Top 7 Best Sleeping Bags 2021 Reviews

Sleeping away from home, when we are camping, on the beach or when beds are scarce on vacation, can become a martyrdom if we do not choose our best sleeping bags 2021 well. It is important that we bet on a bag adapted to the conditions of the terrain where we are going to be, with good protection and that allows us to maneuver comfortably inside.

Best Sleeping Bags 2021

This is precisely the main reason why the Grand Canyon Whistler 195 bag stands out . This bag offers a height of 195 centimeters with a very light weight, offering a wider design in the upper part than in the legs, which allows us to be more collected during rest.

If you only need a simple and light model, your choice is the Egoz Facil bag , that is easy to carry, very light and allows easy access to the interior, which is also completely closed so that body heat is not lost.

List Of The Top 7 – Best Sleeping Bags 2021 Reviews

 Having the best sleeping bag will allow you to enjoy more when camping or in the mountains, basically protecting you from the weather and insects. Although it seems very basic, there are many types of sleeping bags that have different characteristics and therefore different prices. Below we show you the best sleeping bags 2021 so that you can analyze their pros and cons in light of your needs and budget.

 1. Grand Canyon Whistler Mummy Sleeping Bag

best sleeping bags 2021


We are facing a model of an individual sleeping bag , that is, designed so that a single person can sleep comfortably and comfortably. For this, it has dimensions of 195 cm x 55 cm (lower part) and 45 cm (upper part) since obviously the widest part of our body is the shoulders.

In addition, this design that is larger at the top than at the bottom is designed to allow you to get in and out of the bag in a much more comfortable and simple way, as well as offering you the protection you need during rest. In addition, it will be incredibly practical since if you open it it will become a warm quilt with which you can cover yourself without having to use it in its full sack format.

  • Whether as a sleeping bag or a duvet, this sleeping bag will be incredibly light without losing its ability to keep you warm on long, cold summer camping nights.
  • However, and according to some users, this coat is not enough for places and dates with very low temperatures, making it ideal for cool to warm climates.


If you are looking for a cheap best sleeping bag 2021 that offers good resistance and keeps you warm during your camping trips, you will like this well-priced best sleeping bag 2021 as it offers resistance and comfort for a very low investment.

2. Egoz Easy to carry Warm Adult Sleeping Bag

best sleeping bags 2021


When it comes to resting after a long day in the field, sleeping bags become not only your field bed but also a second skin that must always be comfortable, safe and comfortable, in order to maintain adequate rest.

Under this approach, the Egoz Facil sleeping bag is an interesting alternative, both for its characteristics and for its low weight and easy transport, which make your walk lighter without adding more weight to your back.

For this, this product has a hybrid construction of cotton and polyester, which offers a very light format to carry and highly protective at bedtime and rest, being suitable for all four seasons of the year, making it a truly versatile piece.

Due to its format, it fits within the so-called mummy models, with a side zipper that allows you to enter the interior comfortably, leaving the space completely closed and preventing heat loss and air entry into it. inside. A complete closure that makes it, as we said, perfect for any occasion.

  • Materials: The combination of polyester and cotton in the manufacture of the product gives you exceptional comfort.
  • Season: Due to its construction, this product is suitable for all seasons, being a cool bag in summer and warm for winter.
  • Open zipper: the open zip closure at the bottom makes it easier to use, giving additional ventilation to the product to keep the temperature between 30 to 40 degrees.
  • Transport bag: In order to carry it easily, in addition to being a very compact and lightweight product, it includes a transport bag to take it wherever you want.
  • Format: Although the mummy design is very comfortable to rest, it can be somewhat overwhelming, especially for those users who are not used to using this type of bag.

3. Coleman Hampton Double Sleeping Bag

best sleeping bags 2021


To rest properly during your visits to the field, it is essential to bet on a comfortable sleeping bag, which adjusts to the characteristics of the terrain and your design and comfort preferences and is also comfortable and easy to carry wherever you want, without involving a great weight.

If you are looking for something different, you may be interested in the Coleman Hampton model. Compared to traditional models, this bag offers you a design with measures of 220 x 150 centimeters, in which two people can sleep peacefully in total comfort.

Something that helps its mixed construction in outer cotton and inner flannel, which gives it excellent comfort and sufficient heat for the most pleasant seasons such as spring and summer.

This padding also has the advantage of offering a light weight, so that the product is easy to store and transport without causing excessive weight or an inconvenience of space.

As a complement, the product also has a very comfortable transport bag where you can store it when you are not using it.

