Top 7 Best Mountain Bikes 2021 Reviews

For those who love to ride a bicycle but want to go beyond what conventional bikes can offer, they have to acquire best mountain bikes 2021, these will first allow you to ride at different speeds, have more braking capacity and also resistance for places steep and uneven surfaces like those you will find in the mountains, allowing you to reach almost any place. 

Best Mountain Bikes 2021

There are a wide variety of best mountain bikes 2021 models and designs on the world market, that is why it can be used by beginners to professional mountaineering on two wheels. If you want to buy one of these, but you are not clear about your choice

we can recommend two best mountain bikes 2021 models among the most outstanding for their sales and positive comments, among which we can highlight the Moma bikes 5546903430698, which has 24 different speeds to face different terrain and 29-inch tires for greater stability and better travel; and the Cloot 1000-15L that gives you 21 easy-to-use gearboxes and is made of highly resistant materials such as aluminum.

List Of Top 7 – Best Mountain Bikes 2021 Reviews

If you are a cycling professional or if you are starting in the sport, you should be able to count on a team that adjusts to your needs and also adapts to the use that you will give it; There are different types on the market but to get the perfect model that we require for uneven and steep terrain, we must know which is the best mountain bike 2021 that we can buy for the efficient practice of this exciting world; Keep in mind that each model may be intended for a specific audience of users.

In order to give you a better idea, we have analyzed the best mountain bikes 2021 , highlighting 5 models which we will briefly explain with their main characteristics so that you can know which one best suits your needs and the use that you will give them.

1. Moma Bikes Mountain Bike GTT 29 ″ Alu, Shimano 24V

best mountain bikes 2021


The frame of the Moma Bikes 5546903430698 bicycle has been made of high quality aluminum, which reduces the weight of the product, but maintains adequate resistance on all types of terrain. This frame is size L, which allows it to be used by cyclists measuring from approximately 1.75 to 1.84 meters.

This frame has the usual format, although with an extended size handlebar, which makes it easy to hold it comfortably. It is finished off in the fork area with a front suspension, which absorbs the bumps in the terrain and offers you greater comfort when riding on any surface on which you move.

  • The size L aluminum frame, together with the rims made of the same material, reduce the weight of the bicycle to only 13.4 kilos, so that you do not have to carry more weight than necessary.
  • The brakes are suitable for conventional use both in the city and on the road, although some users mention that, in the case of more extreme uses, it is convenient to check if they adapt to what we need.


The Moma Bikes 5546903430698 model has numerous quality details such as its aluminum frame, its front suspension or its Shimano derailleurs, which place it at the forefront in the current mountain bike market.

2. Cloot Mountain bike 27.5 MTB XR Trail 70R

best mountain bikes 2021


This best mountain bike 2021 has a fairly wide 27.5-inch hydroformed aluminum frame and oversized wheels to better handle the different terrains you have to face, these have double walls for greater resistance.

It has 24 speeds that will allow you to improve your movement and performance on slopes and climbs, this will help you to efficiently face different surfaces when you are on the mountain; In addition, it has a locking system on its fork and it also has disc brakes so you have more control.

The total weight of the product is 15 kilograms, this means that you can handle it easily and without much effort. It is size M, ideal for people who are between 1.59 m and 1.71 m.

For some clients, Cloot is the best mountain bike 2021 brand for the quality of its products designed for amateurs and professionals in this discipline. That is why we describe the positive and negative aspects of the 1000-15M model.

  • Speed: The 24 gear changes allow for efficient bike performance to move quickly and adapt the pedaling to the type of terrain you are going to cover.
  • Design: This bicycle has a particular geometric design so that the cyclist maintains a more upright posture without discomfort to the neck, shoulders and back for a better experience.
  • Quality: The frame is made of high-quality, lightweight and strong hydroformed aluminum for a higher level of durability at 27.5 inches, while still allowing easy loading because it barely weighs 15 kg.
  • Brakes: Some users say that it would be more beneficial if the brake system were hydraulic instead of mechanical. However, the ones it does have offer efficient performance.

3. Ecosmo 26SF02BL Folding bike

best mountain bikes 2021


On this bike you can find up to 21 different speeds to be used as best you want, as it will let you go at high speed or go up places that you would not have thought, but always safe for its innovative disc brake system; this model also has double suspension.

