Top 7 Best Laptop Backpack 2021 Reviews

Since the laptop is a product designed to be used anywhere, it is essential that with your purchase we include a quality best laptop backpack 2021 in which to carry it as it deserves. A product that must have adequate space both to store the laptop and all the other accessories we need, safely for the equipment and comfortable for you.

Best Laptop Backpack 2021

Among the most prominent models of the moment we have the Wenger WA-7329-14 backpack , in which you can store equipment up to 16 inches diagonally, including a comfortable triple-layer protection system and padded shoulder straps, also very comfortable.

Another interesting model is the Case Logic DLBP116K backpack, also for equipment up to 16 inches, which includes quality materials, a security pocket to store important things and a large space to store everything you need in your day to day.

List Of The Top 7 – Best Laptop Backpack 2021 Reviews

 In this era full of technology, many times it is necessary to have an implement that is capable of allowing us to carry our laptop wherever we go. Buying the best laptop backpack 2021 is not an easy task, but by following our list, you will not be disappointed and you will get quality and style for incredible prices.

 1. Wenger WA-7329-14 Laptop Backpack

Best Laptop Backpack 2021


Laptop backpacks differ from classic briefcases in the comfort and freedom of movement that they give the user, in addition to its shape, it allows you to store other things such as books, documents, lunch, the rest of your electronic devices, among others. That is why when choosing a best laptop backpack 2021 you should consider its size according to your needs.

The Wenger is made for laptops of 16 ”or less, with dimensions of 33 cm wide by 15.2 cm deep and a height of 45.7 cm, this best laptop backpack 2021 has a special compartment for the computer, reinforced with a very thick padding system that keeps the equipment protected.

In the same way, it has other spaces inside, one of which is very wide to store large books or notebooks comfortably. The small front compartment also has an organizer for a mobile phone, calculator or music player.

  • It has a padding with air flow to completely protect the computer from shocks during movement, it is very light so it will be more comfortable to carry to your daily activities and it also has a padding on the handles for greater comfort that will not mistreat your back .
  • Some users express that the handles are a bit short, especially for tall people.


It is a good-sized backpack, made with high-quality resistant materials that has a special compartment for the laptop, which will be protected by a rear padding system with air flow that will prevent damage to the equipment during the user’s movement.

2. Case Logic DLBP116K Nylon Laptop Backpack

Best Laptop Backpack 2021


This Case Logic brand backpack 2021 is one of the best laptop backpacks 2021. It meets very high manufacturing standards ensuring you are investing your money in a product that is durable, eye-catching and of very good quality.

It is very spacious which allows a computer of up to 16 inches to fit easily in it. The shoulder and back straps are very well padded so that even though it carries a lot of weight, it won’t make you uncomfortable while wearing it.

It is designed in black to make it easier to combine and at the same time look elegant; the zippers are also very well cooked.

On the other hand, it has various compartments and secret pockets that are well thought out so that you can store a lot of things and not look like you are wearing a shell.

In case you want to invest wisely in the best brand of laptop backpacks 2021, you should take into account the characteristics of this option of the Case Logic.

  • Unisex model: It is a unisex backpack model, which can be used by women and men, so it is an ideal option to give as a gift, or use it on a daily basis.
  • Discretion: It is a very discreet backpack, which does not reveal its content, so you can carry your laptop without fear of being stolen, because it appears to be a common backpack.
  • Size: It has an ideal size, which lends itself to carrying laptops of different brands and sizes, allowing the maximum size to be 16 inches.
  • Protection: It has a special protection system with high quality zippers, and its main closure is reinforced with two zippers, so you can carry your laptop safely.
  • Padded handles: It has padded handles, so that you use the backpack comfortably and the weight can be distributed evenly when carrying it.

 3. AmazonBasics Backpack for DSLR Cameras and Laptops

Best Laptop Backpack 2021


If you are a lover of technology and outdoor photography, this backpack is the one for you! In it you can take your laptop and your cameras.

It is an excellent backpack 2021 to go on a day trip and take photos. Just by looking at it you can notice the long-term resistance, the good finishes and the comfort that it will offer to your back.

It is spacious and secure enough that you can carry up to a 17-inch computer, two cameras, four lenses, and various small accessories. The inner part is padded and customizable and the outer, on the sides, has straps so you can carry your tripods.

As if this were not enough, the elements used to divide the compartments are mobile: this means that you can adapt them according to your needs. What more can you ask? It is one of the best cheap laptop backpacks 2021 out there.

