Top 6 Best Baby Walker in 2024 Reviews

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Although walkers are always subject to controversy over their safety, manufacturers have bet big to create safe products for your baby. Best Baby Walker that also not only help them take their first steps, but also have games and accessories with which you will stimulate their imagination and creativity.

But, for this, it is necessary to bet on quality products such as the Vtech Infantil 80-077022 baby walker , currently the most recognized best baby walker on the market. This walker has a design similar to that of a baby stroller, with a front full of activities for your baby to discover, play, learn and have fun. 

Something similar happens with the Fisher Price Mattel Y9854 model, the second of this particular classification. It’s fun lion-shaped design and its four wheels help your little one to walk, while on its front it has a complete activity center where they can learn and have fun.

List Of Top 6 – Best Baby Walkers Reviews

When it comes to purchasing baby products, safety is the most important thing and to avoid wasting money, confidence in making a smart investment is essential. Here we highlight the main characteristics of 5 of the cheap best baby walkers with the idea of ​​guiding you in your purchase.

1.Vtech Children 80-077022

 Vtech – Baby Walker Andandín – Mehrfarbig (80 – 077022), Colourful: Toys



An entertaining and educational Vtech product , the best baby walker to be used before your baby learns to walk. It has an entertaining activity panel where your baby can manipulate different elements while learning colors, animals and numbers.

To be used in two modes: sitting / learning and walker / musical. In learning mode it has, among other activities, three nestable figures to learn basic geometric shapes, five keys with animal sounds and three colored rollers with various and entertaining figures to promote your baby’s psychomotor development through the stimulation of their senses.

In musical mode it is a safe and reliable stand that features five joyful tunes while helping your baby feel safe as they take their first steps. Thanks to these characteristics and more, it is a popular contender for the title of quality / price best baby walker .

Now, if you are interested in knowing in more detail this walker, which has been called by users as the best baby walker , then we invite you to review the pros and cons that we list below about it:

  • Functions: One of the main points in favor of this walker are its various functions, since your little one will be able to manipulate and develop his motor sense, with five piano keys that he can press to play music, three colored rollers that he can rotate, three geometric figures fully nestable, a phone and two game modes.
  • Learning: The Vtech Infantil 80-077022, will provide your baby with two types of learning, the first is for your child to learn to walk properly, because it offers stability and comfort when walking, in addition to the fact that it will give your child a good posture. And on the other hand, it will offer you learning activities for the recognition of letters, animals, colors, shapes and numbers, through words, images and melodies, so it is not a surprise why this model is the best baby walker for 50 dollars.
  • Wheels: One of its best advantages is that it has two speeds on the wheels to go faster or slower, and thus you can adapt it to the advances of your baby. On the other hand, they are designed with thick resistant plastic, which can be used even on asphalt.
  • Dimensions: It has physical measurements of 52.8 x 38.4 x 16.3 centimeters, so it will not take up much space at home and instead will collaborate in the development of the little one in the house.
  • Removable: It is a four-wheeled walker that consists of two removable pieces, so that it can be used as a walker or even just for entertainment, since the play area is completely removable. So, if you want your little one to focus only on the team’s melodies, colors, and accessories, then simply take it apart and go.
  • Height: A disadvantage for this best baby walker is that it is impossible to adapt the handlebar to the height of the baby, so the size of the child must be considered before purchasing it, although this is not a major inconvenience.

2.Fisher Price Mattel Y9854 Fisher-Price Musical Lion Walker, baby push toy with music and  activities for infants and toddlers : Everything Else


This model is the representation of a friendly lion and has lights and sound. It comes with two play options, sitting or walking, that offer support for your baby in taking the first steps while entertaining and learning.

It has eight different and fun activities: nose with light, musical keys, surprise mirror, opening and closing compartment, balls in the ears to squeeze, pieces to slide, spinning wheel and butterfly that glides, which will encourage your baby to get up. to play and take your first steps.

It also has a sturdy base with four wheels and an easy-to-grip handle to give your baby support, stability and safety. Encourage your baby to exercise fine motor skills while entertaining with manual activities and gross motor skills while pushing and learning to walk.

