Top 7 Best Sunglasses 2021 Reviews

Although sometimes we bet more on aesthetics, the key when choosing best sunglasses 2021 is protection. A suitable glass that effectively prevents the sun’s rays from affecting our vision and protects it properly. From here we have designs, formats and materials of all kinds to adjust them to our preferences.

Best Sunglasses 2021

For reference, one of the products most recommended by consumers is the Ray Ban Erica model . A unisex glasses with an oval glass format and that offer excellent sharpness, so that you can use them for practically everything, without having problems with excessive darkness or light. As a second option we find the Oakley Holbrook model, in a simple as well as elegant design, in black tones and with bluish glass, fully approved to offer 100% protection against the sun’s rays, so that you only worry about enjoying yourself.

List Of The Top 7 – Best Sunglasses 2021 Reviews

Being outdoors is pleasant, however, many people are unaware of the terrible impact that ultraviolet rays have on the eyes. Wearing sunglasses is more than a luxury, it is a necessity and as such, you should invest wisely in a good pair. Here are the best sunglasses 2021:

1. Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Women

best sunglasses 2021


When we talk about the best sunglasses 2021 we stick to a wide range of models, sizes, designs and colors. Sunglasses are one of the most popular and enjoyed accessories on the market as they allow you to define your style and complement your clothing with the use of a simple accessory.

If you are one of those who like to wear classic cuts but with more modern designs, the Erika sunglasses from Ray – Ban could be the perfect option for you. These sunglasses have a patterned frame and slim legs that make them look like the ideal casual accessory. You can choose them in a wide range of colors that go from blue to white through purple and green, in this way you will adapt your glasses to your way of dressing without problems.

  • One of the most notable main advantages of the Erika sunglasses model from the renowned Ray – Ban brand is that they have a current design but maintaining the classic style of this brand’s glasses so you will get the new and the old at the same time .
  • One detail to take into consideration is that it is a one-size-fits-all model, so we recommend that you know the dimensions of the glasses precisely to be able to determine if they suit you.
  • Verdict:  A good pair of sunglasses always turns out to be a good investment and even more so if it is a unisex cut model like the Erika from Ray – Ban.

2. Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses, Unisex

best sunglasses 2021


If you want to protect your vision, and at the same time look sporty and casual, these glasses are the one for you! They are designed so that the modern and sporty man can use them. They would even be perfect as an anniversary or birthday gift. These glasses are from the well-known Oakley® brand , and you can see the logo on the temples of the glasses .

These are one of the quality-price best sunglasses 2021 and it is without a doubt one of the best purchases you will ever make. They are very light but at the same time, extremely resistant. The crystals have a mirrored gold color and are so light that they seem to brighten the view instead of darkening. As if that were not enough, these crystals are 100% approved for use against UV.

So once you put them on, all sun glare, damage and discomfort will be gone.

If you are one of those who are looking for the best sunglasses 2021, we invite you to know the pros and cons of this option, which occupies one of the first places among customer preferences.

  • Polarized: The glasses manage light well, reducing reflections and giving greater clarity in poorly lit areas.
  • Durability: They have a good level of durability, since they are made of solid plastic and its hydro-oleophobic crystals, so that they repel water and will not mist in the rain.
  • Lightweight: Their weight of 27 grams makes it easy to wear glasses, without tiring the face.
  • Warranty: If they have a factory fault, you have a two-year warranty to make a claim and make sure your purchase was worth it.

3. Sunmeet Polarized Sunglasses Men Women for Driving

best sunglasses 2021


These glasses have UV400 polarized lenses so they block UVA and UVB rays that can be very harmful to your eyesight. This reduces the dizziness caused by the reflection of sunlight by shielding your eyes from haze and glare, making it easier to see the road while driving.

One of the advantages is that the frame has been made of high quality metal to offer greater strength and durability, in addition, they are comfortable and fit well to the shape of the head. In this sense, they have a soft pad so that the glasses rest on the nose without causing discomfort, in addition, this allows them not to slip.

They have a classic and retro look, but adding some novel elements, therefore, they can be used on various occasions if you need to spend some time outdoors. The lenses are 5.3 cm wide and are available in various color combinations with the black frame.

