Best Juicers 2021 Reviews & Guide By Kitchen Experts

To enjoy a fresh and freshly squeezed citrus juice every day and without effort, it is best to buy a good juicer that makes work easier and allows you to make the most of the fruit of your choice. The best are the electric ones, as they allow you to extract the greatest amount of juice easily. We reviewed some best juicers 2021 below.

best juicers 2021

You just have to make sure that the juicer you choose has a power of between at least 60 and 100 watts, a container capacity sufficient to your requirements and that it allows you to clean it easily.

When reviewing the options preferred by consumers, we have chosen the Krups Professional in the first place As one of the best juicers today, due to its luxurious stainless steel finishes, which make it durable and easy to clean, and its great power of 130 W.

Likewise, the Philips HR2752 / 90  is a high-power, silent motor and excellent price.

Starting the day with a good juice, be it orange or any other citrus fruit, is not only delicious, but above all very healthy.

When choosing the best orange juicer, factors other than price should be considered, such as ease of use and cleanliness. Here are some suggestions we have chosen by reviewing consumer opinions on how to choose the best  juicer 2021 .

List of TOP 7  best juicers 2021

 1. Krups Citrus Press ZX7000 Juicer



  • Juicers 2021 are quite popular appliances and used all over the world because they allow you to enjoy fresh and fresh juice at any time of the day. Likewise, they also allow users to make the combinations of their preference to enjoy their favorite juice.
  • The model that Krups offers you with its Professional juicer stands out among its competitors due to its power of 130 W. Users of this model highlight its power and indicate that they can extract the juice from any fruit without problems and also indicate that it is quite fast, so you can finish the task in a few minutes. In addition, it has a very quiet motor, so you will not disturb anyone if you decide to enjoy a fresh juice in the morning.


  • The Krups Professional juicer has the advantage of having a high level of power to carry out its work, so it will not cost you too much to obtain the juice of any type of fruit.
  • As a disadvantage, you should keep in mind that this is not exactly the cheapest and most accessible juicer on the market, although its customers assure that it is totally worth its price.

Verdict: If you like to drink fresh fruit juice with your breakfast, having a juicer at home is essential and a model like the Krups Professional may be able to offer you everything you need.

2. Philips Avance HR2752 / 90 Juicer, 85 W



  • With this Philips model you can prepare orange juice or any other fresh citrus fruit every morning without having to wake everyone up with the noise when squeezing, it is extremely quiet as well as very economical.
  • We have placed it on this list of the best juicers 2021 because it has an attractive price, a very nice and modern design and for you it will be very easy to use, clean and store. It includes a cover that protects it from dust so that it is ready to be used every morning without having to wash it previously, the cable is rollable and this will allow you to store it in an orderly way.
  • It may well be voted the best orange juicer in this price range even though some customers find it to be very large.
  • Anti-drip system: Typically, the most problematic thing with juicers 2021 is the drip that occurs after juicing any fruit. With this equipment you can forget about that, thanks to the fact that it has an anti-drip system with which you will not have to worry about spills in your kitchen.
  • Power: This Philips brand juicer works with a power of 85 watts, which users have classified as sufficient for its purpose. In addition, they add that it is very quiet.
  • Functions: It squeezes very quickly and is able to extract all the content of the fruit, taking advantage of every last drop. In addition, it has a dust cover that will protect the universal squeezer cone when you are not using it.
  • Easy cleaning: If you are concerned about its cleanliness, you should know that it is removable, making work easier and its main parts are made of hard plastic and stainless steel, so it is durable.
  • Non-slip feet: The only but that users have put to this juicer is that it has very small non-slip feet, so when it is used, it moves slightly.

3. Princess 201851 Master Juicer Semi-professional juicer



One of the best juicers 2021 on the current market may be this model from the Princess brand, as it has a very good score on the Internet thanks to the positive comments left by users who already have it in their homes.

The Princess 01.201851.01.001 is a semi-professional juicer that has a great value for money. It is made with a stainless steel structure that makes it robust and durable. It has a pulp filter that allows only a small amount of fiber to pass through so that the juice is nutritious but at the same time refreshing.

It has a power of 160W, which will allow you to prepare a glass of juice in a short time, and as if that were not enough, it is very quiet, so you do not wake up your whole family if you get up early to make breakfast.