Now, even though the best brand of baby walkers depends on the experience and taste of each user, we must not forget that Fisher Price has a great track record in terms of baby products, so it would not hurt Review the pros and cons of your Mattel Y9854 models, below:

  • Design: This best baby walker is one of the most tender, according to the opinion of users, for its design in the shape of an animated lion, forming a very well structured and balanced four-wheel model, which has in strategic places various entertainment activities for your baby, in addition to having warm and striking colors.
  • Forms of play: Although this model is not removable and it is a single piece, it offers the opportunity to choose between two forms of play, sitting and standing. In addition to this, it has 8 activities to exercise your baby’s hands with: buttons, keys, spinning balls, and sliding pieces, which are accompanied by melodies that encourage your baby to be distracted.
  • Motivator: One of the main functions of this walker is to encourage your baby to take his first steps, since when he takes a step, the equipment lights up with melodies as a reward. On the other hand, it is also an excellent entertainment with the option to play sitting, to amuse you with its various activities and sounds.
  • Dimensions: Since it has a size of 46.5 x 40.5 centimeters and a weight of 2.2 kilograms, the little one will be able to use the equipment up to 3 years of age, since it will be able to bear it without problem. However, 6 months is recommended as the minimum age for use.
  • Brakes: The biggest point against this product is that it does not have any type of control over the speed that the little one can take on it, being necessary constant supervision during the use of the walker.

3.Chicco First Steps Musical

 Chicco Walker First Steps Musical - Push Toddler Toys - AliExpress



To motivate your baby to take his first steps, this model accompanies his walk with a melody, since it has a motion sensor that sounds while the child walks, giving the little one a more fun experience.

To use it, your child will only have to get up and hold on to the front handle of the walker.

It is a versatile model that will not only help the smallest of the house learn to walk, as it also has an activity center at the front.

It has lights and reproduces sound effects. In this way, the child can play in this area and also perform other manual activities.

The use of this Chicco model is recommended for children 9 months of age and older, since approximately from this stage the little ones begin to have the development and motor strength required to start walking.

Finally, this model has good reviews on the internet, but you will not be sure until you carefully review its pros and cons. We present them below:

  • Games: In the front it has some pieces that can be fitted. This activity will help stimulate your baby’s mind.
  • Sensor: To save energy, the sensor in this equipment makes the music stop at the same time as the baby stops walking. Since this happens automatically, you don’t have to worry about disabling it.
  • Sound: As the baby walks, the twist melody is the one that plays; Due to its different rhythms, it is very lively and fun.
  • Versatility: As it is two in one, when the child has learned to walk, he can continue to use it as another of his toys.
  • Volume: It does not have a control that allows you to regulate the volume at which sounds are reproduced, so it can be a bit annoying for parents.
  • Materials: Despite being made by the renowned Chicco brand, there are buyers who doubt its quality and express that its materials seem flimsy.

4.Olmitos Basic 

  Olmitos Basic Zoo Walker Multicolor | Kidinn



When your baby begins to take his first steps, there is nothing better to stimulate him in this learning safely than a baby walker.

With this Olmitos model with a car design, your baby will not only take their first steps safely but will also have a lot of fun.

This model with a taca taca design has a seat with a padded backrest and both its structure or “chassis” as well as its base have protection zones so that your son or daughter will be protected against blows against walls or furniture. It can also be adjusted in height.

Its car design includes mirrors, steering wheels and various accessories with sound and lights that will make our baby enjoy while learning and developing. In addition, its four wheels and its base on which they are mounted will protect your child from overturning while sliding without problems.

The seat can be removed for easy cleaning and its plastic surface is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. And to ensure that our son does not put himself in danger when we want him to stay in one place, it has a safety lock to fix the wheels so that he cannot move.

  • Security lock: As we have mentioned, this model is equipped with a safety lock for the wheels so that our baby cannot advance when we only want to use it as a play area.
  • Easy cleaning: Thanks to its materials and its removable seat, you can clean it easily.
  • Adjustable height: The Olmitos Basic best baby walker has up to three height positions so you can adjust it according to the age of your baby.
  • Cognitive development: Its educational game panel will help your baby have a better cognitive development while having fun thanks to its colors, lights and sounds.
  • Creased: When you are not using it you can fold it so that you can store it without taking up much space.
  • Kind: This model is Taca Taca type, so it is advisable not to use it for too long a day to avoid health problems in the baby.
  • Recommended age: Due to its structure, the manufacturer does not advise its use beyond 15 months.

5.World Baby 618806R

 Andador para bebé, diseño fórmula 1 rojo. Andador de actividades o tacatá : Bebé 


Another model of the best baby walker in a traditional way that resembles a racing car, with four wheels and anti-tip safety blocks.

