Top 7 Best Washer Dryer 2021 Reviews

Whether you live in an area with a humid environment or have great washing and drying needs, having a washer dryer can be an excellent help to keep your clothes clean and dry. These best washer dryer 2021 have the advantage of saving you the hassle of taking out and putting clothes in, since they come out clean and dry in a single cycle, at an increasingly interesting cost. 

Best Washer Dryer 2021

It is what we find in best washer dryers 2021 models such as the Sauber LS2096 , which offers class A energy efficiency and has multiple programs to favor resource savings, in addition, it has a power of 2200 W and can generate speeds of up to 1400 rpm for better performance.

If you prefer something smaller, you have the Indesit IWDE7125 best washer dryer 2021, 7 kilos of washing and 5 of drying. All this in a compact and space-saving product, compared to other more bulky models.

List Of Top 7 – Best Washer Dryers 2021 Reviews

When space is at a premium in your kitchen, knowing which is the best washer dryer 2021 for your needs is important. Both for saving space and for having a quality product capable of satisfying all your needs. If that is your situation, pay attention to our selection of the best washer dryers 2021 since you will surely find the right model that covers all your needs.

1. Sauber Washer Dryer 2021 LS2096 9/6 kg 1400 rpm

best washer dryer 2021


This best washer dryer 2021 offers a spin speed of 1400 rpm, so it provides optimal performance when washing any type of garment. In addition, it has 15 programs that have different operating times to guarantee the best finishes.

For greater practicality, it incorporates an LED display with touch buttons that facilitate its use. It also offers a front design with a capacity of 9 kg to wash and 6 kg to dry, which allows you to do your laundry in less time.

It has an energy classification of type A and B for washing and drying respectively, so its consumption is low so as not to generate additional expenses in the utility bills. As if that were not enough, it has an automatic detection system that supplies the resources according to the amount of clothing entered.

  • Technology: It has the innovative Active Jet system, which recirculates water through the washing machine to use fewer resources. Thus, it provides more efficient operation.
  • Saving: This appliance offers class A efficiency for washing and class B for drying, thus promoting energy savings. It also has 2 Eco modes, appropriate to reduce resource consumption.
  • Performance: It has a power of 2200 W and can generate temperatures of 20 to 90 ° C, which favors better performance and a more versatile use.
  • Instructions: The included instructions might be a bit difficult to understand, however the control panel mentions the use of each program to facilitate its operation.

2. Indesit IWDE7125 Washer Dryer 2021

best washer dryer 2021


To have clean and dry clothes at home you don’t have to spend a lot. The proof is in the Indesit IWDE7125 model, coming from a brand already recognized in the market and that in this model has everything you need for a small family. 

We are talking about a model of 7 kilos of capacity in washing mode and 5 in drying. This space is not a problem for loading clothes, due to the appropriate size of both the door and the laundry loading space.

As for its programs, the washing machine has everything you need for a proper cleaning of your clothes, where there is no lack of specific programs, general programs or the fast or ecological ones, among other options. Some programs that are easy to control through the usual mixed system, with a program wheel and button panel for adjustments, next to the screen where you can see everything clearly.

  • Easy drive: The control panel makes it easy to choose the program you want and its specific parameters.
  • Programs: Despite being a theoretically simple product, it has nothing to envy to the offer of programs of the most complete equipment.
  • Accessible: Despite its compact size, this is an easy-to-use model with a door that opens at a very comfortable angle.
  • Size: This model is the size of a classic 60 cm wide washing machine, so space is not a problem when placing it.
  • Energy efficiency: The product has a class B energy rating for drying, expending slightly more energy than other models on the market.

3. Electrolux EW7W4862LB Freestanding Front Loading washing machine

best washer dryer 2021


Taking the worry out of the washing process and letting the washing machine take care of everything is easy with the Electrolux EW7W4862LB. This best washer dryer 2021 is capable of “weighing” the clothes and adjusting the level of rotation of the drum to that weight and to the type of fabric, improving both the washing and drying processes. 

A drying process in which you have various technologies, such as FreshScent, which scents garments with steam, or the SensiCare system, which avoids prolonging the wash beyond what is necessary, thus improving its appearance and durability. 

Among its programs, you have all the usual and necessary ones, from the traditional ones to the 60-minute quick program, which washes and dries a kilo of clothes in an hour and leaves them ready to use. Options that you can comfortably control via the control panel, which combines the traditional wheel with a modern LCD display and keypad.

Take care of your clothes in each wash with all the technology that Electrolux has incorporated into this complete 8 kg capacity washer dryer.