  • Handle: One of the most notable advantages of this model is that it has a folding handle so that you don’t have to do a lot of manual effort, you just put half of the orange on the cone, lower the handle by applying pressure and the juice will start to come out.
  • Continuous jet: The good thing about this function is that the juice goes directly from the fruit to the glass, without having to stay in a tank. This allows the user to take advantage of the nutrients in citrus fruits before they oxidize.
  • Cleaning: It is easy to clean because its parts are removable and are prepared to withstand the power of the dishwasher. In addition, its anti-drip system prevents the place from being a mess with drops of juice everywhere, which reduces the time you spend in the kitchen.
  • Size: It must be taken into account that this is not a compact juicer if we compare it with other models. It measures 8.5 “x 12” x 13 “, so it is not recommended for very tight spaces.

4. Lacor 69120 Electric juicer With arm 160W



  • This Lacor juicer will be a great helper in your home, it is very powerful, so squeezing oranges will become so simple that everyone can make their own juice.
  • It has a very elegant and practical design, the lever that it has will help you to exert pressure on the fruit but without having to make a great effort, so it is easy to use.
  • You can pour the juice directly into the glass in which it is to be consumed or block the outlet nozzle, make all the juice you require and then open the nozzle and place it in a jug.
  • In addition, you will surely like to know that its stainless steel components guarantee that the only care you should take is cleaning it after use.
  • Power: This equipment has a power of 120 watts, being one of the most powerful on this list and the reason why many users prefer it, since it means faster squeezing the fruit.
  • Anti-drip system: It also has an anti-drip system through its extraction nozzle.
  • Materials: The best thing about this model is that it is designed with stainless steel and ABS plastic, that is, Lacor guarantees you a durable and resistant product that, in addition, includes non-slip suction cups, so that it does not slip when used.
  • Noisy: Due to its power, users report that it is a bit noisy, although they assure that it is the normal sound that this type of juicer usually makes.
  • Jams with pulp: This factor is also due to its power, and is that with the speed it works, the pulp swirls in the filter and it can get clogged when squeezing too many oranges, so you must stir it to continue squeezing.

5. Braun CJ3050 Orange Juicer, 60 w



The Braun CJ3050 is the most economical model of the best juicers 2021 that we include in our list. It is a very basic juicer but it does not stop being a very useful device.

You can prepare juices in a simple way, its components are easy to clean and can be the solution for someone who does not want to spend a lot of money but does not want to stop allowing himself a good natural orange juice in the morning.

The juice goes directly to the glass, that allows you to calculate the oranges you need to squeeze without overdoing it or falling short. Like other juicers 2021, it has an anti-drip system so that making orange juice is also fast and silent, a clean process.

  • Anti-drip system: Like other models already mentioned, this equipment includes an anti-drip system with which you will not have to worry about dirtying your kitchen. You just have to squeeze and enjoy your juice, without problems.
  • Easy cleaning: Thanks to the fact that it is completely removable in a few simple steps, its cleaning is extremely easy and, best of all, it is suitable for the dishwasher.
  • Automatic mode: This equipment is activated instantly, you just have to place the fruit and that’s it. The machine will do the rest for you.
  • Power: It has a power of only 60 watts, which although users have not rated it low, it is low compared to other models already mentioned.
  • Capacity: This juicer is small, which is why when squeezing several fruits in a row, you must extract the retained pulp, since it fills quickly and it is necessary to empty it to continue squeezing.

6.Krups Citrus Press ZX7000 Juicer



  • The first great advantage of this professional juicer is that you can use it to juice a variety of citrus fruits such as grapefruit, oranges or  lemons, since its cone is universal in size. You can extract the juice either manually or using the lever without having to make a great effort.
  • Its body and filter for the pulp are made of stainless steel, which makes it more durable. Some of its components such as the juice container, the lid and the retaining clip can be washed in the dishwasher, so you will want even more to prepare juices at all hours since it will not represent having to clean a series of components thoroughly as usual. happen with some extractors on the market.
  • Power: The best thing about this equipment is its 130 watts of power, with which you will be able to squeeze your fruit quickly, and, according to users, in a completely calm way since, despite its power, it has a silent motor .
  • How to use: With this model, you can please everyone in your family, both those who prefer to squeeze fruit manually, and those who prefer to press with a lever, since the equipment includes both options. You just have to select one of them and that’s it.
  • Removable: Another factor that benefits this appliance is that it is completely removable, which facilitates cleaning and is also suitable for the dishwasher, saving you a lot of time in the kitchen. It even includes a drip tray so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Materials: It is designed with stainless steel, which guarantees you a device for years to be of such good quality. It is robust, simple and has non-slip feet.
  • Universal Cone: It does not matter what type of fruit you decide to squeeze, since it includes a universal cone, so you just have to cut it and proceed to extract the juice, either manually or with the pressure lever.
  • Price: A negative factor about this model is that it is the most expensive on this list, however, users agree that it is totally worth it, due to its quality and all its specifications. In fact, many have come to regard Krups as the best juicer brand on the market.

