Top 7 Best Ps4 Controllers 2021 Reviews

If you want to have more chances of winning each of the video game games in which you participate, it is convenient that you have Best Ps4 Controllers 2021 that allows you to perform all the strategies quickly, have more precision in each movement, have all the buttons that guarantee you power move the avatar of the application in the way you want and that, of course, you can manipulate with total comfort while you play. If the team you have to play does not meet your expectations, it is time to start looking for another. 

Best Ps4 Controllers 2021

For example, the Sony Dualshock 4 best ps4 controller 2021 has an integrated speaker that will help you better hear each of the sound effects that the application performs, and it also has a headphone jack. On the other hand, the Nacon Revolution Pro best ps4 controller 2021 It has special software, which allows users to reassign the L3 and R3 buttons, so that you will be able to customize it to perform the functions you want.

List Of The Top 7 – Best Ps4 Controllers 2021 Opinions 

Now that you know more about these products, it’s time to start your search, to make this process easier, and avoid getting lost in the amount of products that are available, we present the characteristics of the best ps4 controllers 2021 most recommended by users nowadays.

1. Sony Dualshock 4 V2 Wireless Controller

Best Ps4 Controllers 2021


Controllers for PS4 continue to adapt to the new needs of users and if you want to let your friends know your achievements in the game, with this model you can easily share on social networks, just by pressing the Share button. It will also allow you to broadcast the game live in a simple way.

On the other hand, you will have a better interaction with your fellow players, since it allows you to start conversations with them to improve the experience thanks to its speaker and integrated microphones.

Additionally, it should be mentioned that the fact that it is a controller capable of vibrating can help to introduce you even more into the game you are playing and with its speakers that allow a clear and good quality sound you can get even closer to the action scene . On the other hand, in case you decide to play without interfering in the activities of those around you, you can use its connection to headphones.

  • Its improved transmission speed enables agile response to controller movements, resulting in an enjoyable gaming experience. On the other hand, its LED on the touch screen allows you to know relevant information regarding the game.
  • It could be convenient for the remote to include a cable to charge it in the set, so you would not have to have one of your home cables for this purpose. But because this is an easy plugin to find, it may not be a major problem.


It is a model that provides good ergonomics, adequate response speed and interaction functions in social networks to complement your gaming experience.

2. Nacon Revolution Pro Controller for PS4

Best Ps4 Controllers 2021


The variety of buttons that this best ps4 controller 2021 has incorporated, considered one of the best ps4 controllers 2021, will help you better perform each of the movements and strategies you want to carry out.

This ps4 pro controller has two triggers, which can be used to perform different actions, and also two upper buttons.

You will have enough freedom to move and stay at certain distances from the video game console, this is thanks to the fact that the control has a connection cable that measures three meters in length. This can be disconnected to transport the equipment more easily.

This best ps4 controller 2021 isn’t one of the cheapest, but its design and features make it an excellent choice for PS4 fans:

  • Cables: For a more comfortable experience, this remote has a three meter long cable. Thus, if you are playing you will not have to stay near the console to play.
  • Pads: In addition to the joysticks, this controller has two pads to facilitate the use of all functions. The touch pad is the same as the Sony original and the directional pad with more than 8 directions is an innovative addition to the design of this controller.
  • Modes: Depending on the video game you can decide between two modes of use. The first is Plug & Play, which will give the pads and buttons simple features; the second is PRO mode, there you can customize the pads to show the functions you want.
  • Size: The size of this controller is slightly wider than the original PS4 controller; this could be uncomfortable for some players, especially children.

3. GameSir G3w Dual Vibration Wired Controller

Best Ps4 Controllers 2021


Using this remote control with computers that work with different operating systems, such as Windows 7, 8 and 10, and Playstation consoles, will not be a problem, as it has been developed with “Plug & Play” technology that allows it to work immediately by connecting, no need to install driver software.

