Top 7 Best Pillows 2021 Reviews

If you think that the pillow is just another piece of the bed, you are wrong. In fact, if you have sleep problems, pain, or the like, a pillow change may help you eliminate them. Therefore, do not make your selection lightly and evaluate the options of best pillows 2021, so you can get a model adapted to the way you sleep.

best pillows 2021



Interesting may also be the Bedstory 42 x 70 cm model, a pillow filled with 3D synthetic fiber, designed to maintain the original shape of the product. It offers support for the head and necks, as well as being anti-mite.

List of top 7 – Best Pillows 2021 Reviews

 Getting a good night’s rest is really a prize for anyone, and having the best pillow is a prerequisite for getting the rest you deserve. Next, we show you the best pillows 2021, we point out their benefits, which will allow you to decide which is the best pillow.

1. Power Of Nature Orthopedic Viscoelastic Cervical Pillow

best pillows 2021


One of the main reasons why some people do not get a good night’s rest is because they do not have the correct position of the spine. If this is repeated for a long time, even years, it can deform it, causing discomfort.

To prevent this from happening, experts usually recommend the use of ergonomic pillows, which prevent the head from sliding to adopt postures that do not favor rest. One of these pillows is the one we are analyzing this time, as its shape adapts to the contour of the head and neck, thus maintaining a correct posture. 

But this is not the only attractive thing, because it must be added that you can use it whether you sleep on your back, face down or on your side. This is possible because one of its sides is lower than the other.

  • As it is a pillow that has an ergonomic design, it can be of great help for those who need to improve their posture when sleeping in order to alleviate some discomfort in the cervical area. In addition, its maintenance is simple.
  • The rigidity of the pillow is an aspect that must be taken into account, as it may be that for some people the transition is more difficult if they have been using a very soft one before. However, change can be beneficial.


It is a pillow made of good quality materials, which offers ergonomics and can be used in various positions, which is why it has achieved good ratings from users.

2. BedStory Fiber Pillows with 3D Fiber Filling

best pillows 2021


Having a good pillow at bedtime is crucial to enjoy a good night’s sleep and the BedStory brand has an option that may interest you.

It is a set of pillows composed of 2 units that measure 42 x 70 x 22 centimeters, being useful to complement a double bed, for example. They are filled with plush 3D fiber fabric, which provides comfort and a pleasant place to rest your head and neck, helping to improve rest.

They are delivered vacuum sealed, so you should let them rest a bit, so that they can return to their original shape. Once ready, they will be attractive, as they have a white cover with a gray cross line and no zipper, which maintains the aesthetics of the pillow.

  • Set: One of the more practical details of this best pillow 2021 is that, by including 2 pillows, you will only have to make a single purchase or you will have a replacement unit.
  • Design: The external design of the BedStory best pillow 2021 is attractive to the eye, in case you don’t want to use covers when putting them on the bed.
  • Filling: By having 3D fabric filling, the pillows can adapt to the shape and weight of your head and neck, in order to provide a good level of support with which they will guarantee your rest.
  • Safe: The fabric that covers them has special treatments to be resistant to mites, keeping insects away. In addition, it is also hypoallergenic, being safe for asthmatic people.
  • Habit: They are a bit softer than other best pillows 2021, so it might take some getting used to.


3. Savel Soft Silk Touch Pillow with Double Cover

best pillows 2021


When choosing the ideal pillow to complement the comfort of your bed, you must take into account a number of influencing factors.

According to your taste, you can buy best pillows 2021 of different sizes, heights and hardnesses to be able to be comfortable during the night. It is important that you can feel completely comfortable to be able to apply the benefits of rest and you can wake up repaired and like to start a new day.

Savel’s Microfiber pillow can help you with the latter. It has a very good acceptance by the community and has quite positive approvals and benefits. It is made from a series of durable, strong and good quality materials such as cotton, microfiber and polyester.

Its design is recommended for people who like to sleep on their side due to the height of the pillow. In addition, you can buy it in different dimensions so that you can adapt it perfectly to the size of your bed.

