Top 7 Best Vacuum Sealer 2021 Reviews

A best vacuum sealer 2021 is a great ally to preserve the food that we will consume in a certain period of time in good condition, so it is important that it has a good level of power and that it includes the basic functions of sucking air and sealing the bags, so that you can manipulate it with a level of practicality and that it offers really beneficial results.

best vacuum sealer 2021

When reviewing customer opinions, expert recommendations and comparing the offers as such, we have to say that the most suitable option is the Food Saver V2860-I, which has a power of 160 W, which also allows it to be regulated depending on each case and, in addition, it has an included cutter that makes the packaging process much easier when cutting the bag at the end of the procedure.

As another recommended alternative we have the Garhe Cisne 31140 that has good performance and a simple button panel to control its operation without complications.

List Of Top 7 – Best Vacuum Sealer 2021 Reviews

 If you are tired of having to throw food away because it has quickly deteriorated in the refrigerator, then it is time to buy the best vacuum sealer 2021 , since with this you can double and even triple the useful life of your food in a way quick and easy.

Below, you will find several models of packaging machines chosen as the most optimal by users, and where you can choose for yourself the best quality-price vacuum sealer 2021 on the market .

 1. Food Saver V2860 Vacuum Sealer

best vacuum sealer 2021


Although the aesthetic aspect is of the utmost importance, the most relevant point when choosing a vacuum sealer 2021 is of course the functionalities of the equipment. It is useless to bring home aesthetically pleasing and entirely useless products.

All our users will then like to know the multiple modes and configurations that have been incorporated into the Food Saver V2860-I model of vacuum sealer. The first thing is that this article includes a special port for vacuum packaging with Foodsaver jars; Among its many functions we find the double speed configuration, as well as 2 different levels of extremely practical packaging.

The incorporation of instant sealing technology is greatly appreciated, which further guarantees overall effectiveness.

  • The main advantage that the Food Saver V2860-I vacuum packer model has , compared to other good competitors in the market, is the general quality of the article; This is a product with a robust and solid design that denotes good taste and style for each of its parts.


  • Sadly, we have found a disadvantage associated with the present packaging machine model , as we well know, good quality and low prices are not always characteristics that can be combined; therefore this article cannot be classified as one of the cheapest in its category.


From we recommend the purchase of the Food Saver V2860-I if you are looking for a product with a sophisticated appearance and of unbeatable quality, also if your budget is not exactly tight. 

2. Garhe Vacuum Packaging Cisne 31140

best vacuum sealer 2021


In order to keep your food fresh for longer, there is nothing better than taking advantage of the advantages offered by vacuum packing machines, which allow you to remove the air from the packaging and prolong the life of these foods. The Garhe Cisne 31140 vacuum sealer perfectly fulfills these functions, becoming a tool that saves time and money.

Among its features, this equipment allows to seal both bags and jars, expanding the packaging options. Very easy to use options thanks to its keypad, which allows both to seal the bags and other elements, as well as to create the closures that allow the use of plastic rollers, saving you money and worries.

The 12-inch width helps you effortlessly store even large pieces of meat or fish. With a short period of learning, you will soon be storing and emptying your food with all the security you need.

  • Robust system: Thanks to its robust and resistant design, you will be able to work continuously without the packaging machine suffering or breaking down as a result, supporting your work rate.
  • Button panel: The keypad allows you to control each of the phases of the process such as emptying, sealing or closing, in order to obtain the best results.
  • Suction capacity: In order to empty your bags and products, this equipment has an extraction pump of 11 liters per minute, which reduces the emptying time.
  • Polyvalent: Thanks to its sealing and closing system, we can use any type of plastic bag or roll, with the only limitation of the width of the equipment, up to 30 centimeters, with space for all types of food.
  • Emptying: Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the process to achieve an adequate emptying, although with learning these repetitions are reduced.

3. Bonsenkitchen 4 in 1 Household Vacuum Sealer

Best Vacuum Sealer 2021


The Bonsenkitchen VS 3802 packaging machine is a complete and easy-to-use solution so that your food lasts up to 8 times longer and keeps its flavor and properties intact. The product works through the traditional sealing and emptying system, which allows it to be used both with conventional bags and with rolls of bags of different sizes. 

The packaging process is very simple to do once you learn how to use the machine. These emptying modes can be used on both dry and wet food, or even with vacuum canisters, depending on what you need. For this last use, a special tube is included, which facilitates this process. 