If you keep wondering which laptop backpack 2021 to buy, we will point out the pros and cons of this model in order to make your decision.

  • Capacity: It is a large capacity backpack, where you can carry your laptop and other work equipment, since it measures 33 x 22 cm, and has a depth of 45 cm.
  • Multipurpose: This product has enough space to be used in different ways, you can not only carry your laptop, but also a photography equipment, tripod, hard drives, and other utensils you need. You can also use it as a common backpack to go camping.
  • Personalization: It allows customization, since inside it has adjustable and adaptable compartments that change places and adjust to your storage needs.
  • Easy transfer: It can be moved comfortably, with padded handles for comfort and support.
  • Protection: In addition to protection through security zippers, it has adjustable straps and includes a waterproof bag to protect it from the rain.
  • Weight: For some people it is a bit heavy, since it reaches 1.9 kg. However, this is understandable due to its large storage capacity.

4. Belkin Active Pro 17 ′ Laptop Backpack

Best Laptop Backpack 2021


For college students who need a good bag for their classes, this is hands down one of the best laptop backpacks in 2021.

The final design of this backpack is slim type, but this does not shorten its internal space, in fact it is quite spacious. In it you can easily fit a 17-inch laptop and its accessories, several books and even a couple of calculators.

The compartment for the computer has a pretty good padding that will protect it. This not only covers the part of the backpack that touches the back, but also the lower part and the inner part that usually faces the books.

In addition, it has a breathable mesh that provides greater support and a headphone eyelet that will give you access to your music player. Definitely one of the best computer backpack options of the moment 

  • Light: It is a lightweight backpack, which will be very easy to move from one place to another, since it only has a weight of 1.13 kg.
  • Size: It has an ideal size to store various types of laptops, with its measurements of 42 x 46 cm. It can fit a 17-inch laptop without problem.
  • MP3 pocket: If you are a music lover, with this backpack you can listen to your favorite songs, and protect your MP3, because this backpack includes a special pocket for it.
  • Support: The support when moving it is quite efficient, with its respective handles with padding and breathability mesh.
  • Protection: It has a special internal system to protect your laptop, since the compartment is padded even in its lower part.
  • Design: Its design is less discreet than other models, but everything will depend on the context where you operate.

5. Kensington K62591EU 14 ”Laptop Backpack

Best Laptop Backpack 2021


Your computer may be ultra slim, but are all its add-ons? After gathering your smartphone, office documents, laptop charger, tablet and other things, you realize that you need a backpack in which to transport everything comfortably and safely. Well that’s where the Kensington backpack comes in , a better laptop backpack.

It has three compartments lined with special padded fabric that will protect your technological equipment from scratches and bumps. In the intermediate compartments, you can store your documents without any problem.

Also, you will give thanks for the large auxiliary pocket designed for you to carry your charger and other things that you consider important. Finally, it has a special access for you to connect headphones to your MP3 player or cell phone while it is safely stored in the backpack. Without a doubt, a backpack that you should not hesitate to buy!

In case you have allocated a budget to make the purchase, you should know that this model has been cataloged by users as the best laptop backpack 2021 for 50 dollars. Here are her pros and cons:

  • Resistance: The backpack is highly resistant, so it will last a long time, because it is made of high quality ballistic nylon.
  • Indicators: It has special indicators for the night, in order to improve the visibility of the zippers, which are reflective.
  • Capacity: It is equipped with three internal compartments, one for the laptop, and the rest for accessories. So you can store everything in one place, and have your keys and other objects close at hand, thanks to its external auxiliary pockets.
  • Length: The back handles can reach twice its length, so you can carry it comfortably and adapt it to your size.
  • Headphone output: If you need to use headphones, this backpack has a headphone output, so you can also keep your device inside to protect it.
  • Size: For some users, its size can be a disadvantage, since it only supports laptops that do not exceed 14 inches.

6.Wenger WA-7329-14 Laptop Backpack

Best Laptop Backpack 2021


If you are one of those who must run to the office with papers, your lunch and your laptop, then this backpack 2021 is the ideal solution!

It is an extremely spacious and resistant backpack that will allow you to carry all your things and a laptop with a screen of up to 16 inches. Its matte black finish is elegant, discreet and very impressive.

The fabric used for its manufacture will leave you absolutely nothing to be desired and it has several small compartments in which you can store other things such as keys, glasses, the passport or even pens and cell phones.

