Top 5 Best Folding Bikes in 2024 Reviews

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Within modern urban mobility, the bicycle is managing to gain a well-deserved niche. However, it is obvious that traveling long distances by bicycle is not always possible, so having a best folding bikes that you can take on the bus and use it later to get to your destination is an excellent proposal to get around. 

As a sample of the market we can talk about one of the best folding bikes of the moment, the FabricBike 20 ” model , which is an option that incorporates very simple folding systems combining with its weight of only 11.8 kg and a solid and resistant frame . In addition, its 20-inch wheels allow adequate speed. 

Another attractive model is the Moma 7005 bicycle, easy to fold, with a light weight and a Shimano system both in the brakes and in the changes, which allow you to always maintain control.

List Of Top 5 – Best Folding Bikes Reviews

 If you like to take healthy bike rides or go to work on it to exercise while saving money and avoiding city traffic, then you should buy the best folding bike and in this article we present our clients’ recommendations for help you make a smart investment.

1. FabricBike Folding Folding Bicycle Aluminum Frame

FabricBike Folding


On a folding-type bicycle, one of the biggest concerns is that the mechanism to perform this function is too complicated and takes time to perform each time it is needed. With this in mind, the manufacturer provides a simple release of the system, by means of easy to activate clasps and without having to use too much force, so this will not make you waste more than a few seconds having it ready, either to use it or to store it.

It should be noted that in this mode it only occupies a space of 25.4 x 76.2 x 55.9 cm that could be considered as reduced measures, which allow you to store it easily in a small place in your home or carry it in urban transport .

In addition, because its weight ranges from 12 kg, it is not too difficult for you to load it if necessary, thus being a practical bicycle that you can take everywhere.

  • Thanks to its aluminum frame, in addition to the advantage of being foldable, this bicycle is lightweight, so in case you have to carry it to get it into a car, it won’t be too complicated a project. In addition, its 20-inch wheels offer good acceleration for use in the city.
  • The bicycle requires some initial assemblies, but it is only a matter of tightening a few screws, so surely this does not represent greater complexity and you can do it with ease.

 Verdict: It Could Be The Best Folding Bike If You Are Looking To Combine Lightness And Good Acceleration. On The Other Hand, Its Structure Is Quite Solid, So It Could Last You For A Long Time.


2. Moma Bikes Folding Wheels 20 ″ Shimano

Momabikes First Class City 20´´ Folding Bike, White | Bikeinn


Among the best folding bikes , the Moma Bikes is well positioned thanks to its practical design that comes ready to unfold, place the pedals and inflate the wheels to start using it and commuting to work, taking walks around the city or the countryside. thanks to the 20 ”aluminum wheels that provide stability even on extra-urban roads.

Available in white, this bike features the Shimano TZ-50 6-speed gearbox, aluminum V-Brakes and a bell.

The versatile Moka Bikes is suitable for people of varied heights because it has a height-adjustable handlebar, and the saddle and grips are covered in breathable synthetic leather that prevents excessive sweating.

Users highlight the light weight of this best folding bike thanks to the frame made of aluminum and which also includes a carrying bag for easy portability when you are not using it.

If you want to continue looking for other equipment of equal or better quality, then here we describe the most outstanding aspects of this model belonging to the best folding bike brand.

  • Wheels: Its 20 ”wheels offer the versatility of being able to move on different surfaces and thus not miss out on any exit where you require a bicycle.
  • Speeds: It has 6 speeds that you can adjust on the road according to your abilities and the terrain where you move.
  • Materials: Its aluminum frame, saddle and cuffs are covered in breathable leather, which gives it a lot of durability due to the quality of its materials.
  • Brakes: It has aluminum V-Brakes that will give you a lot of security and protection every time you move on this bike.
  • Doorbell: It includes a buzzer that will help you make yourself felt while you are on the road and thus prevent and alert drivers of your presence.