  • Sizes: One of the most appreciated aspects of the Savel Microfiber pillow is the fact that you can buy it in different versions depending on its size; 135 centimeters, 70 centimeters, 80 centimeters or 90 centimeters.
  • Sheath: This pillow model has an integrated double cover, which will allow you to use it without worrying about spills or stains since it will remain intact inside.
  • Materials: It is made with a filling of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, so it is quite comfortable and its covers are made of 100% microfiber.
  • Height: Some customers consider that the height of the pillow is not high enough to consider it high firmness, so they recommend taking this detail into account if you are looking specifically for this feature.
  • Habit: In addition, you should bear in mind that you will have to get used to its hardness because it is of medium high quality, so you may not feel as comfortable the first nights.

4. Seasons Pack of 2 memory foam pillows, 70 cm

best pillows 2021


In this case, we propose another pack, two Tempoconfort memory foam best pillows 2021, with a size of 70 cms. Each one and with an extremely important characteristic, they are high density pillows 50 kg / m3 which is a guarantee of durability.

Thanks to this feature, the pillow will not deform with use. It also comes with a double cover, a simple inner cover and an Aloe Vera Stretch fabric cover with a very elegant finish with silver-like lurex thread.

With this pillow, your head, neck and shoulders will take the most natural position when sleeping, without straining these parts of the body and therefore without affecting the rest of the spine. This adaptability will help you sleep peacefully. Ideal for those who sleep on their side or on their back. These are block memory foam, not memory foam flakes, they are certainly best pillows 2021 that offer quality and comfort.

  • Material: It is made of viscoelastic block, that is, the highest quality material, which guarantees greater durability and a long useful life. In addition, it is worth mentioning that it has a density of 50 kg / m3, being ideal for shoulders and head under rest, since the pressure on the body decreases.
  • Size: It has a length of 70 centimeters, and therefore has the ideal size for anyone, being comfortable to sleep on your side or stomach.
  • Covers: Includes two covers, one internal and one external with aloe vera for greater softness and comfort. In the same way, it should be noted that the outer cover is designed with a zipper to be washed, that is, it must simply be removed and voila, it is washed freely.
  • Height: According to the majority of users, the pillow does not have great height, and they do not recommend it for those who prefer a considerable height at bedtime, otherwise, it is an ideal pillow.

5. Evergreenweb Viscoelastic or latex pillows of natural origin

best pillows 2021


This Evergreen Materassi pillow is made of latex. It is ideal for people with cervical problems or simply for those who want to avoid these types of problems. With this pillow you can rest all night without having to pay for it with back pain the next day. This thanks to the fact that your back will have a suitable position.

It is an antiallergic material, and that provides a perfect balance between support and softness, not to be a good support, the pillow must be hard in excess, this type of pillows in addition to allowing you to sleep comfortably, improve circulation and muscle relaxation .

It is a very breathable material since air circulation between the pores allows moisture to evaporate, thus avoiding bad odors.

  • Antiallergic: Despite being designed entirely with latex, it is antiallergic and you can be confident when using it.
  • Healthy: Like the models already mentioned, this pillow also has characteristics designed for the comfort and health care of your body, being able to support the spine, in addition to helping blood circulation and even helping to relax the muscles. muscles.
  • Covers: On the other hand, it should be mentioned that it has a double cover, an internal and an external cotton cover with removable and washable aloe vera, just like the pillows 2021 already described, giving you the freedom to wash it and remove bad odors or stains.
  • Height: Even though it has dimensions of 72 x 42 x 14 cm, users agree that it does not have the thickness described by merchants, that is, 14 centimeters. They recommend being cautious when purchasing this pillow, since it is low.

6. Eurocolchon ViscoFlakes with Aloe Vera Memory foam pillows

best pillows 2021


Pillows are more than necessary accessories to guarantee a good and adequate rest. These give the neck a little more rest than if it were completely upright, in addition, many people cannot sleep if they do not have the necessary height of their head in bed.