It has a good level of compatibility, it is for this reason that you can use it with Android 4.0 or higher devices, for this you must activate the OTG function.

Its buttons are LED, so that you can see them more easily, in addition, this helps make its design more attractive. It is worth noting that it has a 600 mAh battery that offers you a good level of autonomy.

It is not a difficult decision which best ps4 controller 2021 to buy if you keep in mind the features you want to get:

  • Weight: Weighing just 186 grams, you won’t feel like you’re holding something while playing with this controller.
  • Multi platform: The GameSir controller is compatible with various platforms such as Windows 7/8 and 10 computers, Android phones; etc.
  • Support: If you want to use the remote to play with your mobile phone, you can use the support that is included in the purchase and place the mobile just above the remote for more comfort.
  • LED: The LED lights will facilitate the use of the remote control at night; These will glow so you don’t have to strain your eyes to see the buttons.
  • Buttons: The buttons on this remote are very basic and cover only what is necessary. On some devices with simpler games, not all buttons will have the same function.

4. Mad Catz Street Fighter Controller for PS4 game console

Best Ps4 Controllers 2021


Killing the opponents, whom you face throughout each game, will be a much easier process when you use this model, as it has six buttons that will help you have better control when putting into practice the strategies you have devised .

This is one of the reasons why many users think of it when it comes to deciding which is the best ps4 controller 2021.

Other reasons for doing this is the fact that it has a series of switches that fulfill the functions of triggers and bumpers, thanks to this it will be easier for you to control the actions that occur in the game.

Its analog control will help you control all the characters in the video game in the way you prefer. And to offer you the possibility of enjoying each of the games more, it has a touchpad included.

Fans of fighting games will be delighted with this controller and if you are one of them then this could be a good purchase option:

  • Design: With a bright red color and the exclusive design of one of the most famous video games, Street Fighter, the manufacturers of this controller seek to separate it from the common designs of controllers for consoles, giving it an innovative look.
  • PlayStation platform: It does not matter if you are a PS3 or PS4 user, you can still use this controller without any problem.
  • Buttons: The R1 and R2 buttons are located on the front of the controller, giving the player quicker access to the functions of both buttons.
  • Games: This best ps4 controller 2021 is specialized in fighting games. With an appearance similar to arcade machines, the Mad Catz controller is designed for fans of fighting games.
  • Joystick: Due to its special design for fighting games, this controller has only one joystick; this can be a problem as the functions are limited for other games on the console.

5. Import Cee Gator Claw Controller

Best Ps4 Controllers 2021


This model, considered the best value for money best ps4 controller 2021 of the moment, is designed with the aim of providing you with more comfort when playing, since it has asymmetric analog sticks that you will be able to manipulate easily and without making much effort to do so.

Also, these pieces and the triggers are concave, for that reason you will have a better level of grip when holding them. In the middle, the control has a clickable button, which you can activate when you need to make certain movements.

Moving around or making any movement while you are playing will not be a problem, as this equipment, which is one of the cheapest, has been designed with a three meter long cable that gives you more freedom.

This could be the best PS4 controller for 20 dollars on the market due to its characteristics and ergonomics:

  • Joysticks: To be more comfortable when using it, the joysticks are asymmetrical so you will have more space for your hands.
  • Cable: The cable for this remote is 3 meters long; This will give you more freedom when playing to be able to move around and stay away from the console.
  • Back buttons: Import’s Gator Claw controller features specially shaped rear buttons so your fingers can fully adapt.
  • Grip: The bottom of this controller has a texture that prevents it from slipping in the middle of a game; your grip will be firmer.
  • Drivers: This best ps4 controller 2021 has constant updates and for that reason, you must keep everything up to date in order to play, otherwise the controller will be disconnected. This can be tedious as updates may be needed constantly.

6.Sony Dualshock 4 V2 Wireless Controller

Best Ps4 Controllers 2021


Enjoying each game with more intensity is possible by using this best ps4 controller 2021, which can vibrate more strongly, so that you will be able to feel better the movements that the controller performs when something extraordinary happens, or some movement is made, during the games.

