Top 7 Best Gas Water Heater 2021 Reviews

To enjoy bath time and not suffer while doing housework due to the low water temperatures, it is good to have a heater that regulates the temperature, especially during the winter season. In addition, best gas water heater 2021 allows you to control the water flow so as not to misuse it, while saving energy.

Best Gas Water Heater 2021

For this reason, it is important that you can identify the most relevant characteristics, such as the amount of water that flows per minute, functions, dimensions and the accessories included. In this regard, the market offers a large number of options for best gas water heaters 2021, such as the Iglobal Buy 12YHB model . It has a power of 36 KW with which it can offer a constant water output at the desired temperature. Another good alternative could be Forcali 10 liters , a water heater with an output of 16 liters per minute for a continuous and stable flow.

List Of The Top 7 – Best Gas Water Heaters 2021 Reviews

Water heaters are equipment specially manufactured to provide greater comfort in your home, which is why they are considered basic appliances. If you want to choose a quality model, it is best to review the characteristics and functions of each model in detail, so that you can choose one that can provide you with good service and the best performance. For this reason, we put together a list of the best gas water heaters 2021 .

1. Iglobal Buy 12 YHB

Best Gas Water Heater 2021


Since we are facing a gas water heater, another very important aspect to consider is the functions that it is capable of performing, as well as the security systems integrated into the equipment. This will help you avoid overheating or electrical stress problems.

In the case of the Iglobalbuy heater, you may not need to worry too much about it. One of its main safety functions is to immediately turn off the equipment if the water exceeds 75 ºC or the water is kept open for more than 25 minutes, since at this level it could cause damage to the pipes and even burn your skin when washed.

In addition to this, you can select the season in which it is in the same heater, that is, winter or summer, so that the same system takes into account the temperature of the incoming water.

  • Iglobal Buy’s model offers hot water in just a few seconds thanks to its powerful resistance and the use of pressurized gas to bring the liquid to the desired temperature.
  • Keep in mind that this type of heater emits residual gases, so it must be installed in ventilated spaces and where people or animals do not stay to avoid poisoning.


This best gas water heater 2021 performs quite well for domestic use, as it has the ability to offer a constant water flow to carry out all kinds of tasks around the house.

2. Forcali 10 liter gas water heater

Best Gas Water Heater 2021


It is a best gas water heater 2021 with a capacity of 10 liters of water per minute, it even works with low water pressure. In addition, it is one of the smallest on the list due to its dimensions of 20.5 x 33 x 55 cm, so it will take up little space.

It has a front panel with buttons for the control of the water flow and the temperature control, which is also displayed digitally. It also includes a very useful anti-frost device for the winter season, which works through the drain valve and the water cut valve.

On the other hand, its security system includes ionization control, protection against overheating and gas evacuation, providing greater safety during use.

Despite being one of the cheapest on the list, its installation can be indoor or outdoor and works with LR 20 batteries, and includes hoses, water cut-off valves, rubber, among others.

This is one of the smallest models, but at the same time it is one of the cheapest, being recommended among the best gas water heaters 2021 for 150 dollars, with good heating capacity and is easy to install. That is why we summarize its pros and cons here.

  • Design: This model measures 20.5 x 33 x 55 cm, weighs 10 kilos and takes up little space. It has a front panel with buttons to control the different functions of the heater. All information is displayed digitally.
  • Capacity: It is capable of heating up to 10 liters of water per minute, even when there is low water pressure. Its ignition is automatic, by means of LR20 batteries.
  • Regulator: It has water flow and temperature controllers. It also has an anti-frost device, recommended for the winter season, that works with drain valves and water cut-off.
  • Security: It has mechanisms that control ionization, overheating and the evacuation of gases.
  • Power: By opening more than one tap, the heater loses power in heating, so that its operation is somewhat limited.

3. Miracle Liquefied Gas Water Heater


Best Gas Water Heater 2021


If you are looking for a product with maximum power, you just have to turn to the Miracle JSD 24 model. This best gas water heater 2021 has no less than 36 kilowatts of power, with which to heat water efficiently and reach an output of 18 liters of water hot per minute. 

A water that can reach temperatures of up to 75 degrees, with a practically instantaneous heating time. This temperature can be chosen directly through the front panel, which includes winter and summer modes, as well as a temperature selector, ideal for setting the specific temperature of the water outlet as you prefer. Something easy to see on the included LCD screen. 

Regarding its installation, the product has compact measurements and the usual half-inch connections, both for water and gas. Something that simplifies the process of connecting the heater to the plumbing network in your home.

Enjoy the high heating power of this product with everything that this efficient best gas water heater 2021 puts at your fingertips.

