Top 7 Best Motherboards 2021 Reviews

Important parts such as the processor, RAM, hard disk, and audio and video cards must be considered when assembling a computer. Now, it is essential to have best motherboards 2021 that supports all these components, otherwise its performance will be far from the performance we require.

Best Motherboards 2021

For that reason, there are a wide variety of options of  best motherboards 2021 on the market and now we are going to focus on the most outstanding ones. The first is the Asus PRIME Z390-A , a motherboard designed for intensive use and gaming capacity, offering DDR4 slots for RAM memories, as well as M2 inputs for SSD hard drives.

The second alternative could be MSI Z390-A Pro, a model that stands out for working with USB 3.1 generation ports, which offer a very high transfer speed. In addition, it has an audio processor that will let you take better advantage of the capacity of your speakers.

 List Of Top 7 – Best Motherboards 2021 Reviews

 A desktop or laptop computer has an incredible number of components that make it functional, but none is more important than the motherboard or motherboard since thanks to it, all the connections and processes are carried out to be able to execute the optimal performance of our teams and that is why we have decided to create for you a list of the best motherboards 2021:

 1. ASUS Prime Z370-A Gaming Motherboard

best motherboards 2021


Computers designed to design, edit and play video games are some of the most demanding in terms of resources and accessories. The technology applied to the base plates allows the user to add the parts capable of meeting their requirements in the most efficient way.

If you are looking to invest your money in a best motherboard 2021 that allows you to achieve great performance in terms of graphics, the Prime Z370-A model from ASUS is capable of supporting SLI technology, through which you can install two latest generation graphics cards. The SLI allows you to enjoy all the RAM power of both cards as if they were a single card, or you can also concentrate your independent dedication to different tasks.

Video game lovers will find this advantage as one of the most practical when choosing the motherboard with which they will build the computer of their dreams.

  • With the ASUS motherboard you can enjoy SLI, a device through which you can install more than one graphics card in your computer and get more RAM for your video games.
  • You must bear in mind that it is a high-end model and is not intended to be used with obsolete parts or accessories, such as processors under the 8th generation.


The technology of this motherboard presents very useful characteristics and sought after by both professional gamers and designers, which is why you should not stop considering it among your main options.

2. Gigabyte GAZ37AGK3-00-G Motherboard

best motherboards 2021


For a better performance of your computer, it is necessary to have a quality motherboard, this model from the manufacturer Gigabyte being one of the most recommended today. It is an easy-to-use device that turns out to be compatible with the Windows operating system in different versions, being designed for computers that support 7th-generation Intel Core processors.

The model stands out for being fast and powerful, with armor against thermal shots and superior cooling, to provide a better performance of the equipment in which it is installed.

Additionally, it provides high resolution and incorporates an HD audio card, which improves sound performance for clearer voice chats, providing higher quality. The weight of this model is 499 grams, being light but functional. In addition, this motherboard has four USB ports, two of them 3.0 high speed.

This model marketed by Gigabyte may be the best motherboard 2021 of the moment, due to its high resolution and features that increase speed. Know its essential aspects.

  • Audio: It works with the ALC 1220 audio codec that offers a high level of resolution, being a multi-channel one.
  • Ports: The model is equipped with four USB ports, two of which are Hi-Speed ​​3.0. In addition, it has an HDMI and Ethernet port, so it has a greater possibility of connectivity.
  • Speed: This model improves the performance of the computer by making it faster and more powerful, with an armor that prevents heat shots and significantly lengthens its useful life.
  • Weight: The model weighs only 499 grams, making it lightweight and practical to install on computers that are compatible with its properties, without adding high additional weight.
  • Dents: Some users have received the base with some dents that detracts from its performance.

3. MSI B450 Gaming Plus Gaming Motherboard

best motherboards 2021


With a weight of less than a kilo, this model is among the best motherboards 2021, for providing speed benefits to the computer and being resistant. The plate is made up of a system with welds and steel reinforcements that protects the devices connected to it.

In addition, it incorporates a series of tools that improve speed performance and the ability to play in a more dynamic, active and fluid way. On the other hand, this device is equipped with an audio boost that enhances the sound quality for a more immersive experience, as well as a versatile power design that supports a greater number of cores, which translates into better performance.  

It supports multiple processors and runs on the Windows platform and operating system. Among its features, it incorporates a port to enable WiFi, has a memory capacity of 64 GB and allows updates.

