Top 7 Best Grills 2021 Reviews

Meat, fish, vegetables… everything tastes better after spending a few minutes on the best grills 2021. A healthy cooking system, since it hardly requires oil, but it allows you to obtain excellent, pleasant dishes with a really delicious texture, which you can adjust just to the point you want.

Best Grills 2021

Something that allows you to easily make modern grill plates, such as the JATA GR204N model . This model of best grills 2021, a consumer favorite, has a 60 x 30 cm surface for cooking, with a non-stick format and an adjustable heat level for all your preparations.

 A flat iron with which to cook without anything sticking and everything is always perfect. Another interesting product is the Princess 102300 model, which offers a power of 2000 watts and a high-quality flat surface, which you can even clean in the dishwasher to make it perfect with little effort.

List Of Top 7 – Best Grills 2021 Reviews

1. Jata Gr204N Nonstick Electric Grill Griddle, 2000 W

best grills 2021


  • One of the advantages of this JATA best grill 2021 is that it has a great power of 2300 watts that will allow you to cook food correctly and in a very short time. The best thing is that it has an adjustable thermostat with which you can regulate the temperature in points to the most appropriate according to the type of food you want to use or the cooking time of the same.
  • The best thing is that this thermostat is removable, so you can keep it separate when you are not using the iron.
  • This JATA best grill 2021 model has a plate that can be washed directly in the dishwasher, making cleaning incredibly quick and easy.
  • According to some users, the iron’s thermostat is very sensitive to excess temperatures, so we recommend a responsible use of it and use only the necessary temperature for each food in order to extend the useful life of the iron.


A large, good quality grill plate that will allow you to cook in a healthy and comfortable way in a very short time, even if there are many of you at the table.

2. Princess 102300 Table Chef Pro High quality griddle

best grills 2021


The model 102300 of the Princess brand has a power of 2000W, manageable by a removable high precision thermostat, to provide efficient cooking. It distributes a homogeneous heat over the entire cooking surface, so you can prepare different types of meats and vegetables, eggs and even crepes, making them cook evenly.

The exterior measures 58.5x28x10.5 cm in length, width and height, and the cooking area measures 26 × 46 cm, enough space to cook portions for 4 people at a time.

The surface has a 2-layer Teflon Dupont non-stick coating, and since food does not stick, you can eliminate fat in the preparation of your favorite dishes.

It has handles that do not heat and includes wooden spatulas for better durability. It’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

  • Power: Like one of the main options, the Princess best grill 2021 also works with a power of 2,000 watts to speed up the cooking processes and offer you better results in your recipes.
  • Thermostat: This model has a removable thermostat that serves both to activate the iron and to control its temperature, so that you can prepare different types of meals without problems.
  • Dimensions: It has dimensions of 58.5 x 28 x 10.5 centimeters, with a cooking surface of 46 x 26 centimeters, ideal for preparing dinner for up to four people at the same time.
  • Teflon: The cooking surface has a double layer of Dupont non-stick Teflon, to ensure that food does not stick regardless of its consistency.
  • Shipments: Great care must be taken with the shipping company as some buyers indicated that their iron arrived deformed and had to be replaced or returned.

3. Cecotec Black & Water 2500 Electric Grilling Plate

best grills 2021


This iron has a power of 2,150 W, making it suitable for cooking different recipes in a short time and without making many pans dirty. In addition, it has the innovative Daikin coating, with a non-stick function to prevent food from sticking to the surface, in the same way, this allows you to cook with less oil, so the food is healthier.

It measures 25 x 45 cm and a body made of cast aluminum, which can distribute the heat evenly and increase the heating speed of the iron. On the other hand, it is possible to regulate the cooking temperature thanks to the removable 5-position thermostat.

For added convenience, it features cool-touch handles that allow you to move the iron to the food table directly from it, while providing a more eye-catching presentation during family dinners or gatherings with friends.

If you are looking for a versatile electric griddle that allows you to cook a large number of recipes simultaneously, then this Cecotec model may be the one for you, as it has a large surface and non-stick coating.