  • Drying capacity: Compared to the 5 kilos of drying offered by the 8 kilos washer-dryers, this product increases that load capacity to 6 kilos.
  • Technology: Its technology includes an automatic control of washing according to weight and fabric of the clothes or functions that aromatize the garments and take better care of the fabrics, among others.
  • Programs: The washing machine includes all kinds of programs such as those specifically for wool or synthetics. as well as the one for washing and quick drying, suitable for a kilo of clothes and that only needs an hour to get them ready.
  • Weight: The product has more than considerable weight, so we must take extreme precautions when moving the equipment.
  • Noise: The noise level of the product is somewhat higher than that of other similar models, being 51 decibels in the wash and up to 77 during the spin phase.

4. Candy CBWD-8514D Washer Dryer 2021 Integration 

best washer dryer 2021


If what you need is a built-in best washer dryer 2021, then the Candy CBWD-8514D model is your choice. This maintains the standard measures of this type of product, so its integration is very simple. 

Regarding its conventional parameters, the product offers us an already usual capacity of 8 kilos in washing mode and another 5 kilos in drying mode. These two processes have different programs, both combined and independent, so you will not have problems leaving all kinds of clothes well washed and dried without complications. 

Among these programs, we also have some quick ones, for when we need few clothes or they are hardly dirty. A product that gives you greater comfort, since it does not require any maintenance and it is also easy to control, from the panel and the selector wheel that it includes on the front.

  • Integrable: This product is of the integrable type, so you can place it inside any furniture of the corresponding size and hide it comfortably with a door.
  • Door: The large door facilitates the process of loading and unloading clothes, also having a handle on the top for even easier access.
  • Quick wash programs:It has three quick wash programs, of 14, 30 and 44 minutes, ideal for washing a few clothes and having them ready in a short time.
  • Delay start: Despite including a delayed start function, this can only be “programmed” 9 hours in advance, which is considerably less than other similar models.
  • Spin: The spin speed remains at 1,400 revolutions per minute, leaving a residual moisture in the garments of 53%.

5. Whirlpool Washer Dryer 2021 Fwdg96148Ws Sp


The Whirlpool Fwdg96148Ws best washer dryer 2021 model is another of the products that are located in the widest part of the market when it comes to washing and drying clothes. Specifically, this model offers you a capacity of 9 kilos of dirty clothes in washing and 6 kilos in drying mode. 

A front-loading and independent mounting model, which nevertheless has adequate dimensions for mounting almost anywhere you put a conventional washing machine. As for its programs, among them the lava and dry, lasting 45 minutes and for a kilo of clean and dry clothes, or the SteamCare mode, which eliminates the wrinkles of the clothes in the most delicate clothes. 

All this in a product with a class A energy rating, so that energy consumption does not skyrocket, or a complete control program, which is not difficult to control or program.

We give you some more details of the main functions of this product and everything it can do for your clothes.

  • Capacity: The product is interesting for the most demanding users of space, for its 9 kilos of dirty clothes and its 6 for drying.
  • SteamCare: This technology prevents wrinkles in the most delicate garments, reducing the need and time for ironing.
  • Energy class: The model joins the class A products, with which to save some water and energy when it comes to keeping clothes clean.
  • Spin: The centrifugation has a maximum speed of 1,400 rpm, somewhat lower than that of other models, capable of reaching 1,600 rpm.
  • Panel: The control panel is somewhat simple in design, so users who want a little more control may miss out on features or information.

Buying Guide – best washer dryer 2021 on the market

Where the climate is cold and wet in winter, being able to dry clothes properly becomes a martyrdom. It is true that there are solutions such as electric clotheslines or independent dryers, but if you have to change your washing machine or if you do not have much space, a good washer dryer is probably the best option you can bet on.

These products, compared to older products, have significantly reduced their energy consumption and have increased their capacity to become truly practical tools that do not entail an excessive cost in electricity when using them. Regarding these products, we present our guide to buying the best washer dryer 2021 on the market with some interesting tips and guidelines that will help you to better understand what your needs are and what product you should choose, without giving up good and cheap washers both short and short. long-term.

best washer dryer 2021

Capacity and consumption

As with washing machines, one of the fundamental aspects in which we have to fix our comparison of washer-dryers is the laundry capacity. In this case we are really talking about two capacities, a capacity that is designed for washing your clothes and another capacity that is designed for drying. Due to the greater weight of wet laundry, it is usually expressed in terms of dry laundry and is usually always less than the washable capacity of the product.

Obviously, the closer you are in both parameters, the easier it will be to be able to wash and dry your laundry in one step, without having to wait to remove clothes. Although there is a difference between the two weights, it is highly recommended to release part of it, in order to avoid overloading the washing machine during drying with very heavy clothes. In any case, adapt this capacity to the real needs of your family.

In the market we can find models of up to 9 kilos of laundry load, capable of drying around 6 kilos of clothes. On the lower side, the 6 kg wash models usually have a drying capacity of 3 or 4 kg.

