Top 6 Best Running Shoes For Women in 2024 Reviews

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Even if you have the best tracksuit, shirt or sports watch, if you have bad running shoes you probably won’t go very far. Therefore, it is key to bet on best running shoes for women adapted to the particularities of women’s feet.

Considering how important your feet are, the investment of time and money in a quality product will surely be worth it. One of the most prominent  models of the moment is the New Balance 411 TechRide.

We are talking about shoes made with synthetic leather and a fabric lining inside, so that you have a good grip and adequate comfort when moving on any terrain. In second place we highlight the Nike Wmns Tanjun shoes, made with a sole and a synthetic upper, which give you more comfort when running.

List Of  The Top 6 – Best Running Shoes For Women Reviews

 Walking, running or jogging It does not matter which of these activities you choose since they all offer many health benefits by improving heart performance and good muscle development, but none of this would be possible without carrying the best running shoes for women with you woman:

1. New Balance 411 TechRide Women’s Running Shoes

New Balance® 411 V1 Women's Athletic Shoes


When buying shoes it is important to take into account their functionality and they are not far behind, because thanks to their design they can be used to walk almost anywhere. This is thanks to the fact that they are sporty and ergonomic.

With them you can walk or go on an excursion, especially in the summer season, as their design reduces the heat in the feet. In addition, if you want to walk to a friend’s house or go shopping in the city, you can also use them, since they have padded foam inside, which provides greater comfort.  

As if that were not enough, they are recommended for running, because for this sport you need light, cushioned shoes, especially if the road is too long and you have to run for several hours.

  • Its design is elegant and comfortable for women who practice running, since the sole provides cushioning. In addition, they are lightweight shoes, therefore, they can be used in long training days.
  • The sole color is white, so it may be more easily stained or dirty and you have to do maintenance often. Of course, this will depend a lot on where you usually run.


They are one of the most versatile best running shoes for women for sports, especially running, so if you are looking for flexibility and speed, these may be the right ones for you.


2. Nike Wmns Tanjun Nike Womens Wmns Tanjun, WOLF GREY/WHITE, 5 US : Clothing,  Shoes & Jewelry



The Nike Wmns Tanjun shoes are the perfect complement for runners who prefer great comfort and a simple design on their feet. We are talking about sneakers equipped with a synthetic and profiled sole topped with a 2-centimeter heel, with which to achieve a better posture. A foam insert is included in the midsole, which cushions the blows when walking and takes care of the joints.

As for the upper part, it has been manufactured by mixing synthetic material and fabric, which give the shoes a pleasant feeling of freshness and good grip when moving. The overall result is a shoe that offers a high degree of comfort and in which the foot does not heat up at any time. And for you to combine them better, in addition to having the most classic design of the brand, the shoes are presented in five different colors, so you can choose the one you like the most or best fit your style.

  • Breathability : Thanks to its fabric exterior, this product is highly breathable. Ideal so that moisture and heat do not accumulate inside the shoe.
  • Midsole : This area has a protective foam, which cushions the blows when walking or running and prevents damage to the joints.
  • Comfort : Thanks to its approach, we are facing sneakers that give the user great comfort.
  • Heel : The 2-centimeter heel helps establish a proper posture when running, leaning the body slightly forward.


  • Resistance: They are not the most recommended best running shoes for women for rough terrain, where the fabric covering would be easily damaged.

3. Salomon Wings Flyte 2, Women’s Trail Running Shoes | Salomon Women's Wings Flyte 2 W-W, Slateblue/Light Onix/Teal  Blue F, 6.5 B US | Trail Running



When it comes to walking through woods or fields, it is advisable to opt for comfortable shoes so that those walks do not end in foot pain.

Especially in the case of women, who due to their own weight distribution require specific products for them, such as the Salomon Wings Flyte 2 W shoes. This product has been specially designed for walking with elements designed for this purpose.

Among them we have a comfortable sole with a complete design that adjusts with each step you take, which is also helped by the comfort offered by its rubber sole.

