Top 7 Best Pressure Cooker 2021 Reviews

Having a best pressure cooker 2021 is essential in the kitchen, especially since it is of great help in the preparation of any dish that needs a longer cooking time. In addition to the capacity, we also have to look at the pot’s safety systems and their functionalities, before making our acquisition.

Best Pressure Cooker 2021

If you want to know which are the most recommended best pressure cooker 2021 options by users, we currently find that the WMF Perfect pressure cooker is the most valued model of the moment, thanks to its excellent safety system and a long useful life, being able to choose, in addition , the most suitable temperature for your plate.

Another highly valued option is the Kuhn Rikon Duromatic pot, with a traditional design, six liters of capacity and a resistant construction suitable for all types of fires.

List Of The Top 7  – Best Pressure Cookers 2021 Reviews

 Nowadays, those of us who are in charge of the housework look for everything that allows us to do things in a simpler and faster way, having the best pressure cooker is really useful when it comes to fast food preparation .

 1. WMF Perfect Stainless Steel Quick Cooker

best pressure cooker 2021


Most of today’s best pressure cooker 2021 are made of stainless steel to ensure long life. Such is the case of this model from the renowned brand WMF, whose Perfect model is designed mainly with 18/10 chrome-plated stainless steel; Thanks to this you will have durable equipment at home.

On the other hand, its handles are designed in plastic and although its steel body is suitable for the dishwasher, its handles are not and it is necessary to take this point into account to ensure a long usefulness.

Best of all, the base of this pot has TransTherm technology which makes this pot compatible with any type of cooker, from those that work with gas to those with induction hobs. This way it will not matter what type of kitchen you have at home, it is most likely that this pot is compatible with it.

  • It has a great security system with which you can know the right time to uncover the pot or even if it has excess pressure and you must lower the temperature.
  • Users have not revealed a major disadvantage about this pot, however, it does not include a basket to steam food.


It is a great option among best pressure cookers 2021 as it has a large capacity as well as a safety mechanism that will keep you safe while you prepare the most delicious recipes to captivate your friends and family.

2. Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Pressure Cooker

best pressure cooker 2021


Swiss made, this could also be the best pressure cooker 2021 thanks to its features and how they make your life easier. It will serve you regardless of whether your kitchen is induction, electric , halogen or gas.

Its “super thermal” base ensures that the heat is distributed evenly, making the food reach the desired point in a short time. In addition, it is a pot with several security measures; on the one hand a triple overpressure insurance and on the other the fact that its cover is blocked when it is in operation.

Depending on the capacity of the chosen pot, it is suitable for both small and large families. It is estimated that this cooking method will not only reduce approximately 70% of the cooking time while also saving energy.

If you are looking for a best pressure cooker 2021 with a large storage capacity, then the DUROMATIC INOX model by Kuhn Rikon could be useful. Next, you will be able to see both its pros and cons so you can verify if it is the model you are looking for.

  • Capacity: It has a capacity of up to 6 liters, which means that you will be able to cook large quantities at the same time, which is why it is thought and designed for all types of families, whether large or small.
  • Compatibility: This model is compatible with induction, electric, glass-ceramic and, of course, gas cookers as it has a Superthermic base. So you don’t have to worry about inconveniences in your kitchen, they have thought of everything!
  • Materials: It is made of stainless steel from Switzerland, so it is completely dishwasher safe and, given its material, ensures several years of useful life.
  • Functions: It is extremely fast to cook and has unique cooking times depending on the type of food you plan to introduce.
  • Price: It’s the most expensive pressure cooker on this list. If you have the money to acquire it, it can be a great investment, for the rest, you could see other options.
  • Handles and pressure release: Consumers claim that this model has a serious problem in its design and that is that, if you are not careful, you could burn yourself when removing the safety to release pressure or because of its small handles.

3. Magefesa Star Quick Pressure Cooker

best pressure cooker 2021


This pot offers a 6-liter capacity to cook and preserve the original flavors of food, as well as vitamins and minerals, offering a healthier meal. It is also 24 cm in diameter and weighs 4 kg, so it is not too big.

It is a pot for domestic use, but of professional quality, it has been made of 18/10 stainless steel, which guarantees a long useful life and prevents corrosion of its parts. Also, you can use it with any temperature level and different types of cookers, such as electric, gas, induction and glass-ceramic.

It has a European-style progressive closure system and security systems to protect you from accidents, among which is the regulation of internal pressure. It also includes a triple Alutherm diffuser base, which will allow you to save energy by up to 70%.