  • Thermostat: The thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature in 5 different positions, in addition, it can be removed together with the cable, which favors the storage of the equipment.
  • Cleaning: It is an easy-to-clean iron, as most of its pieces can be washed in the dishwasher for convenience.
  • Design: It has a compact design with simple and elegant lines, in addition, it incorporates cold-touch handles, which allows you to take it to the table to favor a better presentation and serve food while it is still hot.
  • Surface: The surface may darken during use, however, this does not affect its non-stick function or decrease the durability of the equipment.

4. Philips HD4419 / 20 Grill Plate, 2300 W

best grills 2021


Among the best grills 2021, this model stands out, which has a power of 2300 W, which enables the grill to have a quick heating time, as well as a favorable cooking process. On the other hand, the model stands out for having a surface with two types of grill: one smooth and the other with a grooved plate, so that the user can use the one they consider most convenient.

Likewise, we must mention that the iron incorporates a grease collection tray, which greatly facilitates the cleaning process, since all the liquids generated accumulate in it and then be discarded.

The griddle also has an adjustable thermostat, to choose the beneficial heat level depending on the type of food to be prepared. Also, the handling is done in a simple way. The equipment is easy to store, either in a horizontal or vertical position and integrates as an accessory a spatula to turn the food.

Those who want to find the best grill 2021 of the moment might be interested in reading the pros and cons of this model, which we summarize for you below.

  • Power: The griddle has a high power of 2300 W which is convenient for quick heating and efficient cooking.
  • Spatula: It has an integrated spatula that allows you to have better control when handling food during its preparation.
  • Double plate: This model has a double plate, that is, it has a smooth side and a grooved side, in order to offer two types of surfaces to favor the preparation of various types of food.
  • Regulation: With this equipment it is possible to choose between three levels of cooking temperature, so that the user chooses the one that is most convenient according to what they require.
  • Button: It has been said that the circular button that allows to regulate the temperature is a bit loose, although it can also be an isolated case.

5. Severin RG 2343 Partygrill Raclette with Natural Stone, 1,400 W

best grills 2021


As your search is for the best value for money best grill 2021 , it is convenient that you know this model, characterized by a practical design where a series of foods can be prepared, in order to have personalized recipes. For this, eight mini pans are included, so that several people can prepare their meals in the way they prefer.

On the other hand, the iron has a power of 1400 W, which is enough to cook various types of food. It also incorporates a natural stone that works as the main plate and allows you to heat your preparations.

In the same way, it is possible to control the temperature or the degree of heat produced, choosing between six different intensity levels, to adapt to the needs of the moment. The structure is easy to clean and has an approximate surface of 50 x 25 cm, with sufficient cooking space.

When inquiring about the cheapest best grill 2021, this model always appears among the recommended ones, hence we present you the pros and cons that have led to it occupying a place among the preferences.

  • Capacity: This griddle has a significant capacity because it combines two types of cooking surfaces, having a main grill and another space to place small trays.
  • Personalization: It is a suitable plate for personalization when cooking, as it has eight mini trays where each user can prepare their recipes individually.
  • Thermostat: It allows you to regulate the intensity of the heat, in order to adapt cooking to the type of food, with six intensity levels to choose from.
  • Stone: It has a natural stone that works as a grill, is easy to clean and has an important surface of 50 x 25 cm.
  • Heating: Users have questioned how long it takes for the stone to heat up, even though they mention that the food remains well cooked despite this.

6.Jata Gr204N Nonstick Electric Grill, 2000 W

best grills 2021


The JATA GR204N griddle has a power of 2000W, which produces sufficient temperature to adequately and quickly cook both meat and chicken as well as fish and vegetables.

The heat generated is homogeneous and uniform over the entire cooking surface, and adjustable by means of a thermostat, which is removable to facilitate washing.

The appliance measures 59 × 9.3 × 33.6 cm in length, height and width, allowing it to be conveniently placed on the kitchen counter. The cooking surface measures 44.5 × 30 cm, which represents an adequate and sufficient space to cook correctly for up to 6 people simultaneously. It has a PFOA-free non-stick coating, which has great resistance to wear.

