Top 6 Best Knife Sharpener in 2024 Reviews

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Why best knife sharpener is important? When it comes to keeping your knife in good condition, choosing a good razor is essential. A poorly sharpened razor can become not only a poor performance product, but something dangerous that will surely end up cutting what it shouldn’t. 

To avoid these risks, you can entrust the sharpening of your knives to products such as the Work Sharp WSKTS sharpener . This model of best knife sharpeners is a consumer favorite as it features a professional style that allows you to sharpen almost any size pocket knife and knife with just two or three passes over the machine. 

If you are looking for a more modest solution, you can opt for the Anysharp manual sharpener. In this case, it is advisable to be tactful when sharpening to be able to maintain a good grind and obtain regular results on the edges of your knives, knives or scissors.

List Of Top 6 – Best Knife Sharpeners Reviews

It is practically mandatory that the blades and blades present in knives and pocket knives lose their original edge due to use. A new knife blade has a certain degree that gives an exact angle to obtain that particular edge which, through continued use, becomes deformed and worn and it is in these cases that a sharpener is necessary.

In this list we present the best knife sharpener options so that you can buy the best of them and at the best price on the market:

1.WorkSharp WSKTS

Knife & Tool Sharpener Mk.2 - Work Sharp Sharpeners


Among the best knife sharpeners available on the current market, this model has earned the preference of many users, especially due to its great efficiency and versatility in sharpening almost any type of edge. It includes two guides, one of them, the 25 degree one, is indicated for pocket knives, hunting and hand knives and small saws. The other guide, 20 degrees, is suitable for thinner blades, such as scissors, kitchen knives and razors.

It also includes three abrasive belts, one hard grade, one medium grade and one fine, so you can choose the grade and quality of sharpening quickly and easily.

  • A great advantage of this model is its versatility. When we make a comparison of knife sharpeners, one aspect that we usually take into account is that it allows us to sharpen different cutting instruments. This model allows you an excellent sharpening of almost any edge, such as knives, knives, blades and scissors in a simple and quite fast way. It takes two or three passes to achieve a proper edge on medium-sized knives and knives.
  • Some user comments on specialized websites have mentioned that this equipment tends to overheat after prolonged and demanding use, therefore it is not recommended to use it for more than 20 minutes at a time, especially with large or very dull knives.


In this case we are talking about one of the most versatile knife sharpeners on the market today. That is, this product could be in the first places of a comparison list. Since it is not only quite functional, but also its brand and model is great.



 AnySharp Essentials - Knife Sharpener with PowerGrip - For Knives and  Serrated Blades - Blue



Never lose your patience again trying to cut that steak for dinner, Any Sharp has the ultimate solution for those worn out knives!

If at any time, you have suffered when trying to cut some food, you may have wondered which is the best knife sharpener and here we bring it for you. The Any Sharp Global Pro is an excellent quality razor sharpener that has powerful suction cups at the bottom that will keep it fixed while you sharpen your knives and thus avoid accidents.

Considered the best knife sharpener , the Any Sharp Global Pro has a grinding patent that allows it to sharpen knives with optimal precision and its compact and lightweight design will not take up any space in your kitchen. This model of sharpener will allow you to sharpen any type of knives, whether they are smooth or serrated. Don’t waste any more time and get this excellent tool!

A knife is an instrument that we must always have at hand, but if it is not sharp, it is practically useless, so we must also have an instrument to sharpen it. Here we show you what can be the best knife sharpener of the moment, with its pros and cons.

  • Precision: This manual sharpener guarantees a high level of precision when sharpening any type of blade, so much so that you will no longer use stone or other products to perform this task.
  • Grinding technology: It has a grinding technology, which was recently patented and which has proven to be highly effective. It is so effective that if you try to sharpen a poor quality knife, you will end up consuming it.
  • Practical:It has a very practical design, which does not weigh 150 grams, so you can easily store it.
  • Multifunction: It is not only used to sharpen knives or knives, but also scissors, or saw knives, as long as they have a quality blade.
  • Security: Its base provides the necessary support and stability, you just have to place the sharpener on a dry surface and you will not have any problem when using it.

