Best Cordless Hammer Drills in 2024

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The hammer drill has greater force than normal drills and is used to easily drill hard materials, such as stone and concrete, among others, due to the percussion it offers. Its functionality helps you work easily and save time and effort. They can be electric or battery-powered, but we want to tell you about two battery-powered models that will be very useful to you. 

You can trust the Black and Decker MT188KB the best cordless drills in 2024 , which has 18 volts, 27 watts of power and a control with ten settings that allows you to do the functions of different tools: cut, sand, screw, drill and drill in different materials.

With the Makita HP457DWEYou will have an ergonomically designed hammer drill that will facilitate DIY tasks with an adequate power of 18 watts; It is a lightweight tool that is easy to use with one hand and a charging time of just 60 minutes.

List Of Top 6 – Best Cordless Hammer Drills in 2024 Reviews

1. Black And Decker MT188KB Hammer Drill And Multitool

It is one of the most attractive best cordless drills in 2024 on the market due to its compact and ergonomic design that allows easy use. Its dimensions in centimeters are of the product 33 x 10 x 28. Its weight is only 3.1 kilograms, so it is not difficult to manipulate.

Black & Decker EGBL188KB 18V Lithium 2 Gear Hammer Drill 220-240 Volts  50/60Hz 5035048491669 | eBay

With the purchase of this model of best cordless drills in 2024 you will also get a practical briefcase, where you can store each of the accessories and allow you to move it wherever you want without complications.  

  • Its powerful 18V motor will allow you to have a versatile and multifunctional tool that will allow you to perform almost any DIY task, such as sanding, screwing, drilling, cutting, among other activities you want. It has the reverse option so that its use is practically unlimited.
  • The use of some accessories, such as the circular saw, can deplete the charge of the batteries more quickly than others, this can be a problem for some buyers; But, this will not be a limitation for your functions, because being at 100% the charge can last up to 90 days and you will acquire 2 batteries with the purchase of the equipment, so you will always have one at hand so that you do not interrupt your tasks.  


Being a multifunctional tool that will allow you to perform almost all household tasks with a single device, regardless of whether you are a professional or DIY lover, this model of Black & Decker best cordless drills in 2024 is one of the most recommended on the market. because in addition, it allows you to work in different materials.


2. Makita HP457DWE Battery Hammer Drill 18V Lithium-Ion 1.3 Ah

 Makita HP457DWE - 18V G-Series Lithium-ion Cordless Percussion Driver Drill,  13mm, with 2 x 18V 1.5Ah Batteries and Charger: Buy Online at Best Price in  UAE -

With this Makita best cordless drills in 2024 model, it will no longer be an impossible task, to drill masonry and at the same time use it for home decoration tasks, as well as DIY or some repair that requires a powerful tool.

The Makita HP457DWE drill is a best cordless drill in 2024 with metal gears that offer a perfect transmission of force and greater durability. It’s a cordless tool that gives you maneuverability to perform tough jobs in areas where there is no outlet.

This best cordless drills in 2024 model is designed with an ergonomic and non-slip handle that gives you perfect control, better grip and greater comfort to work while screwing or drilling. It has three functions: drill, screwdriver and hammer drill and 16 positions for a tightening torque.

The battery comes in reduced size and weight for greater comfort during work days, it is composed of 2 lithium ions, a voltage of 18V and an amperage of 1.1 Ah. The charging duration time for the battery is 60 minutes.

It is a resistant tool and at the same time light to handle, its weight reaches 1.7 kg and measures 239 x 83 x 240 mm, it is ideal for those places with difficult access. Its self-locking chuck allows you to change accessories with just one hand.

It has an axle lock and an electric brake, for greater control and safety. Its two speeds and its switch are conveniently at your fingertips. The kit includes: a hammer drill, 18V battery charger, 2 lithium batteries, all included in a practical and resistant case made of PVC material.

Making a smart purchase is possible if you choose the best brand of hammer drills, that is why we describe the positive and negative aspects of this tool so that you are sure of your decision, since the success of your amateur DIY projects will depend on it. and even professionals.