You can find them in various sizes, materials, and even shapes, but we recommend keeping the classic design for permanent pillows.

The pillow that Eurocolchon offers you, the ViscoCopos, is a pillow with a special design. Being 70 centimeters, it is ideal to acquire the pair to complement the decoration and comfort of your double bed. The outer fabric of the ViscoCopos is stretch type, this allows the pillow to fit in any standard size cover.

The materials used in the filling give it the quality of breathability to guarantee a correct airflow for a more pleasant rest and avoid the accumulation of bad odors.

  • Dimensions: The ViscoCopos by Eurocolchon pillow is a 70-centimeter pillow, so it can be used in both double and single beds. Plus, this makes it compatible with any standard size sleeve.
  • Materials: It is made of breathable and thermo-adjustable materials, which allows an adequate temperature and air circulation to keep the pillow in an optimal state of use.
  • Aloe vera: It has aloe vera applications to guarantee a restful sleep and a scent highly appreciated by its buyers.
  • Circulation: The design and dimensions of the ViscoCopos give your body a better circulation in the arteries that you will be able to appreciate when you wake up in the morning more relaxed and rested.
  • Firmness: The ViscoCopos pillow model from Eurocolchon has a medium height and hardness, making it one of the ideal types to carry out a transition from a typical pillow to a special pillow.

 Buying Guide Of the best pillow 2021 on the market

 When we talk about sleeping, many times we tend to worry about the mattress and we think, for example, of purchasing memory foam toppers , but we do not pay attention to the pillow. Something so extremely important, on which our head and neck rest and that, however, goes unnoticed when looking for or changing our rest. With these tips you can choose a suitable pillow for your rest, without losing sleep.

best pillows 2021

The shape

The traditional pillow was a kind of rectangular cushion with a little more height and firmness on which we placed our heads. Nowadays, the offer of pillows has changed so that there are traditional pillows, but also others in the shape of a butterfly, with two levels, of the cervical type and almost of all kinds of design with different curves, materials and formats. There are even special best pillows 2021 for the lower back, very useful when we spend many hours in our office desk chair .

Since the shape of the pillow has to do with the way you sleep, it is evident that you cannot choose the first one you find, but you must adapt that shape to your style and your preference. The best pillow is one that allows you to maintain a straight line between your neck and spine. In other words, the head should follow the line marked by the spine when lying down.

Otherwise, the rest is probably not adequate. The cervical pillows are suitable for sleeping on your side, but not always to sleep on their backs, while the butterflies are suitable for sleeping on your side or upside down, to keep the line tight. In any case, and if you have any doubts, it is best to use the traditional format.

 The material

When it comes to looking for materials for the mattress, the offer is considerable: foam, memory foam, latex, etc. In the case of pillows, the same thing happens. You can find on the market from the inexpensive pillow made with pieces of foam to the more elaborate pillows that include latex, memory foam cores or even areas with different pressure, so that they conform to the head.

In this case, the material has a lot to do with hardness and height, so these are two aspects that you should take into account. However, remember also that the more complex the material, the more expensive that pillow will be, so you will have to spin fine to find a good and inexpensive pillow that suits what you are looking for.

 Individual or marriage

Obviously if you are going to sleep alone, even if it is a large bed, the answer is simple, since you will not have problems with the movement of your partner when resting. However, if you sleep with your partner, things get complicated and sometimes considerably. For a long time, buying a double bed meant buying a large pillow. The problem is that this measure causes both people to have to share it, which prevents adapting the design, material and shape to the way each member of the couple rests.

As if this were not enough, if one of the sleepers has a tendency to move at night, it is more than likely that it will bother the other person. For this reason, the current trend is for each person to have their own individual pillow so that each member of the couple has their most personalized pillow and above all they do not displace their partner while they sleep.

How to use a pillow

best pillows 2021

The position in which you sleep has direct effects on your health. Sleeping position can affect your breathing, the alignment of your spine, and even the quality of your skin.