  • For two: Compared to traditional bags, which are usually individual, this product offers capacity for two people, so you won’t have to separate from your partner even to sleep.
  • Double season: Its cotton design offers an ideal performance for the highest quality seasons of the year: spring and summer, offering performance and a comfortable temperature at all times.
  • Wide dimensions: Even though it is a product for two people, the bag is really spacious, as it measures 150 x 220 centimeters, even higher than what would be a conventional bed.
  • Cozy design: This bag has a special design reminiscent of a bed with its bedspread and sheet, compared to the boring and even spartan image of other best sleeping bags 2021.
  • Transport bag: The transport bag, although it is included, could be of a better quality, according to some users.
  • Season: Despite being a seasonal product, being matrimonial and having specific characteristics, it can sometimes be too warm, especially for use in summer.

4. High Peak Schlafsack TR 300 Sleeping Bag

best sleeping bags 2021


This model could well be classified among the cheap best sleeping bags 2021, just as the previous bag is of the mummy type, designed with this shape so that the body is more just inside the bag and in this way the heat provided by the bag is better maintained. same.

Another of the peculiarities of this bag is that it is very long so it can be used by a tall person without any problem, and if you want to share a bag with another person, this bag can be joined to another of the same type to make a double bag.

As it has a double zipper, if you feel heat, then achieve better ventilation by opening a little on each side, and since the fabric is breathable, it does not open bad odors, although you can wash it without any problem in the washing machine.

If, on the other hand, you go camping in a cold place, you should know that it has a thermal collar, which helps the padding to give you the warmth you need to sleep peacefully.

  • Dimensions: By having measures of 230 x 85/55 centimeters, this mummy-style sleeping bag can be used by any type of person regardless of their height because it is very long, so if you are a tall person, do not worry ! You will be comfortable in this bag.
  • Practical: Best of all, despite the fact that this sleeping bag is designed for a single person, if desired, having another sleeping bag of the same make and model, these can be joined and form a double bag.
  • Versatile: It is a bag that can be used for both cold and warm environments, because its zippers can be adjusted (open or closed) according to the weather, it also has a thermal collar that will keep you highly protected from the temperature if you wish.
  • Individual: It is a bag that can only be used by one person. Also, weighing 1.7 kilograms, some users have commented that it is very heavy.
  • Details: According to user opinions, this sleeping bag model can be a bit fragile at its seams, so you have to be careful when using it.

5. Highlander Voyager Ultra Compact Lite Sleepingbag

best sleeping bags 2021


Ideal for the backpacking tourist who needs a lightweight bag while traveling, it is considered a 1-2 season sleeping bag. It has a hood with a cord to adjust it and prevent the entry of cold drafts, in addition to having an integrated anti-mosquito net.

You can use it both in spring and autumn, it is recommended for a temperature of about 10 degrees although it can also be used in lower temperatures but not with as much comfort.

In addition, its inside pocket will allow you to safely and discreetly store your documents and money or small utensils.

We also recommend it for all fans of hiking or mountain climbing who like to spend the night in the places they visit without having to carry heavy sleeping bags.

So, if you are interested in knowing in more detail the pros and cons of this sleeping bag, we suggest you review the pros and cons that you will find below:

  • Light: This model of sleeping bag is rather designed for those backpackers who need to carry the lowest possible weight with them and with this they will be able to achieve it since it only weighs 948 grams, that is, less than one kilogram.
  • Utility: Regarding conditions of use, it is recommended to use it in autumn and spring seasons, because you can use it in temperatures of up to 10 degrees so that you can feel that comfort and shelter while using it.
  • Accessories: On the other hand, with this model you will not have to worry about mosquitoes, and this is because it brings a net to prevent their entry. In addition, the bag has a hood with a cord, in this way you can avoid any type of air intake and thus warm up quickly.
  • Individual: This sleeping bag is designed for one person only, so if you go in company, the other people would have to bring their own.
  • Temperatures: It is not a recommended bag for extreme cold temperatures, although this is not a limitation when purchasing it.

6.Grand Canyon Whistler Mummy Sleeping Bag

best sleeping bags 2021


Ready to go camping this summer? This appreciated proposal is a sleeping bag specially designed for spring and summer. It is extremely light so you can carry it on your mountain climbs without representing a burden for you, it is also just the right size to fit in any backpack.

Another advantage associated with its low weight is that it makes it ideal for long trips by bicycle or motorcycle. It is wider at the top than at the height of the legs, this allows greater ease to enter and exit the bag, in addition to being closer to the body, the heat is maintained more. Even in hot temperatures, if you are in the mountains, the night tends to cool.