Do not forget to see the electricity consumption of the chosen product, especially in the drying phase, which is usually the one that uses the most. The normal thing is to find an energy rating for the washing phases and an energy rating for the drying phases. It is true that there are models with good qualifications also for the drying phase, but their cost usually increases.

Washing machine functions

The washing functions available to the product must be the usual ones for any normal product on the market. Among these functions we should find different programs adapted to the most common types of clothing, such as special programs for delicate clothing, programs for sportswear, programs for wool, silk and other specific fabrics.

It is also necessary to look for a model that incorporates short programs or ecological programs, which in little more than 30 or 60 minutes have our clothes washed with a notable saving of water and energy. Do not forget to observe the spinning capacity offered by the washing machine you are evaluating.

Although choosing a higher speed makes a difference in how much the washer dryer costs, the truth is that the higher the spin speed, the greater the pre-drying capacity you will have for your clothes and, therefore, you can use much less aggressive drying programs and more economical.

You should not choose a model that did not have at least 1000 spin revolutions, there are models that can even reach 1600 revolutions.

best washer dryer 2021

Dryer functions

Regarding the drying part, in addition to considering the capacity and electricity consumption, as we have evaluated, it is also necessary to start by looking at the drying capacity of the machine in terms of programs. In this case, cheap models tend to stand out because they do not offer many functions such as delayed start or end functions that allow us to set the specific time at which we want the machine to finish and start working.

It is also necessary to take into account that some models already have intelligent sensors capable of reading the clothes and, therefore, of setting the drying according to what is really needed. That can be a good option, since it will save you problems when it comes to knowing which program is the most appropriate, but obviously you will be interested in knowing how much it costs and if it is worth it in your case, since its price increases.

In any case, just as in the case of washing, it is convenient to bet on models that have different programs for different types of fabrics, such as delicate garments, wool and especially those garments that may suffer more from the effects of heat during drying. However, it is best to adapt it to what you need, since if you are not going to dry very delicate garments, it is not necessary to have all the existing programs.

How to use a washer dryer

Washer dryers have been increasing their use in recent years, especially in those areas where drying garments makes it difficult to dry after being washed, as they are very humid climatic areas. Here are some of the reasons for having a good washer dryer: apart from getting clean and dry clothes with a quality finish, it performs both functions in the same appliance.

Here are some tips to help you learn more about your washer dryer and get the best out of it.

Capacity according to your needs

When choosing a washer dryer, take into account the number of people that make up your family group, since these come in different sizes and capacities. So, if your family group is small, then you should have a small and therefore low capacity washer dryer. On the other hand, if your family is large, it must be large and with greater capacity, since your need for washing and drying is greater. 

Try to use it with full charges

To put your washer dryer to good use, full loads are recommended. Sometimes we wash and dry a couple of garments and others we leave them for later, which brings a greater expenditure of energy, greater use of detergent and a greater effort.

That is why it is suggested to complete a load and proceed to wash and dry. In this way we save in every way, while we take care of our washer dryer, reducing the hours of use.

Separate the garments according to their characteristics

Before proceeding to put the clothes in the washer dryer, the clothes must be separated taking into account certain common characteristics such as color, type of fabric, washing recommendations on the labels and the degree of dirt.

White clothing must be washed separately from colored clothing; This avoids not only staining it, but also retaining its pristine color for longer. In the same way, delicate clothes should be placed in another group, as their fabric can be damaged.

Regarding the degree of dirt, it is convenient to remember that even if the clothes are in the same color group or type of fabric, if the degree of dirt varies, it is recommended that it be separated, washing the dirtiest in a different batch of garments with less dirt.  

best washer dryer 2021

Use the ad cycle Ecuador

Most washer-dryers tend to have different wash cycles, which are generally related to the previous point, which refers to the type of clothes, so they have cycles of delicate clothes, white clothes, light dirty, very dirty … If you’ve already done the work of selecting your garments, then make sure you use the correct cycle.

The most popular best washer dryer 2021 brands

We present the best brands on the market when purchasing a best washer dryer 2021 that can wash efficiently, taking into account the recommendations of users, and taking into account its history and performance in the commercial market.

best washer dryer brands 2021

Founded in Zaragoza, Spain, in 1947, it began manufacturing voltmeters, tensiometers and elevators, since in its beginnings it was a small electrical company. The name Balay is the combination of the surnames of Esteban Bayona and Jose Maria Lairla, who decided to change the “i” to “y” to give the business name more consistency.

Shortly after its creation, the organization began producing fluorescent tubes and electric stoves. By 1954 they were working on top-loading washer-dryers where clothes moved in only one direction.

