Top 7 Best Robot Vacuum 2021 Reviews

Best Robot Vacuum 2021 are now a very helpful instrument to maintain cleanliness on various types of surfaces. Precisely, this should be one of the factors to be interested in one, that you can use it on various types of floors, that it has an intuitive operating mode to go through the areas several times and make them cleaner, that it has a good level of aspiration , that the battery lasts as long as possible and that it warns you when the tank is full. 

Best Robot Vacuum 2021

The iRobot Roomba 615 best robot vacuum cleaner 2021 is, according to what we have investigated, the best option in this case, with a model highly adaptable to various reliefs and structures, a phased operating mode, a good-sized tank and a control mode that does not involve many difficulties. Another proposal worth mentioning is the modelEcovacs DEEBOT OZMO 930 . This best robot vacuum cleaner 2021 has a power of 45W, works with several side brushes for better performance, does not consume much electricity and has its own application for mobile phones.

List Of Top 7 – Best Robot Vacuum 2021 Reviews

If you lack time or simply are overwhelmed by cleaning the house, it may be time to buy a robot vacuum cleaner.

Now, it is important to know which is the best robot vacuum cleaner 2021 in terms of characteristics, functionalities and value for money. Price is not everything, compare and choose the best robot vacuum cleaner 2021 for your needs.

1.iRobot Roomba 615

Best Robot Vacuum 2021


Thanks to the ingenuity and design of some of the most talented engineers, modern cleaning equipment is able to offer you a wide range of options that maximize equipment versatility. Some may focus on the type of cleaning, others on handling, and some on ease of use of the equipment.

IRobot’s robot vacuum, Roomba 615, is no exception to this. This model has a navigation system called iAdapt 1.0, which allows you to move safely and freely through the rooms of your home. It has a fairly simple and direct control panel made up of a single on and off button, so it can be used by older people without problems. In addition, it has an intelligent system that, when the cleaning is finished, is in charge of showing the robot the way back to its base to recharge its battery.

  • Thanks to the circular design of the iRobot robot vacuum cleaner, it will have no major problems adapting to any space or surface in the home where you want to use it. In addition, traffic jams and blocks will be avoided.
  • No very significant or repeated disadvantages were found among the buyer reviews except for one of them who considered that the equipment can be a bit noisy but outside of it, highlighted its performance.


The iRobot best robot vacuum cleaner 2021 offers you a modern, simple and accessible alternative between these types of devices that will help you keep your home cleaner and free of dust and animal hair.

2.Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO 930

Best Robot Vacuum 2021


Ecovacs has for you in its catalog a very striking best robot vacuum cleaner 2021, the DEEBOT OZMO 930 model. This equipment has its own mobile application so that you can manage it remotely and adjust its performance depending on your needs.

It has a modern and attractive design in black and different finishes on its structure. It works with a power of 45W to get rid of dust and dirt accumulated on your floor and it has four side brushes that will take care of not leaving corners without sweeping. It consumes little energy and its category is A, so you can use it without worrying about the impact on the electricity bill.

The system with which it moves around the house is Smart Navi, through which the equipment makes a reconnaissance tour to create a virtual map of your home and thus avoid tripping or being trapped in corners.

If you are still not sure which best robot vacuum cleaner 2021 to buy, evaluate the advantages of this Ecovacs model:

  • Design: It is a striking, modern and robust robot vacuum cleaner. It is black in color, has different finishes and its operation can be remote for more comfort and freedom.
  • Power: It has a motor with which it can reach a power of 45W to get rid of dirt in a common domestic space.
  • Brushes: And to achieve this, you can activate its side brushes, which, in total, are four, thus making sure to remove as much dust as possible.
  • Navigation: To avoid tripping or damage to your property, the robot will make a virtual map with the structure of your house and thus it will be able to move avoiding accidents such as falls that could damage it.
  • Corners: One of the disadvantages of this model, according to some buyers, is the finish that it leaves in corners, since the brushes do not have enough access depending on the angle.

