Top 7 Best Mp3 Players 2021 Reviews

If you want to have a computer to enjoy your favorite music whenever and wherever you want, it is convenient to purchase an MP3 player, but you must pay attention to aspects such as sound quality, battery life, size, storage capacity of audio files, the type of format that can be played and if the handling is comfortable enough. These characteristics are available in best mp3 players 2021 models.

Best Mp3 Players 2021

After consulting the different existing proposals and comparing them with direct promotions made by users, it is worth noting that the AGPtek G02 is one of the most prominent models, since it is small and light, with a capacity of 8 GB and that can be placed almost anywhere thanks to its clip-on design. As a second option we have the Sony Walkman NWZ-B183F, which offers you up to 4 GB to save your favorite music, 23 hours of autonomy and a charge that barely takes 75 minutes to be ready for what you need.

List Of Top 7 – Best Mp3 Players 2021 Reviews

It never hurts to have the best MP3 player you can buy since this incredible little device, thanks to today’s technologies, has immense capacities to store all your favorite music and thus be able to enjoy it wherever and whenever you want!

If you are looking for the best MP3 player 2021, then you can take a look at the following list, which contains the models most appreciated and recommended by consumers.

1. Agptek G02 Mini-Clip best MP3 Player 2021 8GB

best mp3 players 2021


This model of best MP3 player 2021 has a built-in memory of 8 GB, which allows to store up to 1500 songs in the MP3, giving the opportunity to those who use it to have a great musical variety. Depending on the activity you want to do, you can have a type of music that accompanies you at all times.

It is useless to have a lot of capacity if there is no way to download the songs. Users highlight that its operating system is fully compatible with Windows from version 98 to 7 and is also compatible with Mac OS and Linux.

In addition, it is considered efficient for sports activities while playing music or radio on FM frequency. This player is also compatible for use with almost any vehicle that has a USB port.

  • It has a compact size of only 36 x 15 x 50 mm, which according to its buyers makes it very convenient, practical and comfortable to use in any situation, especially during the gym or while playing sports or even while traveling with your scooter .
  • Some users of the product have reported complaints regarding the included headphones, claiming that they do not like their shape very much and that it may detract from sound quality, but it is more of a perception factor.

Verdict:  Its buyers consider this player a versatile, comfortable and easy to use product. Its large memory and the possibility of connecting to the FM radio frequency stand out. Similarly, this product includes a silicone sleeve that makes it easy to use when exercising.

2. Sony Walkman NWZ-B183F Best MP3 Player 2021

best mp3 players 2021


The Sony Walkman NWZ-B183F is the evolution of the most outstanding product in this line of audio players. A device that maintains the elegance and high manufacturing quality of this model, with details such as its aluminum exterior or a compact size that makes it easy to carry it anywhere in your silver bag .

A model that has improved in some aspects such as sound quality, which now includes bass emphasis to boost the lower frequencies. It also has a longer battery life, which now reaches 23 hours and includes a fast charge that leaves the device ready in just 3 minutes of charging.

It is finished off with a digital screen where you can see exactly what you are playing at all times, as well as 4 GB of internal memory in which to store all your favorite songs.

If you want a quality and lightweight MP3 player with which to fill any occasion with music, get to know this elegant Sony model in depth.

  • Size: The measurements of the product have been those of a conventional pendrive, which proves how compact the product is.
  • Materials: The aluminum exterior finish gives us clues about the quality and class of materials that have been used in the manufacture of this product.
  • Drums: This device has a high battery life, enough so that you forget about having to charge it too often.
  • Internal memory: Its 4 GB of internal memory is more than enough to store hundreds of songs and organize them to your liking.
  • Headphones: The included headphones are of fair quality, although they can perform well if you’re not overly demanding.
  • Button panel: The distribution of the keypad is somewhat scattered, also having small buttons that do not make controlling the equipment too easy.