Using the correct pillow, with the correct amount of padding and sleeping in the correct positions, has been shown to lead to a better quality of sleep. To achieve the aforementioned you need a pillow that holds firmly and adapts to the curve of your neck.

Sleeping on your side

Sleeping on your side with the wrong pillow can interfere with sleep and even lead to neck or back pain. Sleeping on your side is one of the best positions for your back. Pillows filled with buckwheat or buckwheat are ideal for this position due to their great support and adjustable thickness.

Many of the traditional soft pillows collapse under the weight of the head or are not thick enough. Using a thicker pillow or two pillows does not compensate for the lack of neck support from most pillows.

When lying on your side, your pillow should support your head and neck, so that your spine remains in a straight, natural horizontal line. Placing another pillow between your bent knees will help keep your spine in a neutral position.

best pillows 2021

Sleep on your back

Sleeping on your back is the second most common sleeping position. Generally, many of the pillows do not offer adequate support to the cervical spine, causing muscle tension. Buckwheat Helmet Pillows create a nice bulge under your neck, which can be supremely comfortable as it allows the neck and back muscles to relax.

When lying on your back, your pillow should support the natural curvature of the cervical spine. Placing another pillow or two under the knees further alleviates any back strain, as they tend to flatten the lumbar curve, relieving pressure on the joints at the back of the spine.

Sleeping on your stomach

If possible, avoid sleeping on your stomach, as this position is the most stressful on your back and neck. Staying in this position for hours on end is not good for your back or neck and can result in significant discomfort and restless sleep.

If you sleep on your stomach, you will want your pillows to have less padding, because if you use a pillow that is too thick, your spine will bend at an angle that is more likely to cause pain, numbness or tingling of the spine and extremities.

In this position it is good to place another relatively flat pillow under the abdomen or pelvis to help the lower back maintain its natural alignment.

For individuals who tend to adopt different positions while sleeping, buckwheat or buckwheat pillows are the best option for the health of their neck and spine, as the buckwheat pillow will easily adapt to this change in position.

best pillows 2021


We cannot talk about pillows without analyzing their internal structure, since it is the one that is responsible for giving the necessary support to the body. Also, from your review we can get an idea of ​​its level of comfort and durability that we could enjoy.

In this aspect we will say that its conformation has been made from good quality materials, such as memory foam. This has among its advantages a slow rebound for greater comfort and that contributes to an appropriate adaptation to the contours of the body.

In addition, it should be mentioned that polyurethane offers good ventilation to keep the pillow cool even when used in hot climates. On the other hand, it can also act conveniently by regulating the temperature when used in winter.

The most popular brands for best pillows 2021

Regardless of the type or model of pillow you are looking for, it is always important to make sure that it was developed by a good brand, because that implies a greater guarantee on the quantity of the product. If you want to know about pillow brands with good prestige, we must tell you that Tempur, Savel and Camapolis, occupy good places of preference among clients. Here you can read more about them.

best pillows brands 2021

Tempur is the name of a particular material for the manufacture of rest supports, trying to ensure that they provide the greatest possible comfort. This explains the fact that NASA has used the tempur for its astronauts to have a better rest during their expeditions, since it helps to reduce pressure levels in a better way.

In this sense, Tempur products generate in the user the feeling of weightlessness, thanks to the fact that they conform to the body, making the person find the appropriate support and achieve an ideal posture, providing greater comfort compared to other brands.

Tempur’s proposal is not too broad, and this specialization is precisely what makes it have high levels of quality in its products, which are summarized in pillows, bed bases, mattresses, north beds and different accessories, whose manufacture is orthopedic, and can be very useful in delicate processes such as breastfeeding, or for rest in general.

The accessories include various sets and travel products, so that you always have the comfort levels you need with you. Therefore, when looking for a pillow, users always recommend deciding on a smart model developed by Tempur, due to all the advantages it brings.

best pillows brands 2021

The company has been in operation since 1978 and also specializes in offering products intended for relaxation and comfort for people. Among its featured products are mattress protective fabrics, which help to extend their life, provide comfort and prevent early deterioration from various external factors.