A company that was never afraid of making significant investments in technological innovation, but that stands out above all for introducing new home products to the market that make life easier for its customers. Among the products it manufactures are kitchen hoods, induction hobs, washer-dryers, microwaves, refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers, among many other equipment.

In 1989 Balay joined the German group BHS (Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH) , with whom they developed electromagnetic induction in the kitchen. Thus, in 1990 they released the first plate of this style. Balay has been known for presenting its clients with new technologies focused on facilitating household tasks and making the lives of users more efficient through its articles.

The company operates in various branches that are totally opposite: distribution of systems and parts of the automotive industry, wireless charging of electric vehicles, consumer goods, especially tools for industrial or home use and household items; engineering services for the construction, packaging technology and security industries.

Bosch since its inception in 1886 has focused on the undertaking of large technology and engineering projects. At present, the company has 264 production centers, 250 sales offices and more than 261,300 employees worldwide.

The organization works focused on generating sustainability to contribute to the preservation of the environment, thus helping to solve the challenges that society faces. Among the household products that Bosch develops are: water heaters, refrigerators, blenders, coffee makers, food processors, washer-dryers, microwaves, ovens, stoves, plates, irons, mixers and vacuum cleaners, among others.

best washer dryer brands 2021

The Italian company was founded in 1945 with the launch of its first Made in Italy washing machine. Later they managed to patent their first dishwasher; Candy then began work on a second model of washing machine and from then on she began to build a solid business history.

Since 1975 the company has among its production objectives to save energy and reduce the impact of its manufacture on the environment. It even launched a campaign called “No waste”, which aimed to reduce the generation of greenhouse gases in its entire line of articles.

The refrigerators were the first to adopt no frost technology, which prevents the generation of frost, and designed stainless steel drums for the washing machines that gave greater durability to their products. Over the years, Candy has acquired other brands that have led to the expansion of its production line; These are: Hoover, Kelvinator, Otsein, Zerowatt, Gasfire, Susler, Vyatka, Iberna and Rosieres.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which is better, washer dryer or separate?

Choosing to buy a washer-dryer or a separate washer and dryer will depend on your laundry needs, as well as the space available in your home.

A washer-dryer helps you save time and work, since in a single appliance you can pour the laundry and remove all the dry and ready clothes. It also favors homes with a few square meters, especially if they do not have a space to put clothes to dry. However, when it comes to a breakdown in these all-in-one machines, you could be left without both functions; which does not happen if you have two separate products.

On the other hand, having a separate washer and dryer is a recommended option if you want greater efficiency when washing and drying clothes, since they are two appliances with different functions and designed to fully comply with their benefits. specific. However, the cost of purchasing both products is much higher than purchasing a single device with both functions. Similarly, the cost of maintenance increases, as well as the consumption of electricity.

Q2: Samsung vs LG washer-dryer

When purchasing a washer-dryer, it is essential to bet on a recognized brand that has remained in the market with good prestige and reputation; such as the Samsung and LG brands. These two Korean companies have earned the trust of many buyers worldwide, given the high quality of their products, the service provided and the easy maintenance.

Both LG and Samsung have shown that they are capable of providing advanced technology, since their devices have direct drive motors, which allows less movement of parts and therefore less possibility of breakdown. Their washers are acclaimed for their washing techniques, which include reduced noise and vibration.

LG offers durability and high performance in its washing and drying task, but it has the disadvantage of its products being more expensive than other similar models. Samsung, for its part, is considered one of the best brands when it comes to washing machines. For this, it has Silver Nano technology that eliminates germs and bacteria on clothes and also offers a diamond drum that keeps the water cleaner.

Q3: Does the washer-dryer need an air vent?

These electrical appliances, equipped with the double function of washing and drying clothes, carry out their work in the same drum; therefore, many of these appliances tend not to have the capacity to dry large quantities of clothes, since their drum is the conventional size of a washing machine.

In addition, it often happens, depending on the brand and some models, that the clothes do not come out completely dry. For this reason, the design of the washer-dryers does not require a ventilation system, nor an air outlet; as is often the case with a traditional dryer.

Q4: Washer-dryer not working

When it comes to a fault in your washer-dryer, it is best to appeal for the product warranty and take it to the specialized technical service. There they will be able to repair the damage and if this is not possible, they will replace the appliance with another. In the event that the warranty has expired, it is best that you do not try to repair it yourself, unless you are an expert in maintaining this type of appliance. For this reason, we advise you to put your washer-dryer in the hands of a professional, who guarantees you an optimal service and the solution to the fault.

In any case, among the most common problems that arise we have when the washer-dryer does not rotate, also when the drum rotates, but irregularly; Another common fault is when the water does not enter or exit normally. Likewise, it may happen that no program works or does it incorrectly. Sometimes it may be the case that the appliance of electric shocks and finally, there are defects that prevent the appliance from drying the clothes.

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