With upholstered, padded and enveloping seats for the comfort of your baby, as well as removable for easy cleaning. In addition, the seat height can be adjusted in 3 different positions. Includes a tray with multiple activities, sounds and lights for the entertainment of your baby.

It has silicone wheels that muffle the noise when sliding and also contains 8 safety devices to block movement in the event of a step or unevenness.

It has a flexible protector around the bottom base to avoid bumps and friction with doors, walls and other furniture. These features will allow you to enjoy the pleasant sensation of tranquility at a low cost while your baby is safe and entertained.

Now, if you have not yet decided which best baby walker to buy , then we invite you to review the pros and cons that we list below belonging to the Mundibebé 618806R, so that with them you can see if it will adapt to your baby or not:

  • Adjustable height: One of the main advantages of this model is that its height is adjustable in three positions, so that you can adapt the equipment to the growth of your little one.
  • Design: It has a very dynamic design, which although it is unisex, could be a good choice for those who have little men at home since it is shaped like a race car in a color combination of red, white and beige. In addition, it has an entertainment tray so that your baby can enjoy melodies and various activities.
  • Security: It is unlikely that the Mundibebé 618806R walker could tip over, since it has four wheels thanks to which the walker will remain stable during use. The best of all is that the little one will be able to jump and move without hitting, due to the lower structure of the walker, and is that when your baby collides with a wall, the blow will be received by the base of the wheels, and he will not feel anything.
  • Weight: The only point against this model is its weight, since although it has dimensions of 72 x 60 x 18 centimeters that could hinder its transfer, the walker weighs 4.9 kilograms, however users have not had any inconvenience with that.

6.Jane 50213 

 Jane 2in1 First Steps Safety Harness - Jet Black / Grey - Travel  Accessories | jane - Le Bouquet


This model is ideal for use in the difficult stage of your baby’s first steps. When it comes to taking safety and protection measures, this 2-in-1 harness will give your baby the necessary support and help when they are learning to walk or have started their first steps.

Made with padded material and anatomically shaped for total comfort. It has a zipper at the bottom to offer you more ease when putting it on / taking it off. It has adjustable handles with a padded handlebar for greater comfort when holding it.

It allows two grip positions: one with straps, perfect when the baby is learning to walk, and another as a harness, excellent when he has already started to walk but is not yet in full control of his movements, which promises safety for your baby and peace of mind for you.

Although this Jane 50213 is one of the cheapest walkers on the market, we suggest that you review the pros and cons that we list below, before proceeding with your purchase:

  • Security: As it is a harness, you can control and be aware of each and every step your baby takes, so there will be no opportunity for him to hurt himself. In addition, the material is resistant and padded so that your baby is safe even from irritations.
  • Adjustable: It has two ways of being used depending on the age, weight and size of your little one and that is that while he does not know how to walk it is a simple harness that you can hold so that he does not fall and can take his steps safely by himself, while By knowing how to walk, you can adjust the size of the harness and change the support so that you can control your baby’s movements from a little more distance, giving him greater freedom.
  • Comfort: The product not only gives your little one an opportunity to take their first steps comfortably, but also you, since it will allow you to be more relaxed and will avoid having to hold hands every second or carry them.
  • Weather: This walker, unlike those already described, requires your time, since it will depend on you whether the child uses it or not, since it cannot be used in any other way. This means that with this model you will not have free time.
  • Weight: At the end of the day, after using this model, you may end up tired since in the first months of learning you must support most of the weight of your baby, so your arms may be affected, however, if it is to be used in a short time, you will not have major problems.
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Buying Guide – The Best Baby Walker On The Market

Your baby’s first months of age are past and the time is near when he will learn to walk. To achieve this, the baby needs to develop a sense of balance and for this the use of a baby walker is very useful.

This guide to buying the best baby walker will give you all the keys to help you buy a cheap baby walker, but always keeping in mind the safety of your baby above all else.

 How To Make A Comparison Of Baby Walkers?

In our quest to find which baby walker, it is best to find a balance between design, quality and safety. Let’s take a closer look at each of these aspects.

Benefits Of Baby Walkers

A walker will be very useful for several reasons, including because it will keep your baby entertained, strengthen his legs, help him develop his sense of balance and help him to move, in order to discover that world full of novelties.


There are walkers of various types, 3 and 4 wheels, with or without an activity center for the baby. Also, some come in very attractive colors and patterns for children.