3.iRobot Roomba 671

Best Robot Vacuum 2021


If what you need is a robot vacuum cleaner capable of working with different types of surfaces or fabrics, perhaps you should consider this model from iRobot. The Roomba 671 equipment has dimensions of 34 x 34 x 9 centimeters and a weight of 3 kilograms. It is black in color and has good manufacturing finishes to ensure a long service life.

Its system has a three-phase cleaning cycle with which you can clean particles of dirt, dust, animal hair and much more. It can travel both hard floors and carpets and connects via WiFi to its own application so you can control it from afar.

The purchase includes a charging base to which the robot will return automatically after completing the cycle or when its battery is low, being practically self-sufficient. You just have to make sure you empty the tank and do preventive maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

Robot vacuum cleaners are a very practical tool to keep the house clean and save work, and the iRobot brand is one of the best known, so here are the pros and cons of one of its models:

  • Technology: This product features cleaning cycles, concentrated dirt detection sensors, and is compatible with the Amazon Echo virtual assistant Alexa.
  • Capacity: Its design and implements allow it to clean both hard surfaces and fabrics, that is, carpets.
  • Driving: You can operate your robot from the comfort of your sofa by connecting it to WiFi and downloading the application available for Android and iOS.
  • Dark floors: Apparently, the sensors do not accurately identify space and obstacles on dark floors.
  • Noise: Others comment that it is a bit noisy and can be uncomfortable.

4.Conga 1290

Best Robot Vacuum 2021


A model that stands out among the best Conga robot vacuum cleaners 2021 is this one, which has a significant suction power of 1400 PA, which supposes the removal of dust at an adequate level. Also, among the tasks it performs are four functions for cleaning any surface, such as sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing and mopping, all with the same device.

Likewise, you can choose between seven different cleaning modes, with three different power levels. This implies that it adapts to the various dirty conditions in each space. It also has smart functions, since for example, in scrubbing mode, you can does the water with the help of a special valve.

As for the tanks, it contains two 300 ml tanks, one for solids and the other for liquids, this being a good level of storage. The built-in battery has a favorable 160-minute anatomy, so you can clean the gaps long enough. All of this makes the model the best Conga robot vacuum cleaner for value for money.

In order for you to find the best Conga best robot vacuum cleaner 2021 of the moment, as well as some outstanding prototypes among the cheapest, we recommend you review the pros and cons of this model, which will be listed below.

  • Deposits: It has two separate tanks for solid or liquid waste, with a capacity of 300 ml each.
  • Battery: It has a 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery that gives it 160 minutes of autonomy, a reasonable time to complete the cleaning.
  • Functions: The model can perform four functions, such as vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing and mopping, which involves the execution of the most frequent cleaning tasks.
  • Modes: To adapt to the cleaning needs of each user, the equipment has seven activity modes, which in turn have three power levels, managing to cover the requirements of each surface.
  • Application: This model is not controlled by a special application, but is configured directly with its respective remote control that is incorporated.

5.iRobot Roomba 620 

Best Robot Vacuum 2021


Looking for the best robot vacuum cleaner 2021 we found this option: iRobotRoomba 620. It is a cheaper and simpler option but one that undoubtedly fulfills the cleaning task in an efficient way.

Its main characteristics are:

It works with iAdapt technology, this allows the robot vacuum cleaner to “show” itself what the room to clean is like, passing through each zone several times.

It has an acoustic sensor (Dirt Detector) that allows you to detect the dirtiest areas to spend more time on them.

It is very useful for vacuuming human and animal hair, as well as other fibers.

