Top 7 Best Washing Machines 2021 Reviews

To keep your clothes in perfect condition and properly cared for, it is advisable to get best washing machines 2021 that has the necessary programs for it, offering an adequate spin speed and a reduced consumption of water and energy. All this, without forgetting to choose products of high quality, resistance and with an efficient energy class that saves you money during the washing process.

Best Washing Machines 2021

Among the most prominent models we have the Beko WTE 6511 BW washing machine , which offers us enough capacity to wash 6 kilos of clothes, with a front design with a wide door opening and an A +++ energy class that saves water and energy.

Another alternative can be the Samsung WW90K6414QW washing machine, which has multiple washing options to offer optimal performance, in addition, it has a WiFi connection to be controlled through the Smart Control application for iPhone and Android smartphones.

There will never be a better cover letter than a good image and this is only achieved through an impeccable set. You will never regret investing in the best washing machines 2021 on the market and that is why here are some of them, according to user experiences:

List of top 7 – Best Washing Machines 2021

 1. Beko WTE 6511 BW Freestanding Front load 6kg

best washing machines 2021


  • The Beko WTE 6511 BW model is a front-loading best washing machine 2021 that has the capacity to wash up to six kilos of clothes in each process. A load that is not particularly high, but it can be sufficient for those users who do not have high washing demands.
  • This translates into a product with compact measurements of 84 centimeters in height, 60 centimeters in width and 44 in depth, which simplifies placing it anywhere easily. A washing machine with a front door that also facilitates access to the interior, counting for this with an opening angle of 170 degrees, which makes the process of loading your clothes more comfortable.
  • This product has an A +++ energy class, which saves more water and energy than other models on the market, making cleaning more ecological and economical.
  • Its capacity is 6 kilos, so it can be suitable for couples, but it falls short in households with families or a lot of clothes to wash.

Verdict:  An efficient washing machine with numerous programs, with which to give your clothes the most suitable treatment to leave them clean, without complications and with an outstanding energy class among the washers that we find on the market.

2. Samsung Front Loading Washer WW90K6414QW

best washing machines 2021


It is a front-loading best washing machine 2021 that incorporates AddWash technology, which allows you to insert clothes while the washing machine is running, whether you have forgotten them or just want to integrate them during the cycle.

For greater practicality, it is a smart device that you can control with your mobile phone from anywhere, through the Smart Control application, which is available for iPhone and Android devices, in this way, you can start the cycle, pause the operation and select the washing programs according to the type of laundry.

It has a 9 kg capacity to wash a good amount of clothes at the same time, it also does not generate much noise, so it will not cause great discomfort. On the other hand, you can spin at a speed of 1400 rpm, so that the clothes are quite dry at the end of the cycle. As if that were not enough, its efficiency is A +++, so it consumes a very low amount of energy.

  • Functioning: It offers double water supply and spray effect during operation, which speeds up the washing process for greater practicality.
  • Control: It incorporates a control panel that allows you to configure the equipment and set the washing program. Also, it can be remotely controlled using the Samsung Smart Control application.
  • Efficiency: It is a class A +++ washing machine within the energy efficiency classification, so it is capable of consuming a very small amount of resources.
  • Vibration: It is possible that during its spin stage it will cause more vibrations than expected, so it is recommended to place it on a properly leveled surface.