The packaging machine is completed with other details such as the integrated cutter for the rolls or an inner tray, which collects the small spills that occur when packaging food with liquid. It is accompanied by a sample of bags and other useful accessories during the process of preparing your food, so you can start packing on the go.

Give your food more life and make better use of space with this versatile vacuum packer.

  • Modes of use: With this product, you can pack dry and wet foods and also cans, with the same comfort and efficiency.
  • Polyvalent: The packaging machine accepts both conventional bags and plastic rolls from almost any manufacturer, having a sealer and cutter for processing.
  • Liquid tray: This tray collects the liquid remains that may appear in the packaging of these foods, being very easy to clean.
  • Learning: As with almost any of these models, it is advisable to carry out a few test packings until you have mastered the equipment.
  • Sealed: It is recommended to double seal the bags once they are packed, for better vacuum results.


4. Jata EV1026 Packer / Sealer 130 W

best vacuum sealer 2021


This equipment has practically the same characteristics as the Proficook VK1015, however, it is improved in terms of power, since it has a power of 130 watts, that is, a little more than the aforementioned.

On the other hand, like the Food Saver V2860-I includes a “cutter” or cutter, with which you can save bags by cutting just where you need. In addition, you will save time and work.

It should be said that its power is reflected in its two speeds, one smoother than the other but just as effective. Like previous models, it includes the individual emptying option for dry and liquid food. The best thing about this model is that it includes the seal-only function, giving you the opportunity to use the canner as a sealer without any problem.

If you are interested in a vacuum sealer 2021 designed also as a sealer, then the Jata EV1206 model from Jata could be what you are looking for, according to multiple user opinions. Below you will find the characteristics of the model and you can decide if it is the one you want or not.

  • Functions: This team includes different and varied options that all its users have loved. It is sealed and emptied for both dry and liquid foods, in two strengths: “normal” and “soft”. In addition, it has a marinating option, the bowl function that is perfect for the container that it includes as an accessory and that even tells you the date on which you packaged the product and, finally, the sealing-only function.
  • Power: It was designed with a power of 130 watts, which has been a total satisfaction for consumers, who claim that the suction force of the equipment is ideal to absorb the total air from the bags and the container.
  • Size: It measures 43 x 20.5 x 28 cm, so it is a little larger than previous models and requires a larger space in your kitchen.

5. Lacor 69151 Luxe 120 w vacuum machine

best vacuum sealer 2021


If you are thinking of acquiring one of the best cheap vacuum sealers 2021 , then the Luxe Lacor 69151 is ideal, since it is the most economical device of those already mentioned. Despite being the most accessible, it is also recognized by users thanks to its great performance.

With a power of 120 watts, a little less than the Food Saver V2860-I, it is a more complete equipment than the Ellrona 61360 VC 11 since it includes two speeds, one more powerful than the other so that you can use the one that best suits your needs. In addition, it gives you the option to choose whether you are going to empty dry or wet food, in such a way that it adapts to said configuration.

On the other hand, it has a sealing only function, so you can use it not only as a packer, but also as a sealer.

Finally, we find the model 699151 Luxe of the Lacor brand which is the cheapest vacuum sealer 2021 on this list, and which, not because it is the last or the cheapest, is less effective than the previous ones. Take a look at the pros and cons of this model below and see for yourself.

  • Size: It has dimensions of 37 x 8 x 15 cm, so it is designed for small kitchens and, of course, for domestic use, in such a way that it does not take up much space and is easy to store.
  • Functions: Like the previous model, it is a very simple equipment since it has the options of dry and wet emptying, in two speeds: “soft” and “strong”, depending on the type of food you are going to pack and, finally, the sealing option plus the emptying and sealing option.
  • Power: It includes a power of 120 watts, so it is not as powerful as the Food Saver V2860-I, however, users assure that this is not a problem and that the equipment does a phenomenal job.
  • Liquids: This model is not suitable for packaging sauces or liquid foods. In fact, the “wet” option it contains is for products with very little liquid content and it is recommended that before trying to pack sauces or soups, they are frozen beforehand.

6.Food Saver V2860 Vacuum Sealer

best vacuum sealer 2021


This model is a symbol of a good investment since it has been categorized by consumers as one of the best vacuum sealers 2021 , all thanks to its fully functional, simple and compact condition.

The Food Saver V2860-I has a 160 watt power motor, which you can adjust to three emptying speeds, depending on the type of food you are going to seal. Best of all, it has a function for dry food, and another for food with liquids, so you don’t have to worry about pressure, separating them or accidental accidents and, to complement this function, it includes a collecting tray. easily washable liquids.

