Top 7 Best Smart TVs 2021 Reviews

Nowadays, the great spread of the internet and the fact that we increasingly carry out online activities make it important to have a Smart TV. How to know how to buy the best Smart TV 2021? Next, we will show you some options and we will indicate the reasons why they are among the best Smart TVs 2021.

best smart tvs 2021

List Of Top 7 – Best Smart TVs 2021

 1. LG 55UM7100 Alexa Smart TV 4K UHD 

best smart tvs 2021


This TV incorporates an exclusive artificial intelligence platform of the LG brand, the AI ​​ThinQ, which allows natural language processing to control the functions of the device through the user’s voice. This is combined with the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant. However, to access these features you need the LG Magic Control remote control.

Through this application it is possible to listen to news, play music, ask about the weather forecast, as well as control other devices compatible with Digital Home technology. Therefore, we are facing an updated television that will remain in force for a long time.

It runs on the webOS 4.5 operating system, which enables superior performance for faster responses on the platform. On the other hand, it has Ultra Surround technology, which allows you to enjoy an immersive experience to watch movies and series with a surround sound of 20 W, which is very similar to that of a cinema, but all this from the comfort of your home.

  • It incorporates the virtual assistance of Alexa, an artificial intelligence created by Amazon that allows access to content and control the television by issuing voice commands through the remote control. For this reason, it is one of the most modern televisions today.
  • You must purchase the LG Magic Control remote control separately, since it comes with a basic one that does not allow you to enjoy all the functions of the TV, which implies an additional cost.

 Verdict: It is priced according to its quality and incorporates a 10-bit Quad Core processor, which is responsible for analyzing each frame to improve the image.

2. Philips 58PUS7304 / 12 58 ″ LED 4K UHD TV

best smart tvs 2021


This 58-inch TV incorporates an efficient Philips P5 motor, which favors depth in the image and provides more intense and bright colors, similar to the natural tones of the scene. In addition, it provides sharp contrast that improves the level of detail and ensures smoother movements in the video.

It offers 4K resolution and has Ambilight technology, with lights on the back of the TV that are projected onto the wall or rear surface, this way you can create a unique environment that enhances the way you watch your favorite shows.

Regarding its operating system, it integrates Android TV with the most popular pre-installed applications, such as Amazon, YouTube and Netflix, in addition, its interface is presented in a clear and intuitive way, allowing you to even place the videos you just watched on the main screen to continue with its reproduction in an easy and practical way.

  • Image: Its resolution is 4K UHD, so it provides a high level of detail in the image. In addition, it is capable of providing more natural scenes and brighter colors.
  • Audio: Delivers premium Dolby HDR quality sound, so audio is reproduced more clearly to enhance the audiovisual experience.
  • Function: It has the exclusive Philips Ambilight function, capable of projecting colored LED lights on the back of the TV to highlight the image of what you are seeing on the screen.
  • I send: The letters and numbers on the remote control are not easy to read with the naked eye as the remote has a gray surface and the characters are white, which makes them less readable.

3. Hisense H43BE7000 Smart TV 4K Ultra HD

best smart tvs 2021


Hisense is one of those manufacturers that has managed to gain a foothold in the market with an interesting technological offer at a good price. The proof is in models like the Hisense H43BE7000. This product offers a 43-inch diagonal panel and 4K resolution, in which to see everything in high quality. 

On the Smart side, it has a quad-core processor and the Vidaa U 3.0 system, with built-in artificial intelligence. Elements that make it easier to move around the network and give the system greater fluidity when accessing your favorite content. A feature for which the product includes compatibility with Alexa, among other attractive options. 

It is finished off with extensive wired connectivity and the option of choosing between a central base or two side legs, which makes it easier to install.

  • Image: This TV’s 4K system is enhanced by HDR 10 technology, which adds extra clarity and definition to whatever content you watch.
  • Power: Its quad-core processor adds more fluidity to the computer and facilitates moving around the network with comfort and security, just as it happens with its Vidaa U 3.0 operating system.
  • Artificial intelligence: With this function you can enjoy compatibility with Alexa or voice control of the TV, among other interesting options to handle it more comfortably.
  • Finishes: The exterior finishes of the TV could be better, although it is not something that affects the durability of the product.
  • Upgrade: It is essential to update the operating system and do it frequently, in order to maintain the functions of the device properly.

4. Samsung 32T4305 2021 32 ″ Smart TV With HD Resolution

best smart tvs 2021


Samsung is for some the pioneer brand in the best Smart TV 2021 market and now you will be able to know a simple model, but with many many advantages: the Samsung T4305.

This TV has a 32 ”screen with an HD resolution of 1,366 x 768p and has PurColor to increase realism, Ultra Clean View for sharpness and Contrast Enhancer for depth, achieving a good quality of reproduction for all types of videos.

