Best Hair Straightener 2021 – Top 10 Hair Straightener Reviews

The following comparative table shows which are the main models and brands of best hair straighteners 2021 available today. This table also includes a set of very important characteristics to make a decision with the security of making the purchase that best suits the needs and the price-quality ratio.

best hair straightener 2021

Do you need to buy a best hair straightener 2021 and have you realized that it seems like an impossible task? Are you overwhelmed by the impressive number of models available on the market today? Do the technical specifications behind the box appear to be written in a foreign language? If these questions are very similar to your current situation, then you are welcome back to our online shopping guide.

Welcome to our buying guide: What hair straightener to buy 2021? Find out which is the best hair straightener 2021 on the market. Compare prices, models, brands and read our recommendations so you can buy according to your needs.

What are the best hair straighteners 2021 on the market? To help you choose, we have put together a small list. Let’s see!…

Top 10 Best hair straighteners 2021


1- Braun Senso Care ST780 Review

Best Hair Straightener 2021

The iconic Spanish manufacturer of electronic products, Braun, presents its best hair straightener of the year 2021. This model is literally a smart straightener since the ironing plates include a series of sensors that periodically scan the type and temperature of the hair to automatically adjust the degree of heat and always achieve a perfect straightening and simultaneously avoid the damages produced in the hair by excessive exposure to very high temperatures.

Thanks to its sensors, this hair straightener also has the ability to store the data of up to 3 users in memory. This function allows you to save preferences regarding temperature, speed, hair type and humidity to always achieve a flawless hairstyle in a few seconds.

The cool-tipped design gives you the chance to change your hairstyle anytime you want in just a few minutes – choose from straight, wavy or curly hair.

The plates are made of pure ceramic – not coating – the same ones that the manufacturer classifies as “indestructible”. Well, we do not perform the destruction test but we can guarantee that the high quality material of the plates guarantees a long durability, without wear and tear.

This model also has an additional function that helps to define curls in very straight hair, making it a very versatile iron.

  • Thermal sensors that keep the temperature level according to the type of hair
  • Function to curl, wave or straighten unruly hair
  • LCD digital display
  • Memory to save user preferences
  • Pure ceramic plates that are ultra resistant to wear and tear
  • It is only available for sale in black

2- Remington Keratin Therapy S 8590 Review

If we are looking among the good hair straighteners , we cannot fail to include this new Remington model. The Keratin Therapy Straightener stands out for offering advanced technology to protect against hair damage. How does it work? Simple: the solid ceramic plates are covered in a keratin coating that helps keep your hair protected against the effects of heat for longer. According to the manufacturer, using this model can achieve up to 56% more effective hair protection compared to other Remington models available on the market.

In the same wave of protection against the hair, this model also incorporates a heat protection sensor that causes the iron to turn off automatically when it feels that it is making a heat exposure that is too intense for the hair. Despite being so careful, it is a fairly powerful model as it allows temperatures of up to 230ºC to be reached. This model also includes a turbo operation function, which makes the iron heat up to the maximum level in a few seconds.

The design is beautiful and very elegant: it has blue LED lighting on the control panel that is located on the remote control, as well as a practical digital display that shows the set heat level. The purchase includes a practical heat resistant bag.

  • Very elegant design with LED lighting
  • Turbo function: the iron heats up from zero to maximum temperature in about 20 seconds
  • LED digital display
  • Safety lock function
  • Auto shut-off function to protect hair
  • Keratin coating helps care for your hair up to 56% more against heat damage
  • It is not the most recommended model to work on curly or very difficult hair

3- Remington S 9500 Pearl Review

We have wanted to enter this product into our selection of the best hair straighteners for several reasons: firstly it offers an affordable price alternative with performance for home and professional use and also because of the quality and durability support that Remington offers in all its product line.

This Remington straightener features state-of-the-art reinforced pearl ceramic plates that allow heat to spread evenly across the entire surface, helping to achieve a smooth and long-lasting straightening without causing damage to the hair. Another advantage is the great resistance of the 110 mm thick plates, which guarantees maximum durability over the years. The combination of its material with its power level makes it suitable to work on various types of hair, especially with curly hair that is more difficult to work with. It is capable of reaching a maximum temperature of 235º in a few seconds, so straightening your hair will not take long from now on.