A good quality pressure cooker can guarantee you, in addition to quick cooking of your food, safety during the process. However, it is necessary to analyze its pros and cons before making the investment, so we detail below the most relevant characteristics of this model:

  • Capacity: It is a pot with a capacity of up to 6 liters. In addition, it is 24 cm in diameter and weighs only 4 kg.
  • Versatile: You can use it in different types of cookers at different temperature levels, such as gas, induction, electric or vitro ceramic cookers.
  • Material: It is a pot with professional quality to use at home, thanks to the fact that it is made of 18/10 stainless steel, which in turn allows preserving both food flavors and nutritional properties.
  • Noise: In one user’s opinion, the pressure relief valve produces more noise than expected, which could make some people uncomfortable.

4. Tefal Secure 5 Neo 6L Quick cooker

best pressure cooker 2021


It is a pressure cooker, which offers compatibility with most kitchen models, such as induction, electric hob, gas and glass ceramic. It also has two cooking modes, high for meat and fish and low for rice, vegetables and legumes. On the other hand, it is possible to clean it in the dishwasher for greater practicality.

It has 5 safety systems for safe use and cooking, as well as the technology of easy opening and automatic closing with click, steam valve on the handle and pressure valve, as well as an adjustable speed, fast and slow steam outlet .

It has a capacity of 6 liters, with dimensions of 15 cm in diameter, 21 cm high and only 2.7 kg in weight. In addition, it is made of stainless steel of maximum resistance, so it offers a useful life of at least 10 years, according to the manufacturer.

When you want to enjoy fast and good-tasting food, but without taking risks, it is necessary to have a good quality pressure cooker, so you should consider the pros and cons of this model before making a decision:

  • Security: It has 5 levels of security, such as safe opening and closing, safety valve, pressure control, plus an exhaust gasket.
  • Cooking: It offers two cooking levels, one for meat and fish and the other for vegetables, legumes and rice, for this reason, it allows to preserve all the benefits of food.
  • Indicator: It has an innovative system that indicates the pressure level and when you should reduce the temperature.
  • Basket: It does not include a basket for steam cooking, which some users may find a disadvantage.
  • Use: It is a multipurpose pot that could be difficult for users without previous experience.

5. Monix Classica Traditional pressure cooker

best pressure cooker 2021


Among the cheap best pressure cooker 2021 we offer you this option from Monix, characterized by its simplicity of use and its efficiency in terms of energy savings and cooking speed.

In addition, it is suitable for all types of kitchens so it will be unusable if you change the glass ceramic or gas hob for an induction cooker. Cooking in a pressure cooker will make it easier for you to offer richer and more nutritious meals to your family without having to sacrifice hours and hours taking care of the pot.

Monix offers you a triple safety system, you will have no reason not to cook in your pressure cooker. In it you can cook as you want: fast, rich and of course healthy. Knowing that you can cook legumes, meats, pasta, etc., without having to sacrifice the time you can dedicate to yourself or your family is possible thanks to this Monix pot.

Finally, we find the traditional Monix Classica which, in turn, is the cheapest best pressure cooker 2021 on this list. However, not for this, it is less than other products. Take a look at the pros and cons of this pot below.

  • Materials: It is designed and manufactured in 18/10 stainless steel, providing durability and years of useful life to your product. In addition, you will be able to use it in the dishwasher without having to worry about rust or other care issues.
  • Capacity: It has a capacity of up to 6 liters, ideal for any type of family, small or large. Best of all, you cook food in amazing times, at one of the most competitive prices on the market.
  • Compatibility: You can use it with all types of cookers, be they gas, electric, induction or others thanks to its forged diffuser bottom.
  • Closing: The only problem that some users have reported is that the pot tends to release a little pressure through the closure, that is, the connection between the lid and the pot body. However, even with that, it does an excellent job.

6. Wmf Perfect Set of 2 Quick Cookers

best pressure cooker 2021


In this case, we are facing a set of 2 pressure cookers or speed cookers from the prestigious brand WMF.

It is a pot that has a fairly classic design but a technology that will give you great speed and simplicity in preparing meals. These pots have a base with “Trans Therm” technology that distributes the heat evenly and efficiently over the entire surface of the pot. It has two levels of cooking, and they are made of stainless steel guaranteeing their durability.

You will be able to cook so quickly that you will not believe it yourself. They have a triple safety device, on the one hand the automatic locking of the lid to which is added a double safety valve and side windows. This makes it a strong candidate for the best value for money pressure cooker.

