Top 5 Best Tennis Rackets in 2024 Reviews

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Sport will always be important for the healthy physical and mental development of any human being. However, tastes and preferences vary greatly and each one is dedicated to what most catches their attention.

For those tennis fans, we provide a little help with what we have identified as the best tennis rackets models, after a lot of research and comparison work. 

On the one hand, we highlight the Wilson Federer model , thanks to the quality of its materials, the durability it offers and the comfort it can provide even during long days of entertainment on a tennis court. Its measurements are 73 x 18 x 43 cm and it weighs 309 grams, which gives ease of movement and maneuverability. For its part, the Head Ti.S6 model It is made of titanium and graphite and is full size.

List Of The Top 5 – Best Tennis Rackets Opinions 

Tennis is a sport where the main element, in addition to your physical fitness, is the racket. Without this important instrument it would be impossible to play tennis, so here we present the five best tennis rackets , so that you can invest your money wisely and practice this Olympic sport and it is so popular all over the world.

1. Wilson Federer Tennis Racchetta

Wilson Tennis Racket, Federer, Unisex, Beginners and Intermediate Players,  Grip Size L2, Red/Black, WRT30480U2


By using it, you will have the possibility of making blows that maintain a considerable level of speed and that, at the same time, are more precise, for that reason, you will have a greater chance of hitting points or winning games.

Its string has a high level of tension that includes between 22 and 26 kg; This characteristic of its design allows that when playing with it you can better control all the blows you take.

In addition, it also offers precision due to its wide sweet spot, since, when hitting the ball within this area, there is a greater chance that it will go off at the power and direction that you have aimed. Also, by achieving this blow, you will feel more comfort.

As if that were not enough, the Volcanic Frame technology also allows the shot you take to be more powerful, without requiring you to exert a lot of effort when hitting.

  • This model has been manufactured with Volcanic Frame technology that allows the athlete to maintain a high level of power when making their shots.
  • According to the opinions of some buyers, the quality of the paint on this product is not very high and it is likely that it can fall off in a short time if you use it continuously.


This racket, which is among the best models on the list, has a 33 cm center of gravity and, due to its design, it is a product suitable for both beginner and expert players.


2. Head Ti.S6 Original Tennis Racket

Head Titanium Ti.S6 Strung Racquet | Tennis Warehouse


The manufacturing material determines the quality and durability of your racquet.

The Head Ti.S6 is among the best tennis rackets due to the combination of graphite and titanium in its structure, classifying itself as a high-end racket due to the technology and quality of its materials, which although it gives us a more Heavy than the previous model, it also provides a guarantee of durability and resistance to intense tennis practice to withstand the force of blows.

This racquet by weight produces more power in a coup, generating more control in different directions, transmitting less agitations. The grip size of this racket is L3 and the balance it generates is ideal for senior players. So you must identify the level of play you are at and choose the most appropriate racket for your preparation and type of game.

To know which is the best brand of tennis racket , it is important to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

  • Light: This model of best tennis rackets is comfortable, handy and light, which provides great dynamism when hitting the ball. Its handle offers very good control of the racket.
  • Materials: It is made with graphic and titanium, which makes it of a quality of perfect finishes and, in addition, provides resistance and durability.
  • Sheath: This tennis racket comes with a cover where it can be stored and protected from the environment.
  • Strings: A person who has already bought and used this tennis racket indicates that the strings of the tennis racket are very loose and that they loosen with the blows. This could be an isolated opinion, as the product does not have more negative reviews.

3. Babolat Aeropro Lite GT Tennis Racket

 Babolat Aeropro Lite Gt | Tennis Express



When you type in your search engine which is the best tennis rackets , one of the results returned will definitely be the Babolat Aeropro Lite GT ; This is a lite version of the champion Rafael Nadal’s racket, designed with Cortex Active Technology, which is focused on responding to the needs of the players to achieve perfection in the control of the effects.

Made of graphite and tungsten, with an ultra-light weight, the racket guarantees superior efficiency, being recommended for adult intermediate and junior high-level players who want to apply different effects to achieve varied trajectories with speed to hinder the player’s response. rival.

Without a doubt, these effects are enhanced by the lightness of the Babolat Aeropro Lite GT racquet. With a length of 68.5cm, 260g of weight and a head size of 645cm 2 this racket is capable of supporting a tension of 25 kg.

If you need a versatile model, the Babolat Aeropro Lite GT 101177 is one of the best options. Also, at the moment it is one of the cheapest rackets on the market today.

  • Design: This model of best tennis rackets has “GT” technology, that is, it is designed with graphite and tungsten, which ensures more stability in torsion and thus have more precision and comfort when hitting the ball.
  • Light: It has a weight of 260 grams, which makes it very light to play. Similar to the model that Rafael Nadal has, but lighter, to be able to win when hitting.
  • Length: It measures 68.5 centimeters, which is a standard size for tennis rackets.
  • Difference: A user who has already bought and used this tennis racket reports that they can tell the difference with other brands. However, most people are comfortable with their purchase.