3. Indesit BTW A61052 Freestanding Top Load 6kg

best washing machines 2021


  • Unlike the models we’ve seen so far, the Indesit BTW A61052 best washing machine 2021 shifts the focus to front-loading designs. This top-loading washer is a good alternative if you don’t have the space or the ability to load your washer in the traditional way.
  • A product that has a washing capacity for six kilos of clothes, in a relatively compact design and with a pleasant comfort of use. This does not prevent the washing machine from being efficient, given that it can reach 1,000 revolutions per minute during spinning, also having an A ++ energy classification, which saves water and energy.
  • As for its measurements, the washing machine has dimensions of 90 centimeters high by 60 deep and 40 wide, so you will not have problems placing it where you want.
  • Top loading: The top loading gives you greater comfort when putting in or taking out clothes during the washing process.
  • Efficient: The washing machine has an A ++ energy rating, reducing water and energy consumption during washing.
  • Programs: Among its many work programs, the product includes two quick programs lasting 14 and 30 minutes respectively.
  • Capacity: The load capacity of the washing machine is 6 kilos, enough for a couple but perhaps not enough for large families.
  • Noise: The noise level during washing can reach 76 decibels, which is somewhat more annoying than other models on the market.

4. Siemens iQ500 WM14T491ES Freestanding Front load 9kg

best washing machines 2021


Located within the largest capacity machines, the Siemens iQ500 WM14T491ES best washing machine 2021 has a capacity of 9 kilos with which to wash large quantities of clothes efficiently. A model that has a wide range of programs, with which to wash all kinds of garments according to their characteristics, so that each garment is in perfect condition.

Something that helps its spin speed of 1,400 revolutions per minute, leaving clothes even drier. A complete model that has an A +++ energy class, which is responsible for saving water and energy during the washing process regardless of the program you use.

The equipment is finished off with a front opening door with a 171 degree angle, as well as an LCD control panel with which to choose the program you need and adjust it to your liking.

  • Loading capacity: The washing machine has enough space to wash up to 9 kilos of clothes, making it very suitable for families with large washing needs.
  • Energy Rating: This product has an A +++ energy class with which to significantly reduce water and energy consumption.LCD panel: The LCD panel and the program selector make it easy to choose both the washing program and the rest of its features.
  • Door format: Compared to the traditional visible circular door, this model has less visibility into the interior of the washing machine.
  • Maximum cycle: The maximum wash cycle is 270 minutes, perhaps somewhat excessive although you have shorter programs for what you need.

5. Candy CSS 14102D3-S 10Kgs front loading washing machine

best washing machines 2021


More often, when choosing a washing machine, we make sure that its energy consumption is low, but that at the same time it washes clothes efficiently. An alternative that stands out precisely for this, is the CSS 14102D3-S model, because in addition to its intuitive use, it has achieved an A +++ energy rating, so that you do not see the electricity bill increase too much despite the fact that you wash very frequently .

In relation to the programs to choose from to get your clothes ready, this model has been designed with a complete variety of them. In this way, you can adapt its operation to your needs. Also, we want to inform you that you will not have problems due to noisy operation, as it is considered silent.

Another very useful feature that we want to note is its large diameter door. An aspect that translates into comfort, since you can place large garments inside, such as a quilt, without posing a challenge.

  • Simply-Fi: You can download its special application to connect the washing machine to your mobile and download new washing cycles for personalized operation according to your needs.
  • Stackable: The model is compatible with the union kit for vertical organization, in case you need to place a dryer on top of your washing machine.
  • Capacity: Because you can put up to 10 kg of clothes in one laundry, you won’t have to wash clothes too often, with the advantages that this implies.
  • Economic: Due to its efficient operation in the consumption of water and electricity, it allows saving in these two important concepts of the home economy.
  • Start up: The factory guards attached to the model to prevent the drum from shifting during transport may be difficult to remove. Reason why some turn to an advisor or technician for their implementation.
  • Colour: This model cannot be chosen in a shade other than white, which might not be attractive to those who want to match the color of their appliances.

How to use a washing machine

Nowadays, with an automatic washing machines 2021, washing clothes is no longer an activity that requires time and effort, since there are special programs and functions that help you organize your time and allow you to carry out other activities that you really like. Even so, putting a washing machine in our times is not as easy as it seems. Among so many programs, temperatures, and even types of detergents, using a washing machine can be a bit difficult.

best washing machines 2021

read the instructions

To understand all the functions of your washing machine, it is necessary that you pay attention to the instruction manual, not only to assemble it properly, but to understand all the programs available. In addition, it is advisable that the first days you keep the manual close by, since you probably do not remember all the types of washing.