You can even use it as a duvet if you open it completely, this comes in handy when you go camping and maybe you don’t want to get inside the sleeping bag but you do want to cover yourself a bit.

Now, if you are thinking of purchasing one of the cheapest best sleeping bags 2021, the Grand Canyon Whistler 195 model is just right for your budget. Check out their pros and cons, below:

  • Light: Worried about the weight? Nothing of that! This model is a very good option for those who love adventures such as going camping or climbing and this sleeping bag only weighs 700 grams, which is why you will hardly notice that you carry it with you.
  • Practical: On the other hand, this sleeping bag can also double as a duvet, and in this way if you don’t want to use it to sleep, you can always use it as a blanket to shelter from the cold.
  • Details: It has been known by users that it has very good finishes in terms of its structure, which makes it look even more attractive.
  • Dimensions: The sleeping bag is designed for a single person, however, at the top of it it is wider than at the bottom as it measures 195 x 75/55 centimeters, which will allow you to get in and out in a way simpler and, at the same time, it will offer you the protection you need.
  • Thickness: As the jacket is a bit thin, this can cause it to protect you a little less from the cold, therefore its use in rather warm places is ideal.

Buying guide – Best Sleeping Bags 2021 on the market

 If yours is life in the countryside or if you are a camping lover, having a good sleeping bag is a guarantee to take advantage of your time and maximize your rest wherever you are. Something for which it is convenient to know the questions you should look at when making your purchase. Therefore, we offer you our guide to buying the best sleeping bag 2021 on the market according to your preferences, with which to find the perfect rest companion for your country nights.

best sleeping bags 2021

The size

The best sleeping bags 2021 are sold tailored to the user’s needs, with different standard sizes to choose from. It is normal for the user to have the need to choose between two different models according to their size. For example, if you are 1.85 meters tall, you probably have to choose between 180 and 190 cm models.

The 180-centimeter model may be a bit short, but it has the advantage of having a lower and tighter weight. In the case of the 190 model, you would have more space available to sleep, but with the disadvantage of having a greater weight. As a general rule and unless you do extreme camping with a lot of displacement, it is almost always better to opt for larger models and reduce the weight directly according to the construction of the product.

 Materials and temperature

Just as it is not the same to sleep in a mountain house than in a flat on the beach, the bag we use for summer is not the same as for winter. In both cases, the materials are different, since colder temperatures usually require thicker and heavier bags.

For this reason, your comparison of best sleeping bags 2021 must necessarily include a section where you consider the minimum temperature that you will face on your excursions. It is advisable to opt for a model that has a temperature somewhat lower than expected, for safety. If you feel hotter than necessary, you can always take off your clothes, but the cold doesn’t have the same remedy.

In the case of materials, it is important that they are as light as possible within the chosen temperature range. Feather options offer more heat and lower weight, yet cost more and more maintenance.

best sleeping bags 2021


Sleeping bag designs come in various formats to choose from. The main ones are the rectangular ones, the semi rectangular ones and the so-called mummy format.

Each of these formats modifies the way you rest and the “stress” you may experience during use. Rectangular models, generally cheaper, are usually recommended when it is not very cold, since by leaving free space they allow heat to escape.

If you plan to be in cold places, it is better to opt for the mummy-type models, which adhere completely to the body, offering a feeling of warmth and warmth much greater than the other models. In any case, put it in line with the thermal needs that we have already mentioned before, as well as the comfort you require from your bag.

How to use a sleeping bag

 First of all, in order to get a good night’s sleep in the middle of nowhere after a day of adventure, you need to have a good sleeping bag. This in addition to having taken the precaution of controlling certain key factors such as the best location to sleep and having performed certain routines before going to bed.

best sleeping bags 2021

 Sleeping area

A cold floor or a lot of circulating air decreases body heat, no matter how good the quality of your sleeping bag is. You should reduce this conductive heat loss by using a good insulating mat or pad. Remember that a sleeping bag does not generate heat, it only retains it.

 Eat right

Your body needs a lot of energy for climbing, hiking, cycling, etc. If you don’t provide your body with plenty of “fuel” it won’t be able to warm up properly at night when you sleep.


With a little wind (25 km / h) + 5 ° C it will quickly feel like 0 ° C. Therefore, limit your exposure to the wind with a tent, a bivouac shelter or even a large rock, which can offer you good protection against the wind.

 Basic fundamentals

Improve the warmth of the sleeping bag by using a functional thermal cover and socks; remember that wrapping your feet well improves insulation from heat even more.