3. Mibao 16GB Best MP3 Player 2021 with Bluetooth 4.2

best mp3 players 2021


The Mibao M400-UK player is another of our interesting proposals, when it comes to enjoying your music anywhere. Something for which this model offers you an internal space of 16 GB of storage, where you can store thousands of songs comfortably.

Music that is reproduced using MSONV Super HiFi TM technology, which supports all types of file formats and generates high-quality audio, avoiding losses and reducing the level of noise generated. This quality is perceived both in its conventional or wired use and in the Bluetooth mode of use, which also incorporates the device.

It is accompanied by interesting accessories, such as the arm band, wired headphones or the neck hanger, which allows it to be worn comfortably thanks to its lightweight. By the way, it also includes a speaker, in case you need it.

  • Bluetooth: This model includes Bluetooth connectivity, so you can forget about cables when listening to your favorite music.
  • Storage: It includes an internal space of 16 GB, where you can store thousands of songs comfortably, to listen to them whenever you want.
  • Control Panel: The control panel combines a comfortable button panel with a 1.8-inch color screen, in which to see everything more clearly.
  • Menu: The menu and interface of the product have certain shortcomings in translation, which makes it difficult to control the different functions of the equipment.
  • Screen: Some comments indicate that the screen has a tendency to scratch easily, so be careful when using it.

4. Musrun 32GB Bluetooth Best MP3 Player 2021

best mp3 players 2021


If you want to have a large space to store your favorite songs, the Musrun K188 MP3 player will surely interest you. And we are talking about one of the players with the largest capacity on the market, with 32 GB of available space, to store thousands of songs.

Some songs that are reproduced with a high quality, thanks to the intelligent chip incorporated in the equipment. Something that is in line with the wide variety of formats that the product includes, so you will not have to worry about the format of your files.

As if that were not enough, the equipment also has a large battery, which can reach 55 hours in music playback mode, so that nothing leaves you without your favorite songs.

And if you want to do without cables, all you have to do is activate Bluetooth connectivity and look for a wireless headset suitable for your preferences.

  • Storage: This product increases the storage space to 32 GB, thus having space available for thousands of songs.
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth connectivity, in its version 5.0, allows you to listen to your music without cables or hassles, just by having compatible speakers.
  • Screen: It has a 1.8-inch diagonal full-color screen, which complements the included keypad very well, as far as controlling the product is concerned.
  • Weight: The product is somewhat heavier than other similar models, which can be somewhat annoying when taking it with you.
  • Radio and Bluetooth: As is usual with these devices, if you use wireless headphones you will not be able to use the radio function, since the antenna is precisely the headphone cable.

5. Victure Bluetooth 4.1 MP3 MP4 Player 16GB

best mp3 players 2021


In our selection, a product from Victure, one of the best-known brands in this segment, could not be missing. The chosen one is the Victure M6X, which presents different interesting aspects to enjoy your music.

We talked about issues such as the included high-quality chip, with which you can enjoy near high-fidelity sound in any of the included file formats. It also has a large memory, 16 GB, to which is added the space of the SD card, which can be up to 128 GB in capacity. Something ideal so that you do not lack space when it comes to taking your music with you and enjoying it with quality.

Something for which you also have Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to do without cables unless you want to listen to the radio. One function, the radio, which is accompanied by others such as the sound recorder or even the integrated pedometer.

  • HiFi sound: The high-quality chip built into the device allows you to enjoy high-quality sound, noise-free and with high fidelity.
  • Additional functions: In addition to playing MP3 files, the product also has FM radio, voice recording and even other functions, such as pedometer.
  • Drums: The battery offers you up to 45 hours of use in wired mode and 16 in Bluetooth mode, requiring just 1.5 hours to charge.
  • Memory card: The product supports the use of memory cards but none are included with the player, so you will have to buy them separately or use one that you have at home.
  • Product body: Although the rear is metal, the front is plastic and has some weakness, so it should be treated with care.