Some shoes that also maintain a pleasant comfort when walking, by evacuating heat easily from the inside of the foot through the mesh fabric of its instep. To finish off comfort, the shoe has a string system that better distributes tension without affecting quality.

  • Sole: The sole has different profiles and areas that help make each step more comfortable, by adjusting the design to what each area of ​​the foot needs.
  • Lacing system The lacing system better distributes the tension on the foot, avoiding the discomfort caused by other products when walking, through a parallel mounting system under Quicklace technology.
  • Insole: The Ortholite insole has been designed to accommodate your feet in each step, thanks to its profiled rubber base that makes movement more comfortable and reduces fatigue when walking.
  • Breathable : The footwear has a nice mesh finish, which allows better evacuation of heat when walking, preventing your feet from suffering from excess temperature.
  • Sizes: As is usual with these products, it is advisable to carefully review the sizing of the shoe and its measurements, to prevent problems with returns or an inappropriate fit.

4. Skechers GO Walk 2 Stance Running Shoes For Women

Skechers Womens Go Walk 2 Stance 13591 Pink Running Shoes Sneakers Size 7.5  | eBay


If you are interested in acquiring the cheap best running shoes for women for women but are not willing to sacrifice quality, this Skechers model will undoubtedly convince you: the GO Walk 2 Stance are attractive models of running shoes that offer you all the benefits offered by other sneakers on the market for a fraction of the price.

The GO Walk 2 Stance has a very attractive and modern design which is available in a variety of different colors so you can buy the one you like best.

Made of synthetic materials, these shoes offer an extra low cut, so you can use them with any running pants or skirt without any problem.

Its lining is made of fabric to guarantee comfort and cleanliness and thanks to its shape, these shoes are quite light so wearing them will be a pleasure.

If you are looking for some of the cheapest best running shoes for women , then you should read more about the Skechers GO Walk 2 Stance:

  • Comfort : According to the opinion of Internet users, they are not only light but also very comfortable, being totally suitable for standing for several hours without any problem.
  • Design : Being made of fabric in its covering, this fabric will not be annoying when using them. In addition, you can choose between different colors and options so that depending on your tastes, you can choose the one that best suits your style. Among the main ones you will find: dark blue with green, beige, gray, and black with different combinations.
  • Use : According to users, these best running shoes for women are designed for long walks and not only for running, but also to carry out different outdoor activities.


  • Sole : Since the sole is designed with EVA rubber, a material used to cushion the footprint, it can be a bit hot when using the shoes, this being the reason why its exterior is made of fabric, for greater breathability.

5. Nike Wmns Revolution 2 MSL Women’s Running Shoes

Nike Revolution 2 Running Shoes Womens 7.5 Aqua Coral Mesh Athletic Gym  Sneaker | eBay


One of the best running shoes for women is undoubtedly the Nike WmnsRevolution 2 MSL. This renowned manufacturer has always stood out for offering its customers the best options in sports products and with these shoes they continue their legacy.

The Wmns offer an innovative, attractive, modern and current design. They are made of synthetic materials with a fabric interior to guarantee a good flow of air and humidity to prevent the appearance of fungus and bad smell on your feet.

The sole design was specially applied for running by maintaining traction with the ground regardless of whether it is asphalt, sand, gravel or other material. Never expose yourself to an accident or fall again by purchasing these excellent best running shoes for women !

If you are still not sure about which best running shoes for women for women to buy, take a look at the pros and cons of this model belonging to the famous brand Nike:

  • Use : This model of best running shoes for women is totally recommended for running, because they are flexible and adapt easily to the foot.
  • Design : Like the previous model, it is designed with EVA rubber to provide greater support and cushioning in your footprint, trying to avoid injuries of any kind. In addition, it is light and comfortable for running or walking, with good support at the ankles.
  • Style : Due to its style and design, these sneakers are visually very attractive for the consumer, being able to find them in different colors for your choice according to your preferences.
  • Materials : The synthetic materials that make up these shoes are not the best on the market and in addition, they are not durable.
  • Sole : The synthetic sole can represent a problem in terms of foot grip, especially on wet ground, and also, wear on the sole is noticeable quickly.