  • Protection: They have UV400 protection, which protects your eyes from harmful UVB and UVA rays, so you can do outdoor activities with complete confidence.
  • Framework: The frame has been made of resistant metal that offers greater durability while allowing a more comfortable use.
  • Design: They have a combination of retro style but with touches of modernity, in addition, they can be suitable for men and women, since their design is quite neutral.
  • Hinges: The hinges are a bit weak compared to other models on the list, however they can last a long time if you use the glasses with caution.

4. Vans Sunglasses

best sunglasses 2021


This pair of glasses are designed for men and women who like to look modern and with the sporty style that has always characterized this brand. They’re manufactured with a synthetic outer material and a fabric lining. The frames and lenses are made of 100% polycarbonate which ensures resistance, flexibility and adaptability for your face type.

Wearing this pair of glasses will ensure the minimization of light and therefore, you should not frown or close your eyes to see better. As if that were not enough, they provide what some ophthalmology experts call “the screen effect”: this is basically a barrier that prevents very small debris, such as pollen and dust, from entering your eyes, irritating them and causing damage. . Ultimately, these glasses fulfill the rule of the three bes: they are good, beautiful and cheap.

  • Light: They are very light glasses, which you can wear comfortably without getting tired because of their weight, which is 27 grams.
  • Resistant: They are made of polycarbonate, so they have a good level of resistance so that you do not replace them in the short or medium term.
  • Design: They have a standard design in a casual style, which does not go out of style and you can use it on various occasions.
  • Size: The size can be a problem in some cases, as for some people they are too small or large, because the product fits well for children and some adults.

5. Carrera Grand Prix 2 Rectangular Sunglasses

best sunglasses 2021


With a sporty rounded frame design in the upper area, this pair of best sunglasses 2021 can fit and look good on different face types, especially those that are oval.

They can also be a good choice both for practicing sports, and to complement a casual outfit. Regarding their solar filter, they are classified as type 3, so they are considered appropriate to use when the brightness is very intense, filtering between 82% and 92% of the passage of light. Thus, you will not lose details when you do activities abroad. Additionally, it includes an anti-reflective filter, so that they provide greater comfort.

On the other hand, so that you do not have to worry about looking for an appropriate case to help you keep them as new, you can use the one provided in the same set with the glasses, which is rigid for greater protection.

  • Solar filter: By providing a grade 3 filter, it is a model that will allow you to observe comfortably even when the light is very intense.
  • Style: With its single-line style on top, it can frame the face and offer a casual and sporty look.
  • Coverage: Thanks to its 6.4-centimeter lens size, it covers the entire viewing area for greater comfort.
  • Colors: You can choose this model in different shades, according to your preferences.
  • Cost: You will likely find other more affordable models on the market, but due to their quality and good finishes, it might be worth adding them among your options.

6. Rivacci Polarized Sunglasses for Men and Women

best sunglasses 2021


Aviator style glasses are considered by many to be a classic that does not go out of style. That is why the Rivacci brand includes them among its options today, and this specific model has a gray tone with polarized treatment, so that you avoid uncomfortable flashes that could even cause headaches.

They are specially designed for activities such as driving a car or doing any outdoor activity and despite the intense sun, you should not worry about radiation, thanks to its UV400 filter, which will prevent long-term damage to your eyes. to sunburn.

Another advantage that we can mention is that it is a unisex model, so you could look good with them or give them as a gift. And so that the glasses are not damaged, you can store them properly in their practical hard case with a retro appearance, which protects the lenses thanks to its microfiber chamois.

  • Tone: Due to its gray color, the perception of colors is not altered too much, which provides comfort.
  • Style: Thanks to their design based on traditional aviators, they can be attractive.
  • Case: You do not need to look for a case, since it is included in the set of the glasses.
  • Durability: Due to their metal hinges, they are a pair of glasses that can be considered as resistant.
  • Size: Some people who prefer large glasses for comfort may find that this model does not suit their preferences.

