Top 7 Best Running Watch 2021 Reviews

For those runners who perform in a professional way, best running watch 2021 provide san ideal support to record information on races and sports routines, so if you are thinking of purchasing one of these devices, we recommend taking into account certain aspects so that you can choose a quality model, adapted to your needs.

Best Running Watch 2021


Having adequate control of the physical effect that your daily routine has on your body can be the right way to improve your health and your appearance. 

If you do not have knowledge about the best options in the best running watches 2021, we advise you to evaluate the Polar M430 model. This device stands out for having a built-in GPS navigator as well as a heart rate monitor and various extra functions so that you get the most out of it. 

As the next alternative, we recommend the option of a world-renowned brand: TomTom Runner 3 . This model can be paired with your smartphone to function as an incoming call and message notifier. It is also equipped with software that offers personalized workouts according to your needs and various sensors for heart rate, calories burned, distances traveled, etc.

List of top 7 – Best Running Watch 2021 Reviews

The moment we read or hear about running watches, we immediately think of exercise, the outdoors, and a lot of sweat. Running using this type of equipment has many advantages, in addition to providing us with a lot of information about our physical performance as we run.

Due to the advances that exist today in technology, it could become a great dilemma to choose the best running watch 2021 that suits our needs, therefore, below you will find a series of models where you can see the best running watches 2021 price quality offered by the market, for all those people dedicated to this type of exercise.

1.Polar M430

Best Running Watch 2021


Technological advances have allowed many devices that are used on a daily basis to be able to perform more and more functions. This avoids having to carry many pieces of equipment with you instead of just one multifunctional one, so we advise you to evaluate the extra functions of the running watch of your interest.

In this case, Polar’s M430 does not disappoint. This watch is equipped with a heart rate monitor to measure your pulse and heart rate, so you can also analyze the effect of any activity. Its system has a sleep analysis sensor, through which the watch is in charge of studying your sleep patterns, as well as your hours of going to bed and waking up to offer you a rest plan more in line with your physical needs and requirements of your day to day.

  • The main aspect of the M430 is that it is equipped with a satellite navigation system that will be very useful when studying the terrain around you, as well as your movement through the roads and your global position.
  • It seems that some users consider that the M430 is a model that belongs to the middle category of running watches, so they comment that its price is a bit high compared to high-end models.


Polar offers you a great alternative in running watches for athletes or people who simply want to keep track of their activities. We invite you to know its main characteristics to determine if it is convenient for you to acquire it or not.

2.TomTom Runner 3

Best Running Watch 2021


Running watches are a very useful tool for anyone who wants to keep track of their daily physical activity. These teams allow you to know the calories burned per activity, as well as the time spent in it. Although, it should be noted, some models can offer you much more than that. As is the case with the TomTom Runner 3.

In addition to offering you the basic functions, this best running watch 2021 has the ability to link with your smartphone to access some Smartwatch functions, such as seeing who is calling you or has sent you a text message. You can also customize the watch to obtain different fitness training recommendations depending on what you want to achieve.

In total, more than 50 types of training have been incorporated into the Runner 3 system. Finally, it stands out that it has a fairly large screen that will allow you to easily read the information, be it the time, distance traveled, heart rate, training time, etc.

  • Telephone: You can connect your TomTom running watch to your phone, so you can manage its functions and settings, as well as see who is calling you and decide whether or not to answer without having to take your phone out of your pocket.
  • GPS: It also has a navigator and satellite or GPS tracking, which will provide you with information about your location and thus you will obtain routes to follow depending on your destination.
  • Functions: It can measure your heart rate, steps you have taken, distance traveled, calories burned, give you the time and date, etc.
  • Screen: its screen is LCD and has a backlight, which is activated automatically if it detects that there is very little ambient light.
  • Belt: A couple of buyers have complained that they consider the strap to be of poor quality, as it can break under extreme activities or heavy use of the watch. 

3.Huawei Watch GT Sport

Best Running Watch 2021


The Huawei Watch GT Sport model is an interesting surprise from this manufacturer in a segment that is not the usual one. However, this sports watch is in the most current line and offers runners everything they need to control their training. 

We start with a large, round screen, where you can see everything clearly. We also have a large number of sensors to monitor position, speed and even the heart rate. Quality measurements thanks to the product approach, which does not lack the triple compatibility of satellites, to improve the GPS location. As if that were not enough, the product also helps to improve your sleep, analyzing it and offering you interesting tips to rest better. 