So, we return with the iRobot equipment, which is the market revolution in terms of robot vacuum cleaners. In this case, you will find the specifications of the Roomba 620 model, which does not differ much from those already described above, however, it is necessary to note that it is the cheapest best robot vacuum cleaner 2021 on the market. Check out:

  • Power: It has a power of 30 watts, so the iRobots still have that in common, all to give their customers a more careful absorption of dust, dirt and animal hair, in general.
  • Filter: It has a 3-stage cleaning system with AeroVac, with which the waste is collected with the rotary brush of the robot and then sucked up by the roller and the equipment tank. Under this filter, your house will be clean in a few passes.
  • Functions: It includes functions similar to the other equipment in the Roomba range. It has the iAdapt system with which the robot automatically adapts to the type of floor it is on, whether it is parquet, concrete or carpet. Also, it has the Dirt Detect technology for a deeper cleaning and the anti-tangle system.
  • Obstacles: Beware of stairs or thick carpets, or dark colors! The Roomba 620 could get stuck in these and waste time on them.

6.iRobot Roomba 615 

Best Robot Vacuum 2021


This robot offers a complete cleaning system that is proposed in three phases, seeking to achieve the best possible results, for this it combines reverse rotation brushes and a vacuum cleaner that has a power range that contributes to improving the process.

The cleaning system consists of: first sweeping and attracting dirt from the corners and corners of the place in question, using the brushes that make up the robot, then proceeding to extract the dirt and start pushing it towards the center of the area , and finally it begins to suck up all the stored dirt. To collect the dust, the device does not use a bag but a tank that can be emptied as many times as necessary to achieve the expected result.

Its operation is very simple and it can pass up to 4 times through the same sector seeking to obtain high levels of hygiene. On the other hand, it is ideal for use in hard-to-reach areas, such as under furniture, corners, etc., and it also avoids various obstacles, allowing it to work longer without deteriorating.

  • Adaptation: It adapts to the space and structure where it is used, something very important for users, especially those who expect to use it in various places.
  • Functioning: It works in a very simple way, since you only have to press a button for this little device to start developing its cleaning journey.
  • Phases: It has a cleaning mode in three phases, the first collects the garbage, while the second accumulates it towards the center of the place and finally proceeds to vacuum it.
  • Mobility: Its mobility mode is very intuitive and allows you to pass up to 4 times through the same sector, taking care not to come into contact with unevenness, obstacles or stair edges that could cause falls or bumps.
  • Without bag: The garbage and aspirated particles are not stored in a bag, but in a deposit with a capacity of 0.7 liters that the device has, and that you can empty without problems as many times as required, so you will not have to spend money on bags.
  • High price

Buying Guide – Best Robot Vacuum 2021 on the market

A robot vacuum cleaner can make it easier for you to clean the floor of your house, saving you time and effort, but since it is an important investment, we recommend that you read the following guide to buy the best robot vacuum cleaner 2021.

To make the comparison between the best robot vacuum cleaner 2021, you can evaluate many aspects from the price, material, power, accessories, extra functionalities, among others. If you are looking to buy a cheap vacuum cleaner that is efficient in the execution of the tasks for which it is intended, this guide can be very useful. 

Best Robot Vacuum 2021

Which robot vacuum cleaner is better?

The main function of a robot vacuum cleaner is to suck up dust and other solid waste from the floor, without moving it or lifting it off the ground as happens when sweeping.


We start with this aspect, because in the market you can find robots with prices ranging from just over 100 dollars to more than 700 dollars. The technology that each model has, as well as the sensors that add extra functionality are what determines how much a robot vacuum cleaner costs. Note that some of the cheaper models do not even vacuum, they simply function as a mop although they can be marketed as robots.

Assess your needs

It is very important that you take into account your needs and circumstances when it comes to cleaning. For example, if you have pets, you will be interested in a robot that is efficient at collecting pet hair. If you have carpets, you will be interested in one that can overcome this obstacle without having to collect the carpet every time you go to put the robot vacuum cleaner to work.

Evaluate the distribution of your house, its size, rooms, possible obstacles for the robot such as doors, steps, furniture, carpets, etc.

From this analysis it will depend if you should buy a basic robot or another that has the necessary sensors to avoid obstacles.

