Top 17+ Best Nail Salons Near Me in Rosewood Heights, IL 2024

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There are many nail salons in the Rosewood Heights, IL, but how do you choose the best one for you? Here are five questions to ask to help you decide:

1. What services do they offer?

Different nail salons offer different services. Some offer basic services like mani/pedis, while others offer more specialized services like acrylic nails or nail art. Make sure the salon you choose offers the services you’re interested in.

2. What are their prices?

The prices at different nail salons can vary quite a bit, so it’s important to shop around. Make sure you’re comfortable with the prices they’re charging.

3. Do they have good reviews?

It’s always a good idea to check the reviews of a salon before you go. This will give you an idea of what to expect. If a salon has a lot of bad reviews, you may want to consider going somewhere else.

4. What’s their atmosphere like?

Nail salons can vary quite a bit in terms of their atmosphere. Some are quite relaxing and spa-like, while others are more like a beauty salon. Consider what atmosphere you’re most comfortable in and choose a salon that matches that.

5. What kind of products do they use?

Not all nail salons use the same products. Some use high-quality products, while others use lower-quality products. Make sure you’re comfortable with the products the salon is using.

Discover the Best Nail Salons in Rosewood Heights, IL for Special Deals and Promotions

Business Name Phone Number Address
Lady NailsLady Nails +16182581452 617 Berkshire Blvd, East Alton, IL 62024
Today Nail SpaToday Nail Spa +16182591500 627 Wesley Dr, Wood River, IL 62095
Diamond NailsDiamond Nails +16182513397 896 E Edwardsville Rd, Wood River, IL 62095
River Nail SpaRiver Nail Spa +16182587227 1913 Vaughn Rd, Wood River, IL 62095
The Islands Tanning And Hair SalonThe Islands Tanning And Hair Salon +16183771800 125 West Central, Bethalto, IL 62010
Diamond NailsDiamond Nails +16183778133 343 W Bethalto Dr, Bethalto, IL 62010
Great ClipsGreat Clips +16182595400 634 Wesley Dr, Wood River, IL 62095
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