All this data can be transferred to your mobile using the included Bluetooth technology, in order to facilitate its analysis and subsequent storage. And to top it off, its battery supports no less than two weeks of activity, so you forget to recharge it frequently.

If you want a different product when it comes to controlling your workouts, nothing better than this Huawei model.

  • Screen: Its large screen makes it easy to see everything clearly when training, having a color design that presents any information with high quality.
  • Location: The watch is compatible with three location systems, for an ultra-precise location of your location.
  • Autonomy: The product supports two weeks of continuous use without the need to recharge its battery.
  • Notifications: One of the few defects of the watch is that it does not support receiving notifications from the mobile.
  • NFC: It does not include NFC, so you cannot use the product as a means of payment, as can be done with other similar models on the market.

4.Polar RS300X

Best Running Watch 2021


If you are one of those who is more interested in your physical condition and in monitoring your heart rate while you exercise, this best running watch 2021 is for you. The polar RS300X has the ability to measure your aerobic condition in resting times and show in real time, the calories consumed while running.

By reviewing the characteristics of the equipment, you will find the possibility of being able to create exercises based on time, heart rate and distance, even combining up to three distances and target zones at the same time. Likewise, you can adjust the zoom to the screen, according to your preference; This in combination with the special lock button will make the activity easier because if you touch the screen by mistake, everything will stay in place.

It should be noted that this model does not have a GPS device, so you will not be able to record the path you have traveled while running. In the same way, the polar RS300X does not have the ability to pass the registered information to the computer, for this, another device would be needed.

In response to the very common concern among users about which best running watch 2021 to buy, we present the following pros and cons below.

  • Functions: The watch fulfills the necessary and standard functions of this type of accessory for the runner: heart rate, distance traveled and more. Another element to highlight is the ability to measure aerobic condition during rest times, something that not everyone else on the market has.
  • Simplicity: It is a very easy to use and simple model, with which you will not need to struggle to access the functions it offers.
  • Blocking: After you configure the screen with the information that you want to consult throughout your routine, you can activate the screen lock option so that nothing moves from there by accident.
  • Connectivity: The software to synchronize the clock is compatible with Mac and Windows. Also, the brand offers its own website to collect and share data.
  • Without GPS: Although the description of the product ensures that it comes with GPS, users comment that this is not the case and must be purchased separately.

5.Sigma PC15

Best Running Watch 2021


Finally, on our list is the Sigma PC15 model, a multifunctional best running watch 2021 in which you can record heart rate, the number of laps completed and also has a calorie counter while you run. Also, the screen of this equipment has a battery status indicator, so you can be aware of it at any time.

On the other hand, this model can be considered as one of the cheap and best running watch 2021 on the market, because it does not have GPS or real-time connection services and, weighing 1 Kg, it becomes the heaviest model of this. list.

However, this does not mean that the equipment is of poor quality. In fact, it is classified by the same users as very functional, with the basic characteristics to be able to run without any problem.

To buy cheaper best running watches 2021 it may be convenient to review a model like this, which has the following pros and cons.

  • Price: It is the cheapest you will get anywhere. However, its price does not make you think that it is not worth it because this device offers a good experience, despite its limitations.
  • Basic functions: It incorporates all the basic functions of rigor: counter of calories burned, counter of distance traveled and meter of heart rate.
  • Indicator: This device incorporates a battery indicator so that you can recognize the useful life of it and be able to change it in time so as not to miss a single day of exercise.
  • Durability: It is made from a mix of plastic and metal components to offer a robust and durable design.
  • Buttons: Users comment that the buttons can be activated, due to their size, with clothing or by any movement that may activate them, interrupting data collection.

6.Garmin Forerunner 220 HRM

Best Running Watch 2021


At the beginning of this list, we find one of the most anticipated models of this year, it is the Garmin Forerunner 220 HRM watch. Beyond providing the time, this equipment is capable of calculating distance, pace and your heart rate while you run. Besides this, it has an integrated GPS, as well as an accelerometer; both together will record the entire distance you travel, without losing a single meter.

This equipment has the ability to connect to an online application, where all your data about the activities you carry out will be, without the need to have a computer at hand. By downloading the application on your Smartphone, you can immediately analyze your progress and even share your information in real time with your friends.

Among its specifications, it is noted that it has a 2.5-inch LCD screen, and is made entirely of polyurethane, making it totally resistant and light with its 155 grams of weight.

Likewise, what makes this model really special is that it has the heart rate monitor integrated into the soft strap for the same price, so, without a doubt, this model can very well position itself as the best running watch 2021 in the world. 