It is very well padded and will adapt perfectly to the shape of your back, thus preventing the hard material of the laptop from causing you discomfort or injury.

This is definitely considered by many customers as the best value for money laptop backpack  2021 on the market today.

If you’ve been impressed by the Wenger by Swissgear WA-7329-14 backpack, here are its features.

  • Light: It is a very light backpack, which only weighs 1.4 kg, so you will not have to carry such a high extra weight, in addition to the weight of your laptop.
  • Versatile: It is a versatile backpack, as it is made to store and transport laptops of different sizes, with a screen size of up to 16 inches.
  • Capacity: It has several compartments, so that you not only store your laptop, but also other objects you need, thanks to the different pockets and spaces it has inside.
  • Security: The backpack is closed by zippers, to provide better security support. In addition, the closures are structured to open the backpack completely quickly in case you have to.
  • Comfort: The handles are padded in order to provide greater comfort, without damaging the back and maintaining your posture no matter how much weight you carry.

Buying Guide –  Best Laptop Backpack 2021 on the market

 If you have a laptop, you have probably spent a lot of time and money buying it. And that’s why you want to keep your equipment in the best possible condition for longer. But since the laptop is used in many places and spends a lot of time in transit, this is not always easy. That’s why we offer you our guide to buying the best laptop backpack 2021, in which to keep your laptop safe while transporting it comfortably.

Best Laptop Backpack 2021

Laptop protection elements

Believe it or not, if you see a comparison of laptop backpacks, it is possible that the first elements that are valued are the comfort, the measures or the materials of the product.

And, although it is true that these elements have their importance, we want to highlight, first of all, the protection capacity it has for your equipment. Because it doesn’t matter how much the laptop backpack you like the most costs if it really isn’t capable of adequately protecting your equipment.

When carrying out this protection it is necessary that the backpack has a padded and separate space, where the laptop is away from the rest of your things. A space in which we should be able to fix the laptop, with a velcro strap or something similar, along with soft fabrics that do not scratch the laptop’s surface during transport. A space that normally goes in the back area, resting on the back of the backpack.

On the other hand, it is also advisable to check the external padding of the backpack, which should reinforce the interior to reduce the effect of a possible blow on the integrity of your equipment. And for the protection to be comprehensive, do not forget to check that the backpack you are evaluating is waterproof. This prevents that, if the rain catches you with the laptop on your back, the water can penetrate the fabric and damage your equipment.

Available space and organization

As with conventional backpacks or suitcases, in laptop backpacks, both the organization of space and its availability are another element to consider. Something that begins by taking as a reference the screen size of our laptop, since this is the element used to classify the different backpacks that we find in the market.

In this section it is important to always bet on excess, since some backpacks designed, for example, for teams of up to 16 inches, can be somewhat fair with teams that are close to this average. This commitment to a somewhat larger size has the additional advantage that you will have more space to carry all the things you need with your laptop.

In this case, it also helps to check the internal or external layout of the backpack. Inside it is usual to have an additional space, in front of the padded space reserved for the laptop, where you can place papers, notebooks, the keyboard or the accessories of your computer.

These can also be placed in the external pockets that the backpack should include, the ones that include a zip are better than the mesh ones, since in the latter the products are more visible. In any case, assess what need for space you will have when moving your laptop and choose the model that best suits those needs.

Best Laptop Backpack 2021

 Ease of use

As the last element to consider when buying one of these laptop backpacks, it is essential to talk about comfort. A good and inexpensive laptop backpack has to be comfortable to carry.

To have good comfort, we have to assess elements such as the straps that go over the arms to hang the backpack. These straps must have quality padding, which reduces stress and prevents the tapes from digging into our shoulders on the way. These tapes, too, must be adjustable, so that they adapt adequately to our dimensions, not being too loose or too tight.

The other piece that helps us walk more comfortably by carrying our backpack is the design of the backrest area. This element must also be padded, with a sufficient thickness so that the elements that we carry inside do not get stuck on the back. Some padding even has a design that fits over the surface of the back for added comfort.

How to use a laptop backpack

 The laptop is one of the most important tools for students and technology professionals, because it allows you to use all the functions of your computer, without having to be at home. To do this, you must protect it with a backpack that, in addition to protecting it, can offer you other options, but you must get the most out of your laptop backpack, making proper use, which we explain below.