  • Size: To be a cordless tool of this category, it has a compact size and also light that allows it to be operated with great ease and control.
  • Functions: The drill, screwdriver and hammer drill modes will facilitate the accomplishment of different tasks in the assembly of furniture, shelves, pictures and much more, being an indispensable tool in every home.
  • Drums: With two 18V lithium batteries you will have enough autonomy to carry out all your work without worrying about wasting time, since in 1 hour it is fully charged.
  • Security: It has a shaft locking system and an electric brake that gives you greater control over the operation of the equipment, thus avoiding accidents.

3. Einhell Expert TE-CD 18-2 Li-I Cordless Hammer Drill Kit

 TE-CD 18/2 Li-i Kit - Cordless Impact Drill

This versatile best cordless drill in 2024 has a powerful 18-volt lithium-ion battery with 1.5 Ah, which you can also use with all the equipment of the Power X-Change family. The battery charger (included) charges the battery quickly, in a time of 30 min. The high quality of these batteries guarantees durability even in prolonged charges, ensuring the autonomy of the equipment.

Tough jobs like drilling, screwdriving and hammer drilling, as well as hammer drilling in masonry, can be done with minimal effort. Thanks to its 48 Nm motor and its excellent 2-speed rotary mechanism, clockwise and counterclockwise, speed 1 goes from 0 to 320 rpm and speed 2 from 0 to 1350 rpm.

It has an automatic spindle lock that allows you to change without the need for a tool, safely and quickly, the different bits with diameter up to 13 mm. The ergonomic design of its auxiliary handle makes it easier to handle and reduces fatigue. It has integrated LED lighting, which offers you maximum vision in the work area. It is a resistant and robust tool, weighs 4 kg and measures 42 x 10.5 x 33.5 cm.

The Einhell TE-CD 18-2 Li-i hammer drill is equipped with three functions: screwing, drilling and drilling. You can quickly and efficiently mount shelves, lamps, hooks, cabinets, supports on walls, floors and ceilings. This battery-powered best cordless drill in 2024 model comes equipped with a practical case that facilitates transport and keeps your tool always in order.

Know which hammer drill to buy? It is not as simple as it seems, that is why we will summarize the pros and cons of this tool below, in addition to being one of the cheapest best cordless drill in 2024, it has an excellent rating by our users, which is why it is considered the best drill battery-powered striker for 150 dollars.

  • Speed: This powerful drill is capable of 320 revolutions per minute in speed 1 and 1,350 rpm in speed 2.
  • Illumination: It has a built-in LED light that you can turn on to have greater visibility in the work area and not make mistakes while drilling.
  • Mango: With the ergonomic handle you will be able to hold the tool correctly reducing the effort contributed and reducing fatigue after a long day of work.
  • Feeding: Includes the battery charger, plus the 18V rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a 1.5 amperage that charges in just 30 minutes.
  • Size: For some users, the fact that it weighs 4Kg may limit its use somewhat despite its ergonomic design.

4. Bosch Professional GSB 12V-15 Cordless Hammer Drill

 Bosch GSB 12V-15 Professional Blue | Bricoinn

Among the best cordless drills in 2024, there is also room for the Bosch GSB 12V-15 model. An efficient small-size drill that is easy to do all kinds of jobs. For this it has a 12 volt battery with which to generate a maximum torque of 30 Nm.

Its drill is capable of turning at speeds of up to 1,300 rpm, with 2 different positions in drill mode and 20 tightening torques in screwdriver mode. A change so that it is easy to carry out thanks to its spindle with which it is possible to change the bit without the need for tools.

It is also very compact in size, making it suitable for working in tight spaces. And so that you do not miss anything, the drill is accompanied by a wide range of accessories with which to get the most out of it, as corresponds to what a large part of the market stands out as the best cordless drills in 2024 of the moment.