3. Bikesport Folding Folding Bike 20 ″ Wheels


Bikesport FOLDING Bike 20 inch wheels Shimano 6 gears (Black) : Sports & Outdoors


The model offered by the Bikesport brand is another good option that can become your favorite means of transport due to its versatility. Its weight of 12.5 kg makes it quite easy to move even if you have to carry it. It also reaches a very small size, so you can even carry it as hand luggage.

On the other hand, you can adapt the speed that is most comfortable for you among its 6 gear options, which offers you the versatility to advance quickly when necessary or use all the necessary traction when you have to climb hills without getting too tired.

Regarding its appearance, the model has been made with a careful paint finish that helps it look good. In addition, it is combined with a modern and simple design can be considered as unisex.

  • Robust: Being made with a steel frame, it is considered robust enough to last for a long time and fulfill its function.
  • Weight: Due to its weight of 12.5 kg, it is a light model, which will not cost you too much work to carry with you.
  • Speeds: Thanks to its speed system, you can choose the best one depending on the circumstances of the road, to advance at the speed you want easily.
  • Finishes: By offering a quality finish it can be classified as a bicycle with adequate aesthetics.
  • Cushioning: The damping of the model could be improved, but due to its lightness this feature could be compensated.

4. Helliot Bikes Hummer 01 Mountain Bike

MTB folding Hummer 01 Helliot Bikes|Bicycle| - AliExpress


If you are looking for a versatile option, you may agree that this mountain best folding bike could be an interesting alternative if you are looking for practicality. On the one hand, it has 26-inch wheels , so you can get a comfortable ride even on uneven terrain. Added to this quality is the type of ring that includes a Magnesium alloy, which can adequately tolerate the vibrations that are common in some types of surfaces.

Regarding its speeds, it has a Shimano TZ Tourney brand 21-speed system, which many users consider efficient, due to its smoothness and because it achieves comfortable transitions between each change.

As for its frame, because it is a 6061 alloy, it has the necessary rigidity and is robust, so it is very likely that it will tolerate a fall without its alignment being altered.

  • Robust: Made with a 6061 aluminum frame, it is light, but also strong enough for use on uneven paths or on smooth surfaces.
  • Portable: Thanks to the fact that it is a folding model, you may be able to carry it in the trunk and forget about buying harnesses for transport by car.
  • Speeds: By offering a Shimano TZ Tourney 21 speed gear system, you can find the one you need for every situation and it’s considered efficient.
  • Style: Its appearance combines black color with bright color accents, which can make it attractive.
  • Pedals: Perhaps the pedals could be more robust to better tolerate use in demanding conditions.
  • Weight: Because it weighs 17 kg, it may not be the lightest bike in our comparison, but it could meet the needs of those looking for something robust.

5. Frejus P2X20206 Bicycle 20 ″ Foldable Unisex

Buy: Bicycle FREJUS BICYCLE 20" FOLDING/BLACK 8001446118191 FREJUS from  ELKOR Latvia online shop. Delivery, price, credit |


As the last option in our list of recommendations, we present the Frejus lightweight folding bicycle, a cycling equipment with an extendable frame and pedals that have a number of advantages compared to traditional bicycles.

First of all, it is very resistant because it is made of steel with aluminum V-Brakes, making it robust and stable. The wheels are 20 ”and with the 6 speeds you will be able to handle all types of terrain, climbing hills, moving downhill, driving efficiently on stony routes and sliding on the asphalt of the city.

Its white color makes it versatile for men and women alike, and thanks to the fenders you won’t have to worry about splashing your clothes on rainy days or when you walk through puddles.

The Frejus best folding bike includes reflector lights on each rim to provide user safety and make it visible in low light conditions.