Its dimensions are 73.7 x 15.1 x 46.5 centimeters with the integrated base. Its frame is thin, black and quite discreet, allowing you to better appreciate the screen. In addition, it has a 10W RMS speaker system with Dolby Digital Plus with which sounds will be reproduced without distortion.

As for the Smart TV system, the Tizen version can be linked with virtual assistants and has agile performance with compatibility for applications, browsers, games and much more.

  • Smart TV: The Smart TV interface is derived from Tizen, a Samsung platform that offers the common functions and applications.
  • Image: The TV incorporates various image enhancement technologies, such as PurColor, Ultra Clean View, and Contrast Enhancer, which increase sharpness, depth, and contrast.
  • Assistants: You can link it to react to commands from the virtual assistants Alexa, Bixby and Google Assistant that will let you control it remotely through voice commands.
  • Efficiency: It has the A + category of energy efficiency, so it does not consume much electricity to be able to use it daily without worrying about the extra expense.
  • Transformer: Its plug has an electrical transformer similar to that of a laptop, which can be cumbersome to install for some spaces.

5. Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4A 81.3 cm 32 ″ HD

best smart tvs 2021


From the Chinese company Xiaomi we present you a best Smart TV 2021 that could meet your needs and offer you comfort to watch television, the Mi LED TV 4A model.

It is a modern design, slim bezel TV that can be easily mounted on the wall or placed in the entertainment center as you prefer. It has a size of 47.9 x 73.3 x 18 centimeters and its weight is 3.9 kilograms, making it manageable so that you can install it easily.

Its operating system is based on Android 9.0, allowing access to the Google Play Store and the hundreds of applications available to enjoy from a best Smart TV 2021. In addition, you can also link the equipment with virtual assistants for remote management through voice commands.

On the other hand, its screen is 32 ”HD with a resolution of 1,366 x 768p and a refresh rate of 60 Hz to improve the experience when watching television.

  • Design: The TV has a slim bezel design, designed to not affect the viewing experience of the screen and thus better enjoy any movie.
  • System: It works with the Android-based system with Google assistant, which has a high compatibility for digital market applications.
  • Sound: Sound is reproduced through 2 stereo 5W speakers accompanied by Dolby + DTS decoding to enhance the immersive feel.
  • I send: You can operate this TV through a remote control with voice commands, allowing you to change the channel or adjust the volume without touching it.
  • Setting: The setup process is more complicated than on other Smart TV models and requires more time.

Buying Guide – Best Smart TVs 2021 on the market

 Television in our homes has played a very important role in recent decades. Today, with the great spread of the internet and the possibility of enjoying content on demand, its role has changed.

This guide to buying the best Smart TV 2021 allows you to pay attention to those really important details when choosing, as well as avoid getting lost in hundreds of technical details that probably do not mean anything to us.

best smart tvs 2021

Screen resolution and measurements

Since not all houses are the same, it is necessary to adjust the size of the screen to the dimensions of the room where you are going to place the television. Obviously, the larger the screen size, the better you can view the different content that you can access.

Do not forget to check the screen resolution either, it is advisable to choose at least one product with Full HD resolution. The HD Ready option has already been outdated and although 4K is the best today, it is not cheap nor can you still get the most out of it due to the lack of content in this format.

 Internet connectivity

In order to really take advantage of a Smart TV, we must be able to connect our television to the internet. It is important to be able to connect at a speed of at least 6 Mbps so that the images are fluent and good quality.

Most best Smart TVs 2021 include two ways to connect to the internet: the first through an Ethernet-type port, also called a LAN connection. In this way the TV is connected to a router via an Ethernet cable. This type of connection is more stable, so if you are going to use the Smart TV a lot to watch videos and movies, it is probably the best option so that there are no cuts, however, this type of connection has the disadvantage that the The router has to be near the TV or you will have to use a very long cable.

The second way is to connect via Wi-Fi. This is that we will connect to the internet through the wireless signal of a router. If your budget does not allow you to buy a best smart TV 2021 with the ability to connect wirelessly, you can purchase an adapter for this later.

best smart tvs 2021


It is a 139 cm diagonal screen for a total of 55 inches, with a 4K UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is the new standard when it comes to high definition. This enables a highly detailed cinematic viewing experience without losing sharpness.

In this sense, it has an IPS panel that offers a viewing angle of 178 °, so it does not decrease the quality of the image even if you look at the screen from the side. This technology allows you to enjoy with a group of family and friends in front of the television and use it as a home entertainment center.

For higher image quality, it incorporates HDR 10 technology, which offers deeper blacks and brighter whites, thus increasing the realism of each frame, while facilitating the display of dark scenes in movies and video games.