  • Power: This professional power model is capable of drilling in all types of materials with a turning capacity that can reach 1,300 RPM.
  • Dual: This product can be used both as a conventional drill and as a screwdriver, giving you considerable performance in both tasks.
  • Complete set: In addition to the drill, there are two batteries, the corresponding charger and 39 accessories including bits and bits to screw.
  • Hard materials: Although the product performs well on brick walls, in those of greater hardness such as cement or concrete the power may remain somewhat fair.
  • Spindle adjustment: It is important that the bits or tips fit correctly in the spindle to avoid damaging the product.

5. Tackklife PCD04B 18V 2-Speed ​​Driver Drill

 Tacklife Pcd04b 18v Cordless Electric Drill Tools With 2 Batteries 24h  Shipping From Spain - Electric Drill - AliExpress

The Tackklife PCD04B model is an interesting alternative to well-known brand drills, among the cheapest that we have analyzed. This drill is powered by an 18 volt battery, with which the product is capable of achieving a torque of up to 35 Nm.

Although it is among the cheap ones, the product also includes the percussion function, with which it is easier to pierce different materials. A complete product that has two different speeds with a maximum rotation of up to 1,600 revolutions, making it easy to choose the desired speed at all times. It can also work in screwdriver mode, with 16 different adjustment speeds depending on the material and what you need.

And as with its older brothers, this model is accompanied by a wide range of accessories, among which we find its 2 batteries, the charger, 9 bits or 32 bits to screw. A complete set worthy of being close to being the best value for money cordless hammer drill of the rated ones.

  • Drums: The 18-volt battery generates a good amount of energy with which to have a maximum torque of 35 Nm.
  • Led light: As they offer the most modern models, this product includes an LED light with which to better see the area in which we are working.
  • Accessories: Among its accessories we find two batteries, the carrying case, bits and bits or an effective extension cord with which to reach the most complex corners.
  • Hard materials: In particularly hard materials, the bits may slip slightly on the surface, so work with care.
  • Professional use: Some users comment that the product is suitable for domestic use, but not so much for professional or intensive use.

6.Black And Decker MT188KB Hammer Drill And Multitool

 Buy Black + Decker Multievo MT188KB-GB 18V Hammer Drill with Extra Battery  by Black + Decker Online at desertcartBahamas

Black and Decker’s MT188KB best cordless drillin 2024 has the ability to turn into different tools. It is versatile and multipurpose. This drill has a system that offers easy and safe exchange (at the push of a button) of its 8 heads, to quickly transform into: hammer, jigsaw, sander, mini circular saw, oscillating, compressor with pressure gauge, screwdriver impact and saber saw.

You can cut, sand, drill and also with its new heads that give you support for garden tasks: hedge trimmer with a 15 cm long spade, 8mm spacing between teeth and a lawn mower with 10 cm length and spacing between teeth 23 mm. Your garden will always look neat and beautiful, you can trim hedges, lawn edges and small shrubs with excellent precision. All with a single tool.

It has a lithium battery (2 Lithium Ions included), resistant and durable. A power of 18V that offers you a speed of 1550 rpm. Drills metal, wood and plastic. It has 10 adjustments to screw in different materials and different sizes of screws. Its trigger offers control over the speed of screwing and drilling.

This battery-powered best cordless drills in 2024 model allows you to drill very hard materials such as concrete or stone, and it does so easily, as it gives you the option of selecting the percussion movement accompanied by the rotation of the drill bit.

It is a robust tool, weighs 3.1 kg and measures 33 x 28 x 10 cm. It comes with a practical and comfortable briefcase, which allows you to move easily and at the same time keep your tool organized and preserved. In short, this product, due to its great features, can be included in the list of the best battery percussionists of this year.

Before making a hasty purchase, we invite you to read our comparative guide to know the main characteristics that define the best hammer drill of the moment and to verify that all its functions meet your expectations and you will give it the utility for which it is designed.