For greater convenience when serving, it has cold touch handles and you can take it to the table. It has a juice collection tray, to better control cleaning, and is suitable for the dishwasher.

  • Power: Grilling plates may be the best alternative when you don’t want to use the whole barbecue protocol. Jata’s GR204N model works with a power of 2,000 watts, which will allow you to cook your food very quickly so that you can enjoy your dinner without setbacks.
  • Covering: This advantage is very beneficial since it focuses on the fact that this best grill 2021 has a PFOA-free non-stick coating, which guarantees that your food does not stick to the plate and therefore, maintains a better appearance and flavor as well as improve the use of the equipment and maximize its useful life.
  • Dimensions: The GR20AN has dimensions of 59 x 9.3 x 33.5 centimeters, which gives you a cooking surface of 44.5 x 30 centimeters, which is comfortable enough to prepare a meal for six people at the same time. The equipment has a weight of 2.7 kilograms, which facilitates its handling and storage.
  • Design: Around the cooking area you can find a practical edge that will prevent the juices and sauces from your meals from dripping and staining the surfaces. It will also help you keep your food on the griddle when you are turning it.
  • Handles: And to keep you safe and comfortable, the GR204N features cool-touch handles that will maintain the temperature even when the iron is in use.

 Buying Guide – best grill 2021 on the market

Maybe you remember a phrase that says “We are what we eat”. And it is that our physical state is closely related to food intake, being important then to make preparations as healthy and low in fat as possible. There are many cooking tools designed to help you in this mission, also offering you unique textures and explosive flavors in each of the recipes. In the next section, you will find a guide to buying the best grill 2021, which details the main characteristics that such equipment should have.

best grills 2021


In any comparison of roasting plates, one of the first issues to be discussed is the raw material of production, since it is a determining factor of the durability of the appliance.

Often, you will find models made of steel, galvanized aluminum and others made of some type of alloy. Whatever your choice, it is recommended that it be a robust material so that it does not deform with constant exposure to high temperatures. Likewise, it must have an anticorrosive treatment, avoiding any inconvenience when exposing it to moisture.

On the other hand, there is the cooking area, being necessary that you verify the incorporation of a non-stick coating, such as Teflon or titanium. The important thing is that this metal is free of the controversial perfluorooctanoic acid, which causes some diseases such as cancer.

Dimensions and layout

This model of roasting griddle has a compact design despite its large capacity with total dimensions of 59 x 9.3 x 33.6 cm, so you can place it on your worktop or on your table without major problems. As for its useful surface, it measures 44.5 x 30 centimeters, a fairly large rectangular surface that will allow you to cook several foods at the same time or cook for several people in one go.

It’s cold touch handles will allow you to take it to the table to use it as a teppanyaki plate and cook directly there. It includes a saucepan or grease tray with which you can eliminate the excess fat that some foods release, thus cooking really on the grill and therefore healthier and more natural.


The workforce offered by an appliance is an indicator of its efficiency, so before deciding which specific model to buy or questioning how much the appliance costs, you should thoroughly review this specification.

Manufacturers put at your disposal equipment with varied powers, being those of 1800, 2000 and 2300 watts mostly used. In this way, you may select the equipment depending on your cooking needs.

Also, it is important to incorporate a regulation system in the appliance, in order to adjust that maximum temperature and even the working time so that the meat, fish or vegetables cook evenly.

Some models integrate this piece into the structure and others attach a removable mechanism, allowing you to remove it and store it when you are not using the iron. 


There are many cooking tools, but not all of them can be considered a good and inexpensive grill plate. For this to be possible, it is necessary that the equipment has certain specifications that allow you to experience intuitive, fast and safe operation.

That is why you must examine the control area, being necessary the incorporation of easily accessible switches to turn on, off and regulate the temperature. Similarly, a couple of light indicators would not be too much, thus alerting to the activity of the device.

The length of the power supply cable is also necessary to know, since if it is very short you will have to take your estimates by attaching an extension to reach the plug.