Knowing the MSI B450 Gaming Plus card you will be able to determine which best motherboard 2021 to buy, since it is equipped with properties that improve its operation. Here are its pros and cons.

  • Weight: This model has a light weight of almost one kilo, so it can be installed on any computer that is compatible and will not entail additional weight.
  • Properties: It is designed to provide a better gaming experience, as well as to provide greater speed in all applications and programs that are used.
  • Audio: It is equipped with audio devices that improve sound quality exponentially, to provide a clearer and more realistic gaming experience.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with various models of computers and processors on the Windows platform, although it is always recommended to check beforehand.
  • Port: Some users consider that although it has many features, it requires a USB type “C” port.

4. Asrock 90-MXB450-A0UAYZ Motherboard

best motherboards 2021


This model could help to identify which is the best motherboard 2021, because it offers an optimized performance of the computer in which it is installed.

This unit is easy to use and install with basic knowledge. It is compatible with the Windows platform and operating system, providing maximum resolution in audio and video quality, thanks to the fact that it is equipped with an Intel HD Graphics 500 graphics processor. It weighs less than 500 grams, and is suitable for installation in any compatible computer.

To improve performance, this motherboard has been equipped with four Intel processors and a compatible 16GB memory capacity. In addition, to ensure user connectivity, this model incorporates three USB ports, two of them 2.0 and one 3.0 high-speed, as well as an Ethernet, HDMI and VGA port and two PS-2 ports.

Asrock 90-MXB450-A0UAYZ is a model that tries to represent the best brand of best motherboard 2021, being compatible with several models of computers. Therefore, it is convenient that you review its pros and cons.

  • Ports: It is equipped with several ports, three USB, one of which is high-speed 3.0 and two conventional, as well as Ethernet and HDMI ports, among others.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with the Windows operating system. However, it is necessary to review the versions and support capacity of the processor.
  • Processors: For better performance, the board has four Intel processors, as well as an HD video and graphics card from the same manufacturer.
  • Weight: Unlike other models, this drive has a relatively light weight of less than 500 grams, so it will not cause a significant increase in the weight of the computer.
  • Installation: Installing this device to the computer is simple, as long as they have basic notions to do it. Otherwise, it is recommended to go to a professional.

5. MSI B250M Mortar Arsenal Motherboard

best motherboards 2021


With a weight of 1.1 kilograms, this model is usually among the cheapest, competing to be the best motherboard 2021 for value for money, for providing the computer with features that improve graphics and sound performance.

The motherboard has a military aesthetic and technology design that protects the content in relation to the hardware and software. In addition, it has an Intel processor and superior audio quality, which enhances sounds for clearer and more realistic experiences.

This motherboard optimizes the performance and speed of the equipment for any program or application, but its manufacture is focused to enhance the activity of gamers, since it is equipped with systems for virtual reality with VR Ready certification.

In order to increase the possibilities of connectivity and versatility, the board incorporates several ports, among which three USB stand out, one of them high-speed and the remaining two conventional, as well as Ethernet, HDMI and PS-2 ports.

With the MSI B250M Mortar card you will be able to enhance the qualities of your computer to transform it into a machine suitable for games, in addition to standing out among the cheapest. Here we review its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Ports: The device is equipped with several ports to improve connectivity, three USB, one of them being high speed 3.0, an HDMI port, an Ethernet port and a PS-2 port.
  • Esthetic: In order to improve the durability and protection of the device, it has been designed with a military aesthetic.
  • Performance: The board has been developed to provide maximum performance and speed for games, including VR Ready for virtual reality.
  • Sound: The model is equipped with superior sound quality through audio boost technology, which improves sharpness for a more lifelike feel.
  • Compatibility: The model is not compatible with all computers or processors, and it is necessary to verify this prior to purchase.

Buying Guide – Best Motherboards 2021 on the market

 If the processor is the brain of the computer, the motherboard is the circulatory system and the skeleton that keeps it going. A key piece that we must evaluate in depth, both with regard to the first assembly of our PC and the possibilities of future expansion that it offers us. If you don’t know which aspects are most important, you can check them out in our guide to buying the best motherboard 2021, depending on the type of computer you want to build.

best motherboards 2021


Plate size and design type

When it comes to motherboards, size matters. And it matters as much as the size or format of the box where we are going to mount it. These two elements must go hand in hand, since if the plate is larger than the box obviously it will not fit, and if the plate is smaller than it should with respect to the box, we will have our equipment too compacted for available space.