Its design is very modern and functional: it is comfortable and light, it has an LCD screen that indicates the set temperature level. It has almost invisible control buttons on the side of the iron.

  • The coating of the plates is made of 100% high quality ceramic
  • Long service life without wear and tear
  • 3 meter long swivel cord
  • Heats up very quickly. From power on it may take as little as 30 seconds to be ready for use
  • Digital LCD display to indicate heat level
  • Includes a practical heat-resistant carry bag
  • Short range plates may be insufficient to work on very long hair

4- BaByliss IPro Slim ST387E Review

This time the BaByliss brand brings us the BaByliss IPro Slim ST387E straightener model for professional straightening of wet and dry hair thanks to the wet & dry technology of its floating plates that ensure constant pressure on the hair strand.

The smart ceramic technology provides instant heating and the homogeneous distribution of heat through the plates (dimensions: 2.4 x 1.2 cm), achieving a better glide over the entire surface.

Using the controls on the digital display you can vary the amount of heat; the temperature selector handles 6 different positions, each one acts differently on different hair textures (virgin, colored, fine, burned, etc.).

It has two types of straightening. To select the one with the highest intensity, press the «Intense» button, which reaches 235 ° C. Otherwise, by selecting the «protection» button, the temperature can be adjusted between any of the following values: 140 °, 160 °, 180 ° and 200 °.

The iron allows the ionic function by neutralizing the static electricity of the hair and reinforcing the benefits of hair products without the need for rinsing, leaving hair more shiny, silky and without frizz.

Another equally important point is the rotating cable that facilitates the rotary movements of the machine during the hairstyle; the heat-resistant mat and the three-year warranty

Made with the highest quality materials, the plates with Diamond Ceramic technology are softer and more resistant. They are enriched to give hair greater shine and protection. The polishing process, the mineral alloy to improve the drive through the plate and the finishes are some of the characteristics that most stand out in this model.

  • Extra long plates
  • Wet & Dry system
  • Auto power off function for added safety
  • Heats up quickly on the outside

5- Remington S3500 Review

The Remington brand S3500 hair straightener not only straightens the hair, but also protects it against repeated use of the product.

Unlike other conventional ceramic trowels, this model provides up to four times more protection and less static electricity thanks to its ceramic heating system.

It comes in a regal black colorway and is made with extra-long 1.10cm tourmaline and ceramic plates; which is ideal for Japanese or Brazilian style straighteners with a professional tone.

The adjustment wheel on the handle is used to control and vary the temperature according to the type of hair, the recommended values ​​are between 150 ° C and 230 ° C. (Consult the user manual for better advice and hair care).

It has no LCD screen, digital control, or preselected temperature values.

When turned on it takes just 15 seconds to reach 100 ° C, not bad for situations where time is limited. In addition, it incorporates an automatic shutdown system after 60 minutes of inactivity and a light that marks the desired temperature.

Because it is an inexpensive model, the ceramic is not of the best quality; however, it has a tourmaline coating that helps optimize the condition of dry or severely damaged hair.

Its 1.8m long swivel cord provides the flexibility a person needs to create more intricate hairstyles.

The box also includes a high-temperature resistant bag for storage and protection that can be used well during long outings.

When you finish with the iron you just have to turn it off and store it in its case. For safety, the Remington S3500 comes with an automatic shutdown (lock) and shutdown device (at 60 minutes).

  • Extra long plates
  • Universal voltage
  • Greater protection
  • Reduced plate area

6- Rowenta Optiliss Elite SF-3122 Review

Rowenta offers a good and cheap hair straightener on the market, possibly your best purchase option if you are looking for a mid-range item in which it is not necessary to invest so much money.

For starters, Rowenta gives you a sure guarantee of quality, so you already know that you will not be buying a poor item, then we have some pretty attractive technical specifications (similar to those of a hair straightener that costs more than € 50). The plates of the straightener include a coating of tourmaline and keratin that help to take care of the health of your hair while you expose it to heat, in this way you will obtain after each use a perfect hairstyle on shiny and healthy hair.

This iron is also quite powerful. It can reach a maximum temperature of 230ºC and has a regular temperature setting function, which maintains the heat at recommended levels throughout the hairstyle. It is capable of reaching its maximum temperature in just 60 seconds after power-up. It also has a manual temperature regulator.