Buying Guide the best juicers 2021 on the market

 In this guide to buy the best juicers 2021 we refer to those devices used to extract the juice of citrus fruits such as lemon, orange or grapefruit.

The advantage of an electric juicer over a manual juicer is that it requires practically no effort to extract as much juice as possible from the fruit. Plus, once you taste freshly squeezed orange juice, you’ll never want a canned juice again.

If you want to extract the juice of other fruits or vegetables such as carrots, celery, apples, etc., what you need is a juicer or blender. When you make the comparison between electric citrus juicers 2021, consider the following aspects.


They usually work with a double rotation motor, which means that they rotate in both directions to squeeze all the juice from the fruit.

They do not use much electricity, most of them are between 50-100 W. They are really easy to use, just cut the fruit in half and press it on the cone. In most juicers 2021, no button is required to work; when the engine is released, it stops automatically.

 Container capacity

Juice containers are usually fairly standard in size, but if you need to make more juice, you can always empty it into another container and continue squeezing. They are usually close to half a liter of capacity, but there are up to a liter.

The container must be made of a resistant, non-toxic material and preferably with an outlet nozzle with an anti-drip system to facilitate the action of serving in the glass. In addition, it would be recommended that it have measurement marks, because sometimes it is very useful for recipes for desserts, cocktails and others that require a certain amount of juice.

Some juicers 2021 do not have a container, but you have to place a glass under the spout and the juice goes directly into it.

How much a juicer costs depends largely on the material of the container; the cheapest ones are made of polycarbonate and the highest priced ones are made of stainless steel.

 Juicer cone

This is one of the most important factors when choosing a good citrus juicer. The cone design will require more or less pressure to extract the juice and some manufacturers even include two interchangeable cones to adjust them to the size of the fruit.

 Pulp control

It is known that most of the fiber in citrus fruits is in the pulp, so if it is important for you that your juice has fiber, you should choose a juicer that does not have such a fine sieve and allows some pulp to pass into the container. juice container.

If you are looking to buy a cheap juicer, we recommend that you analyze if it is not worth paying a little more to obtain functionalities such as the possibility of choosing the amount of pulp that we want to pass up.

 Ease of cleaning

Extremely important is the ease of cleaning, usually the cones and the juice container are removable and with the possibility of being washed safely in the dishwasher. This will save you a lot of work and will keep your pump in excellent condition.

 Other features

Some of the features that we consider recommended, but not strictly necessary are:

  • Cable Collection System: Although it is a compact size appliance, it is always good to have this system to store it. Verify that the cord of the extractor you are buying is long enough to place the juicer away from the outlet, if you have a busy kitchen bench.
  • Protective cover:  The protective cover serves rather to protect the container where the juice goes as well as the extractor cone, so that they do not get dirty with dust or residues when it is not being used.
  • Non-slip measures: Normally as a safety measure and ease of use, they have an anti-slip system, either by means of legs or an adhesive on the base that prevents it from moving when squeezing the juice.
  • Freshly squeezed juices have a large amount of essential vitamins to maintain good health, it really is a very inexpensive device that can be very useful.
  • If you are one of those who drink juice on a daily basis, we recommend that you make the effort to buy a medium or high range one, since they will bring you a series of benefits that in the long run will more than compensate for the price difference.

How to use a juicer?

One way to maintain good health and energy is to enjoy fresh juice directly from fruits. The juicers 2021 extract all the nutrients and vitamins in a natural way and without altering their values. They are also very practical in the kitchen, since they save us the work of processing the fruit to extract the juice, which is why we explain below how to use a juicer.  

Get to know how it works  

Don’t be impressed by their design, the best juicers 2021 have very basic functions. You just have to plug it into a socket and then press the power button to get it working. Make sure you know what its strength is and how it is regulated so that you can adjust it according to the type of fruit you want to extract the juice from.

If the fruit is soft, use the lowest setting. Your juicer should also have a button to select each function in case you want to juice, shred or perform some other additional function.  

Start making juice  

After choosing the fruit with which you will make the juice, be it an orange, a lemon or a grapefruit, put it in the cone of the juicer. If your equipment includes additional functions, select the juicing mode to begin the process.

When you turn it on, pressure is exerted on the fruit inside this cone, which causes the juice to come out through the nozzle provided for it until it falls into the glass or container that you must place under it. As the liquid is not exposed to high temperatures, you will have a natural juice without alterations in its nutrients.  