3.Victorinox Pocket Knife  

  Victorinox Spartan in red - 1.3603


If you are looking for cheap best knife sharpeners , surely this Victorinox model could interest you. At just 144mm in length and weighing 29 grams, this knife sharpener is ideal to be carried on trips and camping. It has a built-in ceramic stone that will allow you to remove nicks and sharpen your knives with just a few strokes.

The stone included in this tool can be used to sharpen all kinds of blades of different sizes but if in any case you prefer to use knives, this model also includes them!

Just below the stone, there is a small metal knife sharpener that you can use to recover the edge of your knives easily and simply, just remove it from its compartment and that’s it. Don’t waste time trying to use useless knives or knives again, bring them back to life with the Victorinox Pocket Knife!

The following option has been classified as the best brand of knife sharpeners , so we present its pros and cons, so you can evaluate if it meets your expectations.

  • Portable: It is a portable product, similar to the size of a pen, so it is ideal to take on a trip or even to go fishing. It only weighs 29 grams and measures 144 mm.
  • Two modes of sharpening: It is designed with a sharpening system in two different modes, an internal whetstone, and the blade-shaped sharpener. Using this tool in any of its forms achieves high quality results.
  • Adaptability: The manual sharpener accommodates a variety of blades, so you don’t need to have a different sharpener for each blade you use.
  • Resistant: It is made of a resistant material and both its stones and blades have little level of wear, depending on their use.
  • Alignment: Some users explain that for sharpening mode with blades, the blades are not aligned correctly.
  • Technique: In other cases, if you do not have the technique in executing the sharpening, it is difficult to achieve the expected results.

4.Lansky Deluxe : Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System : Hunting Knife  Sharpeners : Sports & Outdoors


If you are interested in acquiring the best quality-price knife sharpening kit, LanskyDeluxe offers you five types of stones designed to achieve different thicknesses when sharpening the knife, so you can use this kit with all the knives you want.

These stones are embedded inside special supports of different colors so that you can easily differentiate them and their design will allow you to sharpen your knives with great comfort.

It has a special support to mount the knife and sharpen it safely which you can adapt to a table or a table for greater stability and thus avoid any type of accidents.

It also includes Lansky’s special oil designed to obtain a uniform and exceptional sharpening so it will only require a couple of passes, avoiding extra work and saving time. Acquire this kit and you will not need to invest money in a sharpener for knives or razors, we assure you that you will not regret it.

This option is recommended by users as the best knife sharpener for 50 dollars, in case you are looking for a sharpener that is located in this price range. Here are its pros and cons.

  • Sharpening kit: It is a manual sharpening kit, designed to provide results in a short time and with an outstanding level of precision.
  • Colored fingers: The fingers are grouped by colors, according to the number of the stone that integrates them, thus, it includes stones of 70, 120, 280, 600 and 1000, depending on the blade that needs to be sharpened.
  • Versatility: It is a very versatile sharpener, which can sharpen different types of knives and blades, making it an economical and useful option.
  • Practical: The kit is very practical, and in its entirety it only weighs 635 grams, so it can be easily manipulated and stored in any small space.
  • Durability: It is designed to sharpen household knives with high-quality stones and materials, so it has a high degree of durability.

5.Work Sharp WSKTS 

 Knife & Tool Sharpener Mk.2 - Work Sharp Sharpeners


Among the best knife sharpeners , we have the Work Sharp WSKTS for you. This excellent automatic sharpener has three different abrasive belts (hard, medium and fine) to offer you different degrees of sharpening.

You can use this sharpener to bring your knives and pocket knives back to life in a totally simple way and without any kind of forced labor, you just have to place your tool on the abrasive belts, press the button and in just seconds, you will have a knife that will look like new.