Finally, you cannot overlook the format of the casing and the cooking zone, which you must choose depending on the space you have allocated for its placement and the number of people for whom you plan to cook.

best grills 2021

Cleanliness and safety

When it comes to a grill plate, the cleaning method to be used cannot go unnoticed. If you previously evaluated the materials and they have an anticorrosive and non-stick treatment, then the cleaning process will not generate any inconvenience. So you can safely slide a damp sponge over the cooking surface and even use detergents, always making sure to remove excesses before storing.

On the other hand, we have the issue of safety, being important then that the base of the structure incorporates a non-slip rubber, that the grip handle has a cold touch to avoid burns in your hands and, in addition, the device will need to have thermal protection . 

How to use a grill plate 

A grill plate is an efficient alternative to prepare grilled food at home without having to go outside. This resource is ideal for its speed of operation and the possibility of being able to use it indoors and in any climate. If you recently purchased a similar product, we present a few general operating guidelines in this user guide to help you familiarize yourself with your new item.

Have your iron ready

Before even thinking about using your iron to prepare food, it is important that you take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the system of operation of the article, as well as its functionalities.

All these characteristics are commonly explained in the instruction manual that the manufacturer attaches to the device; read it carefully, especially the section dedicated to security.

Always, and before preparing a meal, we recommend soaking a cloth with warm water and cleaning the entire surface of the iron; in this way, you can effectively remove any remaining accumulated dust or dirt.

best grills 2021

Have your food ready

Also, you must prepare your food for cooking on the new grill plate. This process can vary greatly depending on the type of food you are looking to cook.

As a general rule, we recommend cutting foods into relatively thin slices so that they can cook inside and, at the same time, achieve that smoky flavor that we love so much without burning.

You should be aware that not all foods are usually suitable for cooking in this type of appliance, but you still have a wide variety of options to choose from; Among our favorites are: hamburgers, chicken, steak, bacon, eggs, zucchini, potatoes, carrots, aubergines, peppers, onions and so much more.

best grills 2021

Grilling food on your griddle

Once you have your food correctly chopped and washed, it’s time to cook. To get started, you’ll need to turn on your iron according to the manufacturer’s instructions and wait for the grill to heat up properly before putting anything on it.

Depending on the type of food to be used, it is usually a good idea to put a little oil on the food beforehand; With this simple step you prevent your food from sticking to the surface or burning too quickly.

Avoid moving food for at least the first minute of cooking; If you think it is necessary and depending on the food to be cooked, you can start moving or turning it after one or two minutes of uninterrupted cooking.

Cleaning and storage

Cleaning your grill plate is an extremely important next step that cannot be ignored. Fortunately, most products available on the market have a non-stick surface that prevents food from sticking and greatly facilitates the cleaning process.

These items can be easily cleaned using a cloth with warm water or a soft sponge with a little dish detergent if necessary. It is vitally important to allow the iron to cool completely before attempting to clean it to avoid accidental burns.

The storage place for your iron is also important. You must place the product in an area free of humidity and where it does not receive direct heat from the sun; Otherwise, it could end up rusting or ruining its functions.

The most popular best grills 2021 brands

Grilling plates have become a key tool for any chef. They allow us to have food at its perfect cooking point in a healthier and easier way. Something that you can easily access if you bet on quality models, such as those offered by the brands that we present to you.

best grills brands 2021

The Princess brand has its origin in the Netherlands where it was established in 1994. The company has followed the approach of various companies, which have a model based on a custom manufacturing system for different companies, mainly Asian companies, maintaining avant-garde European design . This approach has led it to be able to offer numerous high-quality products, focused on the kitchen and the small appliance sector, which respond to European tastes and maintain attractive prices.

The company has a profile especially focused on products within the range of today’s small household appliance, so that its offer includes coffee makers, mixers, pots of all kinds and of course the grill plates that we have already mentioned. These are raised with a very elegant and different design, which in many cases breaks with the traditional aesthetics without affecting the way of cooking that we have with them, maintaining the comfort of cooking typical of these products.

best grills brands 2021

If there is a company with a history in the kitchenware sector, it is Tefal. This French company, whose name comes from the shrinkage of Teflon and aluminum, was founded in 1956 initially offering pans and other types of non-stick utensils. A line of business that has been maintained to this day to the point that currently Tefal produces more than 50 million products that are sold in 120 countries.