4. Prince Warrior 100L ESP Adult Tennis Racket

Used Prince WARRIOR 100L ESP Unknown Tennis Racquets Tennis Racquets


In tennis, having a flexible and light racket that provides great power at the moment of the hit is synonymous with an exceptional handling of the exchange to beat your opponent. The best value for money best tennis rackets is the Prince Warrior 100L ESP, with which you will get the power that we already mentioned.

On the other hand, this racket, the lightest in the Warrior line, has a Prince ESP system, which offers a 14 x 16 hitting area and with the weight on the head you can accentuate the effects of the ball with great comfort. because it has the double bridge system DB System.

For its part, the Extreme String Pattern provides a more open string pattern to add 30% power to the effects of the hits, to make them more penetrating and heavier. Made entirely of graphite, this racket has a total length of 68.60cm.

If you have a hard time figuring out which best tennis rackets to buy, the features of the Prince Warrior 100L ESP 7T35G401 may help you out of doubt. Let’s see the following aspects:

  • Technology: This model has “ESP” technology (Extreme Spin Pattern) which in Spanish would be the Extreme Rotation Pattern which guarantees that, when the ball is hit, it comes out 30% faster in terms of its rotation, which translates into more power when hitting.
  • Making: It is made of graphite.
  • Weight: It has a weight of 250 grams.
  • Measurements: The length of this racket is 26 inches, that is, 66 centimeters, which makes it large enough to develop a good game, without discomfort.
  • Strung: A person who has already bought this model of racket indicates that it must be strung because it does not come like that and this detail could cause inconvenience to some buyers.



5. Wilson WRT218 Children’s Tennis Racket : Wilson Serena Junior 21 Inch Tennis Racquet Bundled with (1)  Black Advantage II Tennis Bag and (3) Pink Tennis Balls - Perfect Starter  Set for Kids Age 5-6 : Sports & Outdoors


If you are looking for the best tennis rackets for children , the Wilson WRT218 is your best option, preferred by international figures from the tennis world such as Roger Federer and Serena Williams. This racket is perfect for children to learn to play tennis, because it is very light and easy to handle.

Users highlight the very good value for money that the racket has for being one of the cheapest, which makes it ideal for children because it is resistant thanks to its materials. The minimalist design with laser engraving, matte finish and fine lines makes it very attractive and totally unisex.

This racket includes a bag for hanging, it is also designed to maximize the player’s energy, reaching maximum power in strokes. With this list of recommendations we hope to help you in your choice and make a smart investment of your money, based on the type of game you play and the level of experience you have in this sport.

This tennis racket could be the best tennis rackets of the moment. Take a look at its advantages:

  • Design: This model of best tennis rackets is designed for beginners, especially for children who are between 5 and 6 years old and want to start in this sport.
  • Light: It has a weight of 195 grams.
  • Accurate: It is made so that your shot is precise and fast.
  • Mango: Its handle is designed to fit any type of hand, regardless of whether the user is right-handed or left-handed.
  • Measurements: Its length is 53.3 centimeters.
  • Size: A person who has already purchased this racket indicates that, at the time of purchase, you must choose the appropriate size for the user and that this detail is not provided on the page.
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Buying Guide – Best Tennis Rackets On The Market

Playing sports is a fun way to stay healthy and fit. Activities such as tennis allow you to develop agility and physical dexterity, in addition to requiring constant training. However, to play tennis you must have the right equipment for your level of preparation.

Although it seems very easy to play with any racket, there are important data and aspects that determine the success of your purchase, since there are different models that can be adjusted to your preparation to optimize your performance in the game.

Next, in this guide to buying the best tennis racket on the market we summarize the information necessary to make a good and economic investment, which will allow you to become a champion on the court.


If you are an amateur player and you are just starting out in tennis, you should choose the most appropriate racket for you. As you increase the level of your game, it will be easier for you to make your choice, but one of the things you should check in any tennis racket comparison is the weight of the product.

The heavier the racket, the more effort you need to put in when hitting the ball, which will trigger a long swing. This, in turn, will benefit you in increasing your punching power and directional control, but it is also less manageable, especially if you’re inexperienced.

Experts and coaches recommend maintaining a regular level of speed in order to take advantage of the full potential offered by heavy rackets, however, on the market there are really light options that will be very useful while you learn all the techniques and effects necessary to be the one. best tennis player.


A standard racket for an adult has a length between 68 and 70 centimeters, but there are also other models of shorter lengths, specially designed for the mini tennis and junior category, which adapt to the height of the little ones.

