Top 7 Best Metal Detector 2021 Reviews

Metal detectors are a perfect excuse to spend a pleasant time looking for “treasures” both in the field and on the beach. However, for this search to be effective, it is important to bet on a model of best metal detector 2021 that offers you the power and range necessary to be able to work comfortably. 

Best Metal Detector 2021

This is what the Garrett Ace 250 model offers us , the most recommended best metal detector 2021 by consumers. This product has a wide range, as well as a special processor that allows us to distinguish between different types of metals, so that scrap does not become a false alarm.

 We also present the Tacklife MMD02, which has two modes of use, All Metal and Disc. The first one will activate the beep with any type of metal, but with the second mode you can discard the types of metal that you do not want to search.

List of Top 7 – Best Metal Detectors 2021 Reviews  

Acquiring a metal detector is of great help, so you should not take your choice lightly, and it is convenient that you review several proposals, so we have reviewed five options that have been promoted by users in order for you to choose the most convenient one for you.

1. Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector 2021

best metal detector 2021


It is a device that has electronic location technology, which allows the discovery of buried metals. It also has an intuitive control panel, where you can easily adjust the various functions it offers. However, if you prefer more convenience, you have up to 5 default detection modes: Relics, Coins, Jewelry, All Metals, and Custom.

It has the acceptance, rejection and discrimination function, so that you can better focus on a more selective search. In the same way, it offers you up to 8 adjustments between sensitivity and depth, which can vary between 2, 4, 6 and 8 inches; according to the geography of the terrain and the search patterns.

It is equipped with a 12-segment graphic cursor controlled by a microprocessor, this favors greater sensitivity when scanning any area, offering the possibility of finding metals such as gold, silver and bronze.

  • The quality that stands out the most about this best metal detector 2021 is its excellent value for money. For an affordable cost, compared to other similar products, you will have a device that delivers what it promises. In addition, it has the support of a recognized brand.
  • Some demanding buyers miss an instruction manual that details and specifies its functionality.


Users recommend it as a good purchase option, given the quality of its manufacture, its functionality and its ease of use; which guarantees hours of fun.

2. Tacklife Metal Detector 2021 3 Tone Audio and Disco Mode

best metal detector 2021


If you want to buy a best metal detector 2021 to search for treasures in the field or something valuable that you have lost in the sand on the beach, this model could be useful. It comes with an LCD screen with All Metal and Disc modes. We recommend the first option when you want to look for any type of metal, gold, aluminum, bronze, etc. Instead, Disk mode will help you search for a specific type of metal, for example, gold or silver.

Its handle is telescopic, so you can adapt it according to your size or the need of the moment. Also, it has the search coil, which includes the connection cable to the control console.  

Another quality that we mentioned is that it offers 3 distinct beeps, a built-in speaker and a headphone jack. The latter are important when there is a lot of noise in the environment where you are searching.

  • Functionality: With 3 types of beeps and 2 adjustable search modes, you can find your lost metal objects easily.
  • Practicality: The handle is telescopic, so you can adjust the height of the detector between 60 and 90 cm, depending on how you feel more comfortable using it.
  • Waterproof: The search coil and telescopic handle are waterproof, so you will have no impediment to submerge it at the edge of the beach, pool or lake.
  • Screen: Thanks to its LCD screen you can see data about the metal you have found, so that it is worth it when you punch holes in the ground of the course.
  • Energy: It would be better if it were rechargeable, however, the 2 9V batteries offer sufficient autonomy for most searches.

3. Urceri 1028 High Sensitivity Metal Detector 2021

best metal detector 2021


The Urceri 1028 best metal detector 2021 is another product that deserves our attention. We are talking about a very complete detector, with which we can locate seven different types of metals and at seven different depth levels. 

These parameters are adjustable, depending on what we need to search for at all times. The result is the ability to find a coin at depths of up to 18 centimeters. Its operation is simple and is controlled comfortably from its control panel with LCD screen, keypad and headphones included, designed not to miss a single notice. 

In addition, the model is adjustable in its measurements, so that you can adapt the ground clearance according to your preferences. Something that adds an extra comfort to the product, in line with what its handle and support base offers. Therefore, it is ideal for working long hours searching without problems.