You can choose between 25 ° and 20 ° sharpening thanks to the included guide and you can locate and store it wherever you want due to its compact and lightweight size.

It has a pair of pads at the bottom that will prevent it from moving while you are using it to avoid discomfort or accidents. Before throwing away your old knives, pocket knives, or scissors, think about it. Don’t hesitate and buy this excellent sharpener!

To answer your question about which best knife sharpener to buy? We present you this option, a sharpener that is also preferred by customers. Know its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Electric: It is a highly efficient sharpener, which runs on electricity and guarantees professional results.
  • Two degrees: To improve the sharpening system, it includes two sharpening guides, one at 25 degrees, for those thicker and more voluminous blades, and another at 20 degrees, for thinner blades.
  • Abrasive belts: Likewise, it was configured with three types of abrasive belts, one of hard grade, another of medium grade, and the third of fine grade, depending on the type of blade that needs to be sharpened.
  • Simple use: Using the sharpener is quite simple, since once connected it only needs to be turned on and start sharpening the blades.
  • Practical: It has a practical design, weighing only 1.4 kilos, so it can be easily manipulated.
  • Stability: Stability when using the product is a bit difficult to achieve as it does not have very firm foundations.

6.Harcas Knife Sharpener ND-006


Harcas Knife Sharpener - Professional 2 Stage Sharpening System. Best For  Steel Kitchen Knives. White


Considered the best knife sharpener , the Harcas KnifeSharpener ND-006, we assure you that you will not be disappointed. This excellent sharpener has two different sharpening systems, which makes it one of a kind.

The first one has tungsten carbide plates which guarantees you to return the edge to even the most difficult knife in just four passes at most!

And its second system has the presence of ceramic rod bars which will be in charge of perfecting the sharpening of your knives to offer you the most optimal result possible.

Thanks to the special pads that are in its lower part, you can use this sharpener in complete safety because they will prevent it from sliding on the table while you use it.

It is very light and easy to use and its ergonomic and attractive design will ensure that it adapts perfectly to any type of kitchen decoration.

If you are looking for a product where you don’t have to invest so much money, the Harcas Knife Sharpener ND-006 is an alternative that you should take into account. Here we show you its pros and cons.

  • Resistant: It is made with high quality materials that guarantee a good level of resistance and durability.
  • Two stages of sharpening: In the first stage, the blades are sharpened with tungsten carbide blades, which allows a good edge to be obtained when the knives have completely lost it. They are then polished with the ceramic rods to perfect the sharpening.
  • Ergonomic design: It has an ergonomic design, which allows it to be placed anywhere in the house.
  • Insurance: It is very safe to use, it is designed to be held with one hand, and with the other to sharpen the blade. The sharpening blades are not exposed but placed internally in the sharpener.
  • Stability: It has tapes at its base that allow the sharpener to be stabilized on a flat surface during use.
  • Size: In some cases, it can be too small for certain types of leaves.
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Buying Guide – The Best Knife Sharpener On The Market

In these times when the traditional barber’s razor has come back into fashion, the traditional razor sharpener has also recovered. A product that helps keep your razor in top shape so that the rush is always perfect and professional. With our guide to buying the best knife sharpener , it will be easier for you to get up to speed with this type of product to choose the one that suits you best.

Sharpener Type

As with many other products on the market, when it comes to talking about knife sharpeners we can find both manual type models and electric models, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

In manual models, the entire sharpening process usually depends on our effort and, in part, on the good hand of the person who is using the product. Among these products we have diamond stones, which we can use directly on metal, or sharpening stones that require oil or water to use the product. They are always options that have the advantage of giving us more control over the process to “fine tune” it as we like it more.

In the case of electric models, the process is simplified. Just pass the razor through the sharpening elements of the product so that it is perfectly sharp. Depending on how blunt the knife is, more or less passes with the product will be necessary, some of them having different grinding elements that allow to further improve the sharpening process. It all depends on what you are looking for.