  • Multifunctionality: Designed with a system of interchangeable heads, you can adapt different tools in this drill to perform various DIY tasks and even gardening with the new accessories, trim hedges and pruning shears to keep your gardens neat and take full advantage of the power of this tool.
  • Autonomy: It includes two 18V lithium-ion batteries, so that while one is charging you can use the other as a spare so that you do not stop the work due to lack of power.
  • Efficient consumption: Batteries can conserve up to 80% of their power for a period of 90 days without having to charge before use.
  • Ergonomics: It is a robust tool with a resistant finish, it has an ergonomic and non-slip grip to guarantee a firm grip and to be able to operate it easily.
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Buying Guide – Best Cordless Drill On The Market

The drill is one of those tools with which to do all kinds of DIY work. A product with which it is easy to drill walls or screw whatever you need, if it includes this function. However, so that you do not get lost when facing a comparison of best cordless drills  , we leave you the advice of our guide to buy the best cordless drill , with which to save you trouble when determining which one is the tool that suits you best.

Power And Functions

When we decide to buy a cordless hammer drill, the first thing to consider is the operating power. In this case we cannot use the direct reference that the watts of the wired models suppose, so we must resort to some alternative elements.

One of these elements is the torque capacity of the product, expressed in Nm. The higher this torque, the greater the force that the drill can develop. Something similar occurs with its drilling capacity, which is also indicated in many models, expressed in centimeters both in diameter and depth on different materials. Finally, the higher the battery voltage, the generally higher the product’s operating power.

In terms of functions, in addition to conventional drilling, almost all models in this market segment usually include the screwdriver function. An extra that allows us to have two tools in one, generally having a power regulation system with more options, which facilitates the assembly of furniture and other objects without complications.


The batteries for hammer drills on the market are generally made of 3 different materials or combinations: nickel cadmium, lithium and NiMH / nickel metal hydride. This first combination, made of nickel cadmium, is no longer in use since it suffers from the memory effect, loses autonomy over time and, in addition, is heavier than the rest of the mixtures that we have discussed.

As a second combination we have that of (NiMH) or nickel hydride. This battery has very little memory effect, although it has the serious disadvantage of being a very heavy mix, so it is hardly used anymore. This leaves us with the most commonly used batteries today such as lithium. And, in addition to being a light mixture, this compound does not have a memory effect and is easily recharged.

In addition to the type of battery, which should preferably be lithium, it is also advisable to verify the autonomy it offers us. And although this is something that depends on how we use the drill, the truth is that the higher the battery’s charge capacity, the longer we can use it without recharging. The best option in this section is to bet on models that include two batteries, so that while we work with one we can charge the other and we do not have to stop work.

Ease Of Use

We finish our guide talking about the comfort of use that the product offers us. Another key aspect given that it is useless to dive among the cheapest models if then what we are going to obtain is a bulky and heavy drill that is really not going to do us any good.

And this is one of the first elements to consider: weight. The lighter the product, the more comfortable it will be to use. A measure that is also in line with its dimensions, being advisable to adjust the size depending on what we need. If you plan to use the drill in tight spaces, a smaller drill is always better, while if you want it for jobs where space is in excess, a conventional size model is always more comfortable.

It is also important to know the adjustment system of the drill spindle. The time when wrenches were necessary to mount the bits has gone down in history, so today you must choose models that include automatic adjustment without tools. It is something that hardly influences how much the drill costs and that gives a remarkable extra comfort. And to close this section, take a look at the design of the product’s grip or check if it includes an LED light. Two elements that add extra comfort to any model.

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How To Use A Cordless Hammer Drill?

Using a drill may seem like a very simple task, however, a series of recommendations must be taken into account when we need to use a cordless hammer drill to drill, sand or drill different hard materials, since they are tools of great strength and delicate use , so that a misuse of them can lead to unexpected accidents.

Find The Ideal Place

First of all, we must find the right place where we can work without the risk of people passing by or children playing. We must find an isolated place where we are not distracted and no one is in danger.

Normally, a garage, garden or clear room would be fine. It must also be taken into account that a series of remains of shavings, dust and other residues will be produced by the use of this tool, so it is advisable that the room can be easily cleaned.


