Best Microwaves 2021 Reviews – Top 11 Picks To Buy

More and more people are discovering the great benefits that cooking in the microwave can bring: speed, healthier meals, convenience, among others. Next, we describe the main characteristics a little to help you find out which is the best microwaves 2021.

Best Microwaves 2021

Microwave ovens are multipurpose tools in which we can do everything from simple tasks, such as heating breakfast coffee, to being able to prepare complete and very rich dishes. 

Something for which it is convenient to bet on models with complete options and that include power control systems, a good grill and an interior that we can clean easily.

Samsung GE83X / XEC is one of the most recommended microwaves, since it has a grill to gratin food and it also has a food menu, so that you will not worry about the cooking time, but this appliance will do it for you, depending on the recipe you are preparing.

Another microwave that you might like is the LG MH6535GIB, as it has the Smart Inverter system, to cook, heat or defrost food more quickly. It also has an Easy Clean inner lining, which helps reduce bacteria and makes the appliance easier to clean.

Here is the list of 5 best microwaves 2021

 1. Samsung GE83X / XEC Microwave with grill 800 W

Best Microwaves 2021



  • When purchasing a microwave, many people worry about its internal design, since some appliances transmit bad odors to food. However, this best microwave 2021 model has an internal ceramic glaze that prevents odors and the transmission of flavors to food. In addition, it helps so that the interior does not deteriorate quickly.
  • Also, this ceramic glaze makes cleaning much easier, as it is a non-stick finish. In addition to this, it prevents the formation of bacteria inside the appliance. And also, the interior does not absorb moisture, which makes meals healthier.

  • The ceramic enamel inside prevents the transfer of bad smells and flavors in the food, in addition, it is very resistant to scratches or rust, to provide a longer useful life to the microwave.
  • This microwave is very low inside, so it is not useful for heating bottles or other tall containers. However, with lower plates or trays you will not have problems.
  • Verdict:  Perhaps it is the most elegant microwave 2021 to decorate your kitchen and combine it with the various household appliances, since it has a luxury mirror-like design and silver color.

2. LG MH6535GIB Microwave Grill Smart Inverter


  • Thanks to its Smart Inverter technology, it heats, cooks and defrosts much faster than conventional microwaves 2021. Also, cook food evenly, without leaving raw parts in your most delicious recipes.
  • And, if you want to know the power, we inform you that the microwave function has 1000 W and the grill function reaches 900 W. In this sense, it offers adequate power to cook different professional recipes, you can even experiment at home with your own dishes.
  • Also, this microwave has a capacity of 25 L, so you will not have problems when cooking for an average size family. It even has a practical 29.2 cm diameter plate.
  • As if that were not enough, it offers easy internal cleaning, so that there is always good hygiene in your kitchen. In addition to this, it maintains the nutrients in food, without destroying its cells.
  • Inverter: It has Smart Inverter technology, so it cooks up to 1.6 times faster, to save up to 28% energy.
  • Multifunctional: This is a multifunctional microwave, since it also has a grill function, to gratin the food you want.
  • Practicality: Its automatic cooking menus will help you cook more easily, without having to keep track of the time.
  • Health: This microwave works healthy, so the nutrients in your food remain.
  • Noise: When closing the door it emits a loud sound, so it is not recommended to use it late at night, because it could interrupt the rest of people who are nearby.

3. Siemens HF15G541 Stainless steel microwave, 17 liters


  • This Siemens stainless steel best microwave 2021 has a power of 800 W but also has a simultaneous grill of 1,000 W.
  • Its opening system is button which makes it easy to operate if you come with your hands full, it is also important to know that it has a capacity of 18 liters.
  • It offers several power levels which will allow you to perform different tasks according to your needs, such as cooking certain types of food at a lower power, defrosting or using the grill, among others.
  • It has eight programs already incorporated with different intensities of operation and duration that, although they are offered for certain predefined preparations, can be used for others that are of your convenience.
  • In addition, you have the opportunity to record a program to your liking in memory, choosing duration and intensity.
  • Power: The Siemens equipment has an installed power of 1,270W to offer satisfactory performance for the domestic consumer.
  • Grill: The purchase includes a small grill where you can place the food so that it is heated evenly on both sides.
  • Knob: With the knob you can adjust the cooking according to the time or the kilograms of food that you have introduced in the microwave.
  • Capacity: For some buyers, its 17-liter capacity is somewhat limiting when putting food on plates.
  • Intuitive: Others comment that it is not very intuitive in terms of its different functions.