Buying Guide – Best Mp3 Players 2021 on the market

Although today we use the mobile for almost everything, the truth is that the MP3 player is still a good alternative, especially if you do not want to carry so much weight or prefer to control your music better. To enjoy your MP3s as they deserve, follow the advice in our guide to buying the best MP3 player 2021 on the market and you will see how easy it is to get the best audio without complications.


best mp3 players 2021

Functions included

When we decide to buy the best MP3 player 2021 it is obvious that the main function that we are going to use is to play our favorite music. However, just take a look at any comparison of best MP3 players 2021 to find that these products have more functions, which make their operation even easier or give us more possibilities of use.

Among these functions we find those to control the music and its output. To control the music we not only talk about the player, with its advances and backs, but also about the equalization functions, which will help us enjoy more pleasant music depending on what we are listening to. We also find the options for loading music lists or even creating them, so that it is much easier to manage our favorite albums and songs easily.

Finally, we cannot forget about the additional functions that are related to the screen. On this screen we can find models that allow us to directly see the covers of the discs we are listening to, better control playback and access advanced functions. It is true that the size of this screen does not normally reach 2 inches, although no matter how small it is, it makes it easier to control and access all your music.


best mp3 players 2021

Battery and storage

Since MP3 players are autonomous devices, it is essential that they have both the autonomy and the storage capacity necessary for us to have room for all our music. It is useless to have a nice or cheap model if in the end it does not have the utility that it should.

Thus, speaking first of all about the battery, it is normal for these computers to have a rechargeable battery through a USB port. This allows you to connect it to any power bank, to a charger or wherever you need it, so that the product is charged in a few hours. It is important that the equipment has a good autonomy, of at least five or six hours, so that you do not run out of music unexpectedly. However, if you need more autonomy, some models also have more charged batteries.

In terms of storage, almost all best MP3 players 2021 have an internal storage unit. This memory is usually 8 or 16 gigabytes, without this making much difference in how much the player costs. However, if this measure falls short, check that the device has a card reader , so that you can use SD or microSD cards to insert your favorite music and manage it easily from your computer.

best mp3 players 2021

Control and mobility system

Finally, it is convenient to analyze the product control system, since this depends on whether the equipment is simple to use or its use becomes a punishment. In this case, the options are diverse, although the most common is that we find a circular control with different options, which makes it easier to navigate through the menus or control the basic options of the player. An issue in which the size of the screen matters, since the larger it is, the easier it will be to control the equipment.

As for mobility, in addition to the capacity of the battery that we have mentioned, it is important that we bet on compact and light models, especially if we are going to take them with us when we do sports, for example.

In general, these products are similar in size to an old-fashioned mobile phone, although some even have a clip format, which we can hang from our pants or any garment we are wearing.

In this mobility it is also important to consider the weight of the product. Again, depending on the size, the weight can vary considerably. However, the most common products have weights that range from 30 to 60 or 70 grams approximately. Therefore, we are not talking, in almost any case, of models of special weight or dimensions that are too large.

If you like listening to music while cycling, we recommend that you also review the cycling glasses options on the market.

How to use an Mp3 player

Something we always enjoy is music and if we take all our favorite songs with us, so much the better. Mobile devices have come to please the most demanding tastes and within them are mp3 players, which allow us to save and play all the music we want.

best mp3 players 2021

It’s easy to use  

In general, mp3 players are very small devices, so it will be easy for you to use it. Its controls are common in music playback devices, so you can find the song you want in your collection and play it without difficulty. By having a screen, it will be easier to scroll through your options and see the content you store.

Create your playlists  

The playlists will allow you to choose and program the songs you want to listen to at specific times or situations. For example, if you are going to have a party, you can schedule a playlist called “Party” in which you will save only the songs that you want to play at that moment.

Doing this will avoid inconvenience when having to search or go to the next song, if it is not in accordance with the environment in which you are at a certain moment.