As for the best pressure cooker 2021 of the moment, the model 792659990 Perfect of the WMF brand leads the list, and it is that users have reported that it is the most optimal product on the market and, even, belongs to the best brand of existing pressure cookers 2021, that is, the WMF of German origin and which has more than 50 years of experience. Then you can see its characteristics and give your opinion for yourself:

  • Accessories: This model includes two pressure cookers at the price of one, with different capacities: one of 4.5 liters and the other of 3 liters, so in total you have almost 8 liters of storage in a single payment.
  • Compatibility: The WMF Perfect pressure cooker is avant-garde by being compatible not only with gas and electric cookers, but also with induction hobs, and other options, as it has a TransTherm ® Universal base.
  • Pressure control: This product is considered as “a smart pot” and you will be able to measure the pressure level of the pot through its handle, which has a colored circle that will indicate the pressure that the pot has at a certain time .
  • Materials: Coming from Germany, it has cromargan, or stainless steel from Germany, which has been recognized worldwide for its resistance and quality. In addition, the handles are made of high-quality plastic and the joints are made of silicone, which, in its entirety, guarantees you a product for years.
  • Price: It has been listed as the best pressure cooker 2021 for 150 dollars or less, not only for its characteristics, but also for its materials and recognition through the years.

Buying Guide – Best Pressure Cooker 2021 on the market

 A well-chosen pressure cooker is a product for life, which will greatly facilitate the preparation of any dish that requires long cooking. That is why it is necessary to choose well and with this guide to buy the best pressure cooker 2021 according to your needs we will discover what aspects you should look at.

best pressure cooker 2021


It is the key element of any pressure cooker: the capacity in liters of it. This capacity should be chosen based on the size of your family, also considering that, compared to traditional pots, a pressure cooker cannot be overloaded beyond a certain level as it could be dangerous.

Therefore, it is essential that, if you are in doubt between two sizes, always choose the larger one, especially if the difference in price is small, since you will have the peace of mind of having a versatile pot that you can adapt to what you need.

Typically, pots are offered in a 4-liter size, perfect for two people; 6 liters for families of 4 and 10 liters for greater cooking needs. Anyway, remember that if there is food left over, it can always be frozen and more so considering that with the pressure cooker everything is more whole after cooking than with other systems.

Security system

When cooking with pressure cookers, it is important to consider the safety they are capable of providing given the danger that hot steam can cause. The security system that WMF provides through this pot is really high, since it covers all aspects.

Mainly, it has in its design a colored thread that depending on the level of steam inside the pot, the colors will change and rise. If the thread turns red, it means that there is a lot of steam inside and that the temperature must be lowered to it. If the temperature is not lowered in time and the pot cannot withstand the steam, it has a valve that will release it immediately to avoid accidents.

On the other hand, after turning off the pot, the threads will go down in colors and when it is in yellow, it symbolizes that there is a residual steam in the pot and you must wait for it to come out for greater safety, although it can now be opened in this situation.

best pressure cooker 2021 


This pot has a capacity of up to 4.5 liters as it has a diameter of 22 centimeters and a height of 21 centimeters. With this capacity it is possible to cook for 4 or 5 people, being a good option for couples or a family of up to 5 members.

Likewise, it can be used to cook vegetables, as well as grains, legumes, white and red meats, as well as other foods. Now, depending on the type of food to be prepared, one of the two types of cooking included in this pot should be selected, being able to choose between cooking at a temperature of 110 ° C as a minimum level, and 119 ° C as a maximum level, designed for meats and hard products.

Finally, if you are concerned about cleaning, you should know that the plastic handle is completely removable to facilitate cleaning and in case you prefer to place the pot in the dishwasher instead of washing it yourself.


Pressure cookers have a risk. Very small but they have a risk, mainly derived from misuse or poor cleaning. That is why you should choose pressure cooker systems that have all possible safety measures.

The most common system is that of valve systems that, in the event of problems or excess pressure, release it to prevent that excess from causing the pot to break. Therefore, when making your comparison of best pressure cookers 2021 it is important that you check what safety measures it has.

These include these valves, the safety evacuation system, the high-quality shut-off and even some that include self-cleaning valve systems that ensure that the valve is always clean, thus reducing the risk of jamming caused by dirt or a rest of food disappears.

best pressure cooker 2021


Although a pressure cooker is easy to use, it is true that it is often difficult to get the lid right and fit properly. That is why it is recommended that, when looking for a pressure cooker, you look for one whose adjustment is simple and avoids wasting time trying to achieve a vacuum.

It is also convenient to look for pots with different pressure levels, so that they have at least two of them. These two levels allow you to set more or less pressure depending on the dish to be prepared and how fast you are or how fast you want the food to be made.