The company has been growing, not only in the market but also in variety, so that its proposal has remained by offering the latest market innovations such as the famous electric fondues, modern steam irons with durilium soleplates and other more current elements. of our kitchen as its famous robots or the grilling plates that this article deals with.

This complete innovation is combined with a clear commitment to both quality and health, present in products such as its Actifry fryer, the first to offer healthier frying and hardly any oil. Therefore, if you end up betting on one of their plates, you will be able to obtain a product of excellent quality and with which cooking will not only be a pleasure for you but for everyone around you.

best grills brands 2021

Year 1943. In Spain, just after the Civil War, the Biscayan company Jata arose. A company that despite the problems of a country has just overcome a war decided to launch into the market and start offering all kinds of kitchenware products. This courageous proposal helped him to position himself in a market that, as the country recovered normality, also grew larger.

The growth of the company’s business was accompanied by the recovery of the country and reached its peak with the creation of Deca in 2001, which would serve to further expand and improve the brand’s operations in order to outsource manufacturing operations. of products to Asian markets, while maintaining the original quality of its products.

Among its best grills 2021 we find traditional designs and other more modern ones, with ceramic coatings and evan stone designs. Current products that will allow you to cook any recipe you want in a simpler and healthier way.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean the grill plate?

There are several ways to clean the grill plate and always keep it as the first day. One of them is to put several ice cubes on the hot plate, the temperature contrast allows you to easily remove the remains of food that remain attached to its surface. Then, you just have to pass an absorbent paper and that’s it. Another technique is to use lemon juice; Lemon has degreasing properties, so when cleaning it, just add a few drops of this juice to the soap and remove the accumulated fat with a sponge.

Q2: How to fix a sticky grill plate?

To restore the Teflon layer on your iron that has lost its non-stick quality, you only need coarse or coarse salt and kitchen paper. Start by covering the entire surface of the grill with salt, then connect it and then set its maximum temperature for approximately 5 min. When you notice that the salt is turning yellowish, lower the temperature and turn off the appliance. After this, you can remove the salt with the kitchen paper and let the iron cool. Your food will not stick again and you will be able to cook normally.

Q3: How to grill vegetables?

It begins first of all by washing the vegetables correctly to remove the dirt present. Then, you can peel and split them; In this sense, it is recommended to cut them into uniform pieces, since it not only improves their appearance on the plate, but also favors optimal cooking.

It is important to have a grill plate that offers high edges to prevent vegetables and other foods from falling out when you turn them over. On the other hand, you should avoid putting a lot of chopped vegetables on the grill, since the pieces are very close together, the food does not grill as it should, but on the contrary tends to steam; so the most advisable thing is that you cook in batches, according to the number of diners.

Q4: How to grill meat?

For your steak to be perfect, you should avoid grilling the meat directly from the refrigerator, since it tends to contract due to the change in temperature. For this reason, kitchen experts recommend leaving it out for at least 4 hours, so that it reaches room temperature.

Likewise, before putting the meat on the grill, you should make sure that its surface is hot enough, avoiding putting it on the cold grill. Depending on the thickness of the meat, when the heat is higher, its juices are sealed; While if the heat is low, the meat will lose liquid and cook.

Q5: How to grill squid?

Squid is a soft meat that, due to its composition, can become twisted or undercooked when we prepare it on the grill or grill. Therefore, to make the squid more tender, a culinary trick is to immerse it (previously clean) for half an hour in milk. Then, you must dry it with an absorbent paper.

Next, cut into rings without reaching the bottom and at the ends, cut inwards; With this, it will not bend on the iron when you put it at maximum temperature. Then cook for one minute on each side, adding salt, olive oil and vinegar. Your plate is ready and you just have to accompany it with a salad of your choice.

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