Its proposal also includes pillows, whose manufacture involves the use of natural fibers and silicone, which are designed to adjust to the position adopted by each person, in search of the highest levels of comfort. On the other hand, we find the Nordic fillings, which are intended to provide a good level of thermal protection, when going on a trip, ensuring that the person has an adequate temperature in cold spaces.

Because the brand hopes to continue its growth process, it has also added to its catalog some models of memory foam mattresses, which provide greater rest and are ideal for people with lower back problems, as they contribute to achieving better positions during sleep.

In case you want to find a comfortable and functional pillow, you can then evaluate the Savel models, and determine if it is what you were looking for.

best pillows brands 2021The Camapolis proposal in terms of products to manage a good rest is quite broad. Among its offerings we can find mattresses, pillows, bedrooms, puffs, bases, trundle beds, couches, etc. The best of all is that the proposal is not only for adults, but for all members of the family, so we find mattresses or baby beds, or if it is young people or adolescents it will also possibly be that they find a suitable support for their correct rest.

The variety is not only in terms of the types of support offered, but also in terms of design, since they have models of different styles, with various designs and manufacturing materials, so that the person can choose the one that best suits adapt to your lifestyle, the space you have available, and any other relevant factor.

Since the brand has its own store, it provides different benefits when making your purchase, such as a financing plan, advice when choosing the product, a robust two-year warranty program, even when the estimated duration of most of the products is 10 years, a delivery service of the merchandise you choose, and even the option of removing your old mattress and taking it somewhere where it is not a polluting agent.

Frequently asked questions

 Q1. How do you wash a feather pillow?

Feather pillows 2021 can generally be machine washed, but the cover will need to be removed first. It is advisable to make sure that the pillow does not have any rips or holes and, if there are any, it will have to be sewn. This is important to prevent water from seeping through and damaging the inside of the pillow. Ideally, it should fit right into the drum of the washing machine and not have too much space, so that it does not deteriorate during the process. Select a program suitable for delicate garments. When removing the pillow, squeeze until all the water that has been retained is removed. Lastly, tumble dry until completely moisture free and ready to use again.

 Q2. How do you use a cervical pillow?

Cervical pillows 2021 are the best allies for those who suffer from neck ailments frequently. To begin to notice their beneficial effects, you must use them correctly. To do this, you have to rest your head entirely on the pillow, always trying to rest your shoulders on the mattress. Ideally, your head, neck and shoulders should be aligned and adopt a natural posture to avoid injury and illness.

 Q3. How to make a baby pillow?

Pediatricians advise against the use of pillows for newborns. What’s more, their crib must be completely free to prevent them from suffocating while they are sleeping. When they are a little older, they can slowly start using a pillow. Of course, make it soft and squishy. If you are thinking of making a baby pillow, you need to use good quality materials, such as cotton, and avoid using pieces or ornaments that could come off easily. In this sense, you will need a filling (of wadding, for example), a white fabric, another fabric with the pattern that you like the most, scissors, a needle and thread. Use a pattern to cut the fabrics. Then sew the white sleeve and fill it. Finally, sew and place the patterned fabric.

 Q4. How to make a neck pillow?

Neck pillows are excellent travel tools. These articles will ostensibly facilitate your rest in those spaces where, in principle, it is not easy to fall asleep. You can make a pillow by cutting out a pattern in a ‘U’ shape and filling it with soft material like polyester. You can also use a terry cloth hand towel to make a pillow, as it is a fairly soft fabric.

 Q5. When should I change my pillow?

Rest is essential to enjoy a healthy life, hence all the elements that come into play have to be in optimal condition. This is the case of the pillow, an article on which the quality of your sleep will depend. To make sure it does the job, the ideal is to change it every two years or so. And it is likely that, after this time, the pillow has irreversibly deformed or has mites that are impossible to stop. Of course, if you notice that the pillow is no longer as comfortable as it was in the beginning, even if less than two years have passed, it may be time to change it too.