Sharpening Material

An element that is often not taken into consideration when making a comparison of knife sharpeners is the material used in the sharpening process. Something that really influences not only how much the product costs, but also the durability and ability of the product to achieve better long-term results.

In truth, the material used for sharpening is key, since depending on the different materials these can have a greater or lesser durability. On the side of greater durability, we find models based on diamond stones, duly reinforced to offer a very high resistance and with which we will surely have a sharpener for a long time, both in manual and electric models.

Since this type of sharpener is not the cheapest, if you are not going to use it excessively, you can opt for other models such as sharpeners based on tungsten stones. In this case, the material continues to have a high resistance, although lower than that of diamond models. Something similar for models based on ceramic technology, whose durability is adequate at a reasonable cost. It all depends, in the end, on how much you want to spend and the need for use that you give the sharpener.

Ease Of Use

The last aspect that we are going to evaluate is the comfort of use. An aspect in which, as is obvious, electric models win by a landslide, but we want to assess both the comfort and the precision that each product offers us, which is something that will influence the comfort of use of the knife once sharpened. .

In the case of electric models, as we said, the use is easy. We pass the blade between the sharpening elements, we take a few passes and that’s it. The options to customize the sharpening are scarce, although in some models we have the option of having sharpening in two or three phases, which allow better grinding. They are a more interesting option to better customize the sharpening.

As for the manual models, the process is more complex, although with some sets, this is simplified compared to the usual stones. Partly because of the accessories included, which allow the stone to move better on the edge area to make the sharpening more precise and personalized. Something that is also influenced by the existence of models that include systems in two or three phases, with different stones or elements, to adjust the sharpening to what you need. As always the option depends on what you need and also on your own preferences.


Another remarkable aspect of this model is the speed of its action, an essential characteristic in most comparative knife sharpeners. You will only need two to three passes of a conventional razor for accurate and efficient sharpening, and three to five passes of harder knives such as kitchen axes and chef’s knives.

In addition, the sharpening tapes are completely interchangeable and it only takes a few seconds to change them to choose the most suitable thickness for the desired edge. All of this is the result of a meticulous research and development process to achieve the highest technology in knife sharpeners.


If you are not an expert in knives or edges, and you are not very sure how to use the device or what type of sharpening tape to use, you should not worry, since the box includes a suitable instruction manual with which you can learn to use the apparatus, and in which it indicates which type of tape and guide is suitable for certain types of edges.

In any case, it is a very simple to use device, very intuitive, that you only have to connect to a 200 volt outlet to start working perfectly.

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How To Use A Knife Sharpener

For your knives to work properly, they must be properly sharpened. Old knives can be sharpened using useful tools called knife sharpeners. Knife sharpeners can be electric or manual depending on the model. If you have doubts about how to use this useful device, in this article you will find an overview of how to revive your old knives using a sharpener.

Check The Instruction Manual

Before using your sharpener, it is important to review the instruction manual, because depending on the model, they work with some variant. Electric sharpeners, which are multifunctional devices, are not only used to sharpen knives, but also to sharpen scissors and knives. Most manual sharpeners have grooves covered with steel, ceramic or diamond discs. Within manual grinding machines, there are also those of the stick type covered with abrasive material.

Place Your Sharpener On A Comfortable Surface To Work With

Most of the current models of manual or electric sharpeners have an anti-slip base that allows working even on smooth surfaces. Locate it in the one that best serves you to work. Generally, the kitchen counter or workbench in your workshop is recommended.

Proceed To Place The Knife In The Thickest Slot

If your knife sharpener is simple, it will only have a single groove, but if it has two or three levels of sharpening, choose the thickest and place the knife inside the groove in position to cut. Position the base of the knife blade closest to the groove discs, keeping the knife perpendicular to the sharpener. In the case of electric knife sharpeners, connect it to its respective outlet and turn it on. Place the knife in its respective slot. There are models of electric sharpeners in which the abrasive material that is placed in the grooves is chosen, either stone or belts for different degrees of sharpening.