In addition, it is a folding mountain bike, which gives it greater versatility of use and will allow it to take up less space when you are not using it and need to store it. Its dimensions are reduced to 95 centimeters long by 33 cm wide and 74cm high.

It is not very heavy, although it is one of the heaviest among others on the market, because it has a total of 18 kilograms, moving it may require a little effort. It is made of very resistant materials such as aluminum.

If you live in a small apartment you will need a folding bike, but if you don’t know which mountain bike to buy that takes up little space, you can review the positive and negative aspects of the Ecosmo folding mountain bike.

  • Design: This is a bike that can be stored in tight spaces because it measures approximately 95 x 33 x 74 cm when folded easily, ideal to carry in the trunk of the car to the place of the trip.
  • Material: This model is made of Hi-Ten steel, a durable and resistant material that can last for many years if you protect it properly from corrosion.
  • Speed: It features the Shimano gear system with 21 speeds for optimal performance to drive on slopes, climbs and any type of terrain without much effort.
  • Instructions: The instruction manual is in English and many users express that it is a disadvantage that it is not available in Spanish.
  • Materials : Several customers state that the material of the pedals could be improved to offer greater durability.

4. Gotty Mountain bike MTB woman CRS, aluminum 26 ″

best mountain bikes 2021


This model has an aluminum frame to make it more resistant to the use that you are going to give it and to resist the force that you must apply in order to climb to the heights of a mountain; This is thanks to its 26-inch double-walled aluminum tires and front suspension.

You can have 21 different speeds so that you can use them as you consider best, either for greater speed, movement, or to achieve climbing surfaces in ascents. It has a disc brake, which is made of aluminum to be able to have a better efficiency to progressively stop the bicycle or if you need to do it quickly.

It is very easy to control, since it only weighs 12 kilograms, handling it will not be a problem. It has aluminum cranks which makes it more resistant to use.

This model is not one of the cheapest bicycles, which confirms the quality of its materials and its high performance, so we present the pros and cons so you can learn more about the Gotty CRS mountain bike.

  • Design: It has been specially designed for women who are new to mountain biking with a delicate finish and the combination of professional materials and components for high performance. Its violet color is visually attractive.
  • Materials: The 66 cm frame is made of 7005 aluminum, as well as the handlebar, cranks and suspension are made of adjustable aluminum to ensure greater durability.
  • Changes: With this bike you can travel all kinds of slopes and climbs thanks to the Shimano TX-35 speed system with 21 gears that guarantee an efficient ride.
  • Settings: To be a beginner, it requires initial adjustments in the change that must be made by a person with knowledge of the subject; The rest of the assembly is very simple because it includes the key and the assembly instructions.

5. New Star Bicycle MTB 24 ″

best mountain bikes 2021


This model is mainly designed to be a best mountain bike 2021 for children, which has 6 different speeds on its pinion. It is used to initiate the smallest of the house in this sport.

It has 12-inch aluminum wheels so it could be perfect for children from 11 to 13 years old, you should always take into account the height and also the weight of the user. It has construction materials that are quite durable and resistant, to be used for a long time and in mountain spaces that conform to this product.

This model is the best among best mountain bikes 2021 for its great value for money, it is one of the cheapest on the market and it is very commercial.

For your children to get started in cycling, we recommend you review the pros and cons of the best mountain bike 2021 for 120 dollars or less: the New Star model 80EM001.

  • Speeds: Because it is designed as a children’s mountain bike, it has a 6-speed sprocket that combined with the triple chainring gives you better handling, whether on flat terrain or on a slope.
  • Saddle: This element is easy to adjust to the child’s height by means of a manual pressure mechanism, without the need for tools.
  • Materials: The bike is made of a lightweight and durable metal alloy, the rims, for their part, are made of aluminum to guarantee durability and resistance to corrosion.
  • Fork: It is totally stiff, lacks suspension, which can complicate handling because there is no damping during travel on uneven terrain.
  • Seat: One user claims that the seat needs better padding, as it is somewhat hard.

6.Moma Bikes Mountain Bike GTT 29 ″ Alu

best mountain bikes 2021


This model has the main advantage of having a 24-speed system which you can use as you require and is very efficient in its movement, thanks to its large 29-inch diameter wheels.