Other interesting functions are the alarm functions that some pots include and that consist of a rising sound that alerts us when the pot is hotter than necessary. Another of these functions is the one included in some pots for which the steam outlet is not located on the lid and vertically, which can cause burns if they put their hands, but is focused just the other way around, avoiding this risk.

On the other hand, it is essential to check that the pot is compatible with your kitchen, be it a ceramic hob , induction or a gas stove.

All these options are interesting and it is important that you consider choosing a pot that includes them, although always taking into account how much it costs to include them in your choice. 

How to use a pressure cooker

 Since all pressure cookers work on the same principle, there are few fundamental differences between them. Of course, we recommend that you study your own model and become familiar with exactly how it works.

Next, we explain in 5 simple steps how to cook with a pressure cooker. However, we recommend that you read the manufacturer’s instructions that accompany your pressure cooker model.

best pressure cooker 2021

Check each recipe

Check each recipe for the specific cooking time and method for that recipe, pour the required amount of liquid into the pressure cooker, then add the food. If you wish, you can use the cooking rack.

 Check the lid of the pressure cooker

Hold the lid of the pressure cooker and look through the vent tube to make sure it is open and clear. Next, place the lid on the pressure cooker and close it tightly (the lid handle should be exactly above the pot handle).

 Cooking time

Firmly place the pressure regulator on the vent tube. Heat the pressure cooker until the pressure regulator begins to swing slowly. Adjust the heat to maintain a slow and steady rocking motion. Cooking time begins at this point.

 Ways to cool the pressure cooker

Cook for the time specified in the recipe, then reduce the pressure as specified. When recipes call for “let the pressure drop on its own,” set the pot aside to cool. When the recipe calls for “cool pressure cooker right away,” cool it immediately under a running water tap or by pouring cold water over it.

 Serve the food

The pressure is completely reduced when the lid lock is lowered. Remove the pressure regulator, then remove the lid from the pressure cooker and serve the food.

best pressure cooker 2021

How to clean and store your pressure cooker

Before storing, always wash the pot, lid, and rubber gasket by hand in warm soapy water, dry thoroughly before storing. Always check the safety valves to make sure they are clean and unobstructed. Check the rubber gasket before inserting it under the lid, as it should be flexible.

When cooking with the pressure cooker

Always cook with liquid, you can use more liquid than recommended in a pressure cooker recipe, but never use less. However, never overfill the pressure cooker (no more than 2/3 with food and no more than half the pot with liquid).

For consistent results, cut food into evenly sized pieces to promote even cooking. When mixing foods like meat, potatoes, and vegetables, start by cooking the meat and halfway release the pressure and add the potatoes. Cook for 2/3 of its recommended cooking time, and lastly, add the vegetables for the fastest cooking time.

Although the pressure cooker is best suited for cooking foods that require long cooking times (soups, stews, beans, etc.), you can cook almost anything in it.

 The most popular brands of Best Pressure Cooker 2021

 These days there is not only the universal pressure cooker, but there are even microwave models, others programmable and the selection can be difficult. We have made a review of some of the best pressure cookers 2021 on the current market to compare the main features and functions they offer, with the comments that users have written about these products on the Internet, but to complement this information, we selected the best brands, among which are Magefesa, Fagor and WMF.

best pressure cooker brands 2021

This company was born in Spain in 1948 and quickly became one of the leading manufacturers in the design and manufacture of pressure cookers in Europe. Currently Magefesa is recognized in North America and Latin America, as one of the most important brands in terms of household items.

Magefesa has available cookware, coffee makers, cutlery, various kitchen utensils, pans, paella pans, and kettles, but of course it is mainly known for its pressure cookers. And it is that Magefesa was one of the first brands that manufactured this type of pots, let’s remember that Spain was the country in which the first pressure cookers were created, so it makes a lot of sense that this brand is one of the best in the world.

Magefesa’s service does not end when it delivers the product to the user, but goes much further, providing cooking tips and recipes through its website on the Internet. It not only explains how its product works but also accompanies the user after the purchase.

The Magefesa pressure cooker has evolved over time, improving the design and making it increasingly safe, for this reason it is widely recommended by people in many parts of the world, classifying it as resistant, functional and durable.

best pressure cooker brands 2021

The Spanish brand of household appliances Fagor is one of the most important white goods, it produces dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, hobs, microwaves, sandwich makers, wine cabinets, mixers, griddles and a host of products related to the kitchen and home. It was created in 1956 by a group of graduates of the Montragon Professional School, from whose surnames (Usatorre, Larranaga, Gorronogoitia, Ormaetxea and Ortubay) comes the acronym Ulgor, which later became Fagor .