 4. Sharp R-242 BKW Microwave 20L, Touch Control, 800W


  • Among the best microwaves 2021 we can find this Sharp model. It has a power of 800 W and has a capacity of 20 liters. Ideal for you and your family if you are looking for a microwave basically to defrost and heat.
  • But not only for these purposes it can serve, it has 11 microwave levels so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs, also for your comfort and faster use it has 8 automatic defrosting and cooking programs.
  • It has a timer whose digital use will let you enter the time you want in a simple way, it also includes a digital clock so that you have greater control of time while you cook. Also, if you have fallen short of the indicated cooking time, you can add extra time in additional periods of 30 seconds.
  • The safety of your children is guaranteed with the lock offered by this Sharp model.
  • The cheapest microwave 2021 in our selection, difficult to compare with other models with grill and convection system, this oven is much simpler.
  • Design: It stands out for being black, which makes it easy to combine it with all types of kitchens. It measures 43.9 x 35.8 x 25.8 centimeters.
  • Blocking: It has a locking system so that the little ones cannot operate it without supervision.
  • Light: It has an internal light so you can observe the cooking or reheating process through the door window.
  • Plate: The turntable was noted to be unstable and dislodges easily when the equipment is turned on.
  • Odor: Some users complained that their microwave began to give off a burning smell after a few years.

5. Teka MW225G Microwave with grill, 700W / 1000W


  • To acquire one of the best microwaves 2021, it is convenient to check what this model offers, whose capacity is 20 liters, thus having a compact size that will be easy to place in the space you decide. Likewise, this model offers two power levels that correspond to two operating modes, having the regular mode as microwave, with 700 W, as well as a grill mode, whose power reaches 1000 W.
  • With this model you can take advantage of various functions, such as setting the defrosting process by weight or by time. In addition, for cooking or heating food, it has a timer that goes from 0 to 35 minutes, being a wide range for various preparations.
  • In the same way, all the control and configuration processes can be done through its mechanical control panel, with rotary buttons. In its traditional mode, it is possible to choose between five power levels, assuming more options to customize its use.
  • Compact: It is a compact design that is easy to locate and install, due to its structure with a capacity of 20 liters.
  • Power: This equipment has the possibility of regulating the power in five levels, to adapt to the type of heating or cooking that is desired.
  • Timer: The model has a timer that goes from 0 to 35 minutes, being a considerable period for heating or preparing various recipes.
  • Thawing: It has a defrost function, allowing the user to select between defrosting by weight or by time.
  • Opening: Criticisms have been made regarding the opening of the door, pointing out that the position of the button is not comfortable enough to operate it.

Buying Guide – The Best Microwaves 2021

Today, the microwave oven is present in almost every home. It is a highly appreciated appliance that is much more useful than we imagine. This guide to buying the best microwave 2021 advises you on those characteristics that you should evaluate in order to choose the appliance that will best meet your expectations.

Which microwave 2021 is better?

To choose the best option, it is important to make a microwave comparison between the models that are in the price range that you can afford.

Although how much a good microwave costs is important, we cannot give you a price or price range because everything will depend on your needs. Be sure to consider the following when choosing:

 Types of microwaves 2021

We can say that there are three types of microwaves 2021 : those that only have microwaves, those that have microwaves and grill and, finally, microwaves with convection.

Those that only have microwaves can be used for cooking, defrosting, heating and are the lowest priced because they do not allow to achieve certain textures that the other types do.

With the microwave with the grill option you can bake practically the same as with a normal oven. Convection and grill microwaves 2021 have a fan that circulates air throughout the oven, allowing food to cook in a similar way, as well as giving it a crisp touch.

You should also take into account if you want to place it on the counter or if you want a microwave that can be built-in. In the latter case, the installation should be done by a professional to ensure you have adequate ventilation.


The maximum power of a microwave is directly related to how quickly food will be cooked or heated, but it is also directly related to energy expenditure, so you should look for a microwave that is fast, but without consuming too much energy .

Microwaves without a grill have powers of around 750-900 W, while those with a grill exceed 1,000 W. Check the energy efficiency of the different options you evaluate.


The capacity and size of the microwave are linked depending on how you are going to use the microwave. If you are only going to use it to heat the milk, you will not require a large microwave, so we advise you to buy a low-end one, however, if your intention is to cook or bake in it, then it is best to consider for how many people and so choose the capacity.

Capacity is measured in liters; most microwaves have a capacity between 18-30 liters. Also, if you usually use tall containers as baby bottles, you must take into account the height of the interior of the microwave. The outer perimeter of the oven is also important if you have a small space in your kitchen.


Most microwaves offer the possibility of using defined programs for cooking, heating or defrosting food. This makes our work easier when we do not know how to choose the intensity or time to choose.

This does not have to be something that should worry us a lot, since we always have the possibility to put more time or open before the time ends.