6.Asics Gel-Pulse 6, Women’s Running Shoes

Asics GELPulse 6 WOMENS Running Shoes - RUNNING SHOES


Considered by many users as the best running shoes for women , the Asics Gel-Pulse 6 offers you comfort, lightness and style.

Externally made of fabric, these sneakers have an original, modern and attractive design. Its sole is made of rubber and has a design specifically for running so you will have excellent traction avoiding accidents. It adjusts through laces so you can use them as loose or tight as you want.

It also has two cushioning systems on the front and back of the shoe, made of silicone gel that guarantee to reduce the level of impact when running so you will avoid cramps and joint pain.

They can be used for running both indoors and outdoors and their low cut will allow you to wear them with any type of sportswear.

  • Comfort : One of its main points in favor is that, according to users, they easily adjust to the foot, which means that they will be extremely comfortable when using them.
  • Use : These shoes are a good option when running and, in the same way, they can be easily used to do other types of outdoor activities. So, it is a model that you can use on a daily basis.
  • Quality : According to the opinions of Internet users, these shoes are of excellent quality as they have their rubber sole that provides great support and stability, their laces to keep your foot in place and the outer fabric of multiple colors, so their useful life is long.
  • Sizes : Users have also expressed that the sizes in this model are exact and, on the other hand, they have had no problems when looking for their size, since there are multiple options available.
  • Appearance : The design of the shoe is attractive to the female public, as it has striking colors and fresh fabric for use, thanks to which you will not feel excessive heat during your walk, being for this and its previous specifications that have been cataloged as the best running shoes for women for 50 dollars.
  • Price
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Buying Guide – Best Running Shoes For Women On The Market

 If there is something important to do sports, it is comfort. And this comfort always begins with the feet, which you must take care of to obtain the best results. With our guide to buying the best running shoes for women we give you the keys to a good purchase so that your feet do not suffer the effects of your sports activity.


For a long time, sizes have been more or less standard, allowing you to choose practically without trying and getting it right. But this has already changed. So now the sizes must be chosen by taking measurements directly. These measurements go both from toe to heel and side to side of the bridge, especially if you have a tall or wide bridge that is out of the ordinary.

With these measurements there are different web pages, and even the online stores themselves, which offer you the most appropriate size depending on your measurements. That way you don’t run the risk of getting lost between American, European and other measures. If you have doubts about two sizes, it is always advisable to opt for the larger one, since normally the foot has a tendency to swell during exercise and therefore take up more space.

 The Materials

To ensure adequate support to the foot, it is necessary that the materials are firm and resistant. Something that although it differs in how much each shoe costs, in the end it is a real blessing for your feet.

In the outer part of the instep, therefore, synthetic materials or leather are recommended, so that the foot has the necessary support. If this upper has textile insert areas to facilitate ventilation of the foot, much better. As for the inner part of the footwear, it is advisable to opt for properly padded textile materials, which have a comfortable fit while being able to cushion shocks and facilitate foot movements during exercise.

These materials must offer breathability that prevents sweat and heat from concentrating and baking the feet during activity. Synthetic material can be acceptable as long as it meets this premise. However inexpensive it may be, you should avoid low-quality plastics as they tend to deteriorate too quickly without offering adequate comfort.


We have left aside the sole, since in any comparison of best running shoes for women it is a fundamental element for comfort and adequate grip. Specifically, the soles must be made of rubber or synthetic materials, always glued to the area of ​​the shoe itself by means of a gluing or adjustment system that guarantees the firmness of the footprint.

To further strengthen this footprint, it is necessary that the sole has an adequate play that adjusts to the movement of the foot. For this, it is necessary that the sole is adapted to the type of terrain on which you are going to run, so that the cushioning also adjusts to the hardness of it. Running on gravel is not the same as running on tarmac, for example, so a change in the sole can make a big difference. The more specific the design of the shoe, the better grip and cushioning it can offer.

