Best Vacuum 2021 – Top Picks By Cleaning Experts

It is a device or appliance for the home in which a very powerful motor sucks dirt through a handle and stores it in a tank, and all easily and quickly.

There are many types and they evolve over the years, incorporating better and better technologies that facilitate cleaning the floors of the house. 

Best vacuum 2021

If you are  interested in buying your vacuum cleaner, this article can help you  in buying best vacuum 2021.

List of Top 16 – best vacuum 2021

1.  Dyson V6 Total Clean

  • We are facing one of the vacuum cleaner 2021 brands par excellence in terms of quality, you will not find anything like it, it is usually very well valued by the OCU.
  • The Dyson V6 Total Clean model has been created to make your life easier , it provides you 30 minutes of power without loss of suction and with twice the power of a normal vacuum cleaner.
  • Its Dyson V6 digital motor makes it the most powerful and energy efficient cordless vacuum cleaner on the market , it has a power selector to choose the suction capacity we want, efficient filtering to separate dirt, hair and air and it is also a 2 in 1 as it is a cordless vacuum cleaner and in turn a handheld vacuum cleaner.

What do other buyers think?

“I bought this vacuum cleaner 2021 because the floor of my house is mostly parquet, and I was very happy with the results. It does not mistreat the surface and is very powerful, it absorbs all the dirt without problems. The best thing is the deposit that is very practical to empty. I recommend it “

2. Bosch Relaxx’x Prosilence66

  • Thanks to its Quattro Power system , this bagless vacuum cleaner 2021 achieves excellent cleaning results and, at the same time, saves you energy. Its most outstanding feature is that it is ultra quiet , so it is ideal if you have babies or small children, since you can vacuum at any time without worrying about disturbing them. In addition, it comes with an 11 meter long cable that allows you to move around large areas without having to change the plug, making cleaning faster.
  • Their HEPA high technological to recommended by the OCU, pick up the waste tiny preventing them from returning to the environment and achieving greater efficiency, so this vacuum cleaner is excellent for allergy sufferers . Bring a special brush for wood surfaces and nozzles to clean upholstery, curtains, corners and the inside of drawers or cabinets. Therefore, this is a very functional product. Additionally, it has a brush with SilentClean technology , which reduces air turbulence, which causes noise

What do other buyers think?

“This vacuum cleaner 2021 is of excellent quality. I use it to vacuum all kinds of surfaces, and the nozzles are very useful. The length of the cord is perfect and it doesn’t make any noise. I have a baby, and I use it when he sleeps without any problem. That is impossible to do with a traditional vacuum cleaner “

3. Rowenta Air Force

  • This is a cordless broom type vacuum cleaner 2021 , which combines practicality and high performance. It works with a lithium battery that provides up to 65 minutes of autonomy , so you can carry out cleaning tasks without complications. It comes with the Air Force cyclonic vacuum system , characteristic of the Rowenta brand, which completely separates the dust particles, preventing them from returning to the environment. 
  • Its main brush, called Delta head , has a peculiar triangular shape,which makes it perfect for vacuuming in corners, or in areas close to walls that are difficult to access. Its rotating brush is very effective, as it collects all kinds of dirt. In addition, it is very practical to clean, since it comes with a completely removable tank , which does not require a bag and is very easy to empty.
  • It has 3 LED indicators that alert you to the battery charge level, and it is very comfortable thanks to its ergonomic handle . The best thing is that its parking position allows you to store it in a practical way and without taking up much space. 

What do other buyers think?

“This vacuum cleaner 2021 is very practical, I am delighted with it, I use it several times before having to charge it. The tank is very easy to empty, you don’t have to touch anything dirty. 100% recommended”

4.  Bosch BBH625W60 Athlet

  • This cordless and bagless vacuum cleaner 2021 comes with an innovative rotating brush that removes dirt on any type of surface, even delicate ones, achieving great efficiency. Its lithium battery gives it autonomy for up to 60 minutes. In addition, thanks to its Sensor Control technology that detects when the filter is full , this vacuum cleaner allows you to save energy and always maintain the same level of performance. 
  • It is very comfortable to handle, since it is ultralight, weighing only 3 kilos . And its articulated brush means that you can place it even in a horizontal position , so you don’t have to bend down when vacuuming under furniture. Its Easy Clean system makes both the tank and the brush removable and very easy to clean, and you can always have your vacuum cleaner ready to use. 
  • Its parking position allows it to be easily stored and the battery recharged quickly, in just 3 hours. It comes with 3 levels of suction so you can adapt it to your cleaning routine.

