Best GPS 2021 Reviews For Easy Navigation – Editor’s Choice

Nothing is worse than going on vacation to another city or country and not knowing how to get to a hotel, maps do not usually have much information and are very limited in terms of addresses, or locations.

That is why, with the technology, they invested in the famous Global Positioning System (GPS for its acronym in English).

If you are looking for the best value for money best GPS 2021 on the market, check the following list, where you will find the most acclaimed equipment by users.

Best gps 2021

When you go on a trip, you must have a series of implements that allow you to fully enjoy this experience and avoid any worries, for example, not knowing how to get to your destination. 

Thus, one of the tools that cannot be missing in your car is the GPS. These devices have access to a wide variety of maps, so you can follow the directions they show you to get to certain places. 

Now, to choose the best model, you must take into account characteristics such as the size of the screen, the battery and the update capacity. 

In this sense, the TomTom Start 52 offers updates to its maps for life. Plus, it provides advance lane guidance, preparing you for exits and intersections. On the other hand, theGarmin DriveSmart 61 Full EU LMT-S has a 6.95 ”screen and offers the Garmin Real Vision feature, which displays a view of the camera upon reaching the destination.

1. TomTom Start 52 Car Navigator 2021

Best gps 2021


  • It is worth noting that you also review what functions the best GPS 2021 navigator of your interest is capable of performing. Depending on the model you choose, you can enjoy more practicality, information on points of interest, traffic level, among many other things.
  • For example, this equipment offered by the TomTom brand is capable of updating its maps for free for life just by connecting it to the computer and following the instructions of the manufacturer’s software. It is also able to warn you when you are approaching an area with radars so that you slow down and avoid any fine.
  • And in case there are alternate routes to get to the address you have entered, the best GPS 2021 will take care of choosing which lanes will help you get there faster, taking into account data such as whether there are accidents ahead, traffic, checkpoints, etc.

Design Main Feature Explained:

  • Best GPS 2021 navigators are tools widely used today, as they allow you to move through cities, towns, countries and even different continents without having to ask for directions or consult guides. If you are interested in purchasing one, you should check that the design is practical and easy to use.
  • TomTom is one of the leading brands in the GPS category and its Start 52 model has a simple, yet attractive and modern design. Its size is 14.5 x 2.2 x 9 centimeters and it weighs just 209 grams, so you can place it in your vehicle, whatever it is, with ease.
  • It has a 5 ”screen in full color so that you can easily read the information and directions to follow, making your move around the city easier. It works with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery so you don’t have to worry about having to buy spare parts from time to time.
  • Practical functions so you can drive more safely and confidently. 
  • Its design is attractive, 
  • Has a friendly interface
  • includes a base so you can place it on the board.


  • If you load a lot of information in the browser’s memory, this can affect the fluency when responding to your commands.

TomTom is a trusted brand that has earned respect in the best  GPS 2021 navigator market, so this model could be a good investment opportunity.

2. Garmin DriveSmart 61 Full EU LMT-S best GPS 2021  Navigator


  • It has Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can update the software and maps, as well as access other online functions, whenever you consider it necessary.
  • It has a hands-free function, so you can answer all your calls without having to let go of the wheel or neglect the road. This helps prevent accidents.
  • It will allow you to have an idea of ​​the places you will visit during your trip, as it shows evaluations of places of interest such as hotels, attractions centers, restaurants and others.
  • If you have a best GPS 2021 watch of the same brand, you can link both devices. By doing so, you will receive navigation instructions and driving alerts on your wris.
  • Touring Europe will be a more fun and pleasant experience for you if you use this Garmin best GPS 2021 , which has maps of the different countries of the continent. In addition, it allows you to make free updates for life, so you will always have up-to-date information on all the cities you want to visit.
  • On the other hand, it will send you alerts when there is a sharp curve on the road that you have to take. Also, it indicates if there are radars and if there are changes in speed limits.
  • Some customers say that there is a possibility that the equipment takes a while to display certain indications, although it is not a problem that is present continuously.