 Q6: How to wash a memory foam pillow

As it is a delicate material, memory foam requires certain precautions when cleaning. First of all, you should never machine wash the pillow, since you will probably end up with it in pieces and it is not advisable to put it in the dryer. Likewise, it is not recommended to wet or rub it.

From the aforementioned, you may notice that the cleaning options are very limited when it comes to these products. That is why, if you have accidentally spilled any liquid on the pillow, the first thing you should do is try to drain it with a dry towel, pressing on the wet part. If you cannot extract all the liquid, place it in a ventilated place, so that it finishes drying itself; You can also help yourself with a fan.

In the case of any stain, you can remove it using a soapy solution for delicate clothes. Use a clean cotton towel for this and gently wipe it over the stain (without rubbing); To dry it, proceed as indicated above. To eliminate bad odors, it is best to leave the pillow in a ventilated place and under sunlight. That is why it is recommended to keep your pillow with waterproof covers, in order to prolong its useful life.

 Q7: How to use a breastfeeding pillow

When it comes to breastfeeding, both mother and baby should be as comfortable as possible. That is why experts recommend the use of a pillow, in order to provide greater comfort at this stage. Many mothers prefer to breastfeed while lying down, in which case it will not be necessary to put a pillow for the baby. While for others, the best position is sitting in an armchair, chair or sofa, with your baby lying on your lap.

The use of a pillow could be of great help to provide greater security and stability to the baby while feeding from the mother’s breast. To do this, if you are sitting, you must place the baby on the pillow, this will serve as support and will do part of the work of supporting her while you support her weight.

You should keep him comfortably on the pillow in an ideal position, so that he can feed without causing gastric reflux. The idea is that his tummy is in front of your body and his feet are under your arm so that he can suck freely and without risk.

 Q8: Why is it convenient to sleep with a pillow between your legs

Good posture is not just limited to sitting and walking correctly, it also refers to the way we sleep. We all know that during sleep the regeneration of tissues, muscles and ligaments of our back occurs, so assuming good posture is essential. That is why, regardless of the way you sleep, on your side, face down or face up, the important thing here is that you should keep your hips, shoulders and ears aligned as best as possible.

In the event that you prefer to sleep on your side, using a pillow between your legs is the best option to avoid causing any injury and to rest more comfortably. Using a pillow helps reduce the weight and pressure on the upper leg, while taking the strain off the hip and lower back muscles; achieving in this way, a better anatomical alignment of the spine with the knees and hips.

Likewise, the pillow favors people who suffer from muscle stiffness, lumbago, sciatica and varicose veins. It also reduces pressure and stress between the knees and prevents the hips from rotating. Similarly, it is recommended to optimize blood circulation in the lower limbs and improve sore legs.

 Q9: Relationship between a pillow and acne

Considering that the pillow is an object with which we have direct contact for an average of 8 hours a day, it is advisable to pay due attention to it. Many cases of acne in adults are due to problems related to stress, the digestive system and also because of the pillow they use. In this sense, experts believe that keeping the skin in contact with the pillow can cause what they call “mechanical acne”.

This type of acne is caused by the clogging of the pores, as a result of dust, dirt or oil from our own perspiration, which comes into contact with our skin when we go to bed. In order to avoid further complications, the first thing to take into account is to maximize hygiene and for this, it is advisable to change the pillowcase every three days or at least once a week; likewise, avoid going to bed with makeup or with oily products on the face or hair.

 Q10: Memory foam vs feather pillow

Memory foam pillows stand out from their peers by offering a special foam, which is able to easily adapt to the user’s anatomy, as they conform to the shape of the neck and head. So they are recommended for people with back or neck problems. However, many users who prefer to sleep on their side do not find them comfortable enough.

Down-filled pillows on the side do not offer enough firmness; so they are the most suitable for people who prefer to sleep on their stomachs. However, they are not very suitable for those who sleep on their backs. However, they are pillows that given their softness can be easily adapted to any position; Likewise, they are durable and light, but they are also a bit hot.

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