 Wear a hat

When you are in your sleeping bag, the head is the only part of the body exposed to the outside. A cool head will cool the rest of your body quickly. Therefore, be sure to wear a hat or balaclava to provide efficient insulation at head level.

 Hydrate properly

Make sure you drink enough water throughout the day. A dehydrated body cannot produce heat. Before getting into your sleeping bag you can have a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

 Avoid alcohol

Don’t drink alcohol at cold temperatures. Alcohol can make you feel warmer temporarily, but sooner rather than later it causes your body temperature to drop.

 Keep all your clothes dry

Both clothing and sleeping bags, in particular, lose their insulating effectiveness when wet. You should never enter the sleeping bag in sweaty clothing, as it will quickly turn cold. If you store extra clothes in a waterproof bag, they will stay dry.

best sleeping bags 2021 

At bedtime

When you decide to go to bed, you should do the following: place the sleeping bag on the mat or insulating mat, lower the zipper of the flap halfway, put on your clean socks, go inside the sleeping bag until your feet touch the bottom .

Lie down with the hood under your head, carefully close the zipper from the outside, adjust the hood if necessary, and now you can sleep.

 How to roll up the sleeping bag

The next morning when you want to store the sleeping bag, you should do the following: close the zipper completely, fold the sleeping bag to the length of its cover, remove the excess air from the top, use the tips of the fingers to roll the bag down, tuck it into its sleeve, tighten the strings and you’re ready to go.

 The most popular brands of Best Sleeping Bags 2021

 For every mountaineer, having a sleeping bag is essential, with it you will protect yourself from the freezing temperatures and thus you will be able to sleep comfortably at night. The brands Highlander, Lafuma, Coleman are a clear example of the sleeping bags 2021 available on the Web; we will give a brief description of each of them and the models available in each brand as well as their points in favor according to Internet users.

best sleeping bags brands 2021

 Highlander is a Scottish company founded in 1985 in the city of Edinburgh that specializes in the manufacture of outdoor adventure products and military equipment. In this brand you can find all the necessary equipment for camping or survival activities in extreme climates.

In the range of products for the outdoors you can find tents for camping, sleeping bags and inflatable mattresses, bags and waterproof clothing, compasses, socks and accessories for excursions, mountaineering ropes, among others. These products are specially designed to solve common problems that can occur on excursions or hiking in inhospitable places.

Highlander sleeping bags 2021 are designed to withstand temperatures down to -2 ° C, their two-way zippers are very comfortable when entering the bag and have a drawstring closure at the neck for maximum protection against the cold.

It is made from ultra-resistant polyester microfibers, the bag has dimensions of 215 cm long, at the shoulder level it is 70 cm wide and at the foot it is 30 cm wide, its weight is 1.2 Kg and includes the bag to store the bag.

best sleeping bags brands 2021

 This brand was born from the family union of the French brothers Victor, Alfred and Gabriel Lafuma, who developed camping equipment such as the first bag with a metallic structure and supplied the French army with their excursion equipment. Lafuma has physical stores in the cities of Nice, Hong Kong and Lyon, and production factories in China.

Lafuma products have Climactive technology that ensure they are waterproof and windproof, maximizing comfort, durability and protection against the effects of the weather. The fillings of the textiles are made from 90% duck feathers as they are naturally water repellent and provide the best protection against cold and humidity as well as being comfortable and light.

Lafuma sleeping bags 2021 are triangular in shape made of 100% polyester and filled with cotton and synthetic fibers. The color may vary but we find models in blue, gray, orange, red, green, among others. The size of the bags is standard with a size XL and they are guaranteed for two years.

best sleeping bags brands 2021

Coleman is an American company founded by William Coleman, present in the market since 1900 with the manufacture of fuel lamps and stoves for the American army but today it is one of the largest companies in the world in the production of sporting goods and products for the outdoors.

The majority of Coleman products are manufactured in China, however it has more than 4,000 employees at its facilities in Texas, United States. With Coleman products you can do fishing, hiking, camping, hunting, swimming, boating and much more.

Among its products you will find battery and fuel lamps, BBQ stoves and grills, sleeping bags, inflatable mattresses, camping tents, folding tables and chairs, cellars and cooling systems, floating vests and waterproof excursion clothing.

We could say that best sleeping bags 2021 are a specialty of the Coleman brand since they are preferred by mountaineers for their robust construction, they are quite thick, ideal for the strongest frosts, they can be machine washed and have a 5-year limited warranty. .

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