This new best ps4 controller 2021 differs from the rest of the equipment by its matte black finish and the light bar that it has on its back.

This model, known as the best ps4 controller 2021 of the moment, will allow you to easily share each special move you make or some of the strategies you execute during the game, as it has a button called SHARE that you only have to touch when you want to load or transmit live these moments.

You can move freely while you use it, this is because it has an accelerometer and a gyroscope, which are sensitive to movement and detect when the control is tilted or turned.

Few things beat the original product; For that reason, this product is not only the best ps4 controller 2021r of the moment, but it has also been made by the best ps4 controller 2021 brand: Sony

  • Compatibility: Being the original control manufactured by Sony for this console, the compatibility between this control and the PS4 will be perfect. You will not have connection problems, nor will you have to wait for the installation of drivers.
  • Dualshock: Following the tradition of its predecessor, this controller brings Dualshock technology that will give you more realism when playing due to vibrations and movement.
  • Speaker: To make the sound more immersive, this remote has built-in speakers, giving the player a clearer and more detailed sound of the video game.
  • Sensor: Not only will the joysticks be the ones that will give movement to the characters of the video game, as this control is also sensitive to movement. You can tilt it in any direction and certain video games will support these movements.
  • USB Cable: This remote does not have the USB cable for charging or for wired connection; therefore, you will need to use the original cable that came with the console or purchase a new one.

 Buying guide – Best Ps4 Controllers 2021 on the market

Given the variety of controls that are available, it is difficult to choose a particular model, this decision is much more complicated if you do not know well what are the main aspects in which you should look. In order to help you we have developed the following guide to buy the best ps4 controllers 2021, through it you can learn more about these teams.

Best Ps4 Controllers 2021


When making your comparison of ps4 controllers one of the main aspects that you should take into consideration is the variety of buttons that these devices offer you. You need to know them well, as it is not just about how many there are, but about the different types of buttons that the controls can have.

The area of ​​the remote control buttons is the one that guarantees the possibility of moving the avatar or the objects that are in the application, for that reason it is important to pay attention to this aspect, since if you want to play as an expert, regardless of how much it costs the remote, you will have to choose one that offers you the best accuracy when using it.

When you look at the buttons on the controls, you will see that they include 4, which are located together and, generally, are shaped like a cross or similar, these are called crosshairs and allow movements to be made in different directions, right, left, up, down.

There are some that are called turbo or action, with them it is possible to activate some special functions in the game, or increase the speed with which certain movements are carried out.

To guarantee the user more accuracy when playing games, some manufacturers incorporate joysticks into their equipment, which are a kind of levers, which help to better control the actions carried out.

You will find devices with touch panels or touchpad, this area also helps to maintain precision while different game strategies are being executed.

You must consider that the functions performed by each of these buttons are adapted to the requirements and actions that take place during video games.

Regarding the distribution of the buttons, it is necessary that it adapts to your style of play, as this way you will be able to press them with precision and without making mistakes. For more accuracy, there are companies that allow you to customize them, so it will be you who decides what function they will perform.


It is common for gaming fans to spend several hours enjoying their favorite games. This makes the ergonomics of the control an extremely important issue and, in the case of the Dualshock 4 model, users appreciate the shape and dimensions that this control has retained since its appearance and the improvements that it has been incorporating, such as the triggers in this case. and joysticks that are controlled naturally and smoothly, allowing that in sessions of several hours of play your hands do not suffer too much.

We cannot fail to mention the advantage that the fact that it is a wireless model provides, so you will not be limited in your movements when you play. But, in addition, it incorporates an improvement in the transmission of the Bluetooth signal compared to previous versions, which provides a faster response that you can appreciate when playing.

Best Ps4 Controllers 2021


Even if you have a small budget and are looking for an inexpensive remote control, it is important that, when making your choice, you make sure you purchase equipment that you can handle easily.

