Top 17+ Best Nail Salons Near Me in Aztec, NM 2024

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When it comes to our nails, we want the best of the best. We want them to look perfect, and we want to be able to show them off with pride. So, if you’re looking for the best nail salons in the Aztec, NM, you’re in the right place.

But with so many options out there, it can be hard to know where to start. And, more importantly, which salon is right for you?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll answer five of the most common questions people ask about nail salons.

1. How do I choose a good nail salon?

There are a few things you should consider when choosing a nail salon. Firstly, think about what type of treatment you want. If you’re looking for a basic mani/pedi, any salon will do. But if you’re after something more specialized, like acrylic nails or a gel manicure, you’ll need to find a salon that offers that particular treatment.

You should also consider the salon’s location and opening hours. If you’re not near a salon, or it’s not open when you need it, it’s not much use.

Finally, take a look at the salon’s reviews. Reading other people’s experiences can help you decide if a salon is right for you.

2. What should I expect from my first visit to a nail salon?

Most salons will require you to fill out a form with your contact information and any allergies you have. They may also ask you to choose a nail color.

Once you’re settled in, the technician will start by cleaning your nails and removing any old polish. They may then file and shape your nails, before applying a base coat. Next, they’ll paint on your chosen color and finish with a top coat.

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The whole process usually takes around an hour, but it can vary depending on the type of treatment you’re having.

3. Do I need to book an appointment?

Yes, most salons require appointments. However, some do offer walk-in slots, so it’s worth checking before you go.

4. How much does a typical manicure/pedicure cost?

Manicures and pedicures can vary in price, but you can expect to pay around $25-35 for a basic treatment. If you want something more specialized, the price will be higher.

5. Are there any risks associated with getting a manicure/pedicure?

There is always a risk of infection when dealing with any type of wound, so it’s important to make sure the salon you go to is clean and hygienic. If you’re not happy with the level of hygiene at a particular salon, it’s best to find another one.

We hope this article has answered some of your questions about nail salons. Now you’re ready to go out and find the perfect one for you.

The Ultimate List of Nail Salons in Aztec, NM You Need to Try

Business Name Phone Number Address
Evolve Beauty Salon And SpaEvolve Beauty Salon And Spa +15057872548 1300 E 20th St, Farmington, NM 87401
Tina’s Nail & SpaTina's Nail & Spa +15053263333 1903 E 20th St, Ste A, Farmington, NM 87401
Asian Nails & SpaAsian Nails & Spa +15053271615 3501 E Main, St F, Farmington, NM 87402
Nails and SpaNails and Spa +15053251880 4917 E Main St, Farmington, NM 87402
Adara Hair & Nail SalonAdara Hair & Nail Salon 5150 College Blvd, Ste 201, Farmington, NM 87402
Regal NailsRegal Nails +15053253384 4600 E Main St, Farmington, NM 87402
Fashion NailsFashion Nails +15053273699 2844 E Main St, Ste 104, Farmington, NM 87402
Le NailsLe Nails +15053276773 4601 E Main St, Ste 590, Farmington, NM 87402
Nearly Famous & Totally GlamorousNearly Famous & Totally Glamorous +15053258360 2700 N Hutton, Ste 4, Farmington, NM 87402
Salon HaircutSalon Haircut +15053337243 1415 W Aztec Blvd, Ste A7, Aztec, NM 87410
T&T NailsT&T Nails 3600 Cliffside Dr, Farmington, NM 87402
C & K NailsC & K Nails +15053250872 4448 E Main St, Farmington, NM 87402
Duran-Duran Hair DesignersDuran-Duran Hair Designers +15053274247 4301 Largo St, Ste B, Farmington, NM 87402
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