On the other hand, it has a “cutter” or cutter, which at the end of the emptying process, will cut the bag itself, facilitating and speeding up the procedure.

The best vacuum sealer 2021 of the moment, according to user opinions, is this Food Saver V2860-I model, thanks to all the features it has. If you are interested in this, then check the characteristics of the equipment below, in order to corroborate if you are looking for yourself and your kitchen:

  • Functions: This equipment has 3 emptying options, one for dry food, another for wet or liquid food and one for manual emptying, with which you can empty as you like. When you think it’s ready, you release the button and you’re done. In addition, it includes the option of only sealing and emptying only, being able to win, even, the award for the best brand of vacuum packaging machines compared to its competitors.
  • Cleaning: It is easily washable, since it includes buttons with a “soft touch” design, making it easy to clean. On the other hand, it has a liquid collection tray that you can remove without problems, and wash it after using the equipment as it is suitable for the dishwasher.
  • Size: Measuring 43 x 29 x 10.5 cm, it will take up very little space in your kitchen thanks to the fact that you can store it both vertically and horizontally.
  • Power: It has a power of 160 watts, being the most powerful model on this list and the best vacuum sealer for 100 dollars or a little more.
  • Liquid packaging: The only problem users have reported is that the wet food drain feature is not very useful, however they recommend using the manual drain option, and voila!


 Buying guide – Best Vacuum Sealer 2021 on the market

Vacuum packaging is a preservation technique that is used mainly for food because it saves time and money. More and more people decide to buy a cheap vacuum packer for home use . That is why we have prepared this guide to buy the best vacuum sealer 2021. It will help you make a more objective decision and get more out of your investment.

best vacuum sealer 2021


Which vacuum sealer 2021 is better?

When comparing vacuum sealers 2021, aspects such as size, durability and availability of supplies and spare parts must be evaluated.

Assess your needs

Having clear reasons for buying a domestic vacuum sealer is important to know how to choose the one that will serve us the most.

The main uses of a vacuum sealer are: to better preserve frozen food, keep food fresh for longer in the refrigerator, keep important documents in good condition and save storage space on items such as bedding, coats and clothing in general .

 Types of vacuum sealers

How much does a vacuum sealer cost? There is a great variety of prices, depending mainly on the size that directly affects the uses that you can give it.

Take into account that there are portable or hand-held vacuum packers that, as their name suggests, are very useful when we need them to be easy to transport. Therefore, they are ideal when we use them while traveling, whether on vacation or business trips. They usually use reusable bags, so you can use them to seal over and over again with the same bag documents that we want to protect from water and dirt, but that we have to remove from their “packaging” regularly.

Also, since portable vacuum packers are small in size, you can store them more easily in the kitchen. Check that you can use both reusable bags and special glass or plastic containers for vacuum packaging.

Then we have the tabletop vacuum packers, recommended for those who are going to use them a few times a month. They are normally used with plastic bags or rolls, but we must be cautious about the type of bags they use and their availability.

Laptops, while smaller, tend to be less efficient. They basically operate on batteries and with “zip-lock” type bags, so the seal is not as good as that achieved with tabletop packers.

Vertical or horizontal

Most vertical vacuum sealers are great when it comes to handling foods that have a certain liquid content. In addition, its vertical orientation allows that in some models an accessory can be added that allows you to vacuum pack in jars. On the other hand, horizontal packers allow you to use bags of different widths, which can make them more versatile in terms of the amount packed, but they are not as good at handling products with liquids.


When we are looking for the best vacuum sealer 2021 on the market, it is very important to carefully and carefully observe the different aspects linked to the general design of the product; It is important to bear in mind that this type of kitchen items are highly exposed, so we need to achieve elegant and colorful designs that do not clash with our decoration.

This is one of the reasons why the Food Saver V2860-I model has such a reputation within vacuum packers; painted in beautiful colors such as black and silver it is the ideal item to place in kitchens with a modern and avant-garde look. The dimensions of this product are 43 x 29 x 10.5 cm and the most interesting thing is that it can be stored both horizontally and vertically when not in use. The weight of the product is 4.3 kg in total.

best vacuum sealer 2021


Another feature worth highlighting in the Food Saver V2860-I model is the ease of cleaning the article, it shows how its developers have thought about the accidents that can occur when working with food.

The digital control panel of this packaging machine model is easy to use and easy to sanitize; It is important to highlight the antibacterial dripper tray which includes a practical extraction system that allows the piece to be removed for cleaning by hand or in the dishwasher.