7.Ray-Ban Women’s Sunglasses

best sunglasses 2021


What better way is there to look amazingly good and at the same time protect your eyes than to wear a good pair of Ray Ban glasses ? This is a pair of glasses designed to be worn by both genders and they are one of the best sunglasses 2021. They are made in a beautiful gradient brown color. The crystals have a unique almost oval shape which will make them look amazing on a round or oval face.

These glasses, in addition to being of an unbeatable quality, are light and very resistant despite being made of plastic. On the other hand, the crystals, in addition to having a beautiful shape, are made to resist scratches and are also the perfect color: not too dark, not too light. Here you have another model of Ray Ban sunglasses .

With these glasses on, you can visit for example mountainous places or beaches without fear of UV damage while looking great.

  • Design: Its peculiar design allows these glasses not to go out of style. The crystals have a semi-oval shape, which remains in force over time.
  • Resistant: They are made of a resistant material, which facilitates their use on a regular basis, without having to replace them in the long term.
  • Sharpness: To improve visibility while wearing these sunglasses, the lenses have been designed with the appropriate degree of sharpness, so that the light is not too opaque, but does not affect the view too much.
  • Adaptation: The glasses are one size fits all, so they adapt to different face sizes. At the same time, their design makes it easy to match various face types.

Buying Guide – Best Sunglasses 2021 on the market

A very common type of lens, especially during the holidays, are sunglasses. Its use is very popular in people of all ages, although the use is not always the most appropriate. You have to take into account some essential characteristics when buying them and we hope that this guide to buying the best sunglasses 2021 will help you when choosing them, so that you make a good investment, but above all, to avoid damage to your eyes. .

best sunglasses 2021

The first consideration that you should take into account when choosing which sunglasses are better is that they are certified with the CE seal, which guarantees that they meet the minimum standards to provide you, satisfactorily, with a vision with maximum eye protection.

UV protection

Ultraviolet or UV rays are part of the sun’s rays and not only affect the skin, but also the eyes, so an essential feature for best sunglasses 2021 is that they have a UV filter. This is a layer of protection, made of chemicals called chromophores, which are capable of attracting energy or light. It is added to the lens material during manufacture so that it can absorb UV radiation.

Adequate UV protection is not determined by the color of the lens, as is wrongly believed. Take this into account when comparing best sunglasses 2021 and especially when buying cheap sunglasses , because there are many best sunglasses 2021 on the market that do not properly protect your eyes and could cause irreversible damage to your retina.

Solar filter

Another fundamental aspect is that the lenses have a solar filter to prevent the rest of the solar radiation from damaging the eye. This filter is determined by the color of the lens and its absorption capacity.

Brown is especially recommended for winter sports, in cases of myopia or if artificial light is used, since it greatly improves the vision of contrasts. Gray is the best alternative to driving sunglasses because it does not alter color vision. Green is a good all-purpose fit as it barely alters color perception. Yellow is recommended for night driving because it alleviates the vision of contrasts.

Fabrication material

Sunglasses lenses are made from glass, plastic, or polycarbonate-based materials, but they can affect vision and quality if not properly coated. They can also be made with optical correction formulas, with which you can enjoy and protect yourself outdoors, while maintaining adequate vision.

Glass or crystal lenses offer clear vision, but are slightly heavier, relative to plastic or polycarbonate lenses. Plastic lenses are lightweight and very durable, but can be prone to scratches. Polycarbonate lenses are extremely durable, strong and lightweight, which is perfect for use by children and for sports activities.

best sunglasses 2021

Other features

  • There are other added features that surely influence how much sunglasses cost, but you should always make sure that the lenses have at least UV protection and sunscreen, to adequately protect your vision.
  • Polarized sunglasses neutralize reflected light, providing sharpness and contrast. They block the uncomfortable glare of the sun on car hoods and pavement, on water or snow, making them useful when driving, boating or fishing. They have the disadvantage that they make it difficult to correctly read the LCD screens of mobile phones and ATMs. They do not control the absorption of UV rays, but they can be combined with chemicals that do block them.
  • Photochromic lenses lighten or darken, in a matter of minutes, depending on the amount of light present, so that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. The photochromic treatment can also be applied to vision correction lenses and sunglasses, so it offers you the advantage of not having to change glasses during the day.
  • Mirrored sunglasses have a reflective protective layer on the outer surface and can be useful in very bright conditions because they reflect excess light. They are available in different shades and have the advantage that the dye does not affect the perception of color, although they are easily scratched.
  • It is always possible to combine fashion and quality in good sunglasses , just make sure they are properly protected. Keep in mind, regardless of the feature you choose, that they have UV protection and sunscreen.