The rims have a double-walled aluminum coating, which makes them very durable and resistant to uneven terrain. This model comes in size L, that is, for people who are between 1.75 meters and 1.84 meters tall. its brake system is disc both front and rear.

This 29-inch mountain bike is also very easy to use since it only weighs 13 kilograms, so handling it will not require any supreme effort. It is considered by users as the best mountain bike 2021 on the market, due to its quality, price, durability and also resistance.   

For many professional cyclists, this model is the best mountain bike of the moment, so we invite you to detail the characteristics that distinguish this product.

  • Versatility: Due to its design, you can use this bike in mountainous terrain but also in the city and asphalt roads with total efficiency during the tour.
  • Components: Shimano components give a high level of performance to the bike, as they are recognized for their quality and resistance. This model includes among its elements the professional Shimano TX-55 24 speed derailleur, the Shimano ST-EF51 actuators and the Shimano TZ-20 chainring derailleur.
  • Cushioning: The front fork integrates suspension to cover all types of terrain, guaranteeing efficient damping, which is equivalent to greater stability and safety while driving.
  • Material: Made of excellent quality aluminum, this bike stands out for being light but durable and resistant to intense training in the mountains.
  • Mounting: Users say that its assembly is simple, you just have to place the wheels and adjust the handlebar to go out for a ride on your mountain bike.
  • Settings: Several users claim that the speed system arrives out of adjustment, which hinders the performance of the bike and they must pay in a specialized place to make the proper adjustment.


Buying Guide – best mountain bike 2021 on the market

The sport of mountain biking is widely practiced in the world, but to be able to do it more easily, if you are a beginner or a professional in the area, you must have a bicycle that allows you to face the different terrains that you will find in the field. The main thing that you should take into account before buying your model, are the speeds it offers, the diameter of its wheels and also its manufacturing materials and weight.

It depends on the use you are going to give it and the needs you have, you will be able to define which is the best mountain bike 2021 on the market, so it is important that you determine what you are going to use it for and if it is for your professional practices or to get started in this fascinating sport that will also allow you to reach places where you thought you could not before, knowing beautiful landscapes and places.

In the commercial world you will find different types of mountain bikes, there are many brands and models, which could make your choice not easy, so we recommend that you be very careful when choosing your model, always depending on your needs.

best mountain bikes 2021

Why buy a mountain bike?

In order to have greater control in the use of the equipment and to be able to get to the places where you want in the field or in the mountains, it is important to have a mountain bike that will allow you to have different speeds to control how fast you move and also , the force you must use to climb onto the surfaces.

If you have been encouraged to buy one of these for your personal use or that of your children, there are some key or determining points that you should analyze before making your choice.

We have taken these after making a comparison of mountain bikes that you can get in the market and some of them are: the materials of manufacture, diameters of their wheels, the size that will allow it to fit perfectly to your body and you can use it with total comfort, and of course the budget, since it is essential to know how much it costs, because you will find from the most expensive, to the one that is good and economical.

But to expand these details further and to have the right choice for your needs, we have prepared for you a guide to buying the best mountain bike 2021 that you find on the market and that suits your needs.


One of the main characteristics that you must take into account before making your choice is the speed with which you need to move and the different terrain in which you are going to use it, also remembering the slopes and slopes to which you must submit them.

In the most conventional models of mountain bikes you will find a standard size of 18 to 21 gears, which are perfect for practicing or getting started in mountain sports. However, there are those that go up to 24 speeds for those who are professionals.

Construction materials

Another essential factor is the construction material, since the durability of it and the resistance they can give you will depend on them. Most of the most common materials in mountain bikes, especially for the elaboration of their frame are: carbon, aluminum and steel, all chosen by the manufacturers because they are very durable and good.

These materials are also combined with plastic and rubber, which are used for details and handlebars, more comfortable for users.   

The quality of the brake materials are also essential, there are two types, those of rubber shoe and those of discs, as the most used today for their efficiency and effectiveness to stop the bicycle or simply slow down in a controlled manner.     

Size and size

The size of mountain bikes is usually standard, but you can also find models that are made of resistant materials and also foldable to facilitate the use of them, and take up less space when you are not using them.