Check The Power Source

When we use power tools, it is suggested to find a place with at least one outlet nearby, so that it allows us to easily connect to it. If our drill is powered by battery, then we must check its charge, making sure that it has enough to be able to carry out our work completely.

Select The Material To Work

The material that you need to drill is organized on a workbench or table. If there are several pieces, it is suggested to organize them and place them at hand for a better rhythm of work and not to waste time looking for them. Knowing the material to be drilled is very important, since depending on its composition a different bit is required.

Selecting The Corresponding Drill

As we mentioned before, each bit is specially designed for a different material. After organizing the material to be worked, the drill bit is selected, knowing that there are suitable models for working with thin-tipped wood to make very precise and defined holes. For metals or HSS bits, equally effective for plastics and brick, they are made of steel.

For concrete, made with a high-performance carbide plate and ideal for hammer drills and, finally, glass drills, composed of a shank and tungsten carbide tip, with the tip in the shape of a lance.

Bit Fits Well

After selecting the bit, we proceed to unplug the drill. Loosen the head using the tool supplied with the drill. No other tool should be used to perform this action. We completely introduce the drill, until we reach the bottom of the head and then we tighten until it is well fixed.

Mark The Place For Drilling

It is an important recommendation and practically necessary to achieve an effective job. A mark must be made with the help of a marker or pencil, so that we have a guide to the exact point to be drilled. Many times we can use a nail, opening a small slit on the material, helping the drill not to slip when we start the tool.

Clean The Work Area

After finishing our work, we proceed to clean the waste that was produced, so that we always keep the work area clean. If the room is used for other activities, this will be greatly appreciated. We can help ourselves by using a smooth cloth or paper under our table or workbench, so that the waste will always fall on top, facilitating the work of waste collection.

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When it comes to doing DIY work at home, or even professionally, cordless hammer drills are an essential tool that cannot be missing from our tools. In order for this product to also be useful and accompany you for a long time, always choose top-level brands, such as the ones we have highlighted below

Talking about drills is talking about Black & Decker. Among other things because this company based in Baltimore, United States, is considered to be the inventor of the first compact electric drill, which was patented in 1917. A creation that at that time saved a great deal of time and effort when it came to perform all kinds of drilling tasks on any material. AND

The success of the product was soon recognized by the market, which would allow the company to continue growing by purchasing other companies, as well as expanding its catalog by creating all kinds of complete tools to expand its range of products.

Currently the company sells around 6,000 million dollars practically all over the world, with a wide range of tools, both manual and electric, for almost any use. Therefore, if you are looking for a quality drill with the classic touch of the “creator” of the product, you will surely find it in the range of this brand.

Although the Makita brand is beginning to become popular among domestic consumers in recent years, this Japanese company is another of the classics on the market, especially professional.

This company was founded in 1915, with the objective of manufacturing and repairing all kinds of electric motors and light machinery. A line of work that, thanks to the good reception of users, was improving to the point of introducing new products on the market as times have progressed. In fact, this company is responsible for introducing the first battery-powered percussion drill to the market, which was launched in 1969. This invention was a milestone in the market, as it was the first rechargeable tool on the market.

This line of work has continued to this day, in which the company offers drills, saws and all kinds of high quality products so that any user, home or professional, can save time and effort in their DIY work. You just have to take a look at the company’s offer to be able to find the most suitable product according to your work needs.

Within the field of work tools, Bosch is one of the references that should never be lacking. Among other things because this company has been offering users this type of tool for more than 125 years to make their jobs easier. But also because the company, since then, has maintained a commitment to quality that makes its products one step ahead of many of the competition.

Something that has earned it the recognition of users, who appreciate the different advances that the company has been offering to the sector, the quality design of its products, both in its engines and in its materials, without forgetting the comfort of use of a good part of their equipment that makes working much more comfortable and enjoyable.

This is what happens with its battery-powered percussion drills, with which you can adjust the behavior to any work you do, comfortably and easily. Products that will also accompany you for a long time, so that you will make your investment profitable.

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