 Separate the garments by colors and textures

The first thing you should do is separate the clothes by colors and textures. It is best to wash sheets, sweaters, cotton clothing, and synthetic clothing separately; all divided into white, colored, dark and red garments, since the latter category tends to fade. It is also indicated that you put delicate clothes, such as underwear, in special mesh bags, to protect these garments and make them last longer. Apart from this, always check the pockets of your garments, to make sure that you do not put any object other than your clothes in the washing machine.

 Read the labels

There are delicate garments that are washed only by hand, others that must be washed in cold water, others that do not allow dry cleaning or tumble drying. It is very important that you carefully read the labels of your garments, if you do not want to find some other surprise.

 Choose the temperature and the program

Today, in the best washing machines 2021, there are programs for any situation. Even a special wash for baby clothes, which is of great help if combined with a special detergent also for babies. There are programs for many types of delicate clothing, such as silk, cotton, synthetics, sportswear, etc. It is advisable to wash white sheets at a higher temperature, to eliminate all bacteria, while darker clothes are best washed at 20-30ºC, so they do not fade. Wool sweaters, for example, must be washed in cold water, as they shrink if you use hot water.

best washing machines 2021

Choose the right detergent and fabric softener

It is very important to use the proper detergent and fabric softener. There are detergents for white and colored clothes, and even a special one for dark clothes, which keeps the colors longer. In the case of baby clothes, it is also important to use less aggressive detergents. Remember that having a very efficient washing machine is useless if the detergent is not good enough. On the other hand, if you have stubborn stains, you can apply a little detergent directly to the area, rub a little, and put the garment in the washing machine. In this way, it will be removed more easily.

 Save water

Make sure to fill the washing machine and not use it with just a few items, as you will waste an unnecessary amount of water. If you have a few items to wash urgently, most washers include a quick program, usually half an hour, which leaves clothes clean in no time. In addition, the most modern washing machines 2021 include energy and water saving functions, which will be of great help.

best washing machines 2021

The most popular Best Washing Machines 2021 brands

To make choosing the best washing machine 2021 easier, we have looked at the features of some of the best models and compared them with the opinions of many people who are already using them. To complement this information, we will review the main brands of washing machines 2021, among which are: Beko, Samsung and Electrolux.

best washing machines brands 2021

 Although in Spain it is a relatively little known brand and it has not been on the market for long, this Turkish company has been in operation since 1950. However, as happened with other companies, in those days the company had little to do with electrical appliances, but was dedicated to canned food.

It would take until 1983 for the Beko brand to start operating in this segment and seven more years, until 1990, for it to start exporting its products. However, this path has been successful since the brand today operates in more than 100 countries around the world and sells a product every two seconds.

A segment in which its household appliances stand out, such as its washing machines 2021. Among them we find products loaded with technology and with the latest news of the moment, so it will not be difficult for you to find the perfect washing machine 2021 for your home at a reasonable price.

best washing machines brands 2021

 The South Korean company Samsung is one of the most important companies in consumer electronics, internationally recognized for the manufacture of quality products that meet the demands of very diverse users around the world. It was founded in 1938 and today it still maintains the same name, which simply means “three stars.” In its beginnings it was dedicated to the commercialization of dried fish, vegetables and fruits.

Few people are currently unaware of the Galaxy smartphone line, the main competitor of another giant such as Apple’s iPhone line. But Samsung also designs and manufactures other types of household electrical appliances, such as refrigerators, televisions, monitors, air conditioners, ovens, washers, and dryers. Lately it also produces other smart devices such as sports watches that are capable of recording the athlete’s physical activity.

In the area of ​​sound alone, Samsung has a variety of products for family entertainment, including home cinemas, mini components, sound bars, and wireless audio systems. Likewise, its catalog includes various products such as microwaves, LED bulbs, vacuum cleaners, among others.