In any comparison of best motherboards 2021 that we see online, we will surely find terms such as ATX or BT, accompanied by mini, or micro. These terms are those that define the conventional size of the plate and that we will also find in the characteristics of the box, making it easier for both to coincide. Since we are talking about standards, they are measurements we can trust.

For reference, the ATX type corresponds to the traditional and larger size board for PCs with 7 slots. We also have the Micro ATX size, a little smaller and ideal for compact equipment, without much processing demand and with 4 connectivity slots. Likewise, we have Mini ATX boards, designed for laptops and with an expansion slot. Finally we have the BTX type plates, which is a type of motherboard proposed as a “new standard” by Intel to replace the ATX.

best motherboards 2021


The hard drives of your computer’s CPU are responsible for storing all your important files and documents, as well as the resources necessary for the operation of the operating system. The new versions of the systems are more demanding every day, so they consume more resources.

Currently, SSD or Solid State Drive type disks are gaining much popularity in the market, a smaller version and much more powerful than the classic Hard Drive. The ASUS board stands out for having a port to install an SSD directly to it, with which you will get a much better performance and a drastically reduced response time.

In order to install the SSD in the Prime ZE370-A you will have to remove a special cover where there is a heat sink that, together with the thermal tape, will prevent your disk from overheating when it reaches high levels of demand.


Last but not least: the USB ports. There are many devices that make use of USB to transmit information of all kinds, whether they are portable memories, external hard drives, burners, headsets, mice, keyboards, etc. Therefore, it is relevant that you take into account the USB of the board of your interest.

With the ASUS motherboard you should not have problems in this regard, since this model is equipped with a total of two USB 2.0 ports and two more than 3.0. The latter are the fastest ports currently used in the home environment and are designed to achieve high transfer speeds between one device and another.

As an additional advantage, you should know that this plate has the particularity of having RGB lighting, that is, of various colors. Using manufacturer’s software you can modify them and thus give your computer its own and striking style.

 Processor and memory

When assembling a computer, both the processor and the memory are elements that we must also consider when betting on a specific model. Both in the aspect of compatibility and in the capacity or type of processor and memory capacity that the board can mount, according to your needs.

Starting with the processor, the first decision we must make is whether we are going to mount an Intel or AMD processor. Due to the differences in architecture and design of these processors, an AMD motherboard cannot mount Intel processors and vice versa. This also happens with the type or family of each processor, although, in this case, there is more flexibility, being able to even find processors that are compatible with all or almost all types of processors. In any case, check that the motherboard has the correct socket or connector, to avoid problems.

Regarding the RAM, again it is necessary to see that the type of memory that the board supports is compatible with the one we include in our project. In this case, it is advisable to bet on at least one plate that supports DDR3, as it is the current market standard. However, since there is not much difference in how much a board with DDR4 compatibility costs, it does not hurt to value it, especially if your equipment is designed for intensive uses.

best motherboards 2021

Board connectivity

Once the main approach and use of the board is established, it is time to review the connectivity options it offers.

In this case, connectivity has to do both with the different internal slots available, as well as with connectivity through external outputs. A plate, to be considered good and cheap, should not limit you when you want to update or install certain components.

In this sense, those users who want to use several graphic card units, for example, must assess how many ports and what type they have available, in addition to the capacity of the board to support this type of installation.

Another very relevant aspect regarding motherboard connectivity focuses on the amount and type of USB ports that are available for use. Nowadays it is advisable to have 3.0 inputs directly to the computer on hand, in order to make the most of the transfer capacities, both of information and energy.

 How to use a motherboard

 Your computer’s motherboard allows communication between many of the crucial electronic components in your computer, such as the central processing unit (CPU) and memory.

Once you’ve selected a motherboard and got your hands on it, it’s time to install it. But first you must remove the motherboard that you are going to replace with the new one.

best motherboards 2021

Remove the motherboard to replace

Start by shutting down your computer and disconnecting all cables connected to your PC. Then open the side of your computer case so you can access the motherboard. As a smart trick, we recommend you take a photo right now to have a record of everything that needs to be connected after completing the installation process of the new motherboard.