Navigation system

You must be on the alert with this; not all robots have a navigation system, so they “vacuum” randomly and may not clean the entire area. We recommend a robot that has a navigation system that is, that follows a pattern of the area to be cleaned.

Autonomy time

Another of the most important characteristics when evaluating the different robot vacuum cleaner options is their autonomy time, that is, the time that the battery lasts, especially important if you have a large house or flat. It also checks the battery charging time and the charging system, if the same robot returns to its charging base automatically when it is running out of charge.

Tank size

The size of the robot vacuum cleaner tank is also linked to its autonomy because if it is full, the robot will not work, so you must be clear that it is large enough to clean your whole house without having to stop the process to empty it.

Parts Warranty

If you want your robot vacuum cleaner to be really a long-term investment, buy a reliable brand, which can provide you with spare parts if you need it, especially parts such as brushes, sensors, batteries that tend to wear out over time.

Best Robot Vacuum 2021

Extra features

Betting on buying a robot vacuum cleaner with more features of course will mean paying a higher price, but it will also allow you to have access to very useful features:

HEPA filter : As in a normal vacuum cleaner, having a good HEPA filter will allow the device to suck up even smaller particles and it is really essential if you have pets and you want their hairs not to be all over your house. In addition, this filter performs a “purifying” function of the air that is highly recommended when you have allergies.

Virtual walls : When you live in a study or have very large areas such as the living room and dining room together, having the possibility of creating virtual walls allows the robot to concentrate on cleaning a certain area.

Programming : This is one of the characteristics that those who have a robot value the most. In some models you can program the day and time of cleaning, and even in the most advanced models you can define the area to be cleaned by defining virtual walls; your robot will start cleaning even if you are not at home.

Dirt degree detection : You can find models that can detect the degree of dirt and in this way select the pattern and time of the cleaning program.

Sensors : Depending on the robot vacuum cleaner model you choose, it will have more or less sensors. Some of the most important sensors are those that prevent your robot from colliding with your furniture to prevent damage to the furniture or the sensors that detect changes in height that cause the robot to change direction if it detects that there is a step.

How to use a robot vacuum cleaner

Nowadays, robot vacuum cleaners are being widely used in homes, as they allow you to save time and effort in cleaning dust and other solid waste that you can find on any type of floor, even carpets. That is why below you will find some recommendations that will allow you to put your robot vacuum cleaner to good use.

Best Robot Vacuum 2021

Get familiar with your robot vacuum cleaner

Before putting your robot vacuum cleaner into operation, it is necessary that you read the instructions in the manual that includes the design, since it will help you avoid any inconvenience in terms of use, thus extending the useful life of the robot.

Easy to put into operation

When the floor of your home is dirty with dust particles, human hair, pet hair or any other residue, just press the power button of your robot vacuum cleaner, and it begins to carry out its cleaning task.

Works for all types of flooring

It is very important that your robot vacuum cleaner fulfills its cleaning task according to the needs of the floor of your home. Although the best robot vacuum cleaners 2021 are designed to perform cleaning tasks for all types of floors, such as: wooden floors, glass floors, tile floors, rough floors, ceramic floors, granite floors, marble floors and even, for carpets and rugs.

Won’t hit walls or furniture

By using your robot vacuum cleaner at home, you will stop worrying about damage to walls or furniture while cleaning dust or other dirt from the floor, since the best robot vacuum designs have a digital bumper, which Keeps it from hitting walls and furniture while cleaning.

Makes more emphasis on dirtier areas

When you use your robot vacuum cleaner to clean several areas with different dirt characteristics, where one is much dirtier than the other, it will activate its acoustic sensor that allows it to detect the dirtiest areas to spend more time on them, leaving them just as clean as the other. other areas that had less dirt.

They don’t stop if the area is too wide

It is important that you make sure to properly charge the batteries of the vacuum cleaner before putting it to clean the areas, especially if you have a house or very large apartments. In this way, you will avoid certain troubles when finding the robot stopped in the middle of the area to be cleaned.

Best Robot Vacuum 2021

Make sure to empty the tank

The robot’s tank is also linked to its autonomy; That is why when you use it, you must also make sure that the tank is free of dust or other dirt particles to clean your house completely without having to stop it in full cleaning function to empty the tank.

You breathe pure air

By using your robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning tasks, you are not only trapping dust particles, human hair or pet hair, but you are also breathing fresh air, as your robot is purifying the air while it performs its task.

The most popular Best Robot Vacuum 2021  brands

Saving time with a robot vacuum cleaner has become the goal of many people when cleaning their home, that is why we present the most recognized brands on the market, so that when choosing one you can do it in the most successful way possible.

Best Robot Vacuum brands 2021

Founded in 1990 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, iRobot Robotics Designs, where some of the most important robots in the world are built. The Roomba line is a series of household robots from iRobot that are revolutionizing the way people clean inside and outside the home. More than 14 million home robots have been sold around the world and with the award-winning iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner, a robot that has been a sensation for the past few years.

More than 5,000 of the company’s defense and security robots have been delivered to investigators, military, and civil defense forces around the world, conducting thousands of dangerous searches, reconnaissance, and bomb disposal missions while protecting they are in danger. Leveraging the mobile robotics platform, iRobot is bringing its solutions to new markets.

The iRobot Ava 500 offers a new level of collaboration for office and other facility environments, and RP-VITA enables clinicians to communicate with patients from virtually anywhere in the world. With two decades of leadership in the robot industry, iRobot remains committed to building robots that improve quality of life and safety standards around the world.

Best Robot Vacuum brands 2021

LG Electronics was founded in 1958 in South Korea and since then it has strongly led the markets for new technologies and this is how its products are the best-sellers internationally, competing with the largest brands in the market.  

The brand has unveiled its new products, cutting-edge technology that emphasizes the creation of mobile devices and digital televisions that maintain a continuity of innovation to reinforce its status as a global company. With sales reaching 59.04 billion dollars, LG comprises four business units: Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home Appliance, air solution and vehicle components, for all this it is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of state-of-the-art televisions. generation, air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators.

LG’s vision is to become the market leader with wide recognition. That is why LG continues to develop as the world’s leading company through the search for greater public benefits based on cooperation, mutual trust and respect for its workers. That is why the LG company is committed to offering quality products, to continue maintaining a standard of excellence and durability.

Best Robot Vacuum brands 2021

 Vileda is a German company founded in 1948 by Porkovich Cerdatov Tolomatov. It is a brand that is characterized by offering long-lasting products with a good level of reliability and quality in its operation, among its proposals you can find truly elegant and innovative designs, such as cleaning tools such as scrubbers, brooms, gloves, etc. cloths, scourers and tools for the care of clothes such as ironing boards, covers and clotheslines for the home.

One of its advantages is that many of them not only serve a specific space, but are versatile and you can place them indistinctly in the kitchen or in the bathroom, according to your decoration objectives, since they are pieces that are also functional, they are decorative. With more than 65 years of history, the company is active in about 50 countries, which is why the company is one of the most internationally recognized brands of household products, and they have remained as market leaders from the foundation of the company.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Is a robot vacuum cleaner or a vacuum cleaner better?

The great advantage of the robot vacuum cleaner and the reason why many choose it is because it minimizes the work completely, because you will not have to do anything at all and, if you want to do it, you only need to download an application and activate the manual control through the WiFi network.

However, with vacuum cleaners, you will have to do all the work and move it from one place to another to get rid of the dirt. The only two advantages that these devices have over robots are that the dirt bags tend to have more capacity and that they are cheaper products.

Q2. What is more effective: robot vacuum cleaner vs electric broom?

It all depends on what exactly you need, because if you need, for example, to clean upholstery, the manual electric broom will give you more mobility and efficiency. Another great advantage of this product is that it can work on different surfaces without problem.

Robot vacuum cleaners are better when it comes to cleaning dirt from the floor of your home, as you will not have to make any effort. However, there are products specialized in certain surfaces that do not work efficiently in others. The robot vacuum cleaner undoubtedly has more advantages, however, for the specific situations mentioned above, you may need an electric broom.

Q3. Which is the best robot vacuum cleaner: Xiaomi vs Conga?

Despite the Chinese brand Xiaomi standing out in many areas, Conga robot vacuum cleaners tend to have better features. For example, these have a little more power, larger capacity dirt tanks and have a more efficient filtration than the rest.

This does not mean that Xiaomi does not have excellent models that can work correctly in your home, but that, until now, the Conga brand has always been one step ahead in certain details that, when seeing the results, make a difference.

Q4. Which is the best robot vacuum cleaner: Conga vs Roomba?

In this comparison things are more difficult, since both Conga and Roomba are quite well known and, in fact, they are the most famous brands in the world of robot vacuum cleaners. There are few differences between them and most of the time they only vary in design, therefore many people do not know what choice to make when they see the alternatives of these two companies.

Conga robot vacuum cleaners are usually a little cheaper than those made by Roomba, and this is what could give that brand the advantage.

Q5. Which is the best robot vacuum cleaner: Rowenta or Conga?

Rowenta is a professional brand for different types of devices, however, in the specific case of robot vacuum cleaners, it still has not managed to reach the level of excellence that Conga devices have.

Rowenta robots are best suited for small places without carpets, as they do not have the same performance as other professional Conga robots. So, if you have the money, don’t hesitate to buy a Conga product.

Q6: How to make a Roomba go back to base?

After the completion of the cleaning session programmed in your Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, the most convenient thing is for the device to return to its charging base. To do this, you will only have to identify the button marked with the word “Clean” at the top of the structure and press it firmly for approximately three seconds. In this way, you will have deleted the previously completed work schedule. Then, take the robot and place it facing the charging base, at a distance of no more than 1.8 meters. Press the power button and then the docking button.

Q7: How to reset a Roomba?

In case you want to reset your Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, the first thing you should do is place the device on the charging base. Next, identify, on the respective control panel, the “Clean” button and press it permanently for a period of 10 seconds. In this way, the characters “r 5 t” will be projected on the screen. At this point, you can release the button. Immediately, you will observe how the equipment turns off and you will hear an audible indicator. 

Q8: What is the Roomba that vacuums and scrubs?

The Roomba house has a wide catalog of robot vacuum cleaners, equipped with cutting-edge technology for an effective cleaning of the different types of floors in our home. They also incorporate a WiFi connection for greater programming convenience from your mobile.

Among them, the iRobot Roomba 960 stands out , provided with a mechanism of cleaning cloths, which are released with water to provide a deeper cleaning, scrubbing after sucking up the dirt. 

Q9: How to change Roomba’s battery?

If the battery life of your Roomba robot vacuum has reached its end, you will need to replace it with another. To do this, you will have to go to a specialized store, either virtual or physical, to purchase it. Remember that it must comply with the compatibility characteristics in terms of format, power and amperage, among other aspects. In this sense, it is convenient that you review the instruction manual of the equipment to corroborate this information.

Once you have the energy accumulator in your hands, you can proceed to install it, for which you will need the help of a screwdriver, in order to release the screws that are on the back of the robot vacuum cleaner. Remove the cover and then the battery. Thus, it only remains to place the replacement and fix the cover again.

Q10: When to change Roomba accessories?

It is important that you pay attention to the cleaning accessories of your Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, since, after a while and after constant daily use, they will begin to wear out and deform. In this sense, the device will begin to lose effectiveness in terms of removing the dirt present on the floor of the different rooms of our home.

According to the developers of the Roomba house, the recommendation is to change the cleaning brushes of the equipment every three months. Of course, this is an approximate period of time, because ultimately everything will depend on the frequent or sporadic use you give the vacuum cleaner.