  • Detection: This model is capable of detecting up to seven different metals and seven levels deep. In addition, it has two different operating modes.
  • Setting: You can comfortably configure all the options of the product thanks to its LCD screen and its keypad.
  • Headphones: It is accompanied by headphones, in order to give you greater security when not missing a single signal from the device.
  • False positives: Some comments indicate that false positives can occur even when aiming in the air, which is solved by pressing the reset button.
  • Energy consumption: The power consumption of the device is somewhat high, and it is advisable to always carry spare batteries.

4. Kuman High Precision Search Coil Metal Detector 2021

best metal detector 2021


This is quite a practical detector, as it comes with a telescopic handle to adjust its height according to your needs. Also, you can choose whether to search for any type of metal or to use Disco mode. The whole family can enjoy exploring in the field or on the beach, including children, since it is very easy to use, with its clock-like screen and 3 configuration potentiometers. One of them is used to adjust the sensitivity of the coil when searching. You just have to turn clockwise to get more power into the detector.

In addition to this, we mention that the package includes a tool to dig up objects more easily. This tool has a small compass on the handle. Another aspect that stands out to this product is its impermeability, being able to use it on the shore of beaches or lakes without any inconvenience.

If you want an easy and comfortable to use metal detector, take into account the following pros and cons of the Kuman KUD521, perhaps its characteristics meet your requirements.

  • Effectiveness: This product can detect various metals such as zinc, iron, nickel, gold, among others. In this way, you will find different lost goodies.
  • Box: Its control box has several configuration buttons, it even has a headphone jack, to hear the beeps more clearly.
  • Modes: It offers the classic All Metal and Disco modes, so you can choose which one to use, depending on what you are looking for at the moment.
  • Depth: It only detects 12 to 17 cm deep when it comes to jewelry, which could be too little for some people.
  • Sheath: A carrying case is missing for when you want to take the best metal detector 2021 to the beach or the field.

5. Intey GC-1065 Multifunction Light Metal Detectors

best metal detector 2021


Those looking for a cheap best metal detector 2021 have a good option in this Intey model. We are talking about a product with a compact design that makes it easier to detect all types of metals thanks to its global mode of operation. 

However, if you want to detect a specific metal, you can also do so by changing the corresponding settings. This is precisely another of its strengths, since it is very easy to change the volume, sensitivity or search depth thanks to its rotary selectors. It’s just as simple to see the intensity of the signal on its analog screen, which incorporates a dial with LED lights where you can see everything clearly when searching, even when the light is low. 

For the rest, the product is adjustable in its dimensions, so that young and old can use it without worries.

  • Dual mode: You can look for a specific type of metal or any metal that the product can detect, depending on the mode of use you choose.
  • Detection setting: If you are looking for an easy solution to configure, this product has three selectors where you can control the volume, sensitivity and depth of detection.
  • Dimensions: The product is adjustable by the handle, offering lengths ranging from 85 to 115 centimeters long, as needed.
  • Screen: The screen is not digital, as usual, but it is analog. At least it has a good size and lighting when it comes to displaying the results.
  • Simplicity: We are facing an inexpensive and rather simple product, which may fall short for the most demanding users.

6. Velleman CS130 Digital Multidetector

best metal detector 2021


If you do not want to invest a lot of money in this purchase, you should know that this model is one of the cheapest on the market, as users have stated.

It is a slightly simpler analog detector in terms of its functions, but it meets the main requirements, such as detecting various types of metals, in case you do a wide search.

If you want to find a specific metal, the device will indicate at all times what type of metal it has detected, so this will not be a problem either.

On the other hand, in case you need to do the exploration discreetly and you do not want to generate noise through device alerts, you can connect your headphones and make the process more silent and comfortable, because it has an ergonomic arm that is light and you can adjust according to the size and scope that best suits your height.

Looking among all the candidates on the market, we did not come across one of the cheapest and that, even so, offers essential characteristics to be considered on our list. Read on to find out its positives and negatives.

  • Detection: It has the ability to detect numerous types of metals, so you don’t need to limit your search drastically.
  • Controls: In the control panel you can adjust the volume levels, sensitivity, etc. There you will also find the low battery indicator.
  • Headphones: If you want to go unnoticed during the use of the metal detector, you can connect a headset to be more attentive to the detection signals and not disturb others.
  • Weight: It is very light, compared to other competitors, making its use and handling quite comfortable and uncomplicated. The weight is only 650 g.
  • Detection capacity: Some users say that the ability to detect metals is limited and will not go deep into surfaces.