Take out large items like graphics cards and Wi-Fi cards first. Next, disconnect the interface cables that connect your SSD, hard drive, or optical media drive to your motherboard. Lastly, it’s time to disconnect all the power cables connected to your motherboard.

On most motherboards 2021 there will be a small 8-pin CPU power connector near the top of the motherboard, and a much larger 24-pin ATX power connector near the center of the left side of the motherboard. You must unhook both connectors.

Using a screwdriver, remove the screws that hold the old motherboard to the mounting points on the PC. Save the screws, remember that you will need them later. Remove the CPU cooler, processor and RAM from the old motherboard, so that you can install them on the new motherboard.

best motherboards 2021

Installing the new motherboard

Install the processor, CPU cooler, and RAM on your new motherboard. Next, screw the motherboard into place, making sure not to touch the screws on the computer case, as you would risk burning the motherboard when you turn on your PC.

Connect the two power connectors (24-pin and 8-pin) that you removed earlier. Now connect the SATA cables again and put the expansion cards back in place. Check that all the internal cables of the PC are connected correctly and that everything is firmly in place. Reconnect all external cables that were connected to the PC before taking it apart. Finally, turn on the computer.

This is the moment of truth. The PC will probably reboot a couple of times while the motherboard adjusts to its new life. Then everything should go back to normal. If after you’ve replaced your motherboard you have trouble getting your computer to boot properly, contact your motherboard manufacturer or ask for help at one of the many team building forums on the web.

With a new motherboard, your PC should be as good as new and we hope it will be a little faster and more efficient to boot.

The most popular Best Motherboards 2021 brands

 We know that it is not easy to know which motherboard 2021 to buy, so in addition to reviewing user reviews on the Internet and comparing them with the specifications of some of the best ones, we also want to take a look at the best motherboard 2021 brands that are currently available. for which we have selected Gigabyte, ASRock and ASUS.

best motherboards brands 2021

This Taiwan-based company was founded in 1986 and has established itself in the computer market primarily by producing high-performance motherboards. However, Gigabyte Technology also manufactures graphics cards, personal computers, laptops, optical storage drives, monitors, and other peripheral devices such as mice and keyboards.

From this brand we can also find power supplies, routers and even mobile phones. At Gigabyte they are always concerned with innovation and are responsible for the G1 gaming series , especially for professional or amateur gamers, it is currently well known for these new ones as Ultra Durable and WINDFORCE, which improve the durability of motherboards in any environment.

Their motherboards are ready for standard technologies like Intel’s Socket 775, and they are ready for ddr2 and ddr3 RAM memory, so they are versatile. In addition, AMD and Nvidia series graphics cards are available

This is a company recognized worldwide for its quality products that have excellent scores in the reviews made by the users who have purchased it. Many think that buying a Gigabyte motherboard is a good investment . Not in vain this brand has won more than 12 thousand international awards.

best motherboards brands 2021

It is a Chinese brand that has its main headquarters in Taipei, and is mainly dedicated to the manufacture of motherboards and industrial PCs. A few years ago it was part of the important company ASUS, but since 2002 it has been an independent company that currently competes with the best in the world.

Some claim that it is among the top three motherboard brands, especially since in 2012 it outsold the other giant MSI . ASRock has earned the respect of its competitors but more importantly, it has gained the endorsement of many people in the world who prefer their motherboards.

This company is also known for its efforts to collaborate with the conservation of the environment, using products that are friendly to nature. It currently has branches in both Europe and the United States, reaching hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. It is a company that is interested in meeting the needs of both motherboard experts and technology hobbyists and enthusiasts.

best motherboards brands 2021

Since 1989 this company has been in the market reaching more and more quality and innovation. It is headquartered in Taiwan and manufactures motherboards, optical storage devices, graphics cards, laptops, routers, smartphones, tablets, among other electronic products.

The word ASUS refers to the mythological Greek winged horse named Pegasus, and this inspires the members of the company to always achieve the proposed goals. They have their own internal philosophy that is committed to humility, integrity, diligence, agility and courage. We mention this because users of ASUS products recognize these principles in the end result of a quality product and unsurpassed service.

As for motherboards, the brand is committed to the design of resistant and functional motherboards. Anyone who needs a socket 1155 motherboard will know that one of the best options is to be found in ASUS products. From the most basic to the most sophisticated, from this brand we will find a wide variety of options for both experts and beginners.

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