Best Laptop Backpack 2021

Open the main zipper of your backpack

Take your backpack and place it on a table or desk vertically and firmly so that its base rests on the surface, in order to locate the main zipper and proceed to open it completely. Unfold the divisions for further expansion of the backpack and identify all the compartments it brings.

Locate the compartment to store the laptop

Once the division of the backpack where you will store the laptop is located, proceed to place it so that the laptop is well-shod and comfortable. Most models include a security lock that secures the laptop from the backpack, to provide greater protection against the natural movements of the person using the backpack.

Find the compartments for books and magazines

Many models of laptop backpacks not only allow you to carry and protect computers. They also include other compartments and divisions in case you want to carry student books, magazines and brochures that will serve to complement your work or area of ​​the university, thus expanding its functionality.

It should also allow you to save the other accessories that are included, such as, charger, mouse, pendrive, storage devices, among others, so that your computer can be completely protected and all your accessories be protected. Locate the compartments intended for this and store the accessories that complement the use of your laptop.

Best Laptop Backpack 2021

Locate the external compartments

Almost all laptop models contain other compartments on the outside of the backpack that are held by a zip slightly smaller than the main one, where you can store anything from pencils, notepads, postcards, even a special one for your Smartphone. Use it so that you can take everything you need to go on a trip, without your work missing something.

Close all the compartments and verify that everything is saved

When you verify that everything is in order and you are not missing any accessories or work materials, you can now proceed to close all the zippers and divisions of the backpack, to secure everything you carry with you. Some models have the option of placing mini locks to ensure greater security and that your belongings are well protected. Process to place the handles on each shoulder if you wish to use it as a backpack. There are models that have a main handle, in case you want to use it as a briefcase. The type of use that you are going to give it depends on how you feel most comfortable wearing it. 

The most popular brands

 If you have ever had to move with your PC and you have not had the backpack or the appropriate transport system, you will have already suffered the consequences. And it is that having to carry your equipment, especially if the distance is long or the heavy equipment, without a backpack to carry it comfortably, the transfer becomes something annoying. To avoid this, we have chosen three of the best manufacturers in the PC backpack market with which to carry your equipment comfortably and safely wherever you need it

Best Laptop Backpack brands 2021

 To talk about Amazon is to talk about the main company dedicated to electronic commerce in the world. An American company that has changed the way we shop and that has made all kinds of products available to us with excellent service, both through its own marketing system and the services it provides to all kinds of companies to bring you closer to your products.

An original approach that the company has decided to optimize with its own product lines such as those found under the AmazonBasics line . In this case, we find a wide range of products, ranging from stationery or computing to small electronic supplies and in which we can find all kinds of essential products for any user.

In this line of basics we find products such as PC backpacks, in which we can have comfortable products, of variable capacity depending on the type of equipment you have to carry and with the necessary compartments to carry all your accessories with total comfort.

Best Laptop Backpack brands 2021

The presence of Samsonite in this article is, as in the case of Amazon, a product of the derivation of its range of products. However, it is obvious that in this case the line is much shorter, since if this company is known for something, it is for having been offering all kinds of products for travel and transportation such as suitcases, luggage and much more for almost a century.

Products recognized, among other things, for an excellent quality in their manufacture, with a special emphasis on the resistance of their products, which offers an almost shield system with which all your belongings will be safe no matter how hard the trip is.  

Precisely because of the experience in the manufacture of suitcases and conventional luggage and because of that resistance, the brand has created an additional line of products, among which we find PC cases, but also other similar products such as those destined to transport photography equipment.

Products that have the necessary accessories, adequate protection for your belongings and adequate comfort with which you can move without the product becoming a nuisance.

Best Laptop Backpack brands 2021

The birth of Case Logic comes, like so many other companies, from an unmet need. In this case we are talking about Jamie Temple, who in 1984 was tired of hearing the rattle of his cassette tapes while traveling by car and decided to find a solution for it. From that need arose a case destined to store the audio tapes that were used at that time, beginning its commercialization and becoming almost an immediate success in the market.

A product that would begin to evolve at the moment both in terms of colors, capacities and design, being a true revolution in the market. From here on, the history of Case Logic has always been linked to the need to help protect and transport all kinds of products or objects, always in a comfortable way and with an elegant design. Her goal has been to make the word portable a true reality.

And in view of products such as their backpacks for PCs is something they have achieved. For this, they have opted for high-quality protective materials, very comfortable handle and fastening systems and a distribution that helps to carry everything you need without having to worry about anything.


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