Its design is compact and very comfortable to use, the plates are only 2.5 centimeters thick, which helps to achieve better results in curl hairstyles. Includes a safety lock to prevent accidental burns.

  • Keratin tourmaline coated plate technology helps protect your hair from damage caused by applied heat.
  • Constant temperature graduation function.
  • The lower plate is floating.
  • Security locking system.
  • Maximum temperature up to 230ºC.
  • The plates can be very short and very narrow for certain hairstyles.
  • The plates are not resistant to drops or shocks.

7- KIPOZI BK-EU139 Review

The KIPOZI brand presents us this time the KIPOZI professional hair straightener, ideal for dry or slightly damp hair.

It is made of nano-titanium plates that ensure uniform heat distribution during straightening.

Its design with LCD screen and digital control allows you to adjust the temperature according to the type of hair by simply pressing the “P” button. For example: For fragile hair 140 ° C; stained or damaged 180 ° C; and completely healthy hair 210 ° C. If you want to work with a different temperature, just select a value between 80 ° C and 230 ° C.

This model includes the automatic shutdown function and an intelligent temperature control system, necessary for your safety.

In addition, its 4.5 cm plates provide a greater surface for styling without having to worry about traditional tangles. The size of the plates together with the ergonomic heat resistant handle makes work quicker.

The design of the KIPOZI flat iron, with rounded edges, makes it easy to create waves and bangs with a better finish and natural shine to look fresh every day.

They are perfect for trips or touch-ups outside the house since they work with dual voltage; just use the appropriate plug or adapter.

Its 2.5m swivel cord will not tangle and provides plenty of mobility. Additionally, the package includes a velvet bag for trips, meetings and more; a manual with instructions; and, a guarantee certificate.


Keep the iron away from children and unplug it once the work is finished.

Give your hair the care and treatment it needs to always keep it healthy and attractive. And thus to be able to experience new hairstyles and techniques with our hair straightener.

  • Lock button
  • Price
  • Button position

8- KIPOZI GD-EU137 Review

The GD-EU137 professional hair straightener from the KIPOZI brand is special for dry or slightly damp hair and stands out for its attractive golden color.

Its design of 2.5 cm nano-titanium plates guarantee a uniform distribution of heat, leaving the hair even more silky and shiny so that you can show off a Brazilian or Japanese straightening without frizz, making use of its LCD screen through digital control .

The iron temperature varies between 80 ° C – 230 ° C and can be adjusted manually. Although this equipment comes with three preselected temperature levels considering the type of hair; just press the «P» button. The temperature values ​​are distributed as follows: For fragile hair 140 ° C, damaged or dyed 180 ° C, and healthy 210 ° C.

You should not worry if you left the iron on thanks to its automatic shutdown function by temperature control at 30-180 minutes. To adjust these values ​​just press the «+» or «-« buttons.

The KIPOZI trowel is ideal for travel or meetings. It is lightweight and comes with a hook to hang it anywhere. In addition, since it works with dual voltage it can be easily connected anywhere with the appropriate adapter. The 2.5m long swivel cord provides greater flexibility and mobility.

It is very important to keep the iron as far as possible from children, from water and not forget to disconnect it once the work is finished. To get more benefits and keep the iron in excellent condition, check the user manual.

The company also offers a customer service for inquiries or claims and ultimately they promise to return the purchase money.

  • Good price-quality ratio
  • Includes a travel bag
  • Extra long cable
  • It overheats a bit

9- Corioliss C2 Soft Touch Review

Without a doubt this is one of the best hair straighteners of the year 2021 and we could not leave it out of our list. Corioliss presents a high-end model that stands out for offering 11-centimeter-long solid titanium plates that make it suitable for dealing with all types of hair.

Titanium offers the advantage of being much smoother than ceramic, therefore it glides more easily when in contact with the hair (straight or curly), making the straightening work faster and easier. This hair straightener has a rapid heating system, thanks to which it can reach temperatures of up to 210ºC in just 10 seconds, the advantage of this function is that you can iron your hair without having to wait for the iron to heat up (as surely you used to do in the past).

The star novelty of this model is not only its superior performance and long durability. The titanium plates also include a super advanced technology of silver nanoparticles that are responsible for eliminating all kinds of bacteria present in the hair.

As expected, it also has a negative ion emission system to generate infrared heat, which leaves your hair smoother, shinier and silkier after ironing.