  • Power: Thanks to its very high power of 36 kilowatts, it is possible to achieve an almost instantaneous heating of the water.
  • Dimmable: You will have a precise regulation of the temperature, degree by degree, thanks to its screen and its different control wheels.
  • Efficiency: This model has an estimated thermal efficiency of over 80%, so the product saves energy while heating the water in your home.
  • Shower: Although the product is accompanied by a shower connection, it does not seem to have a high quality finish.
  • Battery holder: The battery holder that powers the heater’s electrical ignition system is somewhat brittle, so use it carefully.

4. Junkers Hydronext 5600 S Heater WTD15-3

Best Gas Water Heater 2021


If you prefer a model from a well-known brand, then the Junkers Hydronext 5600 S best gas water heater 2021 is what you need. This product has dual functionality, so it can be used with both propane and butane as needed. 

A complete model that reduces pollutant gas emissions and has an energy class A, which saves gas during water heating. It also improves its control system, having a digital and tactile panel, with which it is easy to set the water outlet temperature as needed. 

All this in a device with a compact body, barely 17 centimeters deep, and with an output capacity of 15 liters per minute, so you will not have problems to have a good amount of hot water without waiting or complications.

Enjoy Junkers’ extensive technology and everything that the brand has prepared in this efficient best gas water heater 2021.

  • Control Panel: The included control panel is tactile and incorporates an LCD screen, with which you can regulate the water outlet temperature degree by degree.
  • Departure: The heater generates a continuous hot water output of up to 15 liters, with a system that also reduces heating time.
  • Mounting: The assembly of the product is very simple, thanks to its standard configuration. The gas outlet tube is included next to the heater.
  • Noise: The forced draft system incorporated into the product may generate some noise, but considering where the product is installed, this should not be a problem.
  • Price: The price of this best gas water heater 2021 is considerably higher than that of other similar products, but since it is class A, you will save some of that money on energy.

5. Guellin Opaicn LNG

Best Gas Water Heater 2021


From the Guellin brand, we present you a 16-liter best gas water heater 2021 that you can use at home to meet your cleaning, personal care, cooking or any other use that you can use for hot water.

The equipment has a heating power of 32 KW, a level that allows it to provide a considerable and constant flow of water for your comfort. The pipe has an outlet of 9 centimeters in diameter, while the hose for the expulsion of residual gases is 2 centimeters.

On the other hand, the Guellin heater has a modern and intuitive design so that you can adjust the temperature, power or season with just one movement of its rotary buttons. In addition, you can view the activated parameters through an LCD screen located right next to the heater’s control panel.

If this Guellin heater caught your attention, here are its most influential positive and negative aspects:

  • Design: The equipment has a compact size casing and good manufacturing finishes designed to add robustness to the set, as well as extend the useful life of the components.
  • Materials: It is made of stainless steel, a material resistant to both heat and humidity so you do not have to worry about wear and tear due to the use of the heater.
  • Capacity: You will be able to enjoy an outlet with a water flow of 16 liters per minute, more than enough for regular and domestic use.
  • Driving: The equipment can be operated relatively easily by offering controls for temperature and water output.
  • Maintenance: You should make sure to perform regular maintenance on the heater to avoid overheating problems, which can affect other components of the heater and even damage it completely.

Buying Guide – Best Gas Water Heater 2021 on the markets

Currently, domestic water heating equipment not only offers you the opportunity to regulate the temperature, but also to make efficient use of water, save energy, among other functions. For this reason, we have created a guide to buying the best gas water heater 2021, to help you know the advantages they offer you and in this way you can select the most suitable model according to your needs.

Best Gas Water Heater 2021


When making a comparison of gas water heaters, it is necessary to know the type of energy they need to operate and how much each model costs, in order to select the most economical, but at the same time offers the best characteristics and meets your requirements. .

In this sense, some of these heaters work with batteries, so they do not need cables or be plugged into the power, in this way they will help you save electricity.

Another important factor refers to the type of gas they use, including natural gas, butane or propane, to help you save and make more efficient use of energy.

As for the water capacity, it will depend on the need, many offer 10 liters of hot water per minute, which is enough for the shower and the sink. We must mention that this water flow also influences the price.


As for the main functions offered by the heaters to facilitate their use and provide you with greater efficiency, you will find the water flow regulator and the temperature power regulator, on and off button, front panel with digital display, led light, among others.

Both the water flow regulator and the temperature power regulator will help you control the amount of liquid that flows per minute, as well as the appropriate temperature depending on the use that you are going to give the heater. Some models usually include an operation button to indicate on or off the equipment.

On the other hand, there are heaters that have a front panel with a screen to show the temperature level at which the water comes out, in order to provide greater accuracy and avoid damage to the skin due to an inconvenient temperature. Also, some include LED indicators to show the operation of the equipment or the remaining battery level. 