3. Junsun 7 Inch best GPS 2021 Navigator with Bluetooth


  • The screen has a 7-inch diagonal, which makes it easier to see everything clearly.
  • The product’s Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play your favorite music or answer your calls from the GPS 2021.
  • To offer you both the hands-free function as well as the music player and voice instructions, the best GPS 2021 has an easy-to-tune FM transmitter on your car radio.
  • There are many users who use the mobile as GPS, using some of the available apps. However, this requires caution, as many times the maps are not up to date or the mobile does not indicate the correct position.
  • A complete model, which has all the necessary accessories for you to use it, without having to buy anything else. If you are looking for which GPS  2021 to buy, we are going to present the characteristics of this product in detail, so you can get to know it better.
  • The product requires a certain initial configuration process that, without being heavy, it is true that almost no equipment currently needs.
  • The user manual is only presented in English, although since it is an intuitive product, it is not difficult to handle its operation either.

4. Leshp GPS 2021 Navigator for Car


  • The 5-inch, high-definition screen makes it easy to see your route clearly and efficiently.
  • With this navigator you will practically not need anything else, since you have both the car charger and the USB and the support for the dashboard.
  • This browser can also be used as a multimedia player, with compatibility for different video and audio formats.
  • Thanks to its card reader you can easily load your movies and other content, also expanding its functionality easily.
  • Among other things because the model incorporates a MediaTek processor that guarantees smooth operation and good management of all your routes.
  • A system that also includes the possibility of playing video or audio, with good file compatibility. A complete team inside, but also outside, as it includes all the necessary accessories so that you can load and place it without complications. And to top it off, it also has lifetime upgradeable maps of Europe.
  • The memory of the model is only 128 megabytes and it can be somewhat scarce for the different functions it offers.
  • The equipment runs on the Windows CE operating system, which, compared to Android models, is not as versatile or effective.

5. Garmin Nüvi 2447LM WE Car GPS 2021


  • This model of the Garmin brand is not very different from the equipment already mentioned. It has, like those described above, with voice location, that is, it guides you in a simple and clear way where you should go, so that you reach your destination as quickly as possible.
  • In addition, although it is not the best GPS on the market, it has an instructions system that will guide you by giving you as direction reference areas such as buildings, and signs that you could see with the naked eye such as traffic lights or squares.
  • In the same way, you can align your mobile with the GPS, in such a way that you can ask for directions through the hands-free, but that’s not all, but you can also make and answer calls without having to see your phone.
  • With all this, if you are interested in obtaining a little more information about the pros and cons of this model, it is best that you take a look at the following points:
  • It has a 5-inch touch screen with which you will be able to view all the information you require and in an intuitive way.
  • Another point in favor for this device is its ability to connect with the bluetooth of your mobile, either to align coordinates, points of interest or even to make calls to any of your contacts through this best GPS 2021.
  • Users mention that the equipment works very well but that, from time to time, motorway exits are indicated 50 to 150 meters ahead of what they really are, creating confusion.

6. TomTom Rider 400 Premium Pack GPS 2021 for cars


  • So that you do not lose your way and have a clear view of the route that awaits you, the Tomtom Rider 400 navigator offers you on its 4.3-inch screen all the information you need to reach your destination. Tomtom’s GPS management capacity is already recognized by users so you will not have problems in this regard.
  • As for its design, this allows you to carry it in your car, motorcycle or even bicycle thanks to the included mounting accessories. Its rechargeable battery offers a long autonomy, which you can extend using the included car charger.
  • As for its software, it allows you to access all the information you need at a glance, as well as including real-time information on traffic, speed cameras and other data of interest. In short, everything you need to make your trip safer.
  • Tomtom maps, updated for life, allow you to always have your maps up to date at no additional cost.
  • The system includes maps for Eastern, Western and Central Europe as standard, more than enough for your travels.
  • The navigator has a battery capable of operating for six hours at a time. It also includes a charger for a lighter in case you need it.
  • The buttons on the equipment are difficult to use for motorcycle users wearing gloves, making use difficult.
  • The system to establish navigation routes requires various steps that prolong the time of use for this purpose.


Another very important and influential aspect is the technology with which the GPS 2021 navigator works. If you have specific needs, it is crucial that you check this detail carefully to avoid wasting your money.

Buying this TomTom model you will get the European version with some maps loaded, but the manufacturer’s website itself offers you regular updates to keep everything in order in case the routes, street names or some addresses change.