Buying Guide – best metal detector 2021 on the market

Tracking beaches and mountains with the intention of finding lost metal objects, as well as relics or ancient coins is not just a hobby, but a passion. That is why we have prepared this guide to buy the best metal detector 2021, an instrument that, using electromagnetic pulses, allows us to find metal objects under the ground. Our main objective is that you can make a comparison of best metal detectors 2021 and finally choose a good and cheap one.

best metal detector 2021

Metal detector uses

We all find them interesting machines, but for whom are these devices recommended? In general, we could say that these devices are ideal for the most curious and adventurous spirits. In fact, many people search practically every day and there are communities on social networks that are dedicated to sharing photos and stories about their travels and findings.

Searches include relics, native nugget metals, coins, etc. In 2008, for example, a Spanish diver named Mike DeMar found a golden goblet on a Spanish ship that had sunk almost 400 years ago. For her part, the British Mary Hannaby found a gold earring with her metal detector for which she obtained around 50,000 dollars. It wasn’t bad at all, don’t you think?

Of course, we haven’t all had the same luck, but many of those who practice treasure hunts are not so much to get rich as to hang out. This is a hobby that can be relaxing, and even if they are not of much value, you always get interesting things. In Spain it is normal to see someone on a beach looking for lost objects under the sand on the shore of the beach. At the end of the afternoon, when the bathers leave, some seekers go out to try their luck.


Metal detectors were used for a long time at the military level, especially as a support for the detection of land mines, anti-personnel mines and any other explosive device made of metal; thanks to them, many lives were saved.

Similarly, they are used in the civil industry to detect the presence of water pipes, electrical cables, etc. Despite their usefulness in these areas, metal detectors have also found a niche among those passionate about unearthing “treasures.”

The Garrett Ace 250 is a recommended best metal detector 2021 to be used by anyone who wants to have fun hanging out searching for metals underground, particularly on beaches, mountains, or forests. You can find different types of metals and organize competitions with your friends, where the winner will be the one who finds the most “treasures”.

best metal detector 2021

Portable design

As important as its functionality, so is its design. For this reason, this model has a light and portable structure, which favors its handling and easy transport. In this sense, its dimensions are 28.2 x 56.1 x 13 cm and its weight only reaches 2 kg; so you can take it with you comfortably and store it without taking up much space.

In the same way, this device has an ergonomic grip, for this it has a padded and adjustable grip that allows you to hold it comfortably with your hands without feeling fatigue or tiredness. It also works with 4 AA batteries, which are included with the purchase.

It is made of resistant materials, which cope with different natural scenarios. In addition, it is a device that has the backing of the Garrett brand, an American firm with a long history in the market.

What type of metal detector is better?

Right now, you may be thinking about the price, but before asking how much it costs, let’s see what options we have available.

Metal detectors can be Very Low Frequency (VLF) or pulse. The former have the advantage of having discrimination circuits, that is, they can specifically detect the type of metal we are looking for, while the pulse ones cannot. However, this does not mean that metal detectors, however expensive or sophisticated, will be foolproof. Aluminum, for example, is often confused a lot with gold, so whatever the detector is, it will make us take out the occasional garbage can.

Sure, detectors capable of discriminating, such as some Garrett brand models, as well as other well-known ones on the market, can be a bit more expensive, but many people think they are worth it, depending on their use. If you plan to search for treasures frequently, you will surely prefer one with a discrimination system, while if you are only going to use it very sporadically, it is preferable not to spend a lot of money, especially if we are beginners in this search for treasures.

best metal detector 2021

Detection range

Although detector manufacturers offer in their advertisements the depth to which the detector can go, the truth is that this is very complex to define. There are many things that influence; for example the type of soil, because not all have the same amount of minerals. In this way, a detector that offers to find objects 25 cm deep may be able to do so in a soil with little mineralization, but in a highly mineralized soil the sensitivity may be 10 cm or less. The first thing is to be clear about the use that we are going to give.

Another thing that can positively or negatively influence the detection ability is of course humidity. A moist soil causes metals to leave a “halo” that increases the chances of detecting them. This is except in gold because it is a metal that does not rust or generate this effect around it, even if the earth is wet. As is known, some metals give more signal than others. Among the easiest to find are silver and lead, while the most difficult is usually iron.