  • Materials: It is a highly resistant bicycle due to the fact that it has been made of steel and its aluminum brakes. Its robustness and durability is guaranteed.
  • Wheels: Its 20 ”wheels allow you to move it with great practicality to exercise or go to work in a very comfortable and easy to maneuver way.
  • Speeds: So that you do not have complications when going through steep routes or after a long day, you can adjust to any of its 6 speeds.
  • Design: Its great design allows it to have extendable frame and pedals, as well as fenders and reflector lights on each of its wheels.
  • Weight: One of the customers has indicated that he is happy with the bicycle even though he would have liked it to weigh at least two kilos less.
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 Buying Guide – Best Folding Bikes On The Market

If you are considering purchasing a bicycle to exercise more on your days off or you want it as an alternative transport to get to work avoiding city traffic, but you don’t have space on your floor to store it, you can always buy a folding bicycle that does not It has nothing to envy to conventional ones, but with the advantage of taking up less storage space.

In the following guide to buying the best folding bike we mention the main aspects that you should assess in this type of vehicle before rushing to choose between the cheapest ones.


The most commercial best folding bikes are those with a wheel diameter of 16 to 20 inches. The 16 ”ones, for example, are more recommended for urban use, as they are easy to maneuver to pass through traffic. The 20 ”wheels, meanwhile, offer greater stability for extra-urban terrain, since the larger wheel has a better response to bumps and holes in the road.

However, in recent years, different wheel diameters of these bicycles have become popular, achieving 26 to 27.5 ”inches for those looking for the most similar to off-road bicycles.


When making a comparison of folding bicycles, you will notice that there are them with suspension and without it. This aspect is closely related to the comfort of the user when riding these bikes, since those that include front suspension and the rear shock absorber help to condition the position of the back in an efficient way, being comfortable because it reduces the vibrations that can be felt in the bikes. arms when you go through rustic terrain.

However, you should know that this element increases the final cost of the bicycle.


Everyone wants to make a good and cheap purchase when acquiring a quality folding bicycle, but it is important to choose a good material, even though the first thing you ask yourself is how much it costs. Among the most common materials with which this type of bicycle is manufactured we have aluminum, steel and recently the production of titanium and carbon fiber frames has become popular.

Aluminum is the most popular because it is very light and strong, as well as being the cheapest; Steel, on the other hand, although it seems to be heavier, some brands have achieved the development of resistant, durable and extremely light steel frames. Frames with titanium and carbon fiber parts are designed for the most demanding customers, they are very light but expensive.


On every bike, the ability to change conditions determines efficiency on difficult and uneven terrain. That is why we recommend choosing a folding bike with a good transmission, even if you have to pay a little more, since gear changes are a key element in bikes, even if they add a little more weight and cost more money. In short, it is worth investing in a quality transmission so that your bicycle trips are efficient and comfortable.


The main advantage of folding bicycles is precisely their ability to fold in half or in smaller dimensions thanks to the hinges incorporated in the frame or in the handlebar, which is very useful to enter places where it would not be possible with a bicycle traditional such as elevators, public transport, offices, among others. In addition to being very functional when storing it, especially if you live in a small or shared apartment.

However, you will find different types of folding bikes . We recommend you review the speed and the malleability mechanism, which should be simple so that you can do it in a short time without complications or additional tools.


Although most best folding bikes do not reach speeds above 20km, it is important to have an efficient braking system. These teams use V-type brakes, a basic system of two shoes that friction on the rim to stop. This mechanism is the most recommended for urban use of these bicycles, since it is easy to maintain, repair, has a good price and a quick response.

Other models of best folding bikes use mechanical, hydraulic disc brakes or the pedal brake, which makes the wheel stop when we turn the pedals backwards. The disadvantage of these alternative braking systems is that they are more expensive and difficult to repair if they break down.

Safety And Resistance

To balance practicality with another fundamental aspect such as ensuring your safety, the model has a Promax brake system. These have the quality of slowing down progressively, thus preventing you from jerking too violently as often happens with other brakes.

In addition, it offers a convenient resistance because it is made with an aluminum frame, this material by nature provides good tolerance to humidity, so it does not rust if you have to leave it outdoors. In addition, it has a sufficient density to support a weight of up to 95 kg, which is a convenient capacity, so that various people can use it.