Likewise, you can also download maps of specific cities in case you already have your trip planned. It has an early detection system for lanes to prepare you at intersections and, as an additional detail, it is also noted that the navigator includes a small base where you can keep it fixed on your dashboard while you drive, making it easier to follow the instructions of the equipment.

How to use a GPS navigator:

Years ago it was only possible to get to an address after stopping to ask dozens of times where a certain place was. With access to satellite services through a GPS navigator, you can easily get where you go by simply entering an address on your device.

Enter the address from point A to B:

A GPS does not calculate by itself the route you must follow to reach your destination, you must provide it yourself. So for it to give you directions, enter the place where you are starting from, which would be point A, and where you want to go, point B. You will immediately see on the screen how the route is shown as you progress through road.

 Use the suggestions provided by the device:

GPS is a device with a large storage capacity. When you are entering the address, its system will make suggestions for streets, avenues, squares, parks or other reference points so that you can easily find the exact address you want to get to. This way, you can go exactly where you are going.  

 Pay attention to their instructions:

While you drive, the GPS will indicate the route to follow so that you do not have to look away from the device. An automated voice will tell you how many meters you must cross or which exit to take.

Being aware of the cars that go to the sides, the precautions that we must take and other factors, can influence our distraction, so listen to the instructions carefully so that you can follow the route provided by the device.  

 You can take detours: 

GPS will always calculate the shortest route to the address you are going. But if you have to deviate for any reason, a traffic jam, for example, you don’t need to worry. The device will automatically adjust the new route to the indicated address. In this way, you will not lose time or the opportunity to avoid traffic.

Set up the GPS before leaving: 

Taking your eyes off the road is dangerous for drivers, so before leaving, set the direction you are going in your GPS. Do not do it after leaving, it is a risk that you should not take, since you put your physical integrity and that of other people at risk. Adjusting the address is an extremely simple procedure, it will not take much time and it will make you reach your destination faster.  

 Keep the battery charged:

If you constantly use your GPS, you should pay attention to the battery charge. If you are going to make a long trip, charge it to one hundred percent, so you will not run out of the information you need to continue on the road. Also be sure to turn off the device when not in use to ensure the durability of its lifespan.    

The most popular brands:

Although the proposals to find the best portable GPS are very varied, you should know that not all of them fulfill what they promise; To help you choose your purchase, we review and analyze the various options, and conclude that these three brands are the best: TomTom, Garmin and Mappy.

Based in the Netherlands and operating since 1991, TomTom is the leading manufacturer of navigation systems in Europe, present in more than half of the countries of the European Union, hence it has a significant commercial reach and is a of the main options when choosing a GPS 2021.

The company was created by Peter Frans and Pieter Geelen, both graduates of the University of Amsterdam, who began by designing applications for computers that were very successful in the market. 10 years after its foundation, the company was already launching the first navigation system for cars, which was called TomTom Navigator and from there they developed this project and various versions and partnerships with other companies until they had a robust offer of navigation systems in the market.

The GPS developed by this company have constantly updated digital maps and are offered according to what the client is looking for, whether you want to install it in the car, on a motorcycle or use it on your mobile device. Therefore, it is not surprising that customers point out that to have the best TomTom GPS navigator , all the user has to do is evaluate the different options that this brand presents.

Garmin is another of the brands that manufacture navigation systems not only for land transport, but also air and naval, which is based in the United States and was founded in 1989 by Gary Burrel and Min Kao, so the name of the brand comes from the union of the first two syllables of the names of its founders.

In addition to offering geolocation products, the company also develops various equipment and devices related to the area of ​​physical activity, with clocks and activity meters or performance recording in a specific sport such as swimming, cycling, running, golf , hiking, as well as devices for training and physical monitoring in general.

As for automotive devices, they offer navigation systems for cars, motorcycles, motorhomes, trucks, as well as portable GPS 2021 for helicopters or other means of air transport.

The brand continues in full growth and hopes to position itself much more in the market thanks to its competitive prices, and creating specific options and functions in order to satisfy the demands and needs of each client, always thinking about how to improve navigation systems and their service. in general for each product line. To buy the best Garmin GPS 2021 navigator, check the alternatives they have depending on the type of system you are looking for.