Pull The Knife Through The Slot

With light pressure, with your most dexterous hand, pull the knife back, piercing the knife blade from base to tip. With your other hand, hold the sharpener as you work. Repeat this process two or three times.

If your sharpener has multiple grooves, do this same process on the remaining grooves. There are models of old electric sharpeners where the knife is placed on top of the stone of abrasive material or tape, the knife is pulled from the back to the front, from the base to the tip until the desired sharpening is obtained. This type of electric sharpener is generally used in workshops and not for domestic use.

Rinse And Dry Your Knife

When you feel that your knife is already sharp enough, proceed to rinse the shavings from your knife with cold water. With a dry cloth proceed to dry it carefully. Your knife will be ready to be used again.

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Knife sharpeners help you maintain a constant sharpness on your razor blade. Achieving a proper edge takes practice and patience, however there are specific tools to achieve it. We will compare the comments of Internet users with three recognized brands of sharpeners, these are: Victorinox, Lansky and Anysharp.

This Swiss brand has 130 years in the market for folding knives and knives. It was founded by Karl Elsener in 1884, opening the first cutlery in Ibach. The company currently produces six categories of products: Pocket knives, knives, watches and its most recent lines of perfume, luggage and clothing.

The company is very committed to the elaboration of its products, Swiss army knives and knives are made only in Switzerland under the highest and excellent standards. Perfumery, clothing, and luggage lines are produced in foreign countries. These are the conditions that allow the brand to become a leading company in Switzerland and in the world.

The line of stainless steel knives are sold for approximately 50,000 units to the Swiss army; The United States is the first country to generate more exports. The company recycles most of its waste, helping to preserve the environment and its resources.

The Victorinox pocket knife sharpener is made with preserves the edge of the blade as from the day you bought it. It is made of an emery stone with a V-shaped ceramic notch, creating a smooth and always sharp cut.

This American brand is located in Tonawanda, New York. It produces cutting tools, with items such as kitchen knives, hunting knives, axes, machetes, shovels, arrows, scalpels and knife sharpeners.

The range of sharpeners includes metal, stone or ceramic-based hand tools. They can file smooth and serrated or serrated leaves. Lansky produces professional articles to file the blades of your knife or razor, so that they are as sharp as possible and thus achieve clean cuts and avoid accidents.

The razor sharpeners come in a complete pocket kit, which includes an ideal lubricant for filing any type of razor or edge blade, using the tungsten carbide compound. Lansky elongated filing machines are used for sanding and sharpening large industrial machinery.

Common sharpeners include pencil sharpeners, systems with sharp sticks, rough and diamond stones. The Lansky brand also has products such as multi-tool knives, which include sharpeners and files.

Anysharp company focuses on producing sharp items such as knives, pocket knives, smart scissors, and all kinds of sharpeners. The products feature ergonomic designs that provide strength, security and durability.

The handles of the tools are one size larger than the universal, the company has found that this size provides a better grip, either with the right or left hand. The tools are dishwasher safe and extremely useful for general jobs around the home, office, and workshops.  

Anysharp has commonly used tools such as bottle openers, corkscrews, garlic crushers and nutcrackers. The sharp blades of this brand are made under maximum stress processes with resistant and very durable materials, the tools have a very long useful life; Anysharp sharpeners maintain the proper edge of the blade for fine, subtle cuts. This brand offers a lifetime guarantee on the products.

Pocket sharpeners are very practical to take on a walk, hunting or camping, these sharpeners are foldable and sharpen hunting, fishing and camping knives. It also includes fastening tools such as carabiners, hooks and key rings. Lubricants and diamond stones are the fastest way to sharpen your knife or Navajo, it also works with serrated blades. The sharpeners offer impeccable results, which with a little practice are obtained without much effort.

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