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How To Wear Women’s Running Shoes

Colorful running shoes can inspire almost anyone to buy them, put them on, and try to finish a 5K run. But some new shoes won’t get you very far if they’re terribly uncomfortable. To avoid blisters and serious injuries, here are some tips.

 Ignore The Recommendations Of Your Friends

While you may be tempted to purchase the same running shoes that your best friend managed to complete a marathon with, these may not be the best option for you, since the way each person moves is very unique, so unique as your signature or your voice. Since your footprint is definitely different from your best friend’s, your ideal shoes will probably be different.

Innovations In Technology

If you’ve been running for a few years and luckily you haven’t suffered an injury wearing the same pair of running shoes all this time, it may seem unwise to consider purchasing a different pair of shoes. However, thanks to the rapid growth of technology innovation, every couple of months new shoes come on the market with new materials and innovations, from the materials of the midsole to modifications in the way the shoe is made.

Therefore, it is of little use if you do not dare to try these new technologies that can mean optimal improvements for you and your running performance. Also, over the years, the body changes and therefore your shoes should also change.

 Don’t Let Your Feet Get Used To It

If you are training for a marathon, it is recommended that you have a second pair of running shoes from a different brand than the one you normally use, since the muscles of your feet get used to cushioning in certain places and when you use a different shoe, it helps to balance any weaknesses you may have in a certain place. Training in different running shoes can even reduce the risk of injury, as you won’t always be placing the same stress levels on the same parts of your feet.

 Color Makes A Difference

Black soles are made of carbon rubber, so they are typically more durable than white and colored soles, which are made of cast rubber, a softer, lower-density material that holds more air and weighs less. Therefore, we recommend that you consider the surface you normally run on. If you run on asphalt, choose black soles. On the other hand, if you run on padded tracks, on treadmills, grass or dirt roads, the colored soles will allow you to run for greater distances.

Don’t Buy The Shoes That Fit Your Feet Perfectly

For your running shoes to be comfortable, you need to have room in both the front and back of the shoe to accommodate the inflammation that almost always occurs after running. It works for most people to buy a shoe half a size larger than what they normally wear. However, if you run very long distances, your feet will swell even more, so maybe choosing a full size larger than what you normally wear is best for your feet.

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Running is something that is now also a women’s thing. But obviously it is necessary to have good running shoes for women with which to run with maximum comfort so that your feet do not suffer the effects of the road and your goals are more comfortable to reach. For this, nothing better than choosing quality products such as those of the three great brands that we present below, with which you will have the perfect complement for your hard work.

The ASICS brand was born in Japan back in 1949, having its first successes in the classic basketball shoes. In fact, for a time this product was the main sustenance of the company, although with the passage of time the company would launch various models of running shoes, both for men and women, which would make a niche in the market having special renown outside the country. Something that would lead the company to expand its offer so that it currently covers all types of sports shoes and also accessory garments such as tracksuits and the like.

In fact, his latest move has been to buy a technology company precisely to enter the world of pedometers and so-called smart shoes. Therefore we have complete peace of mind that this company will always offer us technologically advanced and high-level products for any type of use that you want to give them.

If there is a highly recognized company in the sports footwear and clothing market, it is Nike. A company that is accompanied by elements such as the symbol of victory and of being one of the companies that has played the best with marketing in all history. A story that started by chance with a company that sold ASICS footwear in the United States, but soon began to develop its own products and sell them directly. Products that soon stood out, curiously, their basketball shoes.

These shoes soon found themselves with Jordan’s feet to form a classic on the market and a true bestseller that endures to this day. This approach would serve the company to expand its product range and to commit to technology, so that today Nike footwear is not only comfortable, but also highly effective in syncing with numerous devices. Therefore, if you want to run to the last with Nike, you have just what you are looking for.

If there is a brand that has been generally linked to the world of racing and athletics, it is New Balance. This company was founded in Boston in 1906 and since then it has specialized both in the world of sportswear and especially footwear, offering its customers products that evolve over time. This company has traditionally been to runners and athletes, being a reference brand for numerous athletes and national teams.

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