Air extraction start time

Are you going to pack mainly with bags or with glass jars? This is important because some sealers start to extract air just after a predefined time, while others “measure” the air before starting to extract it. Those of the second group are recommended when glass jars are used, because if the extraction power is very strong, then the glass can break, but if you are going to pack liquids or use bags of different dimensions, the ones that start the process after a predefined time.

best vacuum sealer 2021

Other features

If we analyze all the models available in the market, we will see that each of them differs somewhat from others, in the same way if we compare more value models with cheaper ones, the difference in this sense will be clear. Evaluate whether those additional features offered by each of the models you analyze are necessary and valuable, making this assessment in light of the reasons that make you buy a vacuum sealer.

Among the most common extra features are regulation of the packaging speed, dishwasher washing of certain parts, roll holder, dust removal, etc.

It is also important that you consider if the product comes with the accessories you require or if you need to buy something separately. Check the limitations that the packer has regarding the bags it can use; in some cases, they use bags specifically by or for that brand, so supplies are often more expensive.

In short, don’t lose sight of the fact that buying a vacuum sealer 2021 has one goal: to save you time and money. Time because you can prepare food and separate it into portions and then store it and use it when you need it and money because it allows you to better preserve the food, avoiding waste of leftovers, fresh products ruined because they are not consumed on time, etc.

How to use a vacuum sealer

Food technology provides us with innovations such as this product that makes our lives easier and preserves the freshness, texture and flavor of food for much longer, helping us to plan the family menu in the short, medium and long term. Once again and as always, the experience we acquire with the use of this friendly product allows us to develop individual skills to get more out of it every time.

best vacuum sealer 2021

What is and how to vacuum pack?

It is, nothing more and nothing less, than a technique designed to preserve food, keeping it in a specific plastic bag (designed for such use) and extracting the air from inside. Thus, food preserves its organoleptic properties (freshness, texture, taste, smell), for a long period of time.

This process is achieved by means of a specific appliance with an abundance of brands and models on the market. Once the air is removed from the bag, it is hermetically sealed by heat welding. By doing this, oxygen is removed and thus the natural growth of bacteria is prevented.

How to use

Thoroughly clean the food you want to vacuum pack. In this way, it washes the fruits and vegetables, removing all traces of dirt or dirt. It also removes the skin and bones not required from meats and chickens. Place the food inside the plastic bag (it works best to do it in individual portions, which allow greater versatility in planning the menu and in the conservation of the food itself).

Take out the air and seal

Now put the open edge of the bag into the sealing machine. Press the corresponding command to start the vacuum process, extracting the air and compressing the plastic bags. Then heat seal the bag tightly. Then, remove the vacuum-packed food and place it, as appropriate, in the pantry, refrigerator, or freezer.

There are very advanced brands and models that allow you to pack food with a certain percentage of liquid (stews, for example, or sauces) and delicate foods, without applying pressure to them.

best vacuum sealer 2021

Process advantages

The most outstanding thing is to be able to preserve a wide range of foods, preserving their essential characteristics, for much longer, without the typical “burns” from freezing or oxidations that alter the texture, appearance and flavor. Secondly, vacuum packaging saves you a lot of space in the pantry and refrigerator, avoiding the cumbersome use and storage of larger containers (plastic or aluminum) (you will not have to wash them either, saving water and detergent).

With vacuum packaging you save visits to the supermarket, you can buy, at once, larger quantities (of cheeses and delicatessen, for example), preserving them in whole pieces or comfortably sliced. The same applies to grains, legumes and cereals.

Special mention deserves the so in vogue “sous vide cooking”, in direct harmony with this food technology that has been innovating, at dizzying steps, the preservation and preparation of meals both in the family environment and in the hotel and restaurant industry. For all this, apart from modernity, convenience seems to be the key word.

 The most popular brands of Best Vacuum Sealer 2021

As it is a vacuum packaging machine 2021 designed to extend the shelf life of your food, you must pay special attention when choosing it, so that you can achieve it, we review here three of the best manufacturers of this product, according to the opinion of the users: Lacor, Foodsaver and Alfa. Check them out below.

best vacuum sealer brands 2021

This leading brand in the manufacture of products for the gastronomic sector, has more than 60 years in the market, making it easier for chefs to carry out their tasks, either in personal spaces such as the comfort of their home, or in industrial environments such as restaurants. and hotels.

Lacor’s extensive catalog is made up of a series of products such as juicers, packaging machines in the professional way , clamps, dishes and trays, kitchen sets, spatulas, mixers, pressure cookers, pans, ovens, paella pans, mincers, graters, articles of pastries and other electrical items, among others.