Add music in mp3 format  

So that you can listen to your music on an mp3 player, you have to add songs in this format, otherwise the device will tell you that it cannot be played or there is a format error. If you want all your songs on the device, make sure you do the conversion. There are some programs with which you can convert other formats to mp3; it is a simple and fast process.

If your mp3 is of the latest generation, check what other formats it plays or if it has an application to convert to mp3, as some models have been adding this feature so as not to limit your tastes.

best mp3 players 2021

Use the other functions  

Mp3s, previously, only played music, but some advances in their technology have been adding other functions that give it much more practicality. In your mp3 you can store and play videos, take pictures, listen to the radio, record sounds, schedule and even view the calendar.

The applications they integrate are so useful that you can’t help but make good use of their functions. Don’t waste the moment, take that picture you want or record it on video and take that memory you treasure with you. Take your mp3 player everywhere and make your moments better.

Care in its use  

The design of best mp3 players 2021 is quite light and that makes it fragile, so you must take care of it from abuse. Especially keep it away from moisture; Like all electronic devices, water can affect its operation to the point of totally damaging its internal components and circuits, rendering it inoperable.

It also prevents strong shocks that may affect the functionality of the buttons and the visibility of the screen. As for the battery, prevent it from wearing out completely and always charge it one hundred percent.

The most popular Best Mp3 Players 2021 brands

So that you feel completely sure that you are buying the best MP3 player 2021, we have not only reviewed the comments of many users on the Internet about some of the most prominent models, but we are also going to review the most important brands, among which are Sony, Samsung and SanDisk.

best mp3 players brands 2021

It is no secret to anyone that Sony is one of the most important brands in the world. It is dedicated to consumer electronics in the fields of audio, video, photography, video games, computing and mobile telephony. Founded in 1946, it has earned the trust of millions of users around the world and the respect of its competitors.

Regarding the sound market, Sony has been a fundamental piece in the development of new technologies, and it is not only a manufacturer of players, but also has its own record company that is one of the most influential today.

After the success of the Walkman, Sony has been evolving and currently offers very high-quality best MP3 players 2021  that even offer a sporty design and connect wirelessly via Bluetooth , but that’s not all, they also have a remote control in the form ring, ideal for listening to music while running.

In terms of music playback we could not mention all the variety that Sony offers, which includes car radios , and the same goes for smartphones, televisions, computers, digital cameras, etc. If we take into account the opinion of hundreds of users, we could say that the Sony seal is synonymous with quality and that it will probably remain in the world market for much longer.

best mp3 players brands 2021

The Samsung South Korean business group is one of the world leaders in the electronics industry. Its beginnings date back to March 1938, when it only dealt with the trade in dried fish, fruits and vegetables. At that time, no one imagined that Samsung would be one of the most important brands in the world and that it would still have the same name, which literally means “three stars”.

Today, this brand is one of the leaders in the production of smartphones with its well-known Galaxy line and also manufactures all kinds of household appliances such as televisions, monitors, air conditioners, washing machines, dryers, refrigerators and ovens. In addition, among its products are smart watches for athletes that record activity data.

In the audio field, Samsung currently has a wide variety of products that includes mini components, home theaters, sound bars, and of course wireless audio systems. Buying an MP3 player 2021 from this brand is investing in a quality device, which provides great sound and also has advanced technology that facilitates its use. To make matters worse, Samsung devices have a great design, which is striking for its combination of simplicity, elegance and sophistication.

best mp3 players brands 2021

Based in California, United States, this company has been developing and manufacturing mainly digital storage devices such as USB flash drives, but also large capacity SD cards, including memory flash drives for wireless transfer via WiFi for almost 30 years. It also offers external hard drives and MP3 players.

When it comes to the sound market, SanDisk maintains its specialty in the large capacity and ability to expand the memory of MP3 players, so there is always room for more music. These audio devices are arranged for the city with a stylish exterior look, but they are also prepared for extreme adventures in the mountains, no matter if mud is available, although they are not aquatic, they resist mud well.