The structure of this TV is thin and light, measuring 124.7 x 78.3 x 23.5 cm and weighing 13.8 kg, for this reason, it is easy to install. In addition, it incorporates a discreet base but at the same time resistant and stable, to provide total confidence to the user. 

It has a thin bezel that gives the feeling of greater spaciousness on the screen to facilitate the immersive experience. At the same time, it offers an elegant aesthetic, with modern but at the same time simple lines that combine with any interior decoration.

 Smart TV Navigation

To navigate on a Smart TV you can do it using the remote or using a keyboard the same as used for a computer or tablet. Therefore, before buying a certain model, it is important that you know what is the interface used by said manufacturer to be able to access the internet, navigate, select, etc. and the possibilities that together with the command it offers you.

It is also important that you find out if this manufacturer has an application that you can install on your mobile to control the Smart TV. This can be very useful to control the TV, since you will have access to a conventional keyboard from which you can type more easily than if you had to do it from the remote control. In addition, this application is also useful to maintain control if the controller fails or is lost.

best smart tvs 2021


Almost all best  Smart TVs  2021 include DLNA technology, the acronym for its name in English “Digital Living Alliance Network”, with which you can create networks to share content. It is important that your best Smart TV 2021 has this feature if you are interested in being able to enjoy content from your computer or mobile phone on your television.

 Complementary and / or compatible applications

Each brand will offer you different own or third-party applications that can be used on your Smart TV, within which you will find all kinds of resources such as games, videos, educational applications, lifestyle applications, etc. Of course, how important these apps are to you will depend on your tastes and needs. There is also a growing interest by smart TV brands to integrate social media as part of television as a center for personal and family entertainment.

Apart from these characteristics, a Smart TV can have 4k or only have HD, it can have 3D or not, it can have a higher or lower image refresh rate; All these characteristics will ultimately influence its price, but in terms of its ability to connect to the internet, the most important thing is to have a fast and stable internet connection and that the way to use it is as simple as possible .

How to use a Smart TV

 The new generations no longer have to get up from their seats to change the TV channel; Nor press buttons on the remote control. The digital age has come to the main entertainment center, even to rename it. On best Smart TVs 2021, we no longer only see movies or the daily programming of the channels, because now the contents are almost infinite.  

best smart tvs 2021

Have internet connection  

This is the main thing when thinking of a Smart TV. If you don’t have access to an internet connection, having a high-tech device like this will be of no use. These devices have been designed to connect to the internet through a Wi-Fi network so that you can take full advantage of all its advantages.

It is recommended that the connectivity be really good, that is, that it is capable of processing a good number of bytes per second so that you can browse and enjoy the content you want to see.  

 Variety of interfaces  

In this type of device you can watch traditional television or use the variety of interfaces available to connect it to other equipment; for example, Blu-ray, pendrives, game consoles, among others. Navigation is very intuitive, so your experience will be very pleasant and you will be able to enjoy all the entertainment that best Smart TVs  2021 offer you. 

 Connect to internet  

Being able to connect to the Internet is the greatest advantage that a best Smart TV 2021 offers you, since you will be able to access browsers and expand the variety of content that this tool offers you. When you use it for the first time, you must configure the connection of the TV to your network, then the device will do it automatically each time you turn it on.  

Connect to the websites of online chains that offer exclusive content. The programming that you can see will be infinite when you connect to the network, so you can see the genres of your preference in movies, series, sports, musicals and much more.  

 Social networks also on TV    

Smart TVs  2021 increase interactivity to astronomical levels. With its interfaces you can also connect directly with your social media accounts so that you can comment and share what you are watching in real time. In this way, you can interact with other users and exchange opinions.  

best smart tvs 2021

Install the applications you need  

If you are a fan of the applications, you can not only have them on your smartphone, but also on your TV so that you do not miss anything that happens in games, social networks, weather information and more. You can even use Skype on your Smart TV 2021 so you can communicate with whoever you want, whenever you want.  

 Total control  

Now you can control your Smart TV 2021 on some models through voice commands and gestures, so forget about the remote control, this only applies to some equipment. If you want to change the channel, tell the TV with your own voice and, automatically, you will have the content you want to see. And for internet browsing, just stand in front of the Smart TV 2021 and wave your hands to slide the windows as you like.

The most popular Best Smart TVs 2021 brands

 Although it seemed like a utopia not long ago, today the television market is largely occupied by best Smart TVs 2021. Televisions that have a network connection and an internal interface with which we can access multimedia content online, web pages and much more, with the quality and level of detail of a screen that, whether it is small or exceeds 40 inches offers excellent quality. Let’s look at some of the most prominent manufacturers in this segment.

best smart tvs brands 2021

Although few people know it, the Korean brand LG owes its name to the Goldstar and Lucky brands. These brands are the ones that this manufacturer began to use to sell its products in Europe and the United States, being unified under the LG emblem in 1995. However, its beginning dates back to 1945, with products for consumer electronics of all kinds , reaching its peak with the Asian boom of the 80s.