You must analyze the size that is suitable for your height, because not just any model fits just anyone and the most common ones are S, ideal for people measuring 1 meter 60 centimeters by 14 inches; the M’s ranging from 1 m 65 cm to 1 m 70 cm from 16 to 18 “; the averages ranging from 1.75 to 1.80 with 18 or 19 ”; and the L that can use it 1 m 80 cm to 1 m 90 cm and go up to 221 inches.

best mountain bikes 2021


As we have already mentioned before, the price can be a highly determining factor in our purchase and this is because being a sports team, the investment to be made is usually very high but currently there are many models and brands on the market.

It is important that you take into account that these prices are referential and could vary at the time of purchase. The best-selling models range from 130 dollars in the cheapest ones to more than 400 dollars in the most sophisticated types.

How to use a mountain bike

For those who love cycling, it will be essential to have a bicycle that allows them to face any type of terrain. But more importantly, it will be knowing how to maneuver it properly, whether you use it on flat surfaces, as well as on not so flat surfaces, such as mountains.

Well, it should be noted that there are ideal bicycles for practicing your favorite sport in the mountains, as well as lending themselves to riding relaxed on asphalt. It all depends on the model you have. As long as you use it correctly, you can enjoy it for a long time.

best mountain bikes 2021


Unpack the bike

First of all, you should proceed to unpack the bike. To do this, you will have to take out the corresponding pieces one by one for the assembly process. Well, it should be noted that some bicycles tend to come disassembled, so you must assemble them at home.

Verify that the bicycle parts are complete and in good condition

In the case of a bicycle where you will mostly be transported while in the mountains, it will be essential that you verify, prior to the assembly process, that each piece is in perfect condition, especially if it is a completely new bicycle. Well, the fact that both the brakes and the wheels or even the handlebars are in good condition will positively influence the comfort and ease with which you can ride your mountain bike.

Proceed to assemble the bike

If you receive your bike disassembled, it shouldn’t be a concern for you, as the assembly system turns out to be quick and easy. You simply have to place the two wheels in their respective positions and then adjust the handlebar properly.

However, we consider it extremely important that after the assembly process you proceed to verify that the tire pressure is adequate. Also, the brakes and the handlebars must be in optimal condition. While the saddle should be adjusted to your measure, so that you can pedal with great ease and comfort.

best mountain bikes 2021

Once assembled, it is ready to ride

Once you have successfully assembled your bike, it is ready to ride. Now you simply have to take some security measures, essential to avoid any type of incident while using it.

In this way, we recommend that you make constant use of your helmet, as well as your knee and elbow pads. It should be noted that, in the event of an accident, having your safety accessories on would be of great help to avoid any type of injury, either in any of your limbs as well as in the head.

Now, there are mountain bikes that also offer you the opportunity to use them on the asphalt. If this is your case, you just have to check that it has its reflector, ideal to be seen even in those places with little light or at night.

While using the bicycle, take into account the following tips

Being an ideal bicycle for running in the mountains, these normally have between 21 and 24 speeds incorporated into their gear system, capable of giving you optimal performance in case you find yourself riding on slopes, climbs or even any type of terrain. In this way, we recommend that you be able to use them properly.

To do this, you simply have to make the changes when you feel that you are trying a lot to be able to pedal or, on the contrary, when you feel that you are not making any effort. It should be noted that making the changes properly will also depend largely on the type of trail you are going to travel.

Since if an uphill is anticipated, you will have to make a change to a higher number, while downhill, it should be the opposite, to achieve greater control of the bike. On the other hand, it is very important that you fix your gaze on the path you are traveling, since it would be of great help to you to determine certain obstacles that may be on the way.

The most popular best mountain bikes 2021 brands

 As we have already seen, the purchase of mountain bikes carries a series of implications that should not be overlooked. One of the aspects that most interest amateur users is the search for brands capable of offering quality, safety and good performance in the field.

This is why we have researched the most popular brands of best mountain bikes 2021 available on the web. Our intention is to offer all the useful information that you may need in one place.

best mountain bikes brands 2021

Moma Bikes is a very popular bicycle company not only in Spain, but also in several European countries. It is a 100% Spanish brand that had its origins in the city of Barcelona and has been providing its services and great experience to the sector for more than 15 years. At Moma Bikes you find not only the quality that a specialized manufacturer can offer you, but also the satisfaction of supporting local work and production.