Additionally, some mid- or high-end microwaves allow you to set programs according to your needs. For example, program five minutes on high power, plus five minutes on medium power.

Other features

  • Rack: Microwaves with grill usually come with a rack with legs that allows you to heat a dish under the rack, while using the grill on the plate that is on top.
  • Turntable:  The fact that a microwave has a turntable is important so as not to have to be turning the plate we are cooking, which would be necessary to cook evenly if it did not have this feature. Also, you should consider the size of said plate; If the turntable is very small, you will have problems placing certain containers in the microwave, either because of their size or shape (rectangular, oval, square).
  • Ease of cleaning: The ovens must be easy to clean; In this sense, those that do not have a handle to open them are easier to clean.
  • In short, choose a microwave that you know you are going to use. Do not choose a certain model just because it is the most powerful or because it has some function that the others do not have. You can be sure that this extra function also implies a higher price and, therefore, the important thing is to know if this function is useful for you and you are really going to take advantage of it.

 How to use a microwave

 This time-saving appliance in family kitchens, food businesses and hotels was invented by an American, engineer Percy Spencer, who came to this happy discovery by chance, while researching radar technology, in the middle 20th century. However, its massive use in the food industry, thanks to its utility and convenience that exceeds the simple fact of heating food began in 1975.

 Connection and use

It is recommended to place and operate this oven, preferably in a ventilated place that allows air to flow, especially in its rear part.

Connect it to the electrical power source directly, avoiding extensions that can overheat, due to the high energy demand required by this appliance.

Open it and place inside, in a suitable container, the food that you want to cook or heat.

 Recommended temperature

In general, the use of the microwave at a low temperature and for a longer period of time is suggested. This ensures more uniform cooking and / or heating. The only thing extreme heat does is dry out the food. In this sense, pay special attention to products that contain milk, as they “cut” and spoil very easily.

 Programs and functions

Depending on each model, the microwave has a control panel where the user can choose various modes that allow them from “defrosting” to heating or cooking different types of solid and liquid food, making use of the timer (clock) and the levels of temperature.

To optimize the efficiency of this appliance, dose the amount of food you want to heat in successive portions, to guarantee a more uniform cooking.


There are more “friendly” models on the market with better visualization than others, although almost all offer the same general features of this oven.

 Maintenance and precautions

Above all, keep the microwave clean inside and out (tiny dust is always a huge enemy of this appliance and almost everyone else in our kitchen), by regularly using a slightly damp cloth, better than paper towels that can leave residue.

Do not use metal containers or aluminum foil, as this could generate sparks and cause a fire. Eggs in the shell burst and dirty the interior of the oven, making it very difficult to clean.

Be especially careful when boiling water and other liquids, as they accumulate a large amount of heat and can cause splashing. You should not turn on the microwave when it is empty or use it when the door is damaged or if it does not close completely. Never try to disassemble the oven, as you will be at serious risk of electric shock.

To avoid the accumulation of steam that can burn you, always leave a small opening in the containers you use.

The most popular brands

 When choosing any appliance we always look for the most recognized brands in the market and that offer us extensive technology and comfort in their designs, that is why we present the Electrolux, LG and Samsung brands, which in the opinion of buyers are the best when choosing a microwave 2021.

It was born under the commercial merger that had the name of Electromekaniska in 1919, since it is a Swedish group and its founder is Axel Wenner Gren. Among its first milestones in the market is the launch of the first absorption refrigerator on the world market. In 1930 they also developed the built-in refrigerator for the first time, and after World War II they developed the first washing machine.

In 1986, Electrolux continued to consolidate and acquire several companies in the United States, then the company established itself with the Brazilian market in order to acquire Refripar. In 2000 Electrolux joined forces with Ericsson to form a joint company with the objective of exploring and developing technological solutions for future smart homes.

It is a brand that has always made a difference in homes worldwide due to the high quality of the products it designs, as well as the guarantee it offers, which makes it an avant-garde company in the world market due to the wide range of household appliances that make up its catalog. So if you are looking for a retro, integrable, or portable model, check out what this brand has for you.

It is the world’s largest electronics company, founded in October 1958 by Koo In-Hwoi, in Seoul, South Korea, integrating technological advances in communications, electronics and household appliances. It has 75 subsidiaries worldwide, and during its beginnings it marketed the products under the Lucky brand, while in other countries it was sold as the GoldStar brand, then it was in January 2009 when it bought and formed a union between the companies that made it up, combining its name in two letters and its logo in red that characterizes the brand.