Ditch the pulp  

Whichever function you use of your juicer, when processing the fruit, it will contain the excess pulp from which all the juice was extracted. Your appliance may have a bin to store the pulp, so this task will be easy.  

Use it in a suitable place  

Although these types of products usually have certain security measures, you must do your part to avoid accidents during their use. When you go to use the juicer, be sure to put it on a stable surface. The best  juicers 2021  vibrate when in operation, if the surface is not stable or is slippery, this can cause the appliance to slide without you noticing it and therefore it may fall.  


Keep clean  

After you use the juicer, the best thing you can do to extend its useful life is to clean it properly so that there are no remains inside that generate bacteria that affect your health, even when what you want is to take care of yourself with the benefits of juice juices. fruits.

Clean the pulp reservoirs well so that no remains of the pulp are stuck anywhere. Make sure the tank is dry when storing it, as exposure to moisture can cause its parts to begin to rust. The cap and dispenser nozzle should also be maintained with proper hygiene.

The most popular juicers brands 2021

After analyzing and comparing the opinions about each product of many users, we came to the conclusion that the best electric juicer could be found in any of the models manufactured by the Krups , Philips or Braun brands .

 It is a German brand of electrical appliances for the kitchen that was developed from the year 1846, with a great history and evolution going through the industrial revolution, war, post-war and other periods until reaching the present day. Its name comes from its founder Robert Krups.

This brand has provided great products and utensils to improve people’s lives and household chores, developing different models of coffee makers, in their various forms, as well as juicers 2021, mixers, kettles, grills, toasters, sandwich makers, etc. That is why many customers say that the best Krups juicer can be found in any of the copies offered by this great brand. Let us remember that being a German brand, its quality standards are quite high, because in this country the necessary technology for this type of utensil has been highly developed.

It is a market that has grown over the years in different countries in Europe, in addition to various continents such as America, in countries like the United States, and also some in Asia. Thus, if in your search you are presented with this brand as one of the most recommended, consider it as such, since it has received an immense amount of positive opinions over time.

  You’ve probably heard of this brand once, or if you look around you will find that many of the artifacts in your home have this name. Philips is one of the most recognized manufacturers of electrical appliances worldwide, whose foundation dates back to 1891, with the brothers Gerard and Anton Philips as protagonists, in the company of their father Benjamin Frederick David, who by the way is cousin of the biggest detractor of capitalism, Karl Marx.

The brand is developed in the Netherlands, and in its first decades it developed the communications industry by creating different models of radios, televisions, and similar equipment, but it is also recognized for offering gadgets for personal use such as electric razors. , epilators, irons, dryers, etc., in addition to various kitchen appliances where the juicers  2021 or fryers stand out, among others, and we must also mention the recognized utensils made for the care of the baby and breastfeeding, such as the bottles , warmers, pacifiers, sterilizers, etc.

Therefore, if you go after the search for the best Philips juicer , all you have to do is evaluate some of the models they offer, because the brand has the support of a large part of the customers in the market.

 Another important German brand of electrical appliances is Braun, whose birth occurred in 1921 and owes its name to its founder Max Braun . Like most brands of instruments that run on electricity, its beginnings go back to the sale of amplifiers and radio receivers. However, this factory chose the path of innovation and combined a turntable with a radio receiver, being a very revolutionary product in its time.

The company went through the boom of the Second World War and it was not until 1945 when the brand began to develop again, offering 5 years later the first electric shaver on the market, with a design that has been diversified and readjusted depending on the style life of human being to date.

However, its growth involved the manufacture of other products such as devices for oral care, hair care, watches and calculators, devices for medical use, such as blood pressure monitors and thermometers, as well as devices for food and beverages, such as juicers 2021, coffee makers. , grinders, toasters, mixers, among others. Therefore, many of those who are looking for the best Braun juicer , do not skimp on evaluating the various models developed by this company, because according to their opinions, they always meet their needs.



When you look for information on the networks about the various models of juicers 2021 on the market, you may find yourself surprised that there are juicers designed for a specific type of fruit. However, even though these models may work better with that fruit, they turn out to be quite limiting.

Therefore, we consider an advantage that the Krups Professional Juicer is quite adaptable and versatile equipment. This juicer is of a universal type, which means that you can use it to extract the juice of any fruit you want.

And to facilitate this, the Professional has a cone of considerable size that will help you easily introduce any type of fruit so that you can obtain your favorite juice whenever you want.


Another of the most important aspects to consider when looking to purchase a home juicer is cleaning it. Since these appliances are in constant contact with juices, sugars, and pulp, cleaning them can be a headache for some.