  • 11-centimeter plates that help to achieve greater reach and straighten busier hair
  • Plates made of solid titanium
  • Built-in smart temperature control sensors
  • Fast heating – ready to use in as little as 10 seconds
  • Eliminate frizz and static thanks to the negative ion system
  • It is an expensive item in relation to other models, although we believe that it is worth the investment

10- GHD Gold V GX-Q21718MKVPUK Review

Good Hair Day presents the Gold V iron for professional straightening recommended for all hair types. It is the most expensive model on our list, but perhaps the most efficient and the one that offers the best results.

It comes in an attractive purple color with a European plug. The shape and size of the iron make it possible to create many styles and hairstyles. It uses rounded ceramic plate technology to facilitate the creation of waves, curls or the typical straightening, providing a professional and modern appearance.

Heats up in just 30 seconds, perfect for those who don’t have much time to get ready before work or for a date.

For added security, the automatic sleep mode ensures that the computer shuts down after 30 minutes of inactivity.

The optimal temperature for styling is 185 ° C. Although this value can be adjusted manually according to user preferences.

It is a light article, with an ergonomic and compact design, ideal for trips and work meetings as it does not represent any discomfort. It can be connected anywhere in the world with the right adapter.

It is comfortable, manageable and very flexible; Thanks to the 2.7m long 360 ° swivel cord, a wide variety of hairstyles and styles can be created with a professional, ultra-shiny finish.

Unlike other professional straightening irons on the market, it does not have an LCD screen with digital control and preselected values ​​for certain types of hair (damaged, straight or healthy).

Lastly, it’s always refreshing to change your style. But the most important thing is to maintain healthy and protected hair using the right shampoo, conditioner and protective spray.

  • Automatic sleep mode
  • Quick heating time.
  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Universal voltage
  • Reduced plate area


What is a hair straightener?

Essentially it is a hair straightener. It has a simple and comfortable design. The plates of the iron are heated by electricity and allow to extract all the moisture from the hair, for a smooth and flawless hairstyle. Of course, the material and the design of this are variable, but all the plates fulfill the same function.

Then we will talk in detail about this product, its characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, brands, materials, usability, etc.

The quality of the material of the plates is a very important aspect, especially if we want to achieve smooth, shiny and spectacular hair in a few strokes.

What is the best hair straightener?

For women, keeping their hair smooth and tangle-free is more of a necessity than a treat. Straight hair always with a more professional look and easy to handle for day to day. No matter what role they play, as mothers, wives, professionals, friends, etc., every day there are hundreds of tasks to be done and very little time to get ready in front of the mirror.

Hair straightening is not a new practice, it comes from the year 1800. And when the clothes iron appeared, thousands of women began to use this instrument to achieve the professional finish they so desired. Of course, the results were not as expected. You had to get into uncomfortable positions to work the iron on the hair, burns were very frequent and the heat from this type of iron ended up damaging the hair from the tip to the root.

Fortunately, in the middle of the last century, hair straighteners began to appear (eg: titanium hair straightener , ceramic hair straightener, etc.). Specially designed to achieve a natural and frizz-free style. These devices are not only comfortable, but they leave the hair very soft and do not damage it.

Today there are countless models and brands available on the market. Not all plates are of good quality and sometimes the price is not enough to decide if one product is better than the other.

In this guide you will find practical and relevant information on the subject. The data provided is based on the opinions of our experts and the comments of hundreds of users. The goal is to help you compare hair straighteners and make the buying process easier.

Let us begin!…

What is the best hair straightener for me?

We are sure that it is the first question you have asked yourself when contemplating the monstrous variety of models that are available in the market. But the key to a successful purchase is knowing that the straightener should be chosen according to your hair type. The idea is to get a model that adapts perfectly to what you need.

There are thousands of models of good and cheap hair straighteners , if you only go by the price and the brand you will go crazy. You see … some straighteners are designed for thicker hair, others for thinner hair, which need extra protection to avoid being damaged by the residual effects of heat.

How does the hair straightener work?

Before continuing to talk about the irons, it would be good to remember how hair is formed, so we can have a better understanding of how these devices work.

The pilosebaceous follicle is the organ from which hair grows. This is composed, in turn, of a dermal papilla and a hair bulb.