What do other buyers think?

“This is an excellent quality product. The suction power is incredible, and the best thing is that it is really light, as the description says. It is worth every dollar it costs, because it shows that I will be able to use it for a long time”

5. Rowenta Compact Power Ciclonic

  • This is a very efficient vacuum cleaner 2021 that works with a power of 700 W .  It is very resistant since it is made of stainless steel and high quality plastic. Bring a Softcare brush for delicate wood surfaces such as parquet, a 2-in-1 Easy Brush, and a 2-in-1 slot nozzle, with which you can vacuum even the narrowest places.
  • It also has a brush integrated into the handle , perfect for cleaning inside cabinets, or on tables. And its double filtering system guarantees effective cleaning, which collects all the dirt. It is very easy to manipulate, as it comes with a 6.2 meter cable and its wheels are 360 ​​degree swivel. It does not require a bag, and its removable tank is very easy to empty.

What do other buyers think?

“For the price it costs, it is an excellent product. Very powerful. It picks up all types of dirt without problem and is very easy to use. The caster wheels are wonderful. I would buy it again.”

6. Cecotec vacuum cleaner 2021 broom 

  • This cordless and bagless broom vacuum cleaner 2021 is very versatile and efficient, since, due to its design, it can function as a portable vacuum cleaner with 2 nozzles to remove dirt from furniture, cabinets, tables, etc., without any effort. Therefore, it is the ideal vacuum cleaner for the home because it allows you to clean everywhere, while maintaining the advantages of upright cordless vacuum cleaners.
  • Its lithium battery gives it autonomy for up to 60 minutes. In addition, its innovative Ergonomic Foldable System allows vacuuming in hard-to-reach areas, such as under beds or furniture. Its filter with HEPA technology , and its tank with a capacity of 800 ml , make this vacuum cleaner very effective at removing even the smallest particles of dust.
  • This vacuum cleaner works with 3 suction modes . Turbo mode, for extreme vacuuming, ideal in dusty areas. Eco mode , which allows you to save energy, maintaining optimal performance and a mode that turns off the motorized brush and only sucks. 

What do other buyers think?

“I’m really surprised by the quality of this vacuum cleaner. It does everything, you can vacuum any area or surface. Plus it doesn’t weigh much. As a portable vacuum it’s great, I can clean my car without problems. It’s the best vacuum 2021 cleaner I’ve ever bought.”

7- Bosch BBH218LTD Readyy’y –Best upright vacuum

  • This type of household vacuum cleaner is 2 in 1, that is, it serves as an upright vacuum cleaner and also as a handheld vacuum cleaner. Its lithium battery gives it greater autonomy and its LED indicator allows you to control its charge level easily. Its motorized brush with high flow of air, and flexible, allows to suck all types of dirt, achieving an effective cleaning without much effort. The portable vacuum comes with an additional nozzle to reach the tightest places. And its upright position makes it a breeze to store and charge.

8- Forzaspira SE110 – Best cordless vacuum cleaner 2021

  • Due to its high power, this type of cordless and bagless vacuum cleaner 2021 is considered the best of its kind. It is very easy to handle, does not clog and does not take up much space. Its multi cyclonic system with HEPA filter, traps even the smallest dust particles, without returning to the environment. It is also the only one with a brush with natural horsehair bristles that protects delicate surfaces such as parquet floors. Its removable tank is very practical to empty.

9- Cecotec Conga Excellence 990 – best robot vacuum cleaner 2021

  • This type of robot vacuum sweeps, vacuums, mops and mops the floor, therefore, it will allow you to keep your home spotless. It is perfect for collecting pet hair, and adapts to any type of surface. Its intelligent navigation system and its ultra-slim design make it possible to clean any space regardless of obstacles. It comes with two side brushes specially designed to catch dirt in the corners and near the walls. This robot vacuum cleaner 2021 can only return to its base after cleaning is finished or when the battery charge is at a low level.

10-  VicTsing – Best handheld vacuum cleaner 2021

  • This type of handheld vacuum cleaner is considered the best on the market, since its high technology allows it to remove dust, food residues and even small amounts of liquid without problems. Its cyclonic vacuum system prevents particles from returning and filters all dust very well. It comes with 2 washable filters and 3 different nozzles, so you can reach the most difficult areas. Therefore, it is the ideal complement for cleaning your home, your car or your work area. 

