, knowing that the greater the number of blades incorporated, the better the cutting effect will be. In the high-end alternatives, these can be multi-flexible and multi-precision, with an anti-friction coating, which prevents irritation of the facial skin. 

Design and resistance

Ergonomics is a fundamental characteristic in this class of shaving equipment and design has a lot to do with it. In the case of this Braun model, its optimized construction favors grip through a wide and long handle, with areas that have non-slip rubber, which prevents the machine from falling. In addition, this proposal has a design that facilitates its use by means of a button for on and off, while its weight is light and its dimensions manageable. 

This Braun alternative is versatile and durable. According to its manufacturer, it has been developed to provide a useful life of at least 7 years. Also, its German manufacture has a two-year guarantee and is 100% water tolerant, making it suitable for dry or wet use, with foam or gel.

Best Electric Shaver 2021

Battery and cleaning

This Braun alternative has several characteristics that enhance its performance and make it one of the best proposals that can be found on the market. This portable and cordless equipment has a 60-minute autonomy for the shaving process thanks to its lithium ion battery, with a 5-minute fast charge mode, so it is efficient when you cannot wait for long. According to its manufacturer, a single charge can be enough for a whole month of shaving (depending on use).

In addition, it includes a case that facilitates its portability and the protection of the pieces. On the other hand, within its accessories, it has a cleaning station that, in turn, is the loading center. From this base, it is possible to select the automatic cleaning program, to maintain hygiene and lubrication, all this through a single button.

On the other hand, some alternatives are equipped with single blades, others with double blades and there are options with 5 blades, which provide greater precision to capture the hairs and remove them without generating lacerations, with fine razor blades and a sharp cutting angle.

Battery and resistance 

An advantage that these devices provide is that they are mostly portable and wireless, but their autonomy can change according to the type of battery and its power. Therefore, it would be favorable if you could establish a comparison of electric shavers in which you compare the use time offered in relation to the charging time.

In this sense, you can find models with integrated or disposable batteries. The rechargeable battery shavers are the most common and have different autonomies, which can range from charging times of 60 or 90 minutes to provide continuous and cordless use of between 45 and 120 minutes, depending on the model. On the other hand, for those that use AAA or AA batteries to function, you should always have a spare pair on hand. There are also corded razors, which should always be plugged in for use.

Similarly, many prototypes are equipped with an LED battery indicator, which allows the user to estimate how many shaves are left in relation to the charge level. Likewise, there are models that incorporate a charging and maintenance center through a base connected to a power source or by cable, which can be a special input of the brand or USB.

Best Electric Shaver 2021 

Design and versatility

A good and inexpensive electric shaver is favorable, but beyond the price, it is essential that its design is optimized and ergonomic to favor a proper grip and greater glide control over the face and its contours.

Therefore, their structures are usually light and many of them have rubber areas that improve grip. Likewise, they have simple buttons for intuitive use and the vast majority of proposals have protection against water, which favors cleaning and provides greater versatility of use, to reduce hair dry or wet, with gel or foam. Models that allow contact with water provide a better level of resistance and are easier to clean, while dry models are also efficient, but can be a bit less practical.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an electric shaver?

To use an electric shaver, it must be charged or, failing that, connected to the wall source (depending on the type). The next thing will be to turn it on using its button and select the intensity or speed at which the blades will move and its mechanism to remove hair from the beard and face.

According to the model (dry, wet or dual), it is recommended to apply gel or shaving foam on the areas to be reduced, in order to avoid the redness of the face after using the machine. 

In addition, the electric shaver must be held firmly and passed through the areas that require it, according to the contours. In some cases, it will be necessary to spread the skin a little to achieve greater definition and precision. 

After completing the process, you should clean your face with plenty of water and check in front of the mirror that everything has been according to taste. To define, it is recommended to use the trimmer. Likewise, it is important that the cleaning process of the shaver is done, either at its base or under the flow of water.

Best Electric Shaver 2021

Q2: Which is better, electric or manual shaver?

It depends on the tastes of each person and the thickness of the hair, as well as the way in which you wear your beard. Electric shavers are fast and efficient, they are used to remove a large amount of hair, as well as being powerful and durable. On the contrary, they can have higher costs. In the case of manual ones, they tend to be disposable and it would be complex to remove all the hair with them, in addition to being a constant investment. 

However, there are those who suggest that you alternate between several options, using electric and manual models, in order to have better results, with more perfect and professional-type finishes for the contours of the beard, with defined lines of barbershop style. 

Q3: How long do the blades of an electric shaver last?

This depends on the type of electric shaver, the use and care that is given to the machine. In general, they have a long useful life but, more than a specific time, it is about appreciating and analyzing the results of their finishes. Also, if the blades are dull and the blades are worn, their useful life may be over. Depending on the brand, changing the head may be necessary after a couple of months or after 2 years.

Q4: How to clean an electric shaver?

The process may vary depending on the make and model of the electric shaver, but in most cases it will be necessary to remove the head to expose the blades. In them, it is likely that there is a large amount of accumulated hair, which will not allow them to move dynamically and cut additional hair. Therefore, it is recommended to use the brushes that the shaver incorporates and clean it carefully. During the whole process, the machine must be switched off. 

In addition, it is recommended to place it under running water and remove all excesses that may remain in this area. It is also important that it is allowed to dry before replacing the head. Cloths, towels, napkins, or any other material that can affect the blades should not be used.

Q5: Can an electric shaver be brought on the plane?

This will depend on each airline and the policies it handles. Sharp and pointed metal objects generally cannot be brought into the cab. However, it is best to ask directly to avoid inconvenience or, failing that, carry it in your checked luggage to go to the hold. Some lines allow electric razors to be carried upstairs, but these must be inside a box and with the blades protected. 

Q6: Can I use the electric shaver on the pubis?

The quick answer would be yes, but it all depends on the model you have, because the prototype may not be favorable to eliminate all the hairs in this area. In addition, there are some proposals that are equipped with trimmers, elements that can help reduce excess hair in areas such as the pubis, but are not specifically designed for this purpose, so they may not be enough to remove hair in abundance. 

Therefore, the most recommended for the pubis is to use the specific models that adapt to the anatomy of this area of ​​the body and that can even be found in the same brands.