As of 2014, Fagor is part of the company Cata, of the Catalan group CNA. The pressure cookers of this brand are internationally recognized for their quality and reasonable price, they have pressure levels, ergonomic handle, vertical steam and self-cleaning valve. On the Internet, these pots have a very good score thanks to the countless positive comments left by the people who buy them.

This brand has such a wide catalog of appliances that we can even find things as diverse as slicers, heating radiators, vacuum packaging machines, lint removers, etc. A brand that has a lot in the market and that has many options if we need quality and do not want to spend too much money.

best pressure cooker brands 2021

This manufacturer of tableware of German origin founded in 1853, is considered throughout Europe as one of the expert brands in the culinary industry, although in its early years it entered the metal market and later manufactured large coffee machines for restaurants. From 1927 WMF began the production of pressure cookers that continues to this day.

The secret of the success of this company is a human team passionate about creating products of the highest possible quality. It currently offers three lines of pressure cookers called Perfect, Perfect Plus and Perfect Pro, that is to say that we can find pressure cookers with capacities from 2.5 liters to 8.5 liters.

Currently, this company has more than 6 thousand employees around the world, reaching millions of people who use its products in homes, hotels, restaurants and cafes, providing wonderful culinary experiences.

Frequently asked questions

 Q1: Why is it called a pressure cooker and who invented it?

It is so named because the boiling point of water increases as pressure increases. The temperature ranges from 100 to 150 ° C. It was invented in 1679 by the French physicist Denis Depin, who did a job called the power of steam. At that time the pressure cooker was called a steam digester.

Denis presented this invention at the Royal Society of London in 1681, but it did not obtain the results he expected, that is, it was not very successful, it was only a scientific study, however, this allowed him to be a member of the scientific community of epoch.

It was not until 1919 when the first patents for the manufacture of pressure cookers were granted, the patent was granted to José Alix Martínez. This product was known at that time as an espresso cooker.

It is worth mentioning that, throughout the history of its invention, there have been three generations of pots, the first generation called the old type, which worked with a moving valve.

Next, the second generation is characterized by two or more pressure settings, some of which do not release steam during food cooking, instead using an indicator to determine the pressure level. On the other hand, there is the third generation, in which the pot integrates an electric pressure timer.

 Q3: What foods can be prepared in a pressure cooker?

Among the foods that can be prepared we can mention dried legumes, for example, artichokes, potatoes and peas. Among the fresh ones are beans and lentils. It is also possible to cook fish such as cod and hake in a pressure cooker.

As if that were not enough, you can cook meat, be it beef, lamb, rabbit, chicken or others. This means that it is a pot with which many types of food can be cooked.

 Q4: How should a pressure cooker be opened?

After cooking, turn off the heat and remove the pot, since it is important to let it cool for a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes, in this way you will avoid unwanted accidents. In addition, it should be noted that it is not advisable to place it on the tap to cool, but to let it rest and expel all the steam by itself.

There are different types and brands of pressure cookers, for example, the WMF Perfect, with a modern design, which has a two-ring cook indicator, the orange indicating the highest temperature and the red indicating the lowest. Also, a yellow ring that indicates the pressure. To open this model of pot you must wait for the pressure indicator to go down and simply turn the lid to the right.

 Q5: How to clean a pressure cooker?

In the case of the WMF Perfect, it is very easy to clean since it has a removable handle, that is, it can be removed from the lid. In addition, the safety valve and the cook indicator have seals that protect them, making cleaning easier. We also mentioned that it is dishwasher safe except for the handle that can be washed in the tap.

But since all the pots do not have the same design, we invite you to review the cleaning instructions given by the manufacturer or the seller on the Internet.

 Q6: What recipes can I prepare with the pressure cooker?

There are several recipes to prepare with the pressure cooker, this time we mention two recipes. The first is chickpeas with cod, the onion, pepper and garlic are boiled for 8 minutes, the chickpeas are added which are left to cook for 25 minutes and finally the cod is added which should be left to cook for three minutes, then you can serve the food to your guests.

Likewise, we also have the lentil cream with lamb medallions, the latter being the main ingredient. It is a dish rich in animal protein, fiber and carbohydrates, especially recommended for those who are physically exhausted and for those who are underweight.

Finally, it should be noted that there are many more recipes on the Internet, which may meet your expectations and satisfy the palate of family and friends for whom you cook.


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