11- Bosch Zoo’o ProAnimal – Best pet vacuum cleaner 2021

Thanks to its easy-maintenance rotating motorized brush, this type of vacuum cleaner 2021 is the best for removing annoying hairs from your pet. This brush with two types of bristles, removes fur, even on carpets. It also brings a kit of accessories specially designed to catch fur even in the most difficult places. Both the tank and the brush can be completely removed for easy cleaning. This way you can keep your vacuum cleaner always ready to use it. This pet vacuum cleaner is ultra-light and its lithium battery gives it up to 60 minutes of autonomy.

12- Bissell CrossWave – Best Carpet Vacuum 2021

This is the best type of carpet vacuum as it can vacuum, wash and dry difficult surfaces like sealed floors and carpets. Its technology, with two tanks, separates the dirty water, so that it does not stain the surface, and the tank is easy to extract and fill. Suu hybrid roller brush is perfect for deep cleaning. It is very easy to use, since it comes with very friendly intuitive buttons and you can use it with the manufacturer’s cleaning formulas, to achieve the best finishes.

13- Taurus Ultimate Lithium – Best vacuum for allergies 2021

  • Due to its Cyclone System technology and HEPA filtration, this type of vacuum cleaner guarantees the retention of 99% of dust, mites and dirt. Therefore, it is ideal for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. Its vertical, wireless and bagless design makes it very practical to use. Its high-performance motorized brush is ideal for deep cleaning. And its accessories are very easy to assemble, thanks to its one-click system. Its 180 degree flexible brush reaches even the most difficult places, and its 600 ml tank is very easy to disassemble and clean. It becomes a handheld vacuum cleaner, ideal for cleaning inside cabinets, on tables or furniture.

14- Black & Decker PD-1200-AV – Best car vacuum cleaner 2021

  • With 12V power, cigarette lighter adapter and flexible hose, this type of vacuum cleaner 2021 is perfect for cleaning your entire car. Its 5 meter long cable will give you the necessary freedom to vacuum the entire vehicle without problems. Its design allows you to remove the flexible tube, so that you can more comfortably vacuum certain areas such as the dashboard, or the trunk. Its cyclonic action system with motor in the filter, prevents dirt from returning to the environment, and the tank is emptied very easily thanks to its side opening that does not have to touch the dirt.

15- Rowenta Silence Force RO8324 – Best vacuum cleaner for hardwood 2021

  • This type of vacuum cleaner 2021 with a powerful 3AAA performance and Softcare parquet brush is ideal for taking care of your wooden floors and achieving a deep cleaning. Its multicyclonic technology separates the air from dust particles very well, maintaining optimum performance and preventing dirt from returning to the environment. It has a 2-liter capacity tank, which allows you to vacuum large areas without worrying about emptying it. In addition, it is very silent, so you can carry out your cleaning tasks without causing discomfort. This vacuum cleaner is very easy to handle, as it has large wheels and a small rotating front wheel. 

16- Karcher WD3 – Best industrial vacuum cleaner 2021

  • This is the best industrial-type vacuum cleaner 2021, as it has an ultra-resistant 17-liter tank and can also suck up wet dirt. Its modern design with floor nozzle and suction hose allows you to remove the most difficult dirt. The removable handle allows you to use the nozzles effortlessly, so cleaning is easier. And your filter does not require as much maintenance, since it does not need to be changed, and it works for both dry and wet vacuuming. It is very comfortable, thanks to its ergonomic handle and its Pull and Push closure system. And it is designed to store both the cable and accessories inside it. 

Buying guide – best vacuum 2021 cleaner on the market

You and I know that you would love to have the perfect house every time. The problem comes when it comes to dedicating the little time you have to housework. We have a thousand things to do, we are tired of work and sweeping the house is not usually one of our priorities, right?

That is why we are clear that the vacuum cleaner is our friend. Here we compare all the types and we teach you how to differentiate a high-end product and one with hardly any technologies. We have taken  into account aspects such as ease of use, its power, the tank, the autonomy, its lightness, the opinions of buyers and organizations such as the OCU, and many more. Shall we start?

What should you take into account to buy your vacuum cleaner 2021?

There are many points in common between the different models of vacuum cleaners on the market and knowing them is critical to choose the one that best suits your budget without losing quality along the way. Here we bring you the most interesting points that you should consult and compare between the different models before buying your product:

1. Device power

  • The  power of the vacuum cleaner is essential  because it will help us to know the suction capacity of the product: the higher it is, the more cleaning capacity it will have. This is the theory, although in practice it is not because the suction depends on other factors as well, and not just on the power.
  • You must bear in mind that, depending on the manufacturer, this suction power may vary and is sometimes not well used.
  • It is something that does not happen in the high-end models of the big known brands, hence they are more reliable when buying a product like this. Run away from unknown brands, especially if they are mega cheap.