The SanDisk brand designs MP3 players capable of also tuning to FM. They also have a rechargeable battery that can last up to 25 continuous hours. This company has close business with other major companies such as Toshiba and is currently in transition to be part of Western Digital, one of the largest hard drive manufacturers in the world.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: When was the MP3 player invented?

Unlike what happens with the chicken and the egg, in the case of MP3 we can affirm that the file format arrived first and then the players. Specifically, the MP3 player is an invention launched in the distant year of 1998 by the company Saehan Information Technologies. This first player had a memory of only 32 megabytes, where no more than seven or eight songs could fit.

To top it all, those songs were transferred through a conventional serial port, which delayed loading those files considerably. Its price, at that time, was $ 250. Luckily times have changed significantly and today the MP3 player is an inexpensive product in which we can store thousands of songs, with an ultra-portable size and prices that start at 10 dollars.

Q2: How do I charge an MP3 player?

Like many other mobile devices, the MP3 player charges directly via a micro USB port. This port is easy to use, since it only requires connecting it to any power source such as the USB port of a computer, an external battery or a mobile charger. Something that makes the charging process easier compared to old systems in which each manufacturer decided what to use to charge their devices.

Q3: Which is better, an MP3 or MP4 player?

The main difference between an MP3 player and an MP4 player is that the MP4 player has a larger screen. This “allows” us to watch videos in the player itself, although it is true that we are talking about screens that rarely exceed 2 inches, so it is not that we have a cinema screen to watch those videos. Anyway, having an MP3 or MP4 player with a bigger screen does help us to see everything more clearly when it comes to navigating between the different options of the product or configuring the playlists, among other tasks.

Q4: Which is better, an MP3 player or a smartphone?

Among the many devices that are integrated into our smartphone today, the MP3 player is one of them. This allows us to listen to our favorite music or our podcasts without complications while carrying our phone with us. However, for those users who do sports activities or simply do not want to carry so much weight, an MP3 player is a much more compact and lightweight solution, which can be carried anywhere compared to the size of a 5 or 6-inch mobile.

Something that the current capacity of the players helps, which can reach 32 or 64 GB of memory with a simple SD card, as well as having an autonomy that the most advanced models exceed 20 or 30 hours. Therefore, they are parameters that do not envy the functions that our smartphone offers us. So the final answer will depend on what suits us best at each moment.

Q5: Why doesn’t my MP3 player charge?

If our MP3 player does not charge correctly, we must start by verifying that we have properly connected the charging cable. Oddly enough, sometimes a small slack in that connection, to the connector or to the USB charging port, can cause the necessary contact to not be made for the equipment to charge. In this regard, it should be remembered that many computers and devices do not send power through the USB port if they are not turned on.

If we have verified these elements and charging still does not occur, it would be convenient to try with a different USB cable than the one we have used. We must bear in mind that the useful life of these USB cables is tight and they often fail. If we are testing from a computer we also have the possibility of changing the USB port cable to try a different one.

All these tips refer to products that are charged through a USB port, but if our MP3 player is charged in another way, the procedure would be the same as regards checking the correct connections of the product. Ultimately, if we see that the product does not charge even though everything is correctly connected, we will surely have to replace the charging cable with another of the same characteristics.

Q6: Why is my MP3 player not recognized when connecting via USB?

One of the most common problems that best MP3 players 2021 usually have is that they are not properly recognized by our computer. Something that has a double problem since, on the one hand, it is not possible to load them properly and it is not possible to load or delete songs from inside its memory, unless they work with a removable card.

In this case we must start by checking the correct connection of the player to the computer, as we have commented previously for cases in which the player does not load. If this connection is correct, we must change the USB port through which we are connecting the player in case the one used has some kind of failure. And if this does not solve the problem, it will be necessary to change the cable to verify if it is possible to connect it through a new cable to the one we have used originally.

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