Generally, they are composed of three parts: the support for the baby that is usually padded textile that serves to prevent shocks and greater comfort for the child, the tray and / or activity center that are made of plastic and the structure that can be metallic or plastic.

It is advisable to buy a walker that is foldable; Not only will you be able to move it when you go to spend a day or several outside, but it will also allow you to store it in a reduced space. It is also important that the textile support of the walker is easily washable.

As for the activity or stimulation center, some walkers include a series of “toys” with which the child can not only entertain himself, but also use them as a measure of stimulation of his sensory and object manipulation abilities. With this activity center the child will be able to have access to textures, colors, sounds and it will even allow him to carry out activities to work on his fine motor area, which is still in its first steps.

If possible, choose a walker that offers you the ability to remove this activity center. In this way, the child will be in front of a kind of table where you can place other toys or a drink for your baby, some cookies, etc.

Another very valuable feature is the adjustable height. Not all babies are the same height and if you are going to use it for a few months, you will probably need to adjust the height at some point.


It is clear that you should look for a good quality baby walker, with rounded edges. Check that neither the plastic nor the metallic structure have parts that can scratch or cause a wound.


One of the controversies that always revolve around walkers is their safety. Many consider that they can not only negatively affect the structure, but also increase the probability of accidents. But walkers used for short periods of time and under adult supervision are safe.

Now, you must be clear that a walker is not a means to have your child sitting there all day; that could cause health problems and put you at risk for a home accident.

If you have decided to buy a walker for your baby, you have probably already assessed the pros and cons and we are sure that, regardless of how much a baby walker costs, the most important thing is that it is a useful and safe item for your child. .

 The construction of the walker must be robust. This will give your child more security and without a doubt you too. In addition, there are two safety measures that should not be lacking in a walker for your baby: locking / brake system and anti-tipping system.

Sometimes we need our baby to stay still and for this purpose having stops on the wheels to immobilize the walker, in addition to being useful, is an important safety measure.

The anti-tip system, as its name suggests, prevents the walker from tipping over easily, thus giving more safety to the child and the parents as well.

Finally, we would like to mention that, despite the fact that many doctors or experts consider that the use of the walker is not as positive as had always been believed, it is still a decision that must be made by those responsible for the baby and if you choose have a walker, make sure it is 100% safe.

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How To Use A Baby Walker

Since our baby is born, we dream of the moment when he can stand up. It is a moment of extreme happiness, both for the parents and for himself, because he can already explore everything around him. Baby walkers have traditionally been the instrument that has helped children in this stage to take their first steps and they are still the best option.

Check If The Baby Is Ready To Use A Walker  

It is believed that babies when they reach a certain age, generally eight months, can already be placed in a walker, but the truth is that it is not. You can check if your baby is ready to get into the walker. To do this, you must already be able to sit by yourself, since in the accessory you will sometimes be sitting. It is also important that you are able to crawl, as you need to have control of the movements of your legs to move the walker.

Never Use It Excessively  

Baby walkers are designed to provide support as they get on their feet and help them develop their sense of balance, therefore they need to be used in moderation. If you want to help your child strengthen his legs when he stands up, just being in the walker for a short time will do. Ideally, use it for only about fifteen minutes a day and a little longer.

Always Take Precautions  

Putting the baby in a walker gives him some freedom; that is why all possible precautions must be taken to avoid any incident. First of all, you must have your baby under surveillance; don’t trust yourself, they are very fast. Always see where they are.

If the house has stairs or slopes, be sure to put up some barrier so that he cannot access that area. You must put protectors in the outlets, since they are usually very curious and how these objects are within their reach can touch them.

Conditions The House Favorably For The Walker  

For your baby to get the most out of his walker to learn to walk, it is necessary that the house meets certain conditions that will make this stage safer.

Preferably, the floor should be smooth, but if you have rugs, make sure they are not loose or wrinkled to prevent the rollator wheels from binding. It is important that the child has enough space to give the walker mobility, so make the best possible space for him.

You should verify that there is no furniture that has objects on it and that it moves easily. Your baby may trip over it and harm you; pay special attention to this, as it happens frequently. Keep all the doors closed, so that the child does not enter a place where there may be dangers for him.

And something very important, the floor of the house must always be clean. Hygiene is very important when children are going to be in contact with any surface.  