This brand has been developed from France and since 1993 has presented advanced users with navigation services that are characterized by having a fairly reasonable price compared to other similar models. This is intended to offer simple solutions but very useful in everything related to navigation systems, but also addresses other areas such as telephony, smart devices, DVD video, etc.

The advantage of Mappy is that when you acquire any of your GPS, you will have the option to constantly update them and thus have accurate information about the roads you travel on, regardless of whether you do it frequently or not.

If you want to travel through Europe, this is one of the best proposals, because its systems incorporate maps of the different countries that make up that continent, so you will have more confidence and security when traveling. For all these reasons, many customers have stated that the best  car GPS can be found in a model of this brand, so check their proposal and take it into consideration when making your purchase.

 Frequently asked questions

 Q1: Who and when was GPS 2021 invented?

As with other inventions that we enjoy in our daily lives, GPS technology as such does not have a single father, but in this case it has three different ones, each with its corresponding contributions. The first of them would be Roger L. Easton, who in the distant year of 1957 was responsible for the OMEGA military program, through which the first satellite was launched into space designed to measure the precise positioning of objects anywhere in the world. Something that would put the first stone in the way of what we enjoy today.

The second of these parents would be Dr. Iván Getting, whose main contribution to GPS was to propose its use and the way in which objects are positioned depending on the different satellite signals that were received. A system with which it is easy to not only locate objects but also measure the position in which they are as they move through the terrain.

The third member of this trio of inventors would be Bradford Parkinson, who between 1972 and 1978 was responsible for the first GPS navigation system, which reproduces the approach of current systems and which, like many other technologies now common among us, began to be used within of the military world.

A technology that would be opened to the civil world in 1983, after the downing of a passenger plane by the former USSR, which led to including airplanes within this system. However, the open use for ordinary citizens would not arrive until the year 2000, counting at that time with about 30 satellites orbiting, which are the ones that are still used today.

In any case, this system could have its days numbered, since the United States is already working on new precise systems and with a higher level of security against cyberattacks. Although the truth is that to see it in operation we still have several years left.

 Q2: How do I know where I am with a GPS?

Knowing our exact position with a GPS navigator or any other device equipped with this technology is something as simple as turning it on and waiting a few seconds for the satellites to find us. Once the device has enough references, it will proceed to place us spatially on the ground.

But since we are not prepared to read coordinates, the GPS makes it easier by directly showing us the location on a representative map of the environment in which we find ourselves. By the way, although GPS is accurate, the location is not always accurate, since it can vary up to approximately five meters depending on the quality of the device and the environment where we are.

 Q3: How to activate a GPS?

The process of activating a GPS is as simple as turning it on and waiting a few seconds for it to receive the signal from the different positioning satellites.

It is what is called cold start and is generally the procedure most used by this type of browser. In case we have problems or the process does not run properly, we may have to make a configuration change or force the equipment to search for the signal to locate us.

It may also be advisable to vary our position in case we are in a shady area or similar, or go out to the street or some open space in case we are inside a building or similar.

 Q4: How to load maps into GPS?

The loading of the maps for GPS navigation depends fundamentally on the type of GPS we are talking about and who the manufacturer is. The most common is that the manufacturers themselves offer the maps directly to their users for downloading and updating. Maps that can be specific to each manufacturer or generic maps, which are currently available to users through different applications, generally being open source and easily accessible maps.

Regarding the update process itself, depending on the type of GPS we have, the process to obtain and update these maps will surely vary. In most models, it is enough to connect the GPS to a PC to proceed with the update, while others use their own connectivity to do it without the need for cables.

Regarding older models, it is possible that the process requires the use of a memory card or similar to proceed with the update, previously downloading that update on the card from our computer or laptop.

 Q5: How to activate the gps on an iphone?

The GPS activation process on your iPhone mobile is as simple as navigating through its menus. Specifically, we will have to access the settings section, here the customize option and within it choose the location option. Once we are in this screen we must press the button to activate that location through GPS.

If you already have that option activated and yet you cannot access your mobile’s GPS signal, you may have to give additional permissions to the application you are trying to use for this purpose.