LG is an outstanding company with more than 100 categories of equipment around the world, its increase has been registered with more than 14%, in the case of plasma televisions, it also has an elegant line for the kitchen in terms of its designs and chromatic colors, and currently this brand continues to grow rapidly due to the quality of its equipment.

As a recognized brand, it has received important awards such as Design Team of the Year, Best European LCD TV, Best European Blu – ray Player, Best European Eco-Friendly Phone, double award in the European Home Theater 3D Solution Category, among many others. plus.

The beginnings of this company were on March 1, 1938, where its founder Lee Byung-chu started his business in Daegu, South Korea. It was mainly in charge of exporting certain foods to Beijing and Manchuria, and it also managed to obtain flour mills as well as confectionery machines for its manufacturing and sales operations.

Samsung has been part of the active life of South Korea, being a protagonist in the different areas of life in that country. But today its influence has spread worldwide, especially through technological products such as mobile phones, tablets, and other smart devices.

Despite the fact that Samsung is characterized by the sale of household appliances, it also has its participation in other types of industries, such as the automotive sector, the maritime-air branches, financial and medical services, the offer of life insurance, tourism, the entertainment, among others.

In this sense, the brand has strongly competed with other large representative brands in each niche that we have mentioned, but always preserving its commercial position and reputation among users who recommend it as one of the best options if you are thinking of acquiring a microwave.

Frequently asked questions

 Q1. Where to put the microwave?

The microwave has become an indispensable appliance in our lives. If you notice, at least once a day you will surely use it. Therefore, it is a device that we must have on hand. One of the places where people usually put them in the kitchen is right above the oven, in a custom recess. Ideally, you don’t have to bend down to use it, because, as mentioned, it is an appliance that you will use a lot, so its location better be comfortable. Another good option is to place it on a support, for example, on two brackets anchored to the wall. Wherever you place it, make sure it is not far from the refrigerator, since most of the food that you will put in the microwave will come from the refrigerator.

 Q2. Where can a microwave be fixed?

If your microwave has broken and is still under warranty, it is best to contact the brand’s technical service. He better than anyone will know how to deal with the problem and, if you need a replacement, he will put original parts. However, a neighborhood appliance repair store may be cheaper. Surely in yours you can find one that has good references. Another alternative is to go to the store where you bought the microwave and ask about the best repair option.

 Q3. Where to throw the microwave?

A microwave is a household appliance that has a long service life. However, there comes a time when it may stop working as it did before and it may not be possible to fix it with a repair. Then, it is time to consider getting rid of it, although, as it is an electronic equipment, it cannot be thrown anywhere. Electronic waste cannot be thrown into a conventional container, as it is highly polluting. If you no longer want your microwave, it is best to take it to a Clean Point or you can ask at any appliance store, because they will know what to do with it.

 Q4. What is the function of a microwave?

It is commonly believed that a microwave only serves for heating. Although this is true, this appliance has many more uses. And is that most microwaves, depending on their functions, also serve to fine-tune precooked foods. They are also devices that can defrost any type of food, as long as the appropriate program is used. Another curious use is the grill, since many microwaves have this function just like ovens. The grill is an electrical resistance that is located in the upper interior part of the microwave and that offers dishes a very appetizing toasted finish.

 Q5. How can you defrost it in the microwave?

The defrost function of the microwave is one of the most useful. For example, if you forgot to take something out of the freezer to defrost naturally, the microwave can help you do it in no time. To do this, you just have to introduce the food in question (be it a loaf of bread, a chicken breast, etc.) and look for the defrost program. You will usually recognize it because it is next to a picture of a snowflake. Now you just have to choose the minutes to defrost and wait. Nothing happens if that time was not enough because you can repeat the process as many times as you want.

 Q6. Is it possible to grill in the microwave?

Today, most microwaves include a gratin function. It is a very interesting option that will allow you to give the optimal finish to your dishes. In foods like lasagna or pasta, this function is very practical. If you notice, in the upper part of the interior of the microwave there is an electrical resistance, which is what will be in charge of giving the dishes that final touch.

Microwave ovens are multipurpose tools in which we can do from simple tasks, such as heating breakfast coffee, to being able to prepare complete and very rich dishes. Something for which it is convenient to bet on models with complete options and that include power control systems, a good grill and an interior that we can clean easily. Samsung GE83X / XEC is one of the most recommended best microwaves 2021, since it has a grill to gratin food and it also has a food menu, so that you will not worry about the cooking time, but this appliance will do it for you, depending on the recipe you are preparing. Another microwave 2021 that you might like is the LG MH6535GIB, as it has the Smart Inverter system, to cook, heat or defrost food more quickly. It also has an Easy Clean inner lining, which helps reduce bacteria and makes the appliance easier to clean.

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