The part of the hair that we comb every day is made of keratin cells. To keep the structure of the strand intact, three types of links are required:

Disulfide bonds. They are temporary heat sensitive bridges between the sulfur atoms and when they come into contact with the hot plates of the plate they can break or deform very easily. This explains why when using the straighteners, the shape of the hair changes.

Hydrogen bonds and salt bridges. The latter are formed between an acid and a base. During bathing or when in contact with water, the bridges break. Once the hair is dry they form again and the cycle restarts.

Is it necessary to buy a hair straightener?

In a world that considers the image as the best cover letter. Keeping a clean, modern and professional appearance is a basic rule for coexistence and work success. Straighteners offer many advantages, both for men and women. We will mention some of them below:

  1. Small hair straighteners don’t just straighten . Depending on the technique and size of the instrument it is possible to achieve a wide variety of styles and hairstyles with very little effort
  2. Save money at the beauty salon . Nowadays, video tutorials and programs are very fashionable – Learn to do it yourself! -. By having a cheap hair straightener at home you can save hundreds of euros at the hairdresser. You just have to have some patience and practice
  3. Variety . It is one of the best known and most used beauty items, both by professionals and non-professionals. In the 50 years the market has been flooded by hundreds of brands and models that vary in price, quality, design, size and other special characteristics.
  4. Durability . A hair straightener is a smart purchase considering that it is a product that can be used for years before having to be replaced

What iron to buy? Features to keep in mind

Types of hair straightener

The material of the plates is probably the most important aspect to consider when buying a hair straightener . Since the plates are in direct contact with the hair and some materials can cause great stress on the fibers. Most users prefer ceramic plates and titanium hair straighteners , these being the most common on the market. However, there are other models that, although less popular , are just as effective. We will talk about all of them below.

Ceramic plates : They are the most common type of plates. They do not mistreat the hair and heat evenly over the entire surface. They are also the least expensive, although the more advanced models with special design features can be as expensive as professional-use hair straighteners.

Titanium plates : They are strong and durable. They are perfect for very long or thick hair, since they are less heavy than the others and provide the same benefits and results as ceramic plates.

Tourmaline plates : It is an advanced model and also expensive. Its results are exceptional, it leaves hair more shiny and healthy. The heat technique does not affect the hair directly and allows you to obtain a professional straightening in less time.

Straighteners : The shape of these straighteners is completely different, they work as a kind of rotating cylindrical structure to straighten the hair.

Mini flat hair straighteners : As their name indicates, they are small straighteners, ideal to carry in your bag or travel suitcase. They are very useful for touch-ups or minor work.


Not all hair resists the same temperatures. As a general rule, hair that is fine, brittle and / or already treated with chemicals have less tolerance to heat. While virgin and thick hair require higher temperatures to change its shape.

Fine hair (≤ 160 ° C). Regardless of the type of iron, it must have a temperature regulator. Fine hairs are almost always weak and tend to burn easily.

Normal hair (between 160 ° and 190 ° C). In this case a temperature control is not always necessary. Although if the hair is dyed, it is advisable to buy a straightener with a regulator, since it must apply less heat to avoid damaging the porous fibers.

Thick hair (between 180 ° and 200 ° C). Most irons reach temperatures of 230 ° C, although it is not recommended to exceed 200 ° C even for thick, curly or wavy hair.

The general recommendation is to have your hair completely dry and use some type of heat protection spray. Hair should also be kept hydrated to prevent breakage and loss of freshness and youthful appearance.


Depending on the use it will be better to buy a flat and wide iron or one with rounded edges of average or narrow size, the latter adapt very well to the lock of hair and are used to straighten, curl or wave.

Also, the type of hair (thickness and length) influences the size of the plates. Larger ones work well for thick hair, and thinner ones are perfect for fine and delicate hair.

There are basically 2 types of plates : Fixed (wide, medium thickness, mini plates and floating) and tilting.

Hair straighteners prices

There are as many prices as models available for sale. The more expensive plates usually have a number of special features, are of better quality, are more efficient and comfortable to use. The price range goes from very inexpensive plates around 20 EUR to models that cost several hundred euros such as the Corioliss C1 or C3 plate .

Additional features

Finish, controls (including heat regulator ), lock button, long swivel cord, cool touch tips, hanging ring, auto shut-off, heat and cool time, travel case.

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