Something that you can do from the phone’s settings menu, where you must authorize the application to use that location. Anyway, remember that to verify that the GPS location is being obtained correctly, it will be necessary to open an application that uses it, such as a GPS navigator or some other similar app.

 Q6: Why is my GPS not working?

If your GPS does not work it can be due to several reasons. In general, there are locations where the presence of mountains, buildings, or possible interference can affect the quality of the GPS signal reception. Something that is solved by moving on the ground, preferably to open areas and outside the buildings or the car, if we are inside it.

It may also be the case that the GPS calibration has not been performed correctly and therefore the accuracy of the location we receive is not adequate. In this case, practically all the devices incorporate a function with which to improve this precision and obtain more correct measurements. However, it should be remembered that in some models the precision is not all that it should be, which must also be taken into account when using the equipment.

Finally, it is also advisable to take a look at the remaining battery level of the product. Although less and less happens, certain devices have a tendency to lose signal quality when the battery is low, which logically affects the accuracy of our location on the ground.

Buying Guide – What is the Best GPS 2021 on the market?

 Global positioning systems are very useful tools, since they allow you to orient yourself through different cities and towns, which is due to the fact that they have pre-installed maps of different countries in the world. They also connect to satellites to establish your location. Through the following guide to buying the best GPS, you will find some of the characteristics that you should consider before choosing one of these devices.


Whether for vacation or work, sometimes it is necessary to travel to other cities and even to other countries in the world. In addition, it is important to know exactly where the places of interest such as hotels, restaurants or which are the fastest ways to reach them are. In this sense, stopping to ask for instructions may not be the best option, since it will take time away from the trip.

Printed maps contain only limited information and generally fall short of the data they provide; In addition, it is difficult to store maps of all the places where you go in your car.

With the intention of providing you with all the information about the sites you visit and also the area where you live, GPS equipment usually have preloaded maps of different places, some have data on all of Europe and others on other continents.

The greater the number of maps that these devices have, the better it will be for you, since you will have indications on a higher number of countries, cities, neighborhoods, etc.

You must bear in mind that with the passage of time cities change, new roads are built, there are more places of interest and some businesses move to other addresses, therefore, it is necessary to update the information contained in the maps.

To solve this problem, some GPS models offer you the possibility of updating the maps. In some cases, these can be done for life and free of charge, which will help you always have the information you need so as not to get lost when touring the city where you live or the places you are going for the first time.


Another aspect that must be considered when making your GPS comparison is the way in which the maps are presented.

Some manufacturers display the information on one-dimensional maps; These are simple and thanks to their simplicity it is possible to appreciate the information with ease.

There are also maps with 3D cartography; in them the data of the cities are presented with more realism, which will probably help you to orient yourself better.


Many times users worry about how much a GPS costs, but you should know that among the different models you will find good options and perhaps at an affordable price, which will fit your budget and will allow you to orient yourself through the cities.

In addition to evaluating the cost of these equipment, you also have to check that your screen is the correct size, perhaps not very large, that is, that it does not take up too much space, although it should not be very small, because that way you cannot see the data that tells you.

Likewise, it is necessary that the screen has a good level of resolution, because only in this way will you be able to ensure that the maps and other information that they provide is seen with sufficient clarity, being able to appreciate the routes clearly while you are driving.

On the other hand, there are manufacturers that make GPS with touch screens, these are usually easier to use, since it will not be very difficult to select a data or activate a function.


  • Another aspect that you cannot fail to consider when you want to clarify your doubts about which is the best GPS are the functions that these devices have.
  • There are models that have WiFi connectivity, so they allow you to access the web to download updates to the maps and, in certain cases, to the equipment software.
  • Certain devices also indicate other aspects, for example, the places of interest that are on the roads where you drive, the speed cameras and other information that will be useful to you. Some even alert you if you have exceeded the speed levels and announce when it is time to cross.
  • On the other hand, there are computers that perform voice prompts. Thanks to that, you can be attentive to the data they provide without having to look at the screen, which is less dangerous.
  • Some also have Bluetooth technology ; These allow you to connect your devices, smartphones, among other devices. On the other hand, certain models are compatible with the hands-free function , for that reason, you can answer calls safely, without having to neglect the wheel.

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