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Although the traditional baby walker has been revealed, manufacturers have adapted to the times to turn it into a different product, which helps your little ones take their first steps while having activity to stimulate their intelligence. However, it is convenient to bet on quality brands, such as the ones we present in this article, so that your little one is always safe and happy while learning and improving their motor and intellectual skills.

It was the 1930s in the United States when Herman Fisher and Irving Price realized that, despite all the existing crisis, the world needed joy and the little ones in the house needed toys. But some different toys, that did new and fun things. This is the idea with which the Fisher Price company was founded, which since then has opted for different, educational and very fun toys.

In the collective imagination are toys such as the famous farm, the dog walks or the Phonograph record player. Lifelong toys that have been updated and now share a catalog with products from Mattel, which bought the brand in 1993, as well as various licenses that keep the company’s products updated.

However, in the world of baby walkers we continue to find classics such as the talking zebra, which combines movement with a front full of fun and educational games that stimulate your little one in their physical development but also on an intellectual level.

The Italian company Chicco was founded in 1958 on the occasion of the birth of Pietro Catelli’s first child. Until then, Catelli had been a manufacturer of syringes and other medical supplies, with which the company already started with a knowledge of handling all kinds that would be used to manufacture its products.

Chicco’s initial idea was to cover the needs related to infant feeding, although later it would go on to offer all kinds of products that could be used to improve the daily life of the little ones in the house. That is why the company clearly opted for research in order to meet these needs and have the necessary information for its products to pursue the purpose of the company, as it currently shows in all its products.

Among these products are its baby walkers, whose design mixes knowledge of infant physiology with those of pedagogues to create products suitable for the physical development of the baby but that also stimulate their intellectual knowledge.

Bebe Confort is one of the many companies that are part of the Canadian manufacturer Dorel’s catalog. This company has traditionally been dedicated to the manufacture of all kinds of baby products, although focusing especially on pushchairs, walkers, cribs and other children’s furniture.

The Dorel company has a notable number of brands and companies distributed throughout the world such as Maxi Cosi or Safety 1st among others. All these brands maintain a high level of demand, especially regarding the quality and safety of all their products. Something especially important in strollers and baby seats, but also for the baby walkers that we are discussing.

Compared to the trend of other brands, the Baby Comfort baby walkers have a duly evolved traditional design, which offers both the movement of these toys and an activity center on the upper table so that the little one can learn as they develop their abilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: When Can I Put My Baby In The Walker?

At present there are many contradictions about the use of the baby walker, since it is believed that premature use of this device affects the normal development of the child, delaying their mobility and independence.

However, these products continue to be marketed with the support of pediatric associations because there are ergonomic designs that prioritize the safety of the baby, good posture and the adequate development of their motor skills. 

Therefore, it is recommended that the appropriate age to place the baby in the walker is from 7 months of age or after the baby learns to sit and stay in this position. Now, we can say that the maximum age to use the walker is 15 months old, since it is thought that by this time the baby should walk with greater balance and independence, so keeping it inside the walker for longer can inhibit the development of other abilities and skills. 

Q2: How To Regulate A Baby Walker?

In general, walkers have a lateral adjustment system with a few clicks or locks that allows you to adjust the height of the seat according to the height of the baby. This is in the more traditional models. However, in other walkers everything will depend on the manufacturer’s design, so it is best to review the product instructions carefully to know how to adjust it.

In the same way, you can help yourself with video tutorials available on the Internet, you will only have to look for the model and specific brand of your baby’s walker so that you can get the correct instruction manual and see the step by step so that you can regulate the vehicle correctly. Remember that your baby’s safety and optimal development depend on the proper use of this product, so do not skimp on investing the time necessary to understand how the walker works before placing your child in it.

Q3: How To Put Wheels On A Walker?

In some traditional models of walkers the small wheels can deteriorate, especially when the product has been in the family for several years and has been passed from one brother to another, or has been used by several cousins.

In this sense, you can reuse the walker if you change the bearings. To do this, you will have to buy a wheel kit, similar to those of school bags for children, since their design is similar, and replace each of the damaged wheels. However, you must be very good with the tools and careful so that the walker is firm, secure and stable. 

For this reason, if you have any doubts about how to put the wheels on, it may be easier to acquire a new and ergonomic product, with certified safety that you can buy in different online stores and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, where there is a wide variety of walkers of the best known brands. Likewise, you have access to the evaluations that other users have made on these products so that you can establish a comparison of pros and cons, and you can choose the best product for your baby.

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