2. Filter for vacuuming

These filters are important , since they are the ones that ensure that all the dust ends up in the tank and does not end up in the house again. If the filter is not good, the vacuuming loses efficiency and the result is having to pass the vacuum cleaner several times through the same place, making us waste more time on the task.

The most common type of filter in quality vacuum cleaners is the HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particle Arrester). It is a filter that traps most of the dust microparticles, ensuring that the air in the room is ready and does not end up as when using a duster: with all the air in the living room full of dust. It is something very important to assess, especially if there are people at home who suffer from some kind of allergy to dust or mites .

Classification of filters for vacuum cleaners recommended by the OCU:
  • EPA filters: They are high efficiency filters, they are usually of 3 classes; E10, E11 and E12.
  • HEPA filters: They are very high efficiency filters and the most widespread along with EPA filters, they are subdivided into 2 classes: H13 and H14.
  • ULPA filters: They are ultra low penetration filters, they are for areas with a maximum level of cleanliness, such as hospitals, residences or similar, you have 3 classes: U15, U16 and U17.

3. Ease of use: device size and weight

When buying a vacuum cleaner it is very important to take into account some aspects that the OCU recommends, such as  the space you have to store it.  If you have space on your terrace, perhaps a sled vacuum cleaner is a good option. On the contrary, if the place where you plan to put it is a closet, the best would be an upright vacuum cleaner or a robot type.

Another important aspect is  weight.  If your house is very large, and the product is heavy, it can make the cleaning task much more complicated, especially if you have to go up and down stairs.

And finally, the mobility of the vacuum cleaner is essential. If it is not easy and comfortable to use, you will use it 2 times and you will leave it abandoned. Therefore, you have to take into account things like:

  • Does the appliance have wheels?  If  c CCOUNT wheeled  displacement will be easier and comfortable and your back will not suffer during use.
  • Is it wireless or wired?  If you  have a cable, it  is important to know the number of meters that it has to know if we can clean comfortably or it is going to limit ourselves to the plugs that the house has, which is what usually happens. If it  is wireless,  the autonomy of the battery is something to take into account also depending on the time we spend cleaning.
  • How tall is the vacuum cleaner? Keep this in mind, because if you are very tall and the handle of the same is low and cannot be adjusted, you will not clean in an uncomfortable position.

4. Vacuum cleaner autonomy and battery

  • When we use a cordless or cordless vacuum cleaner, the cleaning task is much more comfortable. However,  you have to take into account the autonomy of the device battery:  it is not a good thing that 20 minutes after starting the battery begins to weaken and vacuum power is lost.
  • Normally, the autonomy of a vacuum cleaner  will depend on its voltage: the  higher its voltage capacity, the more autonomy it usually has and this also usually translates into its price, many times you will see cheap vacuum cleaners that seem to have everything, but when you look at it In things like suction power or autonomy they leave much to be desired,  try to have a minimum of 20V .
  • While you are cleaning your home, also keep in mind that: the higher the power, the lower the battery will be . It is the same that happens with the mobile battery when we raise the brightness of the screen.
  • Another thing that is usually recommended in wireless vacuum cleaners is  the classic charge indicator,  which will help us to know if we will have enough time to finish cleaning or not.

5. Device noise

Depending on where you live, sometimes it is advisable to take into account  the decibels that your device has , since if you are in a chalet it may not be necessary, but in a small apartment where you can disturb the neighbors, it is something to keep in mind and what the OCU emphasizes.

You have quite a few models that take great care of this aspect being silent vacuum cleaners: although they continue to emit sound, this is much less, so it does not bother so much from one room to another.

How to use your vacuum cleaner?

If you already bought your vacuum cleaner, here we bring you some very useful tricks so that you get the most out of it and your home is impeccable:

  • Read the instructions – Although it can be tedious, it is necessary that you become familiar with the parts and that you take into account any risks in the operation of the product. That is why we recommend that you read the manufacturer’s manual.
  • Prepare the place – It is important that before you start vacuuming you clear the entire area, making sure to remove small objects from the ground that can be sucked and damage the device.
  • Vacuum direction – You must move the head from back to front and vice versa, since it is at the moment of going back that the vacuum cleaner performs the suction function.
  • Use the accessories – Use the different nozzles as indicated in the instructions, since, in this way, you will achieve better results and with less effort. Don’t use the traditional brush to vacuum areas other than the floor. 
  • Clean the reservoir – The best way to maintain the performance level of your vacuum cleaner is to empty the reservoir frequently, and, if possible, at the end of each cleaning routine. 