Samsung front loading washers are a good option if you need a new one. They are known for their large capacity, energy efficiency, and quiet operation. The new generation of washing machines 2021 reaches 1600 revolutions per minute, being one of the most powerful on the current market.

best washing machines brands 2021

 The Swedish brand Electrolux continues to be the favorite in many households around the world thanks to the very high quality of its products. It was born almost a hundred years ago, in 1919, always seeking excellence to please the most demanding users.

Electrolux currently sells approximately 55 million products a year, has 22 factories in Europe and reaches 160 countries around the world. In its beginnings, it made kerosene lamps, later vacuum cleaners and later refrigerators. During World War II, he manufactured air filters for the Swedish army. Starting in the 1950s, it began to manufacture washing machines 2021 for domestic use.

The company also manufactures range hoods, microwaves, dishwashers, ovens, hobs, refrigerators, dryers, and other small devices such as toasters, juicers, irons, mixers, coffee makers, etc.

The best washing machines 2021 of this brand are recognized for having affordable prices and high quality. The newer models are very powerful and include energy class A +++. If you don’t want a portable model, the Electrolux built-in washing machine is a good option since it goes unnoticed because it is camouflaged between the kitchen drawers.

Frequently asked questions

 Q1: How does a washing machine work?

The operation of a washing machine is based on the traditional process of washing, which uses the rotating movement of the drum and the structure of the drum to scrub clothes and remove stains. The holes present in the washing machine, as well as the presence of other garments are the elements that allow to eliminate stains. That is why it is important not to exceed the maximum load of the washing machine, as this prevents the process from being carried out properly.

This drum rotates by means of a motor, generally with belt transmission, but also with direct transmission, which is responsible for carrying out this movement. On the other hand, the product also includes a water pump that is responsible for both taking clean water to wash and evacuating the water already used, being also responsible for loading the detergents in the drum.

 Q2: How to put a washing machine?

The procedure to put a washing machine is simple, especially with the most modern models. The first step is to load the clothes inside, deposit the detergents and fabric softener according to what we are going to wash and close the door.

Next, it is time to choose the washing program that we need. These programs depend on the type of fabrics that we are going to wash, as well as the degree of dirtiness of the clothes. Some programs that we can also modify in terms of operating temperature, as well as additional aspects of washing such as spinning. All these options are easy to manage through the control panel included in the equipment.

 Q3: How to repair a washing machine?

Today, washing machines 2021 have become high-tech products whose repair is only available to those who know the equipment. The basic user can only solve a few small problems that do not require in-depth interventions. That is why it is advisable not to try to repair those breakdowns for which we are not prepared or to avoid simple interventions.

Among these interventions is the resetting of the washing machine, in case the electronic part hangs, for which you must follow the instructions in the manual since the process changes according to each equipment. You can also clean the inner filter, as indicated below, or replace some elements such as the inlet and outlet hoses, the filter or the door, although only in the simplest models.

 Q4: How to install a washing machine?

When installing a washing machine, it is necessary to find an area where the floor is flat and where we have a water intake and a water drain at hand. This water outlet must not be too low or too high, as these extreme measures can affect the life of the outlet pump.

Once the place has been chosen, it is time to connect the water inlet to the corresponding tap, insert the outlet hose into the drain and plug the product into the mains. Do not forget to level the legs of the washing machine if necessary, to avoid small irregularities that the floor may have.

 Q5: How to clean the washing machine inside?

In order for your washing machine to remain in good condition, it is important to clean the interior. This cleaning must be carried out with special intensity in the area of ​​the rubber, where lint and different residues accumulate that can end up clogging the equipment. Use a damp cloth to remove these remains.

As for cleaning the drum, you can opt for a commercial cleaning product or resort to some of the homemade tricks that can be found online. These formulas are usually based on the use of bleach and vinegar, so that they properly sanitize the washing machine, also helping to remove limescale. Lastly, don’t forget to clean your washer filter to prevent debris from building up. This filter is usually located at the front of the washing machine, bottom left, being necessary to remove the cover in this area to access it.