Although this does not appear to be the case with the Krups Professional Juicer. As commented by its buyers, this model has the advantage that its most used parts can be easily disassembled and also are suitable for the dishwasher.

This will help you keep your juicer always clean and ready to use. Also, the juicer itself is made of stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about wear or oxidation thanks to contact with fruit acids and it will be easier to clean and maintain as new.

Frequently asked questions

 Q1: How to clean a Braun juicer

Never store your juicer dirty, this applies to any kitchen appliance that is used to prepare food. It is advisable to wash or clean it immediately after use, for health and hygiene reasons; but also, keeping it clean extends the useful life of the appliance. Before proceeding with the cleaning, you must disconnect the cable from the electrical outlet, so that you work more safely.

You should first separate the moving parts or accessories from the outer casing. These pieces are easy to remove, such as the filter that stores the pulp or the pressure lever. You can wash them under the running tap or submerge them in a soapy solution, then rinse with plenty of water and dry with a clean towel.

The outer casing is the part that covers the motor of the juicer, therefore you should not apply the water jet or use abrasive products. To clean it, you only need to moisten a cloth with a little water and a few drops of dishwasher, rub well and remove any trace of dirt. Then proceed to dry with another clean cloth so that there are no moisture marks.

 Q2: Who Invented the Electric Juicer

The juicer, like any invention, has undergone constant evolution throughout history. From the old and rudimentary juicers of wood, rock, ceramic; to modern, compact and light electric models, made of plastic or resistant metal ones. This device solved the way to squeeze citrus fruits, avoiding hand injuries.

Although the oldest ceramic juicers date back to the 18th century in Turkey, it was not until the late 19th century (in 1860) that Lewis Chichester patented a wrought iron model in the United States.

However, the credit goes to Dongah Ind Co. Ltd, when in 1992 it designed, developed and commercialized the first electric juicer, which consisted of a single auger. The rest is history, since as a result of this invention many manufacturers undertook the task of improving the design and offering people products more adapted to the new times.

 Q3: Juicer or blender

Both the blender and the juicer are essential appliances in any kitchen, whether at a domestic or professional level. Choosing one and the other will depend exclusively on your personal tastes and the way you prefer to take your fruit preparations. If you are one of those people who enjoys an orange juice first thing in the day, a lemonade on a hot afternoon, or a grapefruit juice, yours is a juicer; given its ease of squeezing citrus.

If, on the other hand, what you like the most is to prepare the famous green juices and use spinach, celery, beet or mango; as well as preparing delicious fruit smoothies with milk, then what you need is a blender. With a blender the variety of fruits and vegetables that you can prepare is much more diverse; You will only have to remove the peel in some cases, such as with orange or pineapple.

Furthermore, blenders are characterized by converting the solid into a liquid, hence its name “liquefy”. The food is introduced whole and after the blades and the centrifugal force have done their work, it ends up turning into a totally liquid juice. On the other hand, the juicers are specially designed with a tip or cone that exerts pressure and manages to extract the citrus juice from the inside.

 Q4: Manual vs electric juicer

Electric juicers came to make life easier for people who love citrus fruit juices, those who cannot miss their glass of freshly squeezed orange juice at breakfast. However, there are people who still bet on a manual juicer; which leads us to the conclusion that everything is a matter of personal preference and the intensity of use that you are going to give the device.

Compared to electric juicers, manual models have the advantage of being very affordable. They are also useful when used sporadically to prepare a small amount of some citrus juice. These simple appliances are very easy to clean and take up little space in the kitchen.

On the contrary, if you have a large family and enjoy preparing large amounts of juice daily; then the best thing for you is to get an electric juicer, whose model offers you enough power and ease of cleaning.

 Q5: Juicer or extractor

Extractors are household appliances that, unlike a juicer, with which the juice is obtained through the pressure exerted from the inside of the fruit, it works through a mechanism that presses (crushes) the fruit or vegetables, with in order to expel as much juice as possible.

Extractors are also different from blenders, since they apply a spin to the food, often causing the fruit to lose nutrients and oxidize more quickly. On the contrary, an extractor does not apply heat or speed, which favors a higher quality juice and better conservation in the refrigerator, while keeping all the vitamins and nutrients in the food unchanged.

The disadvantage of an extractor compared to a juicer is the time it takes in the process; so it is not recommended if you are in a rush in the morning to make yourself a juice. They usually take up to 15 minutes to work, since their mechanism is slower than that of a juicer; This is due to the care not to alter the nutrients of the food.

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