How does a vacuum cleaner work?

The operation of a vacuum cleaner consists of sucking in the air near the nozzle and with it, the dust that is there. This process is carried out thanks to:

  • An electric motor that allows a constant flow of air. 
  • Said air movement causes dust particles to enter the interior of the device, which are retained in the porous filters, making the air return clean.
  • This cycle is optimized thanks to the telescopic tube and the flexible hose, as well as the shapes of the nozzles, which modify the suction level to trap dirt in more difficult places.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

The range is super varied and it is necessary to be clear about the advantages and disadvantages of each type, as well as their real functionalities. We have tried to summarize it below:


 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • These are smart vacuum cleaners that can be programmed to clean in a specific area of ​​your home.
  • They have sensors that allow them to avoid obstacles to avoid colliding and have an advantage that other vacuum cleaners cannot compete with, and that is that they work alone. 
  • You don’t need to be on the lookout, just turn it on and enjoy a good book or movie while the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market cleans your house for you. 
  • The first model was the Roomba iRobot and, from there, the big brands have been launching others on the market. The Cecotec Conga is one of the most popular, but there is also the Xiaomi, although the market leader is still the Roomba iRobot in its different versions.

Dog fluff, bits of food … When the weekend comes and you finally don’t have to work, you have to clean up. Crazy party! Surely there are a thousand and one things that you want more than taking the brush and the dustpan .

But now, with vacuum cleaners, cleaning the house is easier than ever. The machines are getting smaller, lighter and more powerful , and even autonomous! And if you don’t have one yet, it’s because you don’t want to (and not because of price), 

Of course, there are so many types available on the market that it can be crazy to choose it without knowledge or help. That is why we have got down to work and compared the best vacuum 2021 cleaners on the market below.

Tips for choosing a good vacuum 2021 cleaner

Buying a vacuum cleaner can be one of the most difficult tasks, especially if you are not even sure what type you are going to buy. Wireless, wired, robot, bagless … Crazy. And that’s not to mention the number of models and brands on the market. Do not be overwhelmed, some of the most important factors that you should consider when buying the best vacuum 2021 cleaner for your home are these:

  • Type of dirt:  you should consider if what you are going to vacuum is common dust or if, for example, you need to collect pet hair (even several); or extra waste, such as ash from the fireplace or from a pellet stove or similar. 
  • Power : the higher the power, the greater the suction capacity . This is related to the previous point, since, depending on the type of dirt and also the size of the area, you may need more power and autonomy to obtain better results.
  • Mobility :  whatever it is, it must be easy to handle and move easily. Also, the lighter the better.
  • Brand :  It is important to take into account the endorsement of a recognized brand if what you are looking for is quality. Thus, it will incorporate the latest technologies and quality materials. In addition, you can consult opinions of buyers and experts , as well as reviews and rankings of their best models.
  • Price : you can find different prices depending on the qualities and technical characteristics you are looking for. Remember that what is good for someone does not necessarily have to be good for you. Find out with our buying guide and  choose the model that best suits you, your home. If you can, forget about the price factor to buy the best on the market.

How much money should I spend on my vacuum cleaner?

Cheap is expensive, especially when we talk about products from the technology sector. You can buy this product at very cheap prices, but the power and the suction quality of the device leave much to be desired. Usually:

  • Low range (less than $100) – They are effective, but they do not usually have as many accessories and the filtering system is not always the best. They are ideal if the space to be cleaned is small, if it is not very dirty or if you are going to use it occasionally . In this group it is difficult to find a suitable vacuum cleaner to collect pet hair.
  • Mid-range (between $100 and $200) –  They offer the best price-quality ratio on the market . They are very versatile, as they come with accessories that allow them to vacuum on almost all types of surfaces. They are easy to use and come in different capacities to suit the size of the area you want to clean. 
  • High range (more than $200) – In this range are the highest quality models, which are those that incorporate the latest technological innovations, such as: ultra-quiet vacuum cleaners ; or autonomous robot vacuum cleaners , designed to collect pet hair without you having to lift a finger. 

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