However, in the case of adult racquets, before asking how much it costs, check the exact length of your racquet, since the longer it is, the greater the power of the blows, because the angular velocity increases at the moment of the blow. , as well as benefiting the audience to reach a greater number of balls by printing less force.

The downside is that long rackets decrease the player’s ability to control the ball. In short, to determine this important aspect, it is recommended that you consult with your coach or with a professional player to correctly invest your money in a product that you can master and, above all, take advantage of it in your favor.


It is important that, according to your level of play and technique, you make the right purchase of the ideal racket for you. Rackets can also be classified according to the range to which they belong, identifying three types: high, medium and low range.

The first is distinguished by the technology and materials used in its elaboration; Generally, the structure is made of an alloy of highly resistant, light and superior quality elements such as titanium, carbon, graphite, kevlar, among others, which offer great performance to players.

The second category, the average, uses good quality materials such as carbon and fiberglass, but does not prioritize technologies. These rackets are suitable for amateurs, youngsters in training and club players. Lastly, low-end rackets are made primarily of aluminum or materials combined with this metal; These are the cheapest on the market and are ideal for those who play tennis occasionally.


The size of the head or the head of the racket is the hitting area and its measurement can range between 600 cm 2 and 780 cm 2 . This surface will determine if your racket is suitable to increase the power or control of your game.

If your racket has a larger head, the power of the shot will increase with the support of the appropriate length; This large sieve features longer strings that provide softness to the blows, but also has the disadvantage of negatively influencing player control.

Practice makes perfect and in tennis, as in any sport, physical capacity and constant training are the key together with the correct equipment to enhance your skills and become a professional player. With this information, you still have a lot to research to learn more about the models, brands and prices available to know which is the best tennis rackets on the market and make a smart investment of your money.

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How To Use A Tennis Racket

If you are just starting out in the world of tennis and you already bought your racket, you may want to know how to start using it. On this occasion, we have prepared this article so that you know the first steps to use a tennis racket and start practicing your favorite sport with a little notion of the use of the main tool.

Identify The Racket Positions

Before using your tennis racket, you must have prior knowledge of this sport. The first thing you should know is that all the handles of tennis rackets are divided into eight sides, that is, they are made in the shape of an octagon. The first position of a racket is the one that is aligned with the frame, the next side of the octagon is position two and so on until reaching side number eight which would be the same position. These positions are also called break and will serve to identify the types of grip for each shot that can be made in tennis.

Take The Racket In The Correct Position For The Drive

The racket is held by holding the handle, so that the knuckle of the index finger is aligned with position three on the racket. This grip is for the drive or forehand in tennis, which consists of the normal hit of the ball. The racket should not be held with the fingers closed completely, without the index finger being aligned with position three to make this type of grip. 

Take The Racket In The Correct Position For The Backhand

The backhand in tennis is the position we must take to grip the racket in case the ball comes to the side, where the player is less skilled. In case the person is right-handed and the ball is directed to the left, a backhand stroke must be struck. To pick up the racket, the handle is grasped so that the knuckle of the index finger is aligned with position number two on the racket. You can support the reverse with the other hand if you wish.

Take The Racket In The Correct Position For The Serve

The serve or serve is the part of tennis where the player proceeds to hit the ball to start the game. The correct grip for the serve is to grip the racket so that the knuckle of the index finger is aligned with the number one position, that is, with the frame of the racket.  

String Your Racket

As you practice tennis, the strings of the racket loosen, therefore, it is necessary to make the adjustment of these strings called stringing. In your case, that you are learning, you can go to specialized stores where this type of work is carried out, they also have the necessary equipment and material for an optimal stringing.

Final Thoughts

These three forms are the basic grips to be able to use the racket correctly in tennis, however, passing and playing techniques should already be studied in a complete tennis class.

It is recommended to purchase a racket sized to match the age of the practitioner; you can verify this in the manufacturer’s instructions.

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High-performance athletes need to have the right equipment to help them perform at their best in competition. It is important that you know the best brands of best tennis rackets to get the most for your money. Among the options recommended by users are the Babolat, Head and Wilson models.

Originally from Lyon, France and founded in 1875, Babolat invented the first line of rackets called “Racquet Strings”; For this reason, it is considered the oldest company in offering sports equipment for athletes. It is easily identifiable by its distinctive white, black and yellow logo. The company has gradually built its reputation by delivering cutting edge technology products and supplying accessories to generations of champions in the most prestigious competitions.

Babolat displays a full range of equipment for badminton and tennis players including clothing, special-soled shoes, high-range balls and renowned rackets. The brand has developed three independent lines of rackets according to the player’s needs. For infants they offer the “Junior” range, ideal for those looking to get started in sport; “Game”, useful for those who have more preparation in the game and “Performance”, created for professional athletes.

Today, the company’s products can be found in more than 100 countries and 20 thousand stores distributed around the world. It is characterized by offering its products at a cost that adapts to all styles of play.