How to use sunglasses

Sunglasses, more than an accessory that marks our style and aesthetics, is a necessity. These protect the vision from exposure to harmful solar rays and prevent their brightness from causing us discomfort; especially when we drive. And, believe it or not, there is a proper way to use them.

best sunglasses 2021

Make sure they have sanitary controls

Although it is difficult to believe, sunglasses require compliance with some health controls. In the market, not all of them meet this requirement. Here we are going to talk about two of them that are basic. The glasses must have UV protection, which is a layer made with chemical substances that will protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays that affect vision, causing discomfort and even diseases in the eyes.

The sunscreen is another important element in the protection that sunglasses provide, because there are not only UV rays. There is also other solar radiation that can harm your eyes.

Choose the right sunscreen

The solar filter is determined by the color of the glass of the glasses and they are indicated according to the type of activity you are going to carry out. If you want to improve the contrast light because you suffer from myopia or do winter sports, the recommended filter color for this is brown.

If you like to wear glasses when you drive, you should wear gray lenses, as they will not alter your color vision. Filters with green crystals do not alter the perception of colors excessively, so you can use them for everything. And, the yellow color in the lenses, you can use them at night when driving, since they relieve contrast vision.

For open places

Sunglasses are designed to protect your vision from the sun, so you should only wear them outdoors. You should not enter places such as restaurants, churches or any trade with them on.

Education ahead

If you are wearing sunglasses and you meet someone you need to greet and strike up a conversation, you should take them off. This is dictated by the rules of manners when it comes to social interaction and you wear glasses.

best sunglasses 2021

Formal wear does not require the use of sunglasses

Even if you are in an open space, if you are dressed in an evening dress, forget about sunglasses. It is a combination that you should never do. It is only acceptable if you have an eye injury that requires them and, in that case, try to make them as discreet as possible.

Where to take them

If you are in a closed place, the ideal is that you keep it in its case or cover, or in your jacket pocket if possible. Never wear them on the head, or hang on the shirt or neckline; do not leave them on the table if you are in a restaurant. If you’re in conversation, don’t play with them or bite on the sideburns. Also, don’t use it to make gestures while you speak.

best sunglasses 2021


Since sunglasses are for use on the face, it is very important that they are resistant enough since it can be very easy for them to fall off. Also, the finishes and the good quality of the structure are what will allow you to enjoy your sunglasses for many years.

In the case of this model, we consider that you should not worry too much about this aspect because the Ray – Ban brand has a long history in terms of accessories of this type. Her Erika sunglasses are no exception since they have quite robust finishes that allow you to use your desire without worries and also, their lenses are anti-shock, which will prevent them from breaking easily in case they bend or fall.

The most popular Best Sunglasses 2021 brands

Best Sunglasses 2021, in addition to being a fashion accessory, protect your eyes from the sun and its strong ultraviolet rays. There are hundreds of models available on the Web, however they all meet a common goal, to protect your eyes. We have compiled an overview of the Ray-Ban, Oakley and Rivacci brands based on the opinions of online shoppers.

best sunglasses brands 2021

This Italian company was founded in 1937 and is one of the most recognized manufacturers of sunglasses in the world. They were first used in the United States military, their name means barrier against lightning and the brand responsible for creating the most imitated models in the world: Ray-Ban Aviator and Ray-Ban Wayfarer.

This brand has a variety of models and styles both classic as the Aviator with pear-shaped frames and avant-garde like the High Street with titanium frames, it also makes sports lenses with super light and aerodynamic frames and materials. Ray-Ban sponsors the Honda Formula 1 racing team.