It is for this reason that it is necessary that you look for a control with an ergonomic design, which you can load comfortably and without having to make too much effort for it; The more comfortable you feel with it, the more hours you will likely dedicate to the game, as you will exhaust yourself less.

Among the different teams you will find some that are bigger and heavier than others. The most advisable thing to do is to buy light equipment, but the important thing is that you feel comfortable using it.

On the other hand, another aspect that you should analyze with regard to design is the freedom of movement that the equipment offers you. There are models that are wireless, for that reason it is possible to handle them more easily and move from one place to another while using them.

But, there are also others that work with cables. If you are going to buy one of these and want to avoid problems when moving, it is advisable to choose a device that has a long enough cord.

On the other hand, if the equipment is connected to Android devices, it is necessary that they offer you the appropriate support to place these equipment.

Best Ps4 Controllers 2021


Not all controls are suitable for all equipment or games, it is for this reason that when buying one of them you must make sure that it is compatible with the consoles, computers and other equipment or applications that you usually use.

To analyze this feature you should look at the specifications indicated by the manufacturer brand, as they usually indicate with what types of devices the remote can be used.

There are controls that in addition to being able to be used with ps4 are suitable for connecting to computers, using cables or Bluetooth technology. Others give you the ability to use them with Android devices.

Even so, it is necessary that the devices with which the connection is going to be established have certain versions of their operating systems, to guarantee their adequate functionality.

The broader its level of compatibility, with more devices you can use your ps4 controller.

How to use a PS4 controller

The PlayStation 4 is the novelty in terms of the development of next-generation consoles that the Sony brand has to offer us. As is common, with each new release, Sony not only modifies the quality of its gaming rig, but also the quality of its controls, which is why it is always a good idea to learn how to use your PS4 controllers correctly.

If you have recently purchased a similar product, both from Sony and from an independent manufacturer, pay close attention to the user guide that we developed for you today.

Best Ps4 Controllers 2021


If the joystick you have purchased is a wireless model, the first and most important activity you should do is to fully charge the controller before considering using it. To do this, you just need to directly connect the controller from the attached USB cable to your video game platform and keep the system on or in sleep mode; Be aware that your controller will not be able to charge if the console is off.

The advancement of the battery charge level will be displayed on the TV screen if you press the PS button on the controller; Our advice is that you allow the battery to fully charge before you start using the device. This action will need to be repeated periodically a few times a year to keep the battery working at its best.


Another very important step in the use of controllers for PS4 is to learn to link the new control with the game platform, to begin, in this way, to interact with the system. Fortunately, this pairing process is getting easier and Sony and independent control manufacturers are creating user-friendly systems.

If your controller is made by Sony, the first thing is to make sure you have the controller perfectly charged and your PlayStation 4 turned on. When both conditions are there, you just need to click on the central button that bears the PS logo.

Hold it down for a few seconds until you hear a slight audible signal indicating pairing. An indicator light should also come on on your controller; Remember that the Playstation 4 platform supports a total of 4 controllers or players, at most.

Best Ps4 Controllers 2021

Utilities and functions

Once you have linked a controller to your gaming platform, you can start browsing through its menus and enjoy the many utilities or functions that it integrates. Therefore, having the controller in good working order is vital to be able to operate your PlayStation.

You can use your controller to play your favorite video games, whether purchased physically or directly in the virtual game store. In the same way, you can download and navigate with your remote between the many popular applications that Sony makes available to you, such as Netflix, Amazon Video and Spotify.


When it comes to video game controllers, it is necessary to take the appropriate precautions to take care of the integrity of the device. Among the care and maintenance precautions that you should follow is trying not to drop the joystick from great heights or continuously, as you could end up spoiling its functions.

Avoid using the device with dirty or sticky hands of any substance and, at the same time, always try to keep the device in a cool and dry place; this means avoiding areas that are humid, too hot or too cold.