Plate size

In this case, small plates are recommended to find very compact objects. For example, if you want your detector to be able to find a chain, you have to have a plate of less than 25 cm, and vice versa, if you are only interested in larger objects, you will need a larger plate.

If you have been interested in this guide, perhaps our comparison of tin welders will be useful to you .

How to use a metal detector

Spending time searching for treasure on a beach with a metal detector can be one of the most fun and lucrative activities we can imagine. The most common items that we can find thanks to these tools are coins and jewelry, however, we can easily be fooled by nails, bottle caps and soda cans. For this reason, we must know the use of this tool and thus get the most out of it.

best metal detector 2021

Unpack and read the instructions

The first thing to do is unpack the entire tool, carefully removing it from the box. It is highly recommended that the user manual be carefully reviewed, reading it carefully, so that we fully know the operation of the device.

Check the battery

As it is a hand tool, which is used covering large areas of land, it must be taken into account that its operation is battery-based, so it is essential to check its charge before leaving home and getting ready to move. to the site we want to explore. It is even suggested to have an extra battery for emergencies.

Adjust the discriminator

In case your metal detector has a discriminator, it is recommended to adjust it beforehand. The discriminator allows you to distinguish between good and bad objects when searching, so it is necessary to calibrate or adjust the level. There are special times when a technique called reverse discrimination can be used, where the signal from low levels increases.

Learn from sounds

It is suggested to train the ear with a practical exercise, which is based on passing the coil of the metal detector over different objects and materials such as pieces of gold and silver, coins, nails and cans, to listen in that way to the different tones emitted by the device and note the sound it generates for each one.

Adjust the frequency

Another setting that you should take into account is the frequency. These devices work with a very low frequency system called VLF or with electromagnetic pulses. If the model allows a choice between the two, consider that the VLF works by detecting a specific metal; Instead, the pulse detects all metals.

best metal detector 2021

Choose the place you want to explore

After checking that your battery is charged, having your tool configured and knowing all its functions in detail, you must choose a place to go to put your explorer skills into practice.

In general, any park or natural place is good, however, keep in mind that there are places that have more history or that have been famous for having previously gifted other explorers with treasures. Nobody assures that there is nothing left to discover on those sites.

Walking technique

The suggestion is to walk with the receiving coil approximately 15 centimeters away and completely parallel to the ground, always being very attentive to the tones that the detector emits.

Hearing a reaction, he centers the coil directly on the sound source, looking for the place where the signal becomes more defined and proceeds to dig. Hopefully you’ve found something of value.

The most popular best metal detector 2021 brands 

The metal detector is a very useful equipment to provide your company or business with greater security. If you are thinking of purchasing one of these devices, analyze some of the best brands, chosen after a careful review of the characteristics of the products and the opinions of users on the Internet. These brands are Garrett, Seben, and X-Terra.

best metal detector brands 2021

The company was founded in Garland, Texas, by electronic engineer Charles Garrett in 1964 as a small family business, where he developed his first metal detector, called Hunter, using technology learned during his years of service in the US Navy.

The company grew over the years, pioneering the introduction of the portable metal detector and ground detectors, until in the mid-eighties, Garrett Metal Detectors became one of the largest manufacturers of metal detectors in the world, with more than 1,800 distributors globally. The company is also a founder and sponsor of the International Treasure Hunting Society, which brings together fans to hunt for hidden treasures on earth.

The company has also sponsored events of global importance, and its products are frequently used in events such as the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cups, match conventions, even in UN General Assemblies, among others.

The strength of the brand is of course its metal detectors, considered among the best in the world, of which they offer specific detectors for gold, underwater, portal, handheld, minerals, among others. In addition, it offers various accessories for the practice of searching for metals such as plates for detectors, backpacks, bags, headphones, trays, and other implements.

best metal detector brands 2021

The Seben company is established as a world reference in implements for the practice of nature sports such as camping, fishing, hunting, as well as optical and scientific equipment. It was born and is based in Berlin, Germany, and its biggest sales field is in Europe, although in recent years the brand has had a great impact in America, Asia and Australia. It is also worth noting the high standards in service and constant information to consumers and resellers on various platforms offered by the company.