Its broad commitment to technology has led it to develop all kinds of products in this market, ranging from DVDs or sound bars to imaging equipment. Since LG manufactures both televisions and monitors, we can find models that range from 19 or 22 inches to other products that reach 84 inches in Ultra HD format.

Obviously, a good part of their televisions incorporate Smart TV technology, with which you can browse or watch your favorite YouTube videos without having to leave the sofa.

best smart tvs brands 2021

 Samsung is a company based in South Korea, which was founded in 1938 as a company dedicated to food, even counting on different agri-food factories offering all kinds of products. However, its electronic sector appeared in 1969, dedicating itself entirely to the manufacture of all kinds of elements although with special emphasis on televisions, monitors and other related components, although its product catalog ranges from image and sound to computers.

In the television segment, it was the brand that created products such as the first 24-inch CRT monitors and the first plasma televisions commercialized in the market, currently occupying the second position in the companies that commercialize televisions, behind the also Korean LG, which we will talk about next.

However, the company continues with its evolution, which has led it to develop a special system for its Smart TVs, which turns out to be especially appreciated by consumers for its simplicity and convenience. In fact, integrating this smart technology into its televisions has earned it numerous accolades and awards.

best smart tvs brands 2021


This electronics manufacturer company is the creator of the first Smart TV with Android technology to hit the market. This advance had its presence in 2014, serving as a starting point for the Philips brand itself to make a large number of advances in the sector, to unify the entertainment of our entire home through WiFi technologies ; to lgo what other brands also joined developing similar products.

However, this pinnacle of technology comes after many years of work. In fact, the origins of the company are much older, specifically dating back to 1891, when the company was established in the Netherlands to dedicate itself to the manufacture of incandescent lamps.

Later, the company focused on the world of audio and imaging, beginning to manufacture radios and other similar products. As for television, his first research in the field dates back to 1922. From those first inventions to the high technology of his current Smart TVs, a long time has passed, but luckily we are here to enjoy it.

Frequently asked questions

 Q1: Which Smart TV brand is better: LG or Sony?

Although it is true that LG has been one of the pioneering brands in the flat TV and Smart TV sector, it is also true that Sony is one step ahead. Partly because the image and sound quality offered by their products is somewhat higher than what we can find in LG models, especially in cases where Bravia technology comes into play, since it is one of the highest standards quality that we currently find.

But also with regard to the Smart aspect, since Sony models have interfaces and a faster and more effective navigation engine than LG models, which despite the good quality of the WebOS system, has a problem of slow response that doesn’t quite respond.

 Q2: Which Smart TV brand is better: LG or Samsung?

Within the Smart TV brands on the market, if there are two models at a similar level, they are LG and Samsung. Something that causes the answer to this question to be accompanied by a depends. When it comes to image quality, although Samsung is making great strides, LG still has a bit of an advantage. The same is the case in the price aspect, since LG’s televisions, as a direct panel manufacturer, are somewhat cheaper than Samsung’s, especially in similar and large models.

The main advantage of Samsung is in the integration of the mobile and in the smartest aspect of the product, where it offers a wide variety of applications and a more fluid operation than LG models. In the end, the answer lies in the aspects that may interest you most in the operation of the product.

 Q3: How to connect my Smart TV to the PC?

To achieve this connection we have two options. The simplest is to do it through an HDMI cable so that the PC becomes one more image source, which automatically adapts to show the best results on the screen. If this option is not viable, you can choose to do it through a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, for which you need an application that allows you to “mirror” or directly project what you are seeing on the PC screen on the television.

Currently, many manufacturers already offer these applications for PC that facilitate the configuration process in a couple of clicks. If your manufacturer does not have this option, you also have applications and even browser extensions that allow you to perform these functions. It’s just a matter of looking for an option compatible with your TV.

 Q4: How can I use my mobile as a remote control for Smart TV?

Currently, practically all Smart TV manufacturers have apps that allow you to use your mobile as a remote control for your TV. You just have to go to the manufacturer’s page of your television or to the market of your mobile phone (Google Play or the Apple Appstore) and search for the application compatible with your television and your mobile. Normally you will need both products to be connected to the same network to achieve remote control properly.

 Q5: I cannot connect my Smart TV to the Internet. How do i do it?

First of all, you need to verify the connections. If you are trying to connect via Wi-Fi, check that the network parameters such as passwords and users are correct and that the network is available. In case it fails, try a direct wired connection. In case of problems you can also resort to the assistants that include televisions and that prea allow to carry out tests and verifications to try to detect what the problem is when making the connection. If the problems persist and you cannot find a solution, you will have to go to the manufacturer’s consultation line for help to connect the product.

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