Their designs are very diverse, with different colors and made with very durable and attractive synthetic materials, ranging from metal, fiberglass and leather coverings. All glasses have lenses with UV protection with different colors: black, brown and polarized.

Ray-Ban sunglasses 2021 will make you look fresh and stylish thanks to its contemporary models unique among the market, in addition to protecting you thanks to its UV lenses, this product is ideal for use on sunny days at the beach and pool or on the streets. from your city.

best sunglasses brands 2021

This American company is dedicated to the design and production of sports equipment and clothing, including accessories such as sunglasses and snowboards, watches, footwear, and backpacks, among others. Its main office is located in California where most of its patents are made, registering more than 600 items.

Sunglasses are subjected to high-impact tests to measure their safety, thus meeting the requirements of highly competitive athletes, making them highly resistant to impacts against small objects at high speeds. They have Hydrophobic and Oleophobic technologies which generate a protective barrier against sweat, sunscreen, dirt and water.

The Oakley sunglasses have a high definition resolution that improves viewing objects through that filter out 99% of ultraviolet rays because of its anti reflective polychromatic lenses. This brand is synonymous with aesthetics and quality, its customers prefer them for having sizes suitable for almost all types of faces and their non-slip rods are very comfortable so you can use them for many hours.


This company is quite new, founded in 2013 in France it has managed to become one of the most acclaimed eyewear brands by fashionistas and famous stylists. Her sunglasses have a very dynamic vintage style to use with any type of clothing.

Their lenses are polarized so they will protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays and you can find them in countries such as Spain, Great Britain, Italy and France, the cradle of Formula 1 racing. The sunglasses 2021 come with a case and a microfiber cleaning cloth where you can protect your glasses while you are not using them. They are glasses with very aesthetic designs in colorful designs following the aviator and sports models.

Its polarized lenses are quite soft, they allow you to see through the windshield of the car, view the screen of your cell phone or Ipad and have resistant plastic frames and robust hinges so that you can use them while doing sports activities. This brand, despite not being original, like Ray-Ban lenses, is a reliable alternative that will provide you with the same advantages for a much lower price. It is worth mentioning that its lenses give a greenish view but do not interfere with the correct visualization of space.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What sunglasses to wear in 2021?

In 2021 there are several models of sunglasses that are trendy. One of the main ones is the cat eyes model , which Marilyn Monroe wore back in the 1950s. But it will not be the only one, since aviator-style glasses will also be in fashion throughout the year, as well as the oversize glasses , which you will recognize by their large size. Whichever model you choose, without a doubt, you will go to the last.

Q2. How to clean sunglasses?

One of the great doubts of those who frequently wear sunglasses is how to clean them. The reality is that its cleanliness is not far from that of conventional glasses. You will need a microfiber tissue that is soft and, above all, that it is clean. You can breathe on the crystals or use a cleaning product to moisten them. Subsequently, rub the wipe gently and in circular motions across each crystal, being careful not to touch it with your fingers.

Q3. How do you know which sunglasses look good?

To find out if a model of sunglasses fits well with your features and your personality, it is best to try them on. For this, it is essential that you feel yourself, that is, not at all disguised with them. Of course, the choice of best sunglasses 2021 is based on taste, but you can also consult a professional about which model best suits your features.

Q4. Are polarized sunglasses or normal sunglasses better?

You may be wondering if polarized glasses are better or those that are not. Previously, you should know exactly what polarized glasses are. These have lenses that prevent the user from being a victim of uncomfortable reflections on very sunny days. Specifically, they have a sheet that makes the rays bounce off the glass, which translates into a much sharper vision than with conventional sunglasses. Since they offer a clearer vision, without reflections and reduce eye fatigue, they are much more convenient than normal to isolate yourself from the sun’s rays.

Q5. What sunglasses are suitable for each type of face?

If you can’t decide which sunglasses go with you, you should consider what your face is like to know which model will suit you the most. If your face is round, the most suitable frames will be those large or rectangular. In the case that your face is square, then, it is best to opt for an aviator type. If you have an oval face, go for square sunglasses for the best effect.

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