 Q6: Where to throw an old washing machine?

In accordance with current environmental regulations, end-of-life appliances, such as washing machines 2021, must be deposited in a place where they are treated appropriately. This treatment involves properly recycling those parts that allow this procedure, as well as treating and neutralizing the elements that may pose a risk to the environment.

For this process to be carried out properly, it is necessary to deposit the washing machine in an authorized waste manager or in a clean point, where it is guaranteed that it complies with the regulations. However, the easiest thing is to ask our supplier to take back the old equipment when they deliver the new one, as long as they offer this service.

 Q7: How should a washing machine be cleaned?

Although it may appear clean, the drum tends to accumulate limescale, bacteria and germs. To clean it, it is best to do a regular wash without clothes, use two dishwasher tablets at a temperature of 60 ° C. It is also convenient to clean the soap and softener dispensers and it is best to use a toothbrush to reach the bottom, or you can also remove the compartment and run it through water.

The rubber on the door is where the most mold concentrates. Therefore, you must be careful and clean it carefully before and after each wash, to avoid moisture retention, as well as the presence of germs and bad odors. In the same way, make sure to clean the filter of the washing machine frequently and prevent it from accumulating lint, fabric remains, coins, threads, papers, etc. To do this, you just have to unplug the equipment and unscrew the turbine inside, proceed to remove all the dirt and then close the device.

Some washing machines2021, even if they are clean, when opened, emit bad odors, this is due to the presence of humidity inside. To eliminate this problem, simply leave the washing machine door open when the cycle is finished, this way it can be ventilated and prevent unpleasant odors from forming.

 Q8: How to clean the washing machine with vinegar?

Vinegar is a great option for deep cleaning your washing machine drum. With the vinegar you can eliminate bacteria, mold, bad odors, detergent residues, lime and any other dirt. For this process you just have to put the washing machine on a short cycle, with hot water and without clothes; hot water helps to remove stuck dirt. Then, pour a liter or two of vinegar (depending on the size of the drum) into the detergent dispenser box.

Once the cycle is finished, check that everything is clean. If this is not the case, use a cloth and rub directly with vinegar inside the drum and return to the short wash program with more vinegar. Then, when finished, leave the lid open so that its interior can be ventilated.

 Q9: Where to put the detergent in the washing machine?

Detergent is the main element when it comes to washing. Regardless of the detergent you use, whether in powder, tablets or capsules or in liquid format, it is important that you put the detergent correctly in the washing machine. For this you have two options: insert it directly into the drum or pour it into the specific compartment for this purpose. The first option is not recommended, as it could damage both the clothes and the machine.

Washing machines 2021 usually have a drawer specially designed to put both detergent and fabric softener. This box is divided into three compartments, the first two for soap and the third (depending on the washing machine model), where the fabric softener goes.

The first section is to put the detergent in the cases of very dirty clothes that need a prewash program. The second section is used to put the detergent when it comes to normal washing; you should empty it just before starting the washing machine. It is advisable to use the appropriate dose of soap, according to the capacity of the washing machine and the hardness of the water.

 Q10: Where does the fabric softener go?

The fabric softener favors the elimination of wrinkles and helps to facilitate ironing, it also adds a pleasant aroma to clothes; Although it is a product that is not essential, many people use it in their laundry. Fabric softener should never be put directly on clothes, as it could cause stains. For this there is a specially designed box, both for soap and for this product.

However, some washers have a different format, where the fabric softener is not put inside this box, but rather goes in a compartment located inside the drum. Therefore, it is best that you review the user manual of your washing machine and verify with certainty where to put the fabric softener correctly.

However, regardless of the washing machine model, it is advisable that you always use the necessary amount of fabric softener, according to the manufacturer’s instructions and the volume of the wash.


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