If you wonder how comfortable it can be, a feature that may interest you is the ergonomics of its seat. This has a cushion that can offer firm support, but at the same time it manages to efficiently cushion your short trips. In the same way, the handlebar grips offer a plastic grip, so you can hold yourself properly and your hands do not slip. In addition, you can adapt both the seat and the handlebar to your height to avoid back pain due to poor posture while transporting.

On the other hand, due to the fact that its wheels are 20 ”, they provide a practical size, but which manages to achieve an acceleration that can be described as sufficient to advance at an adequate speed in an urban environment.

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 How To Use A Folding Bike 

 In the urban world, the use of bicycles as an alternative means of transport has been increasing, although traveling very long distances by bicycle is not always possible. That is why with the technological advance, folding bicycles have been designed as proposals to this difficulty, since you can take them by bus and use them later to reach your destination. Below this article you will find some recommendations that will allow you to get a good folding bike and make good use of it.

They Are Light And Resistant

When you have a good folding bike , you will have no problem traveling different terrain, whether flat or inclined, since these are made of very light aluminum so these routes do not involve much effort and physical wear; In addition, thanks to the lightness of the aluminum, you will not have to carry additional weight.

Take Advantage Of Their Speeds

To get more done on the road with less physical effort, take advantage of the folding bike’s different speeds; depending on the slope of the terrain where you ride, adjust the speeds so that you adapt them to your needs. This way you can reduce the physical effort that would be required by not having the speeds of the folding bicycle.

 Take It With You Wherever You Want

Since it is a folding bicycle, it is much easier to transport, so you will not have much problem carrying it from one place to another or to any specific place where you want or require your bicycle. You just have to fold it in the way indicated by the manufacturer and take it with you. It is convenient to become familiar with the folding mode, so that when you want or need to do it you can easily do it without major setbacks.    

Brakes Type

Best folding bikes have good braking systems, so you will not have any problems or risks to stop when you need to. As you use your bike, you will learn its braking response on different types of terrain. Remember that before taking long routes you should use your folding bicycle frequently so that you are adequately familiar with all its functions; This way you will not stop so suddenly that you can go out of your mouth or so long that you have to wear your shoes to speed up the braking.

Storage Case

Sometimes the cover for storing the folding bicycle is relegated to the closet or a drawer that we hardly ever remember what it is, so that it is not used. If your folding bicycle has a storage case, use it, not only will you protect it to extend and preserve its useful life, but it will be easier for you to transport it or carry it from one place to another if you have the storage case.  

 Treat Her With Affection

Like all your investments, you must take care of it and treat it with affection; Remember that it is not just any object, but it is an economical and very healthy means of transport, so when you go to fold it make sure to do it carefully, so as not to damage it. Similarly, when you proceed to move or transport it, make sure that your bicycle does not run any risk of damage on the road.

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 The current ecological trend has motivated much of society to opt for low energy consumption transport mechanisms, which translates into increasing demand for bicycles in the cycling market. Therefore, you should know the best folding bikes brands: Moma Bikes, Dahon and Frejus.

It is a manufacturer of all types of bicycles such as mountaineering, touring, electric, BMX, custom, tricycles, tandems, folding and trixie. Each of their bicycles is equipped with the best technology and top quality components, exceeding European safety standards.

The First Class bicycle is the brand’s most popular folding bicycle, considered by customers as the best ally to move freely through the streets. Its folding design, occupying a minimum storage space, makes it portable to be moved anywhere. Moma Bikes builds each bike in a very light aluminum that adapts to the difficulties of the route with a one hundred percent urban profile.

Over the years, this company has risen in sales and popularity in the cycling world, and more and more buyers are making the decision to opt for its products, including high-level athletes. They have subsidiaries and distributors around Europe and the world and their striking designs and good quality place their bicycles among the best to choose from.