Among the products offered by the brand are state-of-the-art home and professional telescopes, accessories for telescopes, microscopes, binoculars, binoculars, security cameras and metal detectors. The latter are characterized by their power, being able to detect metals in the ground at great depth, and are designed for those who practice metal hunting as a sport and hobby. They undoubtedly constitute highly effective devices at an accessible price, which is why in recent years the sale and prestige of these products on Internet sales pages has increased.


The X-Terra series is a brand of the Australian company Minelab, founded in 1985 with the launch of its first metal detector, the Goldseeker 15000. Since then it has become a world leader in the provision of metal detection technology, for purposes consumer, humanitarian, security and military use, with manufacturing, distribution and customer service services in Australia, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas, and have been at the forefront of technology development and innovation. In 1997 it received the ISO 9001 certification, for its quality standards in production, and its products have received numerous recognitions both in Australia and in other countries.

Among the products offered by the brand are buried, underwater, mine, handheld gold and other metal detectors, and also other accessories to facilitate the search task. As for its specialized detectors, these have been widely recognized among the most advanced products available for its application, due to the high sensitivity, reliability and security of its measurements. The X-Terra series has positioned itself at the forefront among multipurpose detectors.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How do metal detectors work and which one to buy?

Most best metal detectors 2021 work through magnetic coils, depending on the size of these the detection field will be larger or smaller. In addition, it should be noted that these products generate a magnetic field that is distorted when approaching a certain metal.

Some coils are special for detecting gold, bronze, silver, aluminum, among other materials. There are even multifunctional detectors, which can be programmed depending on the type of metal you want to find, for example, a gold jewel that you have lost.

On the other hand, we mention that there are models of detectors that have screens, where you can see the data of your search. In addition, the product you purchase may have a headphone output, so you will hear the beeps and you will not have to be looking at the screen often.   

In addition to this, it is important to know that, if you are going to look for very small pieces of metal, it is best to buy a detector with a small coil, since it is more sensitive for these types of objects. Instead, if you want to find larger metals, we recommend a metal detector with a much wider coil.  

Q2: How does an Android metal detector work?

First of all, we mention that not all Android devices are capable of detecting metals, since some do not have the magnetic sensor built in. However, some tablets and phones, whether they are high, medium or low-end, have this sensor. If your mobile has it, you must enter the Play Store, download and install the Metal Detector application and then open it.

Its operation is simple, you just bring the device close to the surface where you are looking for the metal, for example, the floor or a table. When you pass your equipment over the metal you are looking for, the application will make a sound. Basically, it works through a small magnetic field, since the sensors of this type of device are compact, so you will not be able to detect very large pieces of metal.

On the other hand, it should be noted that, to know if your phone or tablet has a magnetic sensor, you just have to install the application that we mentioned above and open it. If the application does not work, it is because your device does not have that sensor.

Q3: I have a metal detector, is it possible to find buried treasure with it?

Yes it is possible, but not all best metal detectors 2021 have this function, since each plate or magnetic coil has its own configuration or compatibility. Of course, it must also be taken into account that the metal detectors that bring this functionality must be configured to detect them, in addition, it is most advisable that the coils be large, since these are the sensors.

The smaller they are, the less depth they will reach and vice versa. This means that not all of these devices can detect treasures that are buried more than 5 meters away. Also, we mention that you must purchase a product capable of detecting precious metals such as gold, silver and bronze, since these are very common in old treasure trunks, especially the first of them.

Q4: Gold and silver detector, is there a model that detects both materials?

Yes, there are some such devices that detect both gold and silver, however, you may need to configure them. To do the latter there are detectors that fulfill both functions separately, so you will have to look first for gold and then for silver.

On the other hand, different models can be configured to detect gold and silver at the same time, so you will find several options in the market. We recommend that you review these features before purchasing one or another metal detector.

Q5: Does the walk-through metal detector negatively affect pregnancy?

No, the metal detector arches that are commonly used in stores, airports, hospitals or educational institutes are harmless to both the woman and the baby on the way. This is a myth that many people are confused by today, as they sometimes think that they transmit radiation, but X-rays are the ones that negatively affect the baby and the pregnant woman.

When we speak of an arc of these we refer to low frequency magnetic fields, only to detect metals, that is, they do not provide ionizing radiation. In addition to that, we mentioned that passing through these equipment only takes a second or two at all, which provides greater security for pregnant women.

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