Currently, the brand remains in a process of constant innovation, where it seeks to increasingly enrich its catalogs by offering new products on the market, and at the same time improving those models most sought after by customers, in order to achieve ever-increasing levels of satisfaction. high.

The production of these products is meticulous and with optimized processes, which can even be viewed on the official website of the company, so that this level of transparency gives it a point in favor among customers, added to the evident operation of each product. If you are looking for a vacuum packaging machine 2021 that you can trust to extend the useful life of your food, it is convenient that you review the proposal developed by this brand.


best vacuum sealer brands 2021


It is a brand belonging to the American corporation Jarden, which was founded in 2001. Foodsaver is a brand exclusively oriented to the preservation of food, for this it has created a series of strategic products that help people in this task Hence, instead of having a catalog with different products, it offers a group of manual packaging machine models and vacuum, semi-professional or industrial-use packaging systems, ideal for preserving your favorite foods.

In addition to this, the brand offers the corresponding accessories and elements for the proper functioning of the packaging machines, such as rolls and plastic bags that help to make storage free of cans.

To complement the advanced food preservation system proposed by this brand, it also offers a series of storage products such as jars, stoppers and marinades, which will help you store food in a shorter period of time, but will allow you to take advantage of all the advantages that represents the brand, such as saving space when storing food, saving time and money, etc.

best vacuum sealer brands 2021

Since 1920, the Alfa brand has been at the service of its customers, offering small appliances and various products used in various commonly performed tasks. Initially, it began manufacturing sewing machines and established itself in this category. However, currently the brand’s catalog is broader, and is divided into four basic categories, where in addition to sewing equipment, it offers models in the vacuum packaging machine line , plates and some products for babies.

This company is one of the most recognized industrial groups in the Basque Country, and is currently seeking to expand its market to the other continents of the world, so it will probably continue to create articles and objects of great use to people.

Among their notable advantages is the fact that they have their own logistics service for the distribution of their products, coordinating shipments within a maximum of two days after purchase, within the peninsula. In the same way, it offers an after-sales service, where customers are provided with spare parts for the products and the corresponding assistance if they need it.

Frequently asked questions

 Q1: Recipes with vacuum sealer

The main basis for cooking with this technique is to have a vacuum sealer, which allows you to enclose the food in a plastic bag, from which all the air is extracted. This cooking technique offers several advantages, among which the maximum use of the product stands out, since all its liquids and juices remain in the bag, increasing its flavor and improving its texture without having to use fat.

Among some of the healthy recipes that you can prepare we have the vegetable broth for 4 people. For this, you need 500 g of diced water, 200 g of carrots, 100 g of leek, 80 g of turnip, 10 g of celery, 200 g of onion, 8 chives and 1 sprig of parsley. Once the vegetables have been washed and peeled, they are chopped into small cubes and placed together with the frozen water in the vacuum bag. You must make the vacuum and then cook for 3 hours in a steam oven at 85 °. When finished, you open the bag and strain the broth.

Following the same vacuum packaging procedure, you can cook eggs, meats, salads and any other dish you prefer; you just have to pay attention to the cooking time and the right temperature.

 Q2: Vacuum sealer that does not seal

There are several reasons why your vacuum packer does not seal properly. First of all, it is important that you know that depending on the product or food you want to pack, it should be the type of packaging and the thickness of the plastic; since it is not the same to seal a dry sweet, than to seal a wet meat. For this, you must be careful and use the correct plastic bag.

In any case, if your device does not seal properly, it is possible that it has a loose cable or that the resistance has been broken; So it is best to take it to a specialized store, where the technical staff can review the damage and solve it efficiently.

 Q3: How to marinate with a vacuum sealer

Marinating is a process in which a food is immersed in a flavored liquid, with the idea that the food is impregnated with this liquid. However, it is a technique that can take hours or days and with the limitations that, depending on the size of the product, the liquid may not marinate enough inside. Also, if the liquid is thick the result takes longer.

For this reason, in order to offer a marinade with all its advantages, vacuum packers will be able to do this job efficiently and in less time. Everything is summarized in the physical principle that establishes that at a lower pressure, the piece expands, opening its pores, which facilitates the exchange of liquids through osmosis. If before you needed to keep 12 or 24 hours in the refrigerator, now with just 1 or 2 hours you will have an optimal level of marination. To do this, you just have to put the food and the sauce in a plastic bag and vacuum seal.


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