Head is a brand of Dutch origin dedicated to the creation of equipment and clothing specialized in tennis and alpine climbing. Its founder Howard Head, an aerodynamic engineer, observed that the boards used to practice skiing were made of wood in a time of plastic and metal, he raised the idea of ​​creating his own boards, making this company known in Maryland, United States , in 1950.

It quickly gained popularity in the United Kingdom and North America for the invention of its equipment, and shortly after it incorporated new products to different disciplines such as swimming, paddle tennis, snowboarding and squash. Its headquarters are located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

This brand works in conjunction with other independent companies such as Head Ski Company, making it a powerful international company. Their tennis rackets also stand out, since their shape, material and design are easy for the athlete to adapt; In addition, they provide great balance and power when hitting the ball. For this reason, some of the best athletes in the field such as Novak Djokovic, Maria Sharapova and Andy Murray recommend this brand for those looking to start a path in sports.

No other company has been as influential in tennis, baseball, golf, and football as Wilson. Wilson Sporting Goods specializes in the manufacture and creation of sports accessories, using the best technology and quality that provide optimal use to athletes. It was created by Thomas E. Wilson in 1993, in Chicago, United States. However, this brand is generally known as Wilson.

Since its inception, it has established an international reputation in each sport in which it participates, creating ingenious and innovative collections that support athletes in the development of different disciplines. The main categories of sports equipment presented by Wilson are: tennis, basketball, softball, football , badminton and squad.

This brand, although it is dedicated to the design of all sports equipment, stands out in the discipline of tennis. It is a reference in the manufacture of the best products, from rackets, shoes, clothing and balls for sports. Each Wilson product provides great ease of use and greater execution of the plays, being the preferred brand of some of the most important athletes such as Roger Federer, Serena Williams, among others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How To Choose Children’s Tennis Racket?

There is a relationship between the height of the child and the most appropriate length of the racket, according to age. In this sense, for children from 3 to 5 years old with a height of 1 m to 1.25 m in height, the racket should measure between 48 to 56 cm. For children from 6 to 8 years old and with a statue of 1.25 m to 1.40 m in height; you will need to use a 56 to 64 cm racket. Finally, when it comes to children from 9 to 11 years old and with a height of 1.40 m to 1.55 m; the length of the racket to be between 65-68 cm. Likewise, they must be light rackets, easy to handle and that reduce impact vibration.

Q2: How To Choose The Grip Of A Tennis Racket?

Knowing the proper grip size could make a difference on the field of play. A very small grip or grip causes elbow injuries, since more force is needed in the arm to keep the racket firm. On the contrary, if it is very large it makes it difficult to turn the wrist on.

There is a trick that helps to choose the most suitable grip in relation to the size of the hand. For this, you just have to look for a ruler, with an open hand and fingers together and stretched, you will only have to align the ruler with the bottom line of the palm and then measure the distance to the end of the ring finger; that would be the circumference of the racquet grip that best fits your hand.

Q3: How To Grip The Tennis Racket?

In the field of tennis there are several techniques for holding the racket, called grips. The most popular grips in this sport are: the East, which offers the version for the “Right” and also for the “Reverse”; the West, a grip that also provides a different technique for each shot. Also, there are the intermediate handles called “Continental” and “Australian”.

Each and every one of these grips offers a different method of positioning the player’s hand (or hands) on the handle of the racket. In any case, you should avoid holding the racket at its lowest point; the correct thing to do would be to hold it in the middle leaving about a finger from the end of the handle.

Q4: How To String A Tennis Racket?

Stringing a tennis racket requires knowledge, skill and above all, having the most appropriate stringing machine. In this sense, the market offers machines that could be expensive for most. For this reason, some sports stores offer the services of agreeing at a varied cost, depending on the size and model of the racket.

If you are an active player who practices several times a week, it might be worth buying one of these machines and learning how to string the racket yourself. To do this, you can find information and videos online where they teach you this technique step by step. But if you play sporadically, you could pay for the stringing once the strings wear out. Regarding the length of string to use, it depends on the racket and the technique; for which it could be carried from 9 to 12 meters.

Q5: What Tennis Racket To Buy For Beginners?

The rackets for beginners are models that, due to their design and size, allow new players to get started in this sport; since they are light, flexible and larger rackets.

Among the most recommended models we have the Wilson Surge Power 108 , a racket with a high quality graphite frame and backed by a prestigious brand. It offers great stability thanks to its Stable Shaft system and its 34 cm center of gravity. Its grip is 11.1 cm and is suitable for men and women, both left and right handed.

Another popular model is the Babolat Nadal Jr 26.  This racket is designed for beginner kids, ages 10-12. It is 66 cm long and weighs 245 g, making it light and easy to handle. In addition, it is made of acrylic and aluminum material.

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