Analyzing the opinions on the web, we find why so many users in the market prefer the bicycles of this company, since Moma Bikes offers all its customers a two-year guarantee on each of its products.

Its bicycles also go through a rigorous quality control system and no product is sent out of the workshop until each of the controls has been successfully passed.

Finally, this company offers us a varied catalog that seeks to respond to all the needs and demands present in the market; all this while maintaining a fairly affordable quality – price ratio.

best mountain bikes brands 2021

This company was founded in 1880. Falcon Cycles is a British bicycle manufacturer that had its origins in Coventry. Today it is a traditional company with great popularity in the European Union with an excellent background and extensive experience in the sector, which makes it a great alternative when looking for quality models.

Among the important milestones of the company we find that in 1898 it began, like other manufacturers of the moment, to experiment with the application of gasoline engines to its bicycle models. With this fact he manages to produce the first motorcycle. During the two great wars that ravaged Europe and the world during the first half of the 20th century, Falcon was active in production and invention.

By the postwar era they would begin to produce the first competition bicycles, making their way to a new market: that of leisure. Its range of sports bikes was, for a long time, a point of great attraction for sports enthusiasts and one of the great milestones of the company.

best mountain bikes brands 2021

KS Cycling began its activities in the design and marketing of bicycles in 2000. With the outbreak of the new century, a bicycle company was born entirely focused on electronic commerce, turning the experience of buying these products into a task that could be carried out from the comfort of home and without complications.

This company of German origin is proud to be one of the pioneers in the field of electronic commerce and to bring to the world the characteristic quality of German products in each of its creations.

The concept of the brand is structured around the idea of ​​being able to offer each of its clients the bicycle of their dreams. For this they have invested time and effort in creating an extremely varied catalog that seeks to respond to different needs or different lifestyles. Whether you are looking for a mountain bike, a city bike or a casual wear model, KS Cycling presents you with great options.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: What is the best mountain bike GPS?

With the growing interest of the user community towards these devices, many brands are presenting interesting GPS devices to the market due to their additional functions and high degree of precision. Ensuring which is the best mountain bike GPS would be complex, since there are many alternatives that stand out for their performance. However, we can try to get closer to the best, with models that have been rated by users as the best performing. These include options from brands like Polar, Garmin, Walio, Xiaomi, Bryton, and Sigma.

Q2: What mountain bike to buy to start with?

Purchasing a suitable mountain bike will depend on several factors. One of the most important is the regularity of use, as well as the budget that is available to make the purchase, since there are some alternatives that have a high price, but adequate performance, with a long useful life that is given by its manufacturing materials. Another feature is the size of the frame and the braking and suspension systems. The frame must adapt to the frame of the person and allow to bear the weight. Likewise, the vehicle must have an easy-to-operate braking system and a suspension with an adequate degree of damping. Once these properties have been analyzed, some of the most convenient brands are: Moma Bikes, Ecosmo, Gotty and New Star.

Q3: How to clean a mountain bike?

Cleaning a mountain bike is simple, but to be able to do it it is necessary to first get a suitable spray cleaning product to apply on the surface. This must be allowed to act on the structure and then remove it. Next, it is necessary to remove the mud from the transmission system using specific products. Some advise that you apply detergent with a damp cloth, then rinse off and dry the excess water.

Q4: How to know the size of a mountain bike?

Each bicycle brand has its own sizing system, which can make selecting the appropriate one a complex task. However, there are ways to calculate it. To do this, you must know the height of the crotch. The best thing to do is to stand without shoes, with your legs straight to measure the distance between your groin and the ground in centimeters. This figure must be multiplied by 0.21 and the result must be taken to the size table of the brand of interest.

Q5: How to change the sprockets of a mountain bike?

This will require a cassette extractor key and a piece of old chain. The rear wheel and axle must be removed from the frame , then the cassette is removed and the sprockets are held to remove them. Then the new cassette must be mounted on the spindle and adjusted.

Q6: How to regulate the change of a mountain bike?

These changes are regulated with a small dial that is usually rotatable and that is on the handlebar of the bicycle. To activate it, it is only necessary to move it and the gear change will take place. As in cars, changes are applied when the road demands it. For more information on the regulation of the changes, you should read the user manual of the model.

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