A laser physicist named David Hon in 1982 founded this company, which would later become the largest manufacturer of folding bicycles, reaching great fame in 2006. His domicile is in Los Angeles, California, but he has factories in China, Bulgaria and Macao. Dahon is known for developing its own bicycles and manufacturing them for other brands such as Ridgeback; With more than 20 patents to his credit, he sets high standards in the industry.

Its primary production headquarters are in Shenzhen, China, but it distributes bicycles to the entire Asian population. However, the largest production facility in Europe is in Bulgaria, from where they distribute products to the entire European market as of 2012. Most Dahon bicycles use a patented hinge system that facilitates mobility and folding of them. .

Durable materials such as aluminum, steel and hydroformed metal are used for its manufacture. Most of the models it offers weigh less than 12 kilograms, which together with their different speeds allow to simplify the travel time.

The ideas of “green mobility” in search of transport alternatives that take care of the environment and the objective of keeping the customer healthy make this brand the most requested by buyers today.

In our days, online shopping is increasingly popular, there are thousands of web pages where you can find various items that enable your daily actions. The Frejus brand is a leader in the digital emporium when it comes to best folding bikes . Its products, despite having only a short time on the market, have quickly risen among the most requested options by buyers.

Its folding bicycles stand out among others, since they are made with very resistant materials such as steel. Their weight does not exceed 13 kilograms, so they are comfortable to transport; Furthermore, they are available in different colors, allowing the consumer’s free choice.

Each of the bikes is specially forged for all kinds of activities and sports such as cycling, mountaineering or daily walks, which gives people the opportunity to choose the item of their liking. Likewise, they arise from the initiative to adopt non-polluting means of mobility and encourage the population to have a healthy life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Do You Fold A Folding Bike?

The folding mechanism of the bicycle will depend on what is prescribed by each manufacturer. For example, there are equipment with a simple structure that opens and closes in the shape of an “X” and it is only necessary to release the safety pins, extend the structure and secure said adjustment pieces again, to prevent it from folding while we are on it.

For its part, you will find other models with a more robust format. In this case, you have the possibility of folding the bike frame in half, securing it with a hook or built-in velcro strap. Also, in some designs you can bend the handlebars and / or the pedals. 

Q2: How Heavy Can A Folding Bike Hold?

The weight of the bicycle will depend on the resistance and stability offered by the frame, which can be made of aluminum or stainless steel tubes with polymer reinforcements. In general, this type of exercise equipment has a capacity to support between 90 and 200 kilograms. This feature may vary depending on the brand and model selected.

Q3: How To Store A Folding Bike?

One particularity of folding bicycles is that they can be stored without taking up too much space. Therefore, if you have exercise equipment of this type at home, you can place it in the closet and even under the bed. This will depend on the shape the bike takes after folding. Likewise, you can install a bicycle rack similar to the one that is placed in the car to transport conventional bicycles on the wall of the garage. In this way, you will prevent the equipment from deteriorating when it is on the ground. Whatever the case, the recommendation is to purchase a storage bag for you to introduce the bicycle. Thus, you will protect it from dirt and scratches from handling.

Q4: Lightweight Folding Electric Bike: What Types Are There?

If we carefully review the different models of folding electric bicycles that are on the sporting goods market, we will find the so-called “electric bicycles for the city”. These equipment are designed so that you can move comfortably every day, and so that they can be stored comfortably and without taking up a lot of space. On the other hand, there are the static folding electric bicycles, which you can use from the comfort of your home to strengthen your muscles and improve your body resistance. 

Q5: How To Make A Folding Bike Bag?

Making a folding bike bag is a fairly simple task, for which you will need a piece of preferably waterproof polyester fabric. Also, sewing machine, needle, thread, scissors, tape measure and zipper or cord.

It is important that you know the width, length and depth of the bike so that you can create a cutting pattern on the fabric based on these dimensions. Remember to mark a few more centimeters on the fabric to carry out the seams. Then join the fabric cuts manually or with the sewing machine, taking care of the finishes. You can choose to place a zipper or a drawstring at the mouth of the bag to close it. Both options provide security so that the bicycle is always kept protected within the cover.

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