An important point when selecting a gas water heater is the security system it offers, as this will help you avoid accidents within the home. Among the most commonly used safety systems are the ionization probe, the temperature regulator and the gas evacuation valve.

The ionization probe will help detect and control the burner flame. The temperature regulator will prevent the system from overheating and the gas evacuation valve is necessary to release the accumulated water or steam, avoiding the internal pressures of the gases produced by combustion.

On the other hand, some heaters have an anti-frost device, to prevent freezing during low winter temperatures by means of a drain valve, as well as a water cut-off valve to prevent spillage.

Best Gas Water Heater 2021

Accessories and design

One of the main advantages that this type of heater can offer are the accessories that make up its design. These are intended to facilitate installation and use of the same, so no additional expense will be required during installation.

Among the most important are the water hoses, which are a type of flexible pipes that are used to connect the heater to the internal pipe of the wall through the copper connections that guarantee resistance to high water temperatures.

They also include a valve to close access to the water in the event of spills and cleaning filters to retain mud, stones or any other object that could sneak in and cause the equipment to malfunction.

Another important aspect to take into account before selecting a water heater is its appearance and dimensions, since it is possible that its installation is carried out in a visible place in the house, so we recommend taking into account its color, weight and size before purchasing.

If you need accessories for your bathroom, we can recommend our comparison of Grohe shower columns.

 How to use a gas water heater

During the winter time, it is common for the water in the pipe to have a very low temperature, due to weather conditions. If you want to enjoy hot water during your shower, installing a gas water heater may be the solution. Then read the following tips to help you understand how it works properly.

Best Gas Water Heater 2021

Verify that you have the right one

Thanks to the constant innovation of the current market, there are two types of heaters depending on the gas source. If your gas supply comes from city gas lines, use a water heater with a larger inlet. If the supply is through a common tank, use a standard inlet tank. Make sure to check that you have the right one before installation.

Read the instruction manual

It is important that before starting with the installation of the product, you carefully review the instruction manual that includes the packaging, as it will indicate the correct way to install it, as well as include useful tips regarding cleaning and care.

Choose the place of installation

It is recommended to place the heater inside the bathroom or in a nearby room, so that the water heating is more efficient. Generally, this product should be close to the gas pipe, preferably in the upper part of the room.

Water heater design

Water heaters are necessary during winter to enjoy a relaxing shower after a long day. In this case, the models that run on gas tend to have a more compact size than normal tanks, so their design is a fundamental factor to evaluate.

Iglobal Buy’s best gas water heater 2021 features a compact, modern design with metallic finishes that add strength and visual appeal. It has dimensions of 34 x 15 x 59 centimeters, in case you want to mount it on the wall so that it does not take up more space than necessary.

On its front face you will find an LCD screen along with three regulating buttons to adjust the parameters of the water heater in terms of flow, temperature and operating mode.

Best Gas Water Heater 2021

Power and capacity

When looking for a good gas water heater, it is very important to thoroughly evaluate its power and capacity, so that you can ensure the purchase of a tool that will be useful to meet your particular needs.

Therefore, you should know that this Iglobalbuy brand heater is capable of offering a constant flow of water of 12 liters per minute at the temperature you have activated. Thanks to this, you will be able to carry out various tasks without fear of running out of hot water suddenly, such as carrying out personal care tasks, cleaning the house, doing laundry, among others.

The heater’s thermal output power reaches 24 kW with a gas pressure of 2,800 Pa to supply 12 liters per minute. In addition, it is advised that the water pressure be between 0.02 MPa to 0.8 MPa for better performance.

If you have children and you want bath time to be even more placid, we recommend choosing a good model of bathrobe for babies .

Install the bracket

Once you have selected the proper location for installation, it is time to install the bracket that will hold the heater. To do this, you need basic repair tools such as a drill and hammer. Place the bracket on the wall and fasten it tightly to the surface, using screws and nuts between its joints to maintain its stability.

Place the heater

After adhering the metal bracket, hold the heater on both sides and insert it into the bracket checking that it fits correctly. Check that it is firmly attached before beginning the installation of the pipes and keys.

Best Gas Water Heater 2021

Connect the water taps

Once the heater is attached to the bracket, proceed to make the connections to the water pipes. To do this, place each water pipe in one of the inlets of the product, then place the keys with red and blue labels to identify and differentiate cold water from hot water.

Connect the gas inlet

To connect the gas to the inlet of the appliance, connect a flexible hose from the gas outlet of the tank and the inlet of the heater, twisting the end until it fits snugly. Then, little by little, open the tank stopcock, so that the gas reaches the tank, so that when the machine is turned on, the heating begins.

Switch it on

When the installation is complete, turn it on by pressing the on / off button and wait a few minutes for the light to change from red to green. Next, set the temperature at which the water will come out and let it run through the heater until the tank is full. It is recommended not to fill it completely.