We start with the best running watch 2021 of the moment. A model whose characteristics and good reviews have earned it such a title.

  • Functions: In addition to displaying the time, it also has the ability to calculate the distance traveled and the heart rate during your runs.
  • Design: It has a 2.5-inch circular LCD screen, which is large and clear enough to comfortably view numbers. Also, it is made of polyurethane, so it is very flexible, durable and lightweight at just 155 grams.
  • GPS: It has a GPS to track your location and an accelerometer. These two tools complement each other to keep a record of the distances traveled and other data of interest such as speed, effort and others.
  • Connectivity: The watch can be synced with your smartphone to store your workout data and, last but not least, share it with others to share your progress or request feedback.
  • Heart Monitor: To complete the benefits of this best running watch 2021, you can choose to incorporate a special heart monitor, if you need it, which is attached to the pulse strap.
  • High price

Buying Guide – Best Running Watch 2021 on the market

Whether you are a professional runner or you are determined to become one, you should know that one of the tools you need is a good watch. It is not just any watch that tells you the time, the idea is to have a device that can give us detailed information about our performance during the race, that is why we have prepared this small guide to buy the best running watch 2021, with the aim of that you find a good and cheap one at the same time.

Best Running Watch 2021

Shopping guide

When we are doing a comparison of running watches we realize the large number of brands and models that currently exist on the market, many of them of very good quality, but each with different functionality, therefore, before thinking about them prices and asking us how much it costs, let’s see what options these watches can have.

The first thing is to know what information the watch is capable of providing, but this depends on your needs. For example, if you want to check your cadence level, that is, it tells you how many steps per minute you have covered, you should look for one with a pedometer. If we need information about the pulsations, you will also find models with a heart rate monitor. But if you are a field runner and you are passionate about mountains, it is best to look for one that also has an altimeter.

Why is it important to know what we need?

Mainly because the more functions it has, the more expensive the watch tends to be and if, for example, we always run in the city and never go to any mountains, will the altimeter really be necessary? This example can apply to the other functionalities that you find in the most advanced and expensive models, ask yourself if you really need this or that feature.

If you are wondering about the brand, we invite you not to be afraid of new brands, but yes, check very well the comments that each model has on the Internet forums. Who doesn’t want a Nike watch? But not all of us have that budget, so we have to look for alternatives.

Currently, running watches have many more possibilities, let’s see what each one is about and while we analyze it, do not lose sight of your own needs, so you can more easily rule out one or another additional feature.


Some of the best running watches 2021 currently available have an internal memory capable of storing race information. This can be very important for those athletes who have goals and need to know their performance and fitness progress.


This is highly recommended, especially if we go out for a run in the rain or if we practice hiking or trail running at the same time, because sometimes some rivers are also crossed during training. Some models are suitable only for rain and others can be submerged several meters, it all depends on your needs.

GPS and connection

This function can be convenient for both the city and the mountains, a clock that allows you to know the location at all times and places is a great tool. However, this feature can significantly increase the price of the watch, so that if you only run within a park there is no need to have GPS on the watch.

You will find models that can be connected wired or wirelessly with other devices, for example, to download information to your computer. Through specific applications and software you will be able to systematize the information and view automatic charts and diagrams about your progress over time.

Best Running Watch 2021

Battery duration

This is indicated in the specifications of the product, it is about the hours that it is capable of working without having to recharge it. Try to choose a running watch where you can see the battery status just by looking at the screen.

Calorie counter and light

In the case of starting a cardiovascular workout to lose weight, having a calorie burned counter can be very practical, in this way you can know exactly how many calories you should replace with your diet. In this sense, it is good to remember that extreme weight loss diets are considered anti-sports because they sometimes represent irreversible damage to physical health, on the contrary, the calorie burned counter should be used to encourage the runner, but a good nutrition.

This is beneficial in any watch, but especially if you like to run at night, try to buy a running watch with a good lighting system and that the light is easy to operate, so you can see the information without having to stop in training.

How to wear a running watch 

These watches are precision all-terrain instruments that, in addition to the obvious mission of giving you the time on time, resist inclement weather and keep you informed of your geolocation (via GPS), the routes and distances of your trips, the altitude and inclination of the terrain where you are and even your heart rate (those that come with a heart rate monitor).

Although, at first they may seem tremendously complicated, the daily reality is that the use of these sports watches is extremely simple, user-friendly and intuitive. Regarding this, the first thing you should do is determine what information you want to obtain while using it.

Best Running Watch 2021

Sleep quality

Note that, even when you do not undertake any exercise, these running watches inform you of the quality of your sleep, measuring biometric variables that the watch obtains through the heart rate monitor with digital sensor in direct contact with the skin of your wrist and all this without bothering you not at all, since its use is very comfortable and almost imperceptible, thanks to its ultra-light weight that averages 75 grams.

Supply of various biometric variables

If you are a very active person and practice several sports disciplines, you can also choose a watch model that provides you with all the biometric variables you can imagine, in addition to the characteristics of the terrain you are moving through, even in the water. As usual, the budget is what sets the boundaries of your claims.

Synchronization with other devices

The best thing is that you have the option of synchronizing your sports watch with your electronic devices, from the phone, through the tablet, your laptop or desktop computer. This functionality allows you to share (and digitally duplicate) the data of your achievements during the successive trainings and, thus, you can develop your own sports history and there are even applications that establish comparisons with the athletic records of other followers of the same disciplines physically. Imagine the advantage that all this information gives you to be able to improve your performance with full knowledge of the facts.

Best Running Watch 2021

Heart rate measurement

On the other hand, if you are especially interested in keeping track of your heart rate, watches that include a heart rate monitor are a great tool to promote preventive health. The most comfortable are those equipped with a digital sensor that monitor your biometric variables while you wear them on your wrist. There are other models without a digital sensor on the wrist, although they have an elastic band for the chest that is not as comfortable and somewhat restricts the freedom of movement, but, on the other hand, their measurements are much more precise, so they are preferred by the coaches.

Screen readability and compatibility

Overall, the legibility of the running watch display is great and you can see your data at a glance. Pondering the connectivity aspects of the watch with your digital equipment, you can use the USB port and, much more conveniently, Bluetooth technology. The usual compatibility of the sports watch is with Windows XP and Mac OS 10.4 operating systems.

The most popular Best Running Watch 2021  brands

Technology is present in the creation of devices that support sports in terms of interpreting the stimuli and responses that are produced in different sports routines. The brands that we are going to show you below are the best for creating products that measure athletic performance, in addition to guiding the athlete on the different routes that they must complete to achieve the proposed goal.

Best Running Watch brands 2021

Known worldwide as the pioneer company in developing the first wireless heart rate monitor, the Polar brand is based on the premise known as “listen to your body”, which is why it specializes in the creation of electronic devices that allow understanding the different reactions biologically and transform them into a response that can be understood by people.

This company was created due to the need that existed in the 1975 to measure the heart rate during sports practices. In addition, it has some 26 subsidiaries in various countries and has a production capacity of 12,000 employees worldwide.

At present, this company is positioned as one of the best in the market in terms of manufacturing devices that not only measure heart rate, but also allow knowing the behavior of other variables such as pulse, acceleration, a meter calories, distances traveled, among others.

As a company, it continues to be at the forefront by researching and growing, conducting studies with leading scientists in several countries, which allow discovering other innovative ways of studying the behavior of other variables for the creation of new sports devices in the future.  

Best Running Watch brands 2021

This Dutch company has its origins in 1991, when it was previously called Palmtop, whose business activity was the development of software for laptops, in addition to being a pioneer in the creation of personal navigation devices (PND) in 2004, where a new consumer electronics category.

Tomtom is currently focused on creating navigation devices for both mobile and car, as well as the creation of maps and GPS receivers to show routes and voice directions to locate a specific destination.

Among the characteristics that stand out in TomTom products is the wide connectivity they have, being firstly wireless, to be used in sports, where the person can interact with the device through current technological connection platforms, such as Bluetooth and WiFi and can have an Internet connection to download and update applications.

In addition, its products are not only based on performing functions to serve the sports and automotive fields, but also have expanded functions such as MP3 players, voice communication and data for road recognition, which is why TomTom has been one of the more complete brands in terms of diversity of functions of their products.

Best Running Watch brands 2021

This company was founded in October 1989, formerly known as ProNav, in Kansas, United States. The first product that this company launched was the GPS 100, developed especially for the naval and maritime industries. With the passage of time, its founders Gary Burrell and Min Kao realized that this type of technology favors applications for sports disciplines such as athletics, taking a great leap in the manufacture of products in the Forerunner range, being the most positioned in the market, thanks to the excellent opinions of users and its wide connectivity and functionality.

Athletes and sportsmen bet on this brand to improve their performance. Forerunner watches have expanded their technology to be highly